Hardware attacks: Hacking chips on the (very) cheap

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Hardware attacks: Hacking chips on the (very) cheap
How to retrieve secret keys without going bankrupt
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Hardware attacks are becoming more and more common. Attacks like Power Analysis or Fault Injection are spread and well known nowadays and the recent hacks to gaming consoles or payment systems are a proof of it. Despite the increasing popularity of these attacks, the cost of the required tools has been unaffordable for most security enthusiasts. Projects like Chipwhisperer have significantly decreased the price of a hardware-hacking setup even below the 1000€ barrier, but it still can be too high for hackers that only wants to experiment for fun. We want to prove that money is not a concern if you want to introduce yourself to hardware hacking. Is it possible to perform side channel analysis or fault injection attacks with only 30 euros?
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now I would like to introduce you to our 2 speakers to and very interesting talk about hardware vertex taking trips on a very cheap and you know all the all hackers and we all like to think about things and then things get tinier than it's harder and its gets more and more expensive and hacking chips without taking them apart and destroying them of and our good cost a lot of money even that came below you don't hold your mind of those people made it may be cheaper they want to give you some advice and some have too good for maybe chatty these give around that come true from here on not you hi thank you for
calling for a bigger amount then this book is lot hardware hacking but not this kind of power hiking and always did not play this 1 is more of these
out how our fucking of hiding tips we have I draw microprocessor with some succubi features like DCT he's ticket bars worse or you have something to hide so we want a ball called how district in the cigarettes how other struck the keys is he gives he's secret buzzwords or how to bypass them how they affect the behavior of its so with death disabled this acutely figures so who we are this is my my
friend wrap up to Hill and it is also I think the and of course I also
was and we will will work in a company
prosecuting earliest breaking duties this security of tapes but this or you but we do this with the breeze
and the tools of course is also we have various
things fills in we have research for
it in tips of course that's very since it is
not funded it port so the skull is about how we break tips in the sparse professionals is more of a hope you can try to break tips well these are the will of some
way the way no result in this so this
out how to do these kind of things to
so you try to break the the simple result tools you Ubrani have to spend more than 5 thousand euros Raleigh much more you try to do it cheap to come by something elected whisper of maybe you can buy a scopes it come by some as a Kahan equipment that's still is like a 1 thousand euros but we will try to say so you how is possible if you do it almost with not in I was away for free
so all as the price of 5 years on Unical white matters so by
the way the soldiers had how war quantity and
is also the goal was to provide for 1 hour let's say we have to use these in between its women not going to talk about It's a very technical details so you are interested in the technical details creates a co-leader to the funny said be let's look for us so we are going to be as fast as possible and these 1st of all that is gamers
are what we I went so Stewart most
that we would use a lot of them also of how to have things on the cheap and we could use a lot of work we do to sell the seats to break but we say little for this to does because they are very up I their TV I also do frolic and try to use at home but this thing that we're going to Europe they will probably were also in determining factor aside my cheap honesty away so of after this so I don't want you to think that her of new or is the our enabled is something that is general in all these make controllers and positions because the use of marginal course my
controllers and those are insecure and manufacturers have had a secure version of forces us on those hard or impossible to break the Sigmex such across the source of the signal he will have this way so this is that we 1st
all the the women to try to break challenges from the scheme of this is for sample use and got wind you try to a standard and you have the car you have the key fold the evil that has so if ITT that has some kind of a world distance responses came the car dinnertime run the number 1 of these random numbers called talent and a sense of the verify the teeth the in the OIC evil this is a key to figure random number 2 talent in Beate with our security and that at here the known and then the response so the different this is what we call the response is sent back to the Khot and the car is doing the same thing at the same time possessed of using the random number talents and beauty seeing the and this way it's a reference and then convert the reference the number of generated the because generated on the number of articles from the from the to teach a sorted from the people even number is the same of mean that both devices are using the same key so the guy will start with stuff so how to break into this scheme we can try to retrieve key no 1 this is done using the site and that but we are not going to pull these about you a way to bring this the time response the system is trying to break of the comparison the moment that the process or for the car comparison the reference of the generated with be reference of response goes from the people so but we are going to drive is modify the behavior of its effect yet how that supports so in the morning it's going to convert this of these 2 numbers you will fail and then the we're like a we will make the the the number is a core Internet user Kawthoung and started and Indian this is called pointed to by the way willing
to them all would still oddly enough just because you can try this at home you brought have 1 of these at home and what we want to use this set of all
meeting is at the need to modify the bold it's that is boring because we know so we modify the boats morning we want in in 1 of this comparison is being on so this cumbersome will fail and we are lucky if they are bringing with them that numbers for but the to explain how
the voltage this is working of this maker there then of comparison of benefit imagine in 40 years this is the kind of their is in this size with this is accomplished the good mother pottery so they we assume that the shell leaders who make the mother growing from the but today different dance so everyone is happy the parties that running all the nights so but so on even harder get into this the buttery had factory and then the mothers of the floor from the rear what is going on is that we don't know river a mother that there's a lot of let's start to use the only supplier of model models to continue body so these going be in the those being being and some boy 1 of the guys will and run out of my mother and I want you to have obtained by happens to have there's they look as if so the party in the rest of the fence continue but 1 of the because has no more of a moment ago about the use of support anymore in the morning that they might at their factories such a good mother and starts to of the mother of all the reader who might this stuff to at the dancing and continue with the body and that then it was leaving that's wake up and continued bobbing up so something similar is what happened when we do I wanted meeting just solicitude you this is the
you of this is easy come out with our microprocessor maybe that's or the density are the deeper and possibly microprocessor like the automatic Atle the guard units for their resisters the effects and gold mobile or whether the power supply for their countries always that is following is a microcontroller microbes is and the reader might there is just a being there no of the internal border lines T on the board of some of other this thing they're like the persistence of the of the and poverty because the way the the to are made you they haven't denied the persistence so they can store its song the amount of energy so you remove the power supply from the from the so these molds would as you work but some of them you remove the boss by some of them will fail and it will fail when the rest of the moles are working so this telephone works of we try to remove the power in a very sort of real-time removed very very fast so 1 of these blocks will fail because is it has not enough it up in divide up as advanced it will fail the rest will not and at the power supplies but this small it was faulty and will continue toward more money so here we are likely and we have used in the precise moment and we are looking for what we can do things like escaping instructions substance we can just be randomly starting to work or we can just modified extract and accessories running and uncommercially from 1 so that's a evolved its feet so we may have a special device so a world of erasable device that will do these down on the backs we go into the tuple beta and it's a symbol of use is yes of the Dodgers and and we know that we the back of the LPC is firstly sir and developer bought for NS the PC my control and we only have the user privacy source 1 1 transistor for nothing else this is a more willing to use you can use in
your Diffie his of her unique to create a very fast schools that is going on to
close the transistor in this very sort time I this formative and use any other book you have
you probably have 1 of these I don't for a Corsican probably use these 1 tunnels because of all this
about is brawling 20 years so you have this at the end we have something that is a
rule so you work so this is the result
of the device when I run this but is the device I get this kind of safe in the in the power line so the power line is stable on in the morning once again just make a small the the Bauer if I meet somebody did was going to happen is that the older moles in there it's about when so that he was interested in going to prison and I only I I am interested in making available only some of the moles of all those so I cannot make a birdie the hole in the boss by averaging these states so
under listening to the yeah because we don't have too much
time I would just right you are interested just call later they will display a litany of deals that of can you but but the screen
yeah yeah yeah this is that you work but I am
running in the in the in the support is just reasonable the work that I can just below when they want to make the beats hollow I want to make these and there doing is wrong and so were that this you need a new number sending the number the numbers and like talents there on the number computed run the number so right there on the number and then you have to include this number within primitive sending but to let me know I think the number of a singularity into the core really do will get an OK you in the bombing the number of foreign because you know have the key you will get an error message so I would just run this so I
continued as a sorry that OK so this
award is is asked assessed in a hollow I wonder
glitches when they won them so I just do full parameters this parameter all the work you have to do these parameters fried these parameters went to beat anomalies in the morning to send the response maybe so I committed makes a consultant in the response and the wife of the roots of the try to this that were a value and then I start to send the says I tried had its I get the bora stood at in response from another you know and it's a yet so here you can see set it's it this is getting a job here is getting a challenge I am sending just the laborious and just any response and in the moments in the response to the it's so I read the response so there we know they get to an error that means of identical release saliva something more I try again later again at some point I will get an OK that means that the it's was successful so I just like us this is comparison with the some response so and it's not always working is just a model black so we these that and the sun we know of you know like Intermedia 50 per cent of photons is only 50 per cent of chances of breaking it the the soul
that graph is willing to both those 2 different than that OK so I think that if you make the best of it it that is switched to computers do not do that I get the thing that it's so
explain how to lose devices like for example if you for desk checking this from Bryson and then it I'm going to play now defined benefit that for example I'm going to look at that in this case the people I will too I which is our state virus because its use for everywhere so digital signatures for binding targets for BGP when you could you e-mail for SSH logins with a password for all the things so how it we
compare I received limitations you will see that our savory elegant it's a really nice is fine but it has a bronchitis it's quite small so in most implementations they have optimizations and 1 of the most popular ones
Goalpara say security sureties buys for Chinese right reminded theorem and a special but it took go give a saved is something like 4 by fast as you can see it's a quite different because all this image with the band Wings it's faster but the the slope kind of dangerous gates not life would have been the target so this is the attack and to do is called the phrase
Schaffel denies he's on our 6 team also called the correct that were my grief at that here you can see the mask bits of the IV
so how does this work again I don't
want you to go into the full adult mouse it's only 3 steps it's a breeze to believe that that you will see how it works so we have to paying off all the signature we're going to send a message I use the bicycle sign with the secret key I don't know know and the nice thing is that we only need 1 full the signature if I get once I will then I need a bit all signature because a star because these that is DBT optional if you have a message and how it works I have to compute the greatest common divisor all of these are the public key models would have on the the difference of these faulty on the normal message it does subtract them I compute the disobedient giving the public key and these things It's very nicely go there was all of these a back is the secret key so we've only fold you we yes I mentioned that these that they're almost signature is not even needed if you have a message so in
here how do we do the full maybe you have heard about the story about the Raspberry Pi 2 that
grass when you take a picture OK so the thing is how silicone a case
against life for me it must be of the ground it's a K so let's put this your appeal to remind you how grounding react about this
think so when you take a picture to a rambling what it does is suck like of it so they
die so what we're going to do to that you do
something very similar to the OK
so optical folding duration 30 seconds because had all had more time so synagogue
semiconductor that is used for making the chips it absorbs light what happens when it up 1st slide is that the trustees those inside the cheapest are conducting the change of status so basically you wait a fault on the interesting part
here is that we need to all when the cheap so here you have a website in which from you maybe whole that's a set up to all when the achieved this did you need some base it's clear that he who being device like out of place you need our acetone the watch it so if you go there you can see a video it's not that hard but important this is very dangerous
I not responsible for you burning yourself with aging or anything I viable for that you're on your own be careful with these is bring us these guys get rare but you can do it
so how does this fact costs a day to unit just as on debated for example the glasses again forward from the and a cooking invaded also break from a pitch you will need a camera with a flash so it also berated of the total cost of these the Backus 9 viewers the them have any font Yukawa adjusting the camera on running achieved in the case of the referee by package was already open that's why which so let's
do these dental again so I have here to set up I'm not sure if you can switch to this end I will try to move the tribal debate OK so let's try to move this thing without
the various so here what you see here this thing is the microcontroller if it if it's connected to my computer with a serial cable I have here tool for resetting of the market each time a send a message because now what will happen is that it will crash put it so I'm going to start sending messages to these devices it and this divide is going to sign all the messages and the sample with the same message I think if examples that the defeat of my computer you'll see that now here the device signing in the message I get there
we huge response these devices flying our a thousand plenty for reads on is giving always and which forms the gate so disclaimer if somebody has epilepsy these gloster I now I'm speaking on know about that and see what the real fury about now so the thing is I have this is a flash from a camera
again to this effect is a stupid folds when these devices competing piracy I just want to shoot a flash again but these these those that the bias just ignore it with and doing OK if I get too close if I should've flashed what happens is the following now you will see
here but they get I did a line so the device just brush why because I am used
so much energy that the device just goes crazy and in practice it so now obviously biased this that is yes that's stupid taken from a camera It's computing think and now I hope that the moguls these helping OK
if I do it right it will crash too much OK I hope I get a corrupted message but not the crash then this Prize so I think that it's still no luck they love it them effects I will fight for 3 more times if it doesn't work they have a part of the year the needs work the various all experiments then and these were It's so nice when it works they
must offense much to ity thing it and OK the 1 data you want this typically watch of the 1st September to
circle and then the them of course our of my they get which follow level it well even work a day so now because the demo were nice mean than the scene of the crash or just recently or normal behavior what happens is that if the CID just before
coming here if you start doing this
thing it can happen that then you he didn't write ports in right moment I would have is is this the fitting is still life with the response of yours because the device pressures but again in this case you will see that's a red line in the script that they have and these red line is yes that rapid response group the Babich action is not with the garbage is yes the special garbage in which you can do this streak of star-struck in the normal message on this faulty message you see these red lines that's all you need so you can have our say with super security if you don't have a special body or a special thing if only 1 holds then what
happens is the following you bake the use of the Bayesian then I will fire on the mathematics on what happens after that these I think the model I think the public key I compute the greatest common divisor of them what you get it was sold these what you see here now a gnarled get the whole is the key so this is 1 thousand 24 bits of the in
of the the the thing we have
no time for questions you have no unfortunately on a very tight schedule but for 1 person I think we have time so please corrupted microphones you got 1 question are any questions yes 1 question please over there and is able you demonstrators the basic cannot help lower controller I know that a lot of words and having a power brownouts injection and this is sort of detection to the trigger a few flashes with which is fashion the so for beating for example of course these mice in caller become the power peaking in the same face of these in this case you get the cheap 1 state which is unknown undefined so sometimes it works and there's a doesn't work the trick is to find the correct setting of farmers but the McMullen Ronald detection these use the work but but OK so a big of nulls for and run for this very the if you


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