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Basics of hydroponics
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The GREEN side of hydroponics on a need to know basis for the ones who aim to build their first system. This is what you need to know on the green side of hydroponics, to then make it digital, connected and even more automatic.
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well care sorry I'm pleased to introduce a speakers come always from Sweden thank you Alice so she's really talking today about automatic systems by making hydroponics which is going to be awesome and I want to say that U.S. with sustainable
evidence and that this is a no design and also a lot of young people in Sweden and she space in Stock so if anyone is around so crime check around the so I take you would think
that you so much it's actually a sustainable urban development which is so important point but yeah
let's let's do this this is going to be really dense short talk on my opponents said 30 minutes and I will speak really fast but the slides are available online
and I will absolutely be available for questions maybe not here but at our campsite and I will give you the address in just a moment there many of the advances in hydroponics comes from the road outside and then the man as of judgment based on behalf of Julie you're on air and it is that's as white at after indexed no mother AQSIQ space so act null and small by men of Deutsche had list thank can it means a lot of the advances in hydroponics comes from pot growers so we have this keep this in mind when I talk about it I grow vegetables myself but just so you know and if there is any problems with my presentation graphically it's not only on me because keynote hates human beings sup that excuse me for that and so OK so well at why I wanna work with the height upon
exists because it is some men part the really important part of the a sustainable development partly because hydroponics uses about 1 per cent of the water used in conventional growing it uses it does not have any need for
a forest some that which makes it possible to grow it in Norse in computer controlled environments it also is not using any other non non the review the real renewable resource soil which I think will have to be rude and looked upon as a non-renewable resource says a take about 500 years to renew to 2 cm. seek layer of of the Grober beside I also think it's important to help people to be be able to grow food to get an idea of how growing food works and the hydroponic systems simple the set up even if you were living in a small space and have a limited amount of money also so I would give you a short
hydro history hopefully very short and the size would be really quick but this is said this size are available online and you can look it up off the words and I will talk a lot about how plants grow in hydroponics as well as normally it's the same thing basically and what you need what measurements you need to know about if you wanna build automated systems what you need to measure and what values and so so on and I'll also show you pictures of some of the more common systems and tell you a little bit how they work it they you see the link for the the slides and there's also work did I put the link at there's also some resource document would links and some additional info and you can find me in the camp afterwords at T 10 on the map if you want to ask questions or with us when we build a little on the site in this system cell OK what we're talking about is growing in a manner that does not use soy and we use a lot of other manners of some of the
media to to growing but no so that means you have no nutrient said you have no no trends in the medium but you add on new trends and in most of the case it's in the water that's why it's called a working water or hydroponics in Greek it's mostly referred to as soilless growing surgeon so had a promise is not at all a new field and it's been around for a really long time we can begin at the end but is at 600 BC Babylon the Hanging Gardens of Babylon probably hydroponic we don't know for sure
possibly that had some mechanical automations but we don't know there are indications and the aspects was 11 hundred A. C. they use something called the she numbers which is like floating islands using the roads hanging down into the lake very hydroponic but more like run like traditional agriculture so a little bit said it later in time 16 27 we have Frances Baker and the loss of on this is as far as we know the 1st printed mention of growing directly in water or a newton solution as 60 99 a guy called John Woodward's a gross spare mints and he can prove that plants grow better in contaminated water than in distilled water this like the beginning on nutrient solution growing 18 sixties we have a sex and not to worry about in his book on is a botanist and they developed the 1st nutrient solution recipe basically and they had no focus on automation whatsoever as far as I know in 1929 Jerry Kay is and probably the most important guy and then soilless gardening history he got really discredited and ended the his career in a bad way but he's the guy if he doesn't get enough credit read book fantastic but it's old stuff 1930 is an American airlines wanted to fly from America to China and they needed to stop on the way and wake island became 1 of those stops to be able to to give food to the personnel on the planes and for 1st and foremost a passenger as they started growing hydroponically because wake has no soil no fresh water automated probably how much I don't know I have to read up on wake island project so 1938 these 2 guys what are they again let us see it in just a moment this is not right not OK Haugland that he is known for the Hoagland solution and him and his colleagues were the ones that sort of was the reason why yeah discredited directed 1 enormous and release his said recipe as open source in university because he was denied and greenhouse time so it ended up with the university assigning to hold land and on his colleagues to reshape the recipe and they did and they got all the credit no focus a mark on all dimensions with these guys in the 19 sixties you can imagine what kind of growing culture was sort of interesting and interested in hydroponics by now there's a guy called Alan Colburn he develops a technique called there and new trends film technique and it's still 1 of the most popular techniques for hydroponics I will show you how it sort of the system looks like a little later he he was interested in alternations he used controller pumps quote control of lights as far as
I know and I haven't read his publications fully in 1982 the Disney World
and took center opened something called a land pavilion where they have a future of horticulture and part and then they have some hydroponic stand there that do a lot of development in automation of systems as well for how long also has been doing the controlled environment to support the life support systems we don't know probably for some time and lately has been discussed partly because they were eating hydroponics on the ISS and then there was a few days ago as if I got it correctly and no they're trying to do is basically grow food where it's not possible to grow
food space station and also colonization of like Morris and if we are lucky think it by 10 tonight we can watch the eyes as having dinner and if we're lucky they're having hydroponics for that we will see and
2009 and a revolutionary thing happens as a with the Riley A-Z New York based said I think he's an art student from the beginning she releases the research and develop it yourself community called winner from Stuttgart this is sort of at the beginning of a lot of a Home Builders in an hydroponics the community's collective this is the version 3 comma decimal 0 she released a community with our version 1 comma decimal 0 0 at this is a really large community this fantastic amount of the solution sent
people to talk to it's a good place to start if you wanna build your own system and look at the the automated systems in the future and they're not that many solutions the on in the community that solves the whole of automation process like neutrons water pH easy and I will go into them later but there are many that solves the pieces of its a can be really nice resource if you wanna find facts on how to do it and last but not least in the aftermath of the tsunami the earthquake in this thing in
Japan a guy called Shimomura took an old semiconductor factory and turned it into the world's largest indoor farm and they grow only silent and they produce about 10 thousand heads of lettuce every day and they are looking at a complete automated process including looking for the fish nutrient deficiencies in the plants by optical readings of the colors of the leaves so they're like absolute their from line of automated systems I don't think they're open source so this is the other
system that the factory from the inside a so we will quickly go with the how plans going growing hydroponics it does not differ from how plants grow generally it's the exact same thing but some parts of more important than in a regular system it does not matter if it is as you I was showing you the Mirai factory of salad that or if it is set to make on your balcony that that some things are basically exactly the same
or plants need light or plants need new trends and all plants need of water including oxygen and if you provide these 3 plants we grow plans love to grow they always 1 and rose so even if your yourself be they would probably grow but you won't get an optimized or so but IT I usually say when I have people to come to the dishes decision to be alone system that it's yeah it's it's it's hard to optimize but it's even harder to complete the fate so she just start doing it and then develop slowly we will start at the roads the roots this in in in any hydroponic system extremely important and the roots
is I mean even more important in a way than if you're growing in soil because you can pay more attention so it becomes a bigger part of your involvement in your system of the plants with a few exceptions there would be so to come understated that divided into 3 parts but the lowest parts drinks water does not like actually fits
exposed to air for too long time at will suffocate the middle part is said have had a say a hybrid and it can drink both water and air to get oxygen and the top part is
said like you and me it drowns in if you
if you put it to of water or too moist environment for too long then but also roots need that or part of their which the darkness this is what you have to work with
and when you don't use you when you don't use soy to cover the route you have to cover the roots in some other way because any darkness other ways they burn and you also need to to how do say oxygen saturate you water because all parts of the roots need
oxygen as well as the leaves because all or parts of a plant in exchange gasses C 2 4 oxygens ox campus you to all the time so this is super super important Self more about the what terror it's nothing strange about it except that it's the absolute most important part in hydroponic system it provides the drinking water for for the plants SC in any other manner of growing all plans of different needs more water less water more often less often you have to take a look at what plans you wanna grow before you start building your system and especially before you start building automated systems so that you know what I mean what measurements you have to work with I always keep you water-saturated you can do it by building a stream like a drink the system and but you can also do it by an air stone like thing you have an aquarium that you push the air into the stone and it gets a divided into really small
bubbles and you will have them it is not you will you will you will have been good oxygen saturation that is because I I can see now that have very little time left but I think maybe I was interrupted so maybe I get a few minutes more in the water level you have to measure what the level it's super super crucial no shortages there are many ways to to measure it the most simple well I guess it's an electric circuit you can build simple at home they're really expensive professional tools for professional prize that's
continuously measures the what the levels depends on what you wanna do the water is also a nutrient agents and we have to measure pH to be
able to know if the plants can assimilate then then then nutrients because at the wrong pH level that plants cannot assimilate that neutrons the neutrons are available as ions in the water it in organic form of solar cells and for the how should I I I I will post a link to really nice table that we show you how the different nutrients get locked out at different the levels of pH i I guess you know what pH is and how it works we you want you you don't wanna go below 5 in you don't wanna go above 7 most plans to well between that 5 comma decimal 8 and 6 comma decimal 5 so if you keep its there you can maybe not optimizing that you want things a city to measure pH you use a meter or a sensor or if you wanna be on systems preferrably you will use a sensor and you will get relative H. is related to temperature and this is a problem and generally when you measure something so there are really expensive measure tools that compensate the temperature but as I said as before said to professional price you can also correct the pH by using chemicals pH down kind of chemicals you can also flush system if you're looking at building an automated
system that it automatically corrects the pH I know of of of 1 or 2 projects who is semi is successful and the links on the resource text file online so I won't say anything more about it but that so see electrical conductivity is super
important when you work would have upon its head do this is the at the presence of ions in the water and you can say a lot about it but did you can measure it in C you can miss Mr. it with
what's it called the the TDS I think it's an American way an American they measure it in ppm szentesi measures that in c'mon Smilacina so my persons there are sensors you can use sensors you can use use meters and they're basically the same but is the difference between the the tedious and partly in parts 4 million see I don't have time to explain it but there are good links in the text by and over to the new trends this of course really important this is what you add to the
water the water is supposed to be here no no trade and no notice in the water to begin with that's why you measure PC in the water before you add the trends and during your growing period so which of androgens whether micronutrients and nitrogen phosphorus and
potassium we have this secondary Micro and that there might be a secondary Micro and the micronutrients there is super important all of them but they're divided like this because of this sort of the amount that they are needed in the the solution nitrogen stimulates growth of biomass it's a really important the beginning of a growth period of a plant is said to be the most important new trend but strictly speaking there all equally important with deficient total deficiency of 1 new trend it won't work it also phosphorus for the fruit set to end the energy energy plants need to bind and in chemical bindings so from son or from any other light source of heat source and phosphorus is really important in this process and the potassium is also stimulates fruit set about set but it also really important for plans to build resistance to a lot of diseases and this is actually something that we don't know exactly how it works but a really important thing I think I would have to jump some here
a this something on the light as far as we know you don't need any in natural light you can
grow on computer vision and artificial light when you grow food and or whatever you will what you need to remember also it's a very recent research has shown you can treat your plans with 24 hour 24 7 light and it doesn't seem to be in a disadvantage but this is at an early stage of reach research what you need to remember is what color temperature your light has and the and you all you all we also need to remember to check that the heat radiation from your light and the strength of the light the heat radiation is an issue even with ladies because of the amount of entities that you will use in a small area to Propes to produce their the
light you need so keep that in mind this some tips on artificial light and then it's that the reader is speak drive is full flower and fruit stimulates the
flowers sentiments and fruit set and the blue parties said before biomass growth so this is a good in sort of a pointer to have the temp and humidity also really important to to measure you don't
want temperature above 12 I've had problems with his in Sweden this summer I notice you haven't had that problem here their most transforms is set fruit on the 12 degrees temperature
and humidity which is also very it is so dependent on temperature you wanna go between 30 and 70 per cent and you measure this with sensors and those sensors available for all these measurements I don't have as much time to go into them and so I would like but we can have questions at the camp later if you build a greenhouse for your plans
source of closed environment you really really have to look out for that the heat and and and the humidity and they do to each other it's extremely important that you have an airflow because both the leaves and roots need to have oxygen to be able to exchange gasses so make sure that you have some air flow in your system whatever you'd box again yes show show
what you have to think of sort of what it is that what you should so take we knew from here like where you place it what you wanna grow and you know what you wanna measure how automated you want your system to be I will go
really fast through a couple of systems this
is said the NST the natural
and the neck and no transform technique is really popular it's it's a fantastic for home growing it's
small but serious growing it's perfect for small but serious it's easy to set up it's kind of cheaper takes a little and kind of in space it's simpler to exchange the water without displacing your plans which is a really good thing and it's very popular as 2 pumps makes a bit noisier if the pumps fail you plans will die extremely quick cell it's now susceptible to problems and the roots can clog there and the systems so make sure to always check the root can have them so I'll show you 2 pictures so up-and-down pumped it's easy to maintain the air same reason as an entity the symbols the flash you can control basically anything around the new trends very precisely and also the the the the water as with any closed system there's a problem with disease controls
instead that all plants share the same water and the water isn't flowing but standing more still and just going up and so upon a
really popular amongst pot growers an industrial-sized this growing it's very efficient it's like making the absolute most of your hydroponics it's a more expensive the set up and then it's difficult to maintain a fair Mr. Nelson's gets clocked you will have instant problems also it's susceptible to
some specific diseases because of the high moisture level in the air think some analyze problems pros and cons
aquaponically-raised I mean it's a lovely idea but maybe if you wanna from your own vegetables you don't wanna have an aquarium a fish farm as well as those like another thing but it's it's popular and it's being developed and there's several big universities around the world so it could be fun to try the deep or the culture this is 1 of my absolute favorite I have 1 at home I will build 1 in our camp later tuned tonight or maybe tomorrow and they takes that 1 or 2 hours to build yourself it's really really
cheap and easy to take care of this is absolutely you something that I would like to recommend you to try as the 1st thing and we have the Draper system which was made
really famous fiber the Riley and the window farm projects it's a very simple it's not the most efficient it's it's kind of silent and most of its super super cheap to set up and also kind of easy to maintain when it comes to
automation the problem is that the the the water flow is difficult to see how much water is actually take being taken up by the plants shit the
time I have mentioned growing media here's some be examples so what you can use basically anything that doesn't hold too much nutrients from the beginning this is a list of parts you can use if you want a bill you 1st at system all this information is online and you can come and talk to me at the camp and I will tell you everything I know the current status and ultimate automation I will not go into this because there is 1 project to build a bridge site upon a controller bid with Renae's is a fantastic source of information you should absolutely look it up there are other projects some of them have
copied his project basically it's just as as its wholly and just rewritten the descriptions cell the I really recommend it to if you wanna start working with automated hydroponic system 1st of all look at the villa Bricks Bricks project and see what is possible because it on a really really good job and that the code is available so that the the discussion is really a tried a lot of people learn continuously work loss of
size said involved in the discussion and it's it's livelier so you should really take a look at it since I sort of stressed that you have a few minutes left you if you have any questions or want me to go back to an older slide it's possible he was asking about the fish thing it's called the aquaporin conics and the the I can give you a short explanation the fish you give the fish food the fish pulled in the water the water is pumped up to their plants and that the plan to make use of the new trends and they're also key in the water and the water goes back to the
fish in a state where they can keep pooping in its as all something very interesting so people make some calls or something called that ships so they take the water they use for showing up and and and and this is what gets to why so the plants and the people who want to get the myself because they have have started the size of the holes as a greenhouse and sold at a high price and 1 of the of the greenhouse and so they can use their writings from on they can close the windows that have between so they can say it's enough long enough moist I would look have some of thick but it it was to make a border system so you have to fish you have few lines and you don't have to pay to diversify effects of dubious substances yeah that only that would leave that it's 1 thing but if I'm
away but the system still fascist was because of a hostile posted on yeah yeah but that's a grand project is fantastic we come come over to my camp until a later time I was showing there we go back to the slide is there another question this will and extended to the other side in their green please please go ahead hello and I wanted to ask how much more efficiently if I need a dozen analytic systems gives to another point is depends so much on where you put in your effort in and if you I don't have any numbers on how efficient it's possible to make it quite some ideas what you what you what you what you don't have 1 your tomato if you if you make an automated that actually works is that you have a you can have continuous and availability of nutrients for the plants given no water shortage and you can pro long at the that today at the time of the of the light exposure to your plants and I also have some interesting things about measuring and light with the with values it will you will
have to discuss this later but I had I don't have a number for the efficiency and we already have more and have how to use say lot more than and then how you can have half the size where you grow your crops in hydroponics and get more than the more he than you would in a 100 % area of traditionally grown so he already there you have a huge advantage and they new about the efficiency of depends on how you want to work you wanna go away 5 weeks a 1 week for in hour but at the continuously attending to plants this is the key why hydroponics is so
efficient and 1 last question at that time for 1 last you mentioned that different plants in the different have different requirements for the nutrients and so on this there's something like a public catalog for their where I can look result for different species and strains yet I haven't found a collect dead catalog with this but there is a huge amount of infall online unfortunately as as a footer that a lot of it this is directed at what knowing that there are also how other sources of information but it's a good weight is a good place to start because they're really serious people when it comes to growing so let's stop there but there are of course I mean when it comes to all these measurements of course there is simple of course and you want to go Please ligands together with


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