Mier – failure attempt to CC license as mass market consume good

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Mier – failure attempt to CC license as mass market consume good
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Mier a creative commons Mate Beer that was launched in Berlin in 2012, made some waves as it tried to pave a path reserved only for software. In this presentation Fabricio, from Meta Mate, describes the ideas behind and challenges met in launching a CC NC 3.0SA drink inspired by the commons with mate. @oinfiltrado23
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thank you so much I am pleased to be here and go to the subject prepare as the DOA agenda to help us go through the subject in about the media and the failure of have a consumer good product under CC license the rest everybody knows
exactly how it works the license but I haven't seen a product in a supermarket it's on this license so you try to run it and this speech you go like this
show 1 shot the ball my background and there'd be at 3 4 shots about the what's it has nothing to do open source so sharing community and about this story of an at and then comes
the real subjected the history of that was not something planets that's why the 1st the bit about the midterm Martin then home near happened its challenges and there is the problems of the license that is going to India but there is a problems of a new product
that we find new distribution concept that we find you would be central management in that's not only the license so try to seperate in I'll have to be sitting here could be clicking in case someone has a question that's regarding the language of the this it can start understood it can raise their hand otherwise it will have time and then they have extra slides if some new
questions arise so about myself I grew up in south
Brazil I studied business management and applied to an international traineeship was chosen from biased often homework and I got to know that Shor weeks before it came to Germany in the 1st 6 weeks 7 weeks amid some ideas and in 6 months the 1st patent why and that in that about a biased often is because in 5 years ago the ridges defy the
patents includes for abuse is a Polish streets and have 4 patents on them and that time I had to do with lawyers as a team of lawyers fighting 3 on the patent but of 5 so there was an experience of dealing with copyrights in developing technology but who come back after I also do their website for them and point of information so I was already interested in the new way of communication that was ain't 94 and the likely to and I travel 10 years this picture that
are quite is mulling beating of the rainbow but show a kind of know ties and I travel in most in India and in remote areas in Brazil on the park's than line doing digital inclusion in therapy for different able children was a kind of a sabbatical 10 years traveling on a stock the boy if the longer hair on your left is my son and my kids travel like it's been years going to different experiences so much about myself but in that travel I went up the
family to make a marked him as you do in research the mythology behind the mighty what's the story being story fate and create a theater play where we travel to
Germany labor no anger showing the meets behind the matter and when I came back to Germany then I should decide what they would do and that was the
start given that the market then I decided to talk by myself alone with something that has to do with my co-chair I was born in the area where demagogy grows most may be seeing a picture of a mighty 3 part 3 plant base on the side of Bush's holding monoculture 90 per cent of the mark China maybe more is on coaches belonging to 3 families so as a kind of extreme a monoculture production whining because you have 80 % of the
forest you have a tree that the soul wide then the 25 meters high on the shade of higher trees so is a fully different quality and I was astounded 35 years old 1st time to see with the somatic 3 and what it's to make you mark by hand show all and at about this story of the Marty It's drinking this origin of
color by the indigenous and this is not the region it's a Chinese products but then the Dominga on the fire where they have the food and the material was shared in the tribe they do not have the concept of property everything that's get into the tribe is shared equally they do not have the Conseil of hierarchy everyone is in the same level and in that place where they share the material they shared a material the knowledge and there is that the matter circulated fostering this kind of communication 2 is a very beautiful see thing that nowadays we love with the cold MOT theater drink different kinds of matter to fool our concentration capacity of communicate and that comes for a very old dispute of montage of sharing and when I come at a very that was 1 of the happy things in 2010 to the
buyer fight and see the people drink different markers and puzzles for me a kind of a it's a nice feeling the B along it and that's the picture down there is in the up during the housing in the city bringing in a meeting where we have the difference might this getting together so the 1st thing I did coming from
marketing went to avoid invested in barely food engineering and we try all kinds of raw material and muttered to know what is that the bromine the caffeine antioxidant levels so I did some deeper research on that I will not go deeper on it we studied
different to eliminates what they're all offering and that's just an example here and you make a recipe for a kind of of their France extractors of market with 4 juices so we are ready to launch a drink we were ready to will start to produce much energy efficient way so that's the path and so there's a shot about the researchers and started than
also reforestation project as you transforming a monoculture of Sorger in tool forest I think it's still the 1st experiment in Parma culture where you want to use a native would to drive the Marty from the forest there from their permaculture nowadays all the with the use of it to dry matter comes from eucalyptus a is tremendous disaster South America what's changing the landscape causing you abandon there it's those the people from the countryside have to move into the city 1 thousand hectares of eucalyptus provide 1 job for a year is only the big
machine to cut so it's is a band of local disaster and you're trying to do something about it well but when we're planning to do that and you're thinking about making the products in building like a more
organic itself may the device to drink
mounted a Belgian Roshal collated we start to do something that is to do that's a up seen then in barely an interest in we did a cosmetics and other revolting this like different things and there is so I can say even
the a motley that to be I have a day if someone comes tonight they had think the bass who have some tests am I talking right and c mon the bear also there and so that is 1 of the we're creating
many thinks and then comes the history of the year what we want to talk here it was like a moment that in our space if there was the Pyatt
meetings preparing the campaign for 2011 varying and we had loads of fun and sometimes you have laid evening loads of beer and loads of martyred in 1 night at his fellow that there is I'll take and I and others were drinking saying what's the perfect harbor we needed to have a beer you need to have and he Joker let's call it in the air than and we were in that
environment and that they gave it their an we just out and say people can make a the beer
and you got an answer and true weakest
later we were in a
brewery making it and now I would like just to refresh the doll can show of shortly video when you did that just making an advantage for this shot here it was not only a B because at the very beginning was a piety year and so we we have to think a G. friendly we decided let's make a Creative Commons license with but all the finances online the bed
where people could be discussed since you want to use the money from the little crowdfunded the the and there was a question how to discuss other decided taste and another friend at that time and a more lung said that went on to book you were coded and and was this problem at every person that votes gave its name if you the unknown is unknown unity of voting and if you don't have a name how can you control how many people were voting so we did it is illegal heck embedded but for every bottle has a single queue called so it produce a different color code an every bottle has a single entrance fully the could be encratic but the former where people could be judged that they still what to do with the money how much cafe in how much alcohol and the yet was then developed to during that time we're also doing a campaign and what the happen it was larger than casually in the same time it after the
election in Berlin was the 1st meeting of the Pirate departing building after the elections and many camera for this was called yeah the pilot cave here with the security call the you the
landing in if you click there and as we could democratic about the form
and yet so the fun you could choose if you want a more or less gas more or less smart than more or less is male more or less more or less all the hold and was everything it in what he calls very easy to understand the people were having fun judging it but we also let it open for new questions and that's what you see very down should we nationalize all banks it should you remove our troops from I've against them so it was that the
discussing is about the form why they were drinking beer to judge other things spontaneously well we have a than a big
surprise because we show that in 1 newspaper from barely made something about it and sure a more
people need is an open source the started to talk about it this way and some his more
things for tourists but then the beer
magazines referred to read and
newspapers in Brazil referred to me at the
end in the 2 places in Germany but I
think all the building the big newspapers portrayed it and we were not expected it was a very strong breast equal in Germany
in other places
and with luck
source connect them a say in the beginning because of pirate in Pierre Beriev mark this so we've got a very strong call
and to give you a feeling of
eta way to went around and
looks like it's a hoax I look here and the
presentation if I didn't do anything
wrong not kinds of you do now
it is not a morning show 18 the F. is 1 of the main channels here and I don't know if this sounds proper so that strike it's in German but I think you get the feeling of the place and the people and then I know it's here that it would be a lot state of the emission of smart
to smart and even even if we planted
again and the move the token energy at the top of my head skirmished you
should use them until the mining is looking at you as well and this is 1 of them fired
a associated with stone in my mind TTI was that if the event of it
is an important a campaign intended to
reduce my questions and you
have got to get my goodness and could this resolution is going to supply for most
of us but the most used to go to church and I
have also that on 80 hitting the value of kindness yet so it was a
very strong Cohen what happened the weeks after the start to get lots of orders and the plans and you got together and founded the company and they're all excited await the ways going on what is happening it was
not a planet it was more fun project and so the key thing was was like a decentralized
production and advertisers say pick up a bottle back to your local B were included here I just the case according to local wishes to be very a blend that would say imagine that the McDonald's in 8 seeking over different food according to the taste of the people no standard but to share brand we show speak in a way of doing business so we started the greater
recipes and put them online at the same time it happened be nullified embedding were invited to do a buyer for
the good of democracy in their local by camps and was again very fine thing to make a new label
this ticket to make a new taste for
Bamman people sticking the labels on the bottles that and then you create a speaker
corner to have a link with a democracy but was a mixture also far are 2 projects but
then things change this gender about this later person from home world has a company who by licensed from year and he come to visit us make a point and then came and now I'm changing this story to say what's the set C C license what is the genomes of year and also what went wrong so it's in the flowing presentation these stunning success forest mixed with failures so this man has been working in the beer for ever be a field and he has some distributor any by license and that it to produce and quite very nice guys so he
came and wants to make it then we agreed on everything and we sold in the market for him for that and he sent to a brewery in Belgium to make it and when the Pierre came in the Berliner PMI the International Festival of the year we open it and very surprised that's not not the taste it's not the recipe it took some months to clarify it and the real give delegates really should appeal we'd be a kind of Belgian view very fine can change but the use one-third of the might of the recipe but the reformist the change the label because there was content of caffeine theobromine 98 and that's the kind of work the 1st example of a economy or be were mentality that did not understand easily what these sissy license because they used to work for license so sure you 1 that's what I got to sign and I
was very a surprise of was so and we can extract the year the contract there was a need to be we allow only this pre were to prove from that day on is was even the sole we just cut the only sign and send the you can produce safer but there is no specific and so that was a kind of up to the latest data the difficulty for the B industry to try to understand the product of that everybody share their ideas the recipes the way the experience so he wants to buy the recipe in the license and from there on he will be the only producer but he understood that we want to do different ones soul so we
went ahead I have to say yeah thanks for bring call-level give nicer advisement how to proceed we found the a handler in South Germany in by and where they're famous of would be that wants to make a beard it and there was called the hobby the raven and he is everywhere was also but Robin so if this chore avis together we decide to make of this little figure you see there is a raven on top of the year and that was this principle very nice traditional family of bureaus and again the problem if the license you cannot be you be year in Germany have been something else there's a purity
law and dispute law next is the 500 years old it's from the thing 116 so extra attention from that the because these thinking very hard as playing for this license now so we have that we produce this year this yeah but you could not the writer that was a real production so there although the recipe said Marcos Brie you wouldn't be here we have the right and the bottle and it was done like this I don't see how it was publicity but it was written in 80 per cent of the year 20 per cent the market it's a mixed drink we were obliged to say that to not have a problem with the purity loss now when I say thanks so like
us to save someone has more interest and is drinking industry if you're not from Germany there is a book you call hacker browser that goes in that's on especially the premium caller it's a quality with that hex economy 2 drinks and so there is a deep restoring deepened sense about trying to change economics by doing soft-drinks drinks in Germany it's unique and they're very special 1 is the brilliant caller that is should see later they help at the start for a power they helped to start to lead to Martin and they helped the start of many orders and 2nd of his beautiful open source so that the experience here also to say that the this feeling of the hacker
browser start also before with the the group market they also doesn't do advertising it's also nice firmly from South Germany so now going deeper what's happened to me yeah what went wrong I would talk alone it a bit more of the license that and the 1 to push the state failed because of the license it's fair to look in the product itself and see there was something complicated the product itself this thing of each each bottle BG friends we have a wonderful places like in this bass that you have sometimes true even for a short time 3 cases of beer and we have a no people here see the year that have been a is it and what 1 strong year for himself in a week media for his friend to
the sporadic this diversity in the sea environment that is fully OK in normal but if you go to a normal drink shop it's very difficult them to understand that you have a new product that comes in 4 different tastes from different places that's was 1 thing of the product another thing the bottle that woman Lubomir from premium-quality to make a successful drink it is a science of the bottles then the size of the drink is a science in itself in that case the viewer in Germany could not through the normal group mark bottle the number B of beer bottle only the big 1 skin to that his mission would not late so here that the bottle that's asec the same height and in the long 1 for hopefully dead but you
3 so we got the mother board to that of the run in the machine to produce and we introduce that then what happened I didn't know it every shopper has a problem if you have a new bottle it's a standard logistics if you're selling of year for a drink in a shop he doesn't want to have a box only for this product so there was this is kind of difficulties also for a new product if you don't know the market you want to go ahead and it can come such
mistakes auditing lack of capital not like Coca-Cola freaks school in Germany we didn't do any kind of advertising we did a kind of speaker lawn that means a partial to help at least in the media in a place with a get the percentage of the sales but you didn't come of mass marketing or pushing the productive and his Foucault we went to the main clubs in building where they do so market where the tools so innovative products but they ask 5 thousand euros or if not 20 thousand years for a year to get signed list of products and that's not the way we want at all the editing their purity law that comes also nice not only Germany because you have it at that time that everybody
was talking to was about year someone called me and said my mother saw you in the newspaper a while you and my brother is in love with Pierre he wants the publicity so this person investors 7 thousand euros year and he wants to produce that thing but as you but took the flight I went dead we made the to testing year amid laboratories isms with like he could the democratic about the form for Brazil we did chewy events where we tried different tasteless and you choose what to produce we went to the middle size a priori to let it be produced at said the
commonly been given permission for us that was the end of this story I heard in between time and there was a kind of experience businessperson Brazil will have the month of the year and I have a phonecall if and he told and I have a the patents on much of the year it cannot produce having but some experience if the fainted I know that you cannot patent my could be here you might have a chance to favor the procedure of making it or spatial way to make a paste but not so generic
so I I didn't care much about it I went further for the restoration of it and I got to the government officer to tell me It's not possible you cannot register might the beer you cannot mix it when you make a beer and I ask you how that person can
do it that was a mistake he also should not do it and that was a border in Brazil where you income Fatah and similar then we have adopted small-production always running Berlin and if the upcoming may built the purity law anniversary 500 years or some other events our work when requested to make a special permission to broom my could be here you can really but I have to ask permission and if you ask permission you might have a special control on in all issues so it took us months to find out why the Marbury those known to produce any more and sadly we got to know 1st from his internship is popped country his intention told us we cannot produce it and that was a story then that
the CC license open sharing face of location we cannot produce in the central so easily as we thought so that was a kind of say for me what they do then I cannot be keeping fighting it so I decided to go back to the core of my work that I like Martin not to the crowdfunded from year because was not looking for possible that they could really there and this mass productive descend from pollution and something that would be also
sustainable warehouse could get something a worker 1 half year on it that was a time you were preparing for the football summer covering
Brazil there and the prepare new label we're ready to launch in Release ever because a busy in the India and from Brazil there's loads of party happening we talked and now we come with him I could be a and it was in it was not allowed to produce any more
so active situation we could not work for me and using this picture a kind of a history there is that cup of bottles coming from Brazil from different view is from Belgian from by someone from check so was a nice beginning it made history and we keep getting barely request give tourists is and we get some of the exam people come and ask some hackers space some universe requested we have a next week in this Ireland himself a German a festival they ask at 20 box enough to do anything about it go read a larger don't let it produces a decision I either want to take care of everything that say of waste my time on the matter-stories more important so years history for
now but there is still some other things happening some Lebanese there was a
nice veering check that they ask for the recipient and they created their own label the but another name because I can understand yeah for their embedding Busan's mere means peace in Russian and they do not like it very much Russian I think their forces to learn a Russian in the school so they don't want to have a product if a Russian name I could understand they change the name they use another kind of in matter so on then they change everything and their rights to me and say I hope you don't have a problem with it so from the original mirror recipe the name the recipe the brother was nothing else there but they were very fair and concern about the US and I hope that other people doing something so they they got inspired if it and the right there you the labeled C C by a N C
S A 3 0 by the MIT place to assist the license it's a really equal fuse and then but this people went further we work with them and our actually as
long as it is males a small brewery and they understood them and like our labeled so they made their own label it is a beautiful butterfly with hope with matter leaves and we really love it so it that when they understood that we took a that labeled and we apply in varying that's the mere label down and the people from the extreme hardness after me today like it so they sponsor 1 batch of the year to promoted and that's 1 example Creative Commons under productive consumer would could work because we're kind of cross-pollinating each other like 1 helping each other for new ideas and and so that's a panoply those success story that's really fun because
they're going further they have not 3 kinds of media each bottle is screen bring that and deadly festival is fresh my be here and they have a local production being sold locally has torrents and use and like these we have would be worried sent them ideas of Brazil 1 important I agree and so there's a couple of people doing us that's the next
shot there's a guy who sells the ingredients in Brazil so he's selling a kit to make a yeah any comers of ever marked inside them is everything that you need to make a 20 liters of yeah and even if the labels inside so is not fully died it do summer stranger waste but it's not something that then it's able to sustain me or to make new to work on it and push this project the very last shot
from year there is then a brands of I could be a not call me a and as you know I have nothing to do with any of them there stand G. friends might could be as as you and 1 of them makes other ties in its 1 on Heiser Bush its column bobbing Brazil is the new number 1 producer of the United States as an advertising campaign in luncheon I could be Brazil that you see is not the really failed it survive other hands it's been user and not say that's a spying on us but is a Belgium Lawndale we've ever marked it's kind of the product that we have been in Belgian for us as a summary
is very nice and the government of Brazil allowed it now looks like a it's OK to the demand to be and wealth
from the failure of we learn in the motivation stance I went back to my work and don't panic and doing know of for teacher productive that's a kind of it ends at the the coffee year we are doing Article 23 that's organic certified the vaccum packet it is cheaper than any other market in the market in the other trying to heal foot infiltrated the mass market through the IDC last week it was 3 thousand 500 cues even in U.S. and those become the 1st 5 birds in Germany we have a 18 shop adjusted within bearing and creating this so out of the experience of yeah we might to the due to friends if the marketing I don't know if I'll do CC license out you very please if the question someone wants to talk about it tomorrow in the liquid but to the company at 11 a clock in the morning would be accession about hacking is and to see how this is the license now with more experience could be approach to other products but I bet
that the nature I'm sorry for the very ugly shots I'm on the matter hair and not the weather presentation designer so it's that they look ready messin' idea agree and open for questions on all the thank you so part of the theory OK so only 1 of you here in the room as a questions please come to 1 of the room lights so everybody can hear me please go ahead when
you are working on it did you have a legal team of or like got like a lawyer involved you mean when I was working before
the bias of or years I'll when you're working on it well we knew some people from the new thinking from far away I went to some even saying that by the CC licenses would not have a legal basis to fight for it and the EHS and I got some people wore permeated duel re-engineering if someone uses our license but I didn't have a legal bases as a like a legal adviser we have a lawyer that look good together what we're doing but not the technical lawyer on patents but as
the basic question of why why Europe so that's called the well actually it is to the it is the and mapping into special thing so if he if he just refrain from calling it kind of the year you've not bound to the the mask of all if I understand it correctly he
is saying that if you're not called here you're not tight on their finite support is it correctly it's not that it's easy to correct the question is that that's what it's not quite like that if you give us an impression of year 1st yeah or not be yeah it applies if I had scribbled but even if I called there too market or if I call that X. The from Z it applies to brew URI Association Germany requested we will to register it and ask you for permission as a real work to prove something else than Pierre and death permission didn't want to apply because it seems that if you apply for that position you get an extra control and the Brewers Association's kind of tied together so don't call the called the Brewer then it don't go to blue or that it had to be away debris or in South Germany he was very good and association so he had no problem he said we'll call that a mixed drink and they will not stop me there are other big viewers yet that they told to me we make me a for you it's no problem you have to do that listed 20 hectares happily there's it I could make a big quantity build but I don't have the capital the distribution to its started doing then the 30 thousand meters so to start a small is a problem the
so for noise there's no more questions for right now another thank you to bits you thank you thank you


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