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Impact of Emerging Information Technologies on Grey Literature

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Impact of Emerging Information Technologies on Grey Literature
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This paper reviews the emerging information technology (IT) trends and their potential impact on grey literature. Analysis will be done based on reports related to 2017 and issued by five leading international consulting and service companies with a special interest in researching the impact of IT on business environments, work procedures and behaviours. In addition, public awareness of the published reports expressed through pertinent comments left on the LinkedIn social network will be examined. After reviewing the IT trends elaborated in the reports, as well as the LinkedIn comments, an attempt will be made to identify and aggregate the common trends that have the highest potential for defining and impacting the digital future of information management, more specifically that of grey literature. Each of the most common IT trends identified will be studied and elaborated individually, taking into consideration its direct impact on the creation, processing, dissemination and use of grey literature. Information technology has become a driving force for change, innovation and improvements by offering powerful tools to further the digitization of our work processes and the services we offer, as well as the creation, distribution and use of information products such as grey and other literature. The emerging new digital information environment has the potential to affect all aspects of our work, the way we relate to our clients and customers, and the world around us. In order to meet expectations and benefit from this challenging opportunity, information managers need to be cognizant of new IT trends and the possibilities they offer in order to define the best strategies and action plans for their successful implementation.