Lecture Designing Organic Syntheses 18 - 09.12.14

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Lecture Designing Organic Syntheses 18 - 09.12.14
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Epibatidine: Enantioselective Synthesis
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so. very des fick could too. the to this success of course the on never have a less also of urdd mu https had to quite interesting id jez wii will now i a go onto his gas its. so here an idea from nguema he talk a mood toes group. i'm. a pa bei lish to in two thaws and for a. he is suh a professor at key or top. a university so this idea was making use our wv the double michael the dish a nw re ek trim. having. ion arthur baton set to write tit night tro comp ow ow n't anna's suh one michael ick sceptre and performing vat n n seuss elective ll ie apply eying or gan oh ca tell azuz but means ce rov all small ca. a row molecules des ch catalyze this k.'s so a nun pts as lecht if lee michael the dish an reactions so. base ical ie. very aybar a mean. the. and. force sat abt like that. we do use seeing he year. ion to closing the by cycle. the for a new clue filly ick substitution. sheekey. fs so. what bay apply n't. what all za. and. the da bore all mike culp. the dish an re yek keisha nw a verve. the iiss to substrates. while it looks more calm plea k. dh as it to as so what whirl happen. if you add a bay's. the emos de siddiq pro tone the b. d. pro to nate serve that that's year see age to group double activated he ate you afa no clue fire it will at tack this and actor fill ick center my kurd the des shun reaction but in ll issue. the having here nook ll you fill ick sunder. and versed as that an reax biff vis one having a my curl the des shun reaction their oak i. why are you could twerp. to sue and a turn a to ff mechanism while this is not would tra mecca nw as mutt you could sue mp well forming it ino late he year than you have the dye iin there and you have that all of fun die in a few there in the and who can our hua ft sss fw ff just gassed could p did soldiery action it but. but to my knowledge it's not a concerted tro says it is no clue of for ih gk at tack hey air than you a have that gns stable asst and nines there at id ter forms ms c.c. bonn to vis position and so on ok so for resolved. is this one. you. a fs. fs. and. ft. fw fw. ch. it's i. he as this bet tar teat tool astern of calls an a basic conditions for mean you stabilize ste you know old or he a no laid. so our and a resolved. tay t five per send year dh. wiv seven t five percent none sue merrick excess wall i should to show a he cattle ers ste. you or gan of cattle thurs ste it's the thaw io you ria says. ch. a a a. and i'm and i a. an and. i a. fw a. and. this what. for gar ayro in for all may shun you rive ing for our mm he ce to stew yi real janick center us. i was a seventy five per send ie as nart that over val i mean our think it's for reason why air oeuvre us was published ind titter he drewe on letters an odd an under on two fronts nz. so what de buyout this al ooh astor. what is he a loo us to good for it while you can ease he lead he get rid of that i i ev so g. tro zte type re att reaction palladium cut tellers as at that al of group. so a palladium catalyzed deep protection. played ia mm ca tally as ers. ion ter a wall rafa reducing age and their of formic acid. and a wall lso of vey zz. i on the while of what happens if this is d. pro tact id that and ass a that tack quito kabak sully ick acid was as not stable and you will orbs oeuvre a d. cub orcs elation. he's so op. a i. he. i. it's a. so i'll re ek churn uel a row irked. rob a well. a walt seventy won per send yi you'd off that. or kate who my tell ff no to zte that you have wrong sti yi rio chemistry ie here.
ok we want to have the they'd ter on the a min a group then axial position for reacting as a nuclear far here. you are all how could see that as a re ducked iv. i'm in nation but rida qt yv a mean ation would work and in v rida qt iv ameen nation do form and him he nw function hourly t.v. ges than reduced through contra form and him he nw functional ity he in big car aws wis is forbidden eyebrow. that's rude double bonnard would bridge an position of dozen who work therefore you have to reduce that cabin nyah group to know age group transfer www yo age group an to have even gloop amuse are late ms a late for instance and bran performing when new crew for ix ub sigir utian rata. and have caused he have to get the night true group and me x. it our position reduce the night to rue to be a min of group that a couple of stab ce. a why all a. al ing mean a ation off naff an all. a. and the good as vis product and of that and all that's simply five vile i at you'd use iin that double bond and. wh wall this fee ie cover x.t. real chemistry i dudgeon zz from that thain a's while it tree it was done by at hydro bull ration and that case and the or gono bull rhone compound you can hydra lies fronts un's if a citic acid that's what to vey have done. and faye i've to read use this one. so out. an www a man et ched. therefore were. a. a i'm a to reach and n there's set up. while and than. forming for instance sme misal late hear read use seeing bad to ny tre group. he fifth crop who should drewe all that he. it's the. ch three he or c f three he here. my two grew the ear. and and the i've. so. and that and verve wh wall they years ste. the zinc ride think. the haj and his seed teak ass ert. well the last step word qt veer www eighty five per send year dh. that's waltz already it p. but t. deane mine as it p butty dean attests been formed and to this is also classical re yek shunned if have bowed are ninety or ninety one to sir nd years. arc act. so arad vow now eyes free ek trewen. there's the disadvantage ch that i at to have ove a try to opti ma eyes i only ees seventy five purse and he ie was for taint in vat true shoe stuck pp. why all awe sj half the similar a throw sz approach in two mns aam of making use of from michael addition prus as wh wars surg chosen by pts son tice pte hr mu per ft. fw the. a you from put up esch ff ff ff. off. if already in gras www up all the in nineteen ninety six. a a and vis is indeed is simply fee cation. thes a. fw its. i. you. fw this bonge has spean formed by or va teak horner i'm a nts reaction of costs and than it's just fine having hear the aam praagh nz all a fun an ow ow the ther bay's. i ce was just stir k. a af combined this if lohman them oxide in t. age af wall fifty nine per sunde. how i'm sure ur one should be able to opt eem ah highs that pros sirs the. i as think this there's the flu a ste. simply few cation. ready be a didn't p form bad n n ce a serre lecht if lee vey hat wrist see make. trance product. reid use seeing here. form ingo amusa laid. fw. a it's. and. a. while of cause you could. abbreviate that simply ie putting here ever of groom pp there. ch sixty one percent year dh. the wh wall i a nd after read you sz read using the night true group. vey did that the the tin crow or ride tin afer mall as reusing agen it was less a fission as of he example of the thi easing gnc the city ck acid from nguema to can moto. the. never have alas they it she aef ch ch. finally eva psych lies ation. to vis product. forty percent you'd so-o. ma ayat to thing dan dh this is a wrong i soon their this that crowe ripper redo you drew pp in ando position mean you'd x.o.. while that walls cuil aether was son tie you said who k. air zz. fw. ced ott was than age group might be ver a mo's ste a is citic one whe at vat hydrogen here but second plea ie it's certainly this hydrogen. so ion ter ball they'd treated this compound. the put tess yum a t. would talk side.
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