Hidden Grey Heritage of Science and Research from Pre-Internet Era

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Hidden Grey Heritage of Science and Research from Pre-Internet Era

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Hidden Grey Heritage of Science and Research from Pre-Internet Era
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i know that everybody it's the great honor for me to speak out because i know the library and i'm the category for bought the and me and doesn't he came from the decision to do is injured is a poor of the end of the graphic from the czech republic we are located near the past most of the rock and we are small institutions.
do i said she didn't and of course as the each necessity to the us and e.u. have done a small library and what we are. so we other small branch library focus on the jaw science all digital george's it cut the graffiti job rough a fertile that on that day.
got to the phone means accept the geology it's the different different sized and we are mainly focus to the navigation and mass production but we are deliberately did was feist few years ago to be to be called in fact i was hired to the east. the two to close this like that but i didn't i think that if i add shudder director and i are now. to explain decline on the board of the institute the driver is out for sure and to explain and that to the library of the library's our treasure or our knowledge all knowledge because the library was established the celebrated this year some device years so is gong his story. it is the press computer plant internet so we have all all materials and i added then to make in and explain them that we can be transformed to the like the infamous for central bank or so before he was the library has different systems.
the difference sponsor under customer was phase two different systems and wasn't able to infect wasn't able found the cork information and our wallets and can make the made one point and all for his she's so i present it five years ago in the rush hour. future and now we need to go through but doesn't have a dozen the so we should be in it did the inveneo as the central point of the pond. the library of course we are small library wasn't able and you do not have enough phones to to choose some or booze. the welsh them as the i found that one so we choose the inveneo though inveneo worse. it is a worldwide are saddened by the librarians his stance and of us to reason it's a free he is the or bone and of course of the czech national i but technical i break produces so we have some sick like the back. back support for them. and.
he was we were for so now the inventor is working to put all the information together so you see though the internet age or the internet access that the customer confound for her thinking the one place. but i was like the general i said of the future of the goals but unfortunate that i have only one soldier is that the results.
huge to do everything and that was the time to put all the information in one system so you see example although going a reach for records we have only zero one percent of the like the current tested or cocoa collect correct of course more than. so and if seventy percent is also later courts it or truly doesn't means the wrong is the all want to go through that in past forty years is different systems different form art different computers systems and when we opted to the library so we may have. for almost nine percent of the armed forces materials or ample says that items and what is wrong. we have almost one fifth. approximately one third not the other dismissing the course materials and the shelves its stance is as a number but we do know that information to exist probably it's not only our brand i suppose this is faced all the libraries but for us is like a nightmare. i.
and this as some mention i have only one library and and she woke up she works all know the half time so so what would she can get you visit with our working times she has to make all the library and stuff opposition. apollo being boring books. oppose it or he readies in. and unfortunately. that was a tory and cattle doesn't of itself. if it. she it was like the my mistake so this is the wall between us a set of the great future but i have like a book or how to do well to do the ball on the island ball on the like so. and that is only like the example given a mission so you have the musical that the unhcr says he recalls about one thousand and six and a concept two and half dozen the.
have followed eight thousand and she has only one hour per day to do something for did that did that stuff. so. she will not gauge kids are not mine but at the time. and the other one is what what she really needs you talk about the new systems bought and the talk together or war of together she do not need a new systems she won the all want a stable war cage.
and even the have some mechanical all she did not need the new museum's new form arts and you come again rules. i and that should be some question why we do not do the trick library can on because our farm specialize in some cases we are in rwanda and keep it.
we do not have i can hire more people because you do not have the money. bought the still stevo treasure its or braveheart. and there is some wonder example because i mentioned and part of their field is the cause of graphic not overthink association its make conference every every two years not each like the dominican republic two years but so as was in the on nineteen sixty two so it's under.
all his story and in this is going for an unfamiliar with bigger is the sum of this conference which bought our section and almost twelve thousand people. and there is the other bought before nineteen a dish we even though association doesn't that any documentation about the past conference. so they made the announcement will we make on the eye on some other as the car onto the page in two phones from all the documentation all papers and cultures off long. though most vocal difference in the nineteen sixty six seventy six you know that all possible that was how many others are fifty to two or more than fifty proceeding paper us. in congo. but the russian unfortunately it was the communistic at are sold a chick scientists can go to the real colonel google will do the washington but we have at least we have all the marketing arsenal from the most global finance and is though it got committee or the or. the the government's president now we can connect the country with each day's it put on our page and of course including gave a page. a.
so is in maida aside announced or and a son mention to five years ago the completely roberta also library the completely or builder up as a tory for them a comfortable like to know information shown to be at the computers you have to invent gazza. yet of guy. the big gate how to explain funny teacher so we made a vow system the mall on most friendly bottom still a morgan. in one thousand. on plus a single or maybe the basic materials to be writing going to be digitizing to be recalled. a.
a scientist and it's like to do because and on our own although other nature of the gay reach or yahoo users rather and use was we are other small library stronger and and then the sun there's two sides of the coin the first one is that the the universities or. because the bodies of the as the chicken can check and technical libraries you you can maiden you for manse you can you use east teams you can use new technology and only nutritional be she knew that knowledge ethan local the great future. but on the other hand we have to still work on the small libraries the we try to keep to the culmination or keep records in the person you don't own conference conference people's and we do not have the time. more deserving with the time to hunt on the conference she says she shot she shot to dog and i bring that to see the future of our of the hour to looks like and i understand it's like to do lights the first vonn is still a hot and not. the ogling the are still behind but like the because we have to start i on most like to win if not reveal follow.
so thank you for .