Is Open Science FAIR for Stakeholders?

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Is Open Science FAIR for Stakeholders?
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so i asked around with the definition of open science and also fear in also stakeholders. and here's a little bit information and background university for the stand was eighteen fifty three kind of the classification are one doctor university now we have over fifty four thousand students and over four thousand faculty is locating games before the usa missed a leader in a state university system for.
so is the table concerts and once again just going to introduce a definition one definition of open science fair and stakeholders and then leading into the case that a national institutes of health messages to the environment health science p. forty two.
that investment houses core so basically i'm going had t.i. from the center of environmental health and tax toxicology on go for this particular program solicitation in the new program solicitation current data management houses corps which was new notes on talk about the proposal for the developer. one of the data management ounces for in developing social technical data management collaboration with stakeholders.
so here's a definition from foster and forth open science and just focusing on a definition a pretty much quite a few researchers at us for dealing with that the challenges a lab no books i like trying to clap notebooks which would be the best one actually lab archives have been courting you university for. for over a year we have a really decided to go with a laugh from archives we also interested in sign oats so clearly right now i'm trying to demo various on electronic lab no books that can satisfy the needs a large portion of the researchers a high producing researchers at us. as far as a fair principles i'm pretty much everyone this for me with the fifteen principal these are just the first element of the four group of of financial excess for example are usable. initially i had an affair with his presentation had developed a survey which included open science and definition not a fair principle and a shared with the needs of the grant from the project i'm going to talk about in he said what does that mean they look at open science he even though he were the definition is like what are some examples so in them. the fair principle i listed on the fifteen principles he said that makes no sense to me or any of the researchers and so on and but i'm going to each other and basically they have not been introduced to these fair principles a that it's so there is a data literacy in the next to slice. i would talk about that or previous study. stakeholders this is key and it's also should include a student's students and staff particularly at it you have where there are three k. studies their lead to a proposal that was accepted yesterday where you gotta graduate students were not able to have access to hide the gator with his research a high performance computing. you have because it requires an investment as many for researchers and also we had a doctoral student came to my office to head needed to store three termites data so that its see the capacity of the library and then we had another student in march and signs libraries i later acknowledged boundary minced in was the chair march and science library who share with. me that there was one student in the land who it had a bank of computers it was do an analysis is in used up the whole bank of computers were other students came in were net gain have access to the computer so disrupted and accessibility all three of those cases were students who need access to high performance computing but in. i have the resources so they were making use of the larger resources so there's a proposal develop was approved by the dane of library the north of the vice president and c.e.o. of information technology and i was approved yesterday to provide resources to have students be able to access a reason. computing so this is key all of this underscores open science so look once again open science how our research is going to collaborate in country where the research data the raw data to ride that we're going to be stored what type a repository this because this list as if a repository institution repository. a general positive henri so all of the sun even the met its shares reproducibility what type of templates the type of scientific work clothes all of these challenges are embedded with an open science definition also that includes the whole data curries and my cycle modern have been in better within that is also the open market information system. so that it's that open science i can see most research looking at what does that mean but tunes in this field we actually know that's imbedded in us repair time of models.
so this is room in bribes. this was an earlier study and early this year and is a major indexes so and fifteen percent of scientists there were surveyed are familiar with the fear so you can see the great green is time for me with your principles yellow i have previously heard of it. in been great is never as you can see in this actually cause size with that the research is that you are potentially when i introduced the fair principle as part of a survey and also been science energy see across a disappointing i.q. scientists and disciplines aren't even aware of the for principal so that comes out of debt loose. see how do we are because the gap so you need to have got a mention of ivory is in the collaborators to help bridge that gap is for information literacy in spreading what for principles is how could a benefit or researchers and this is not the grafton the same study time and is basically compliance with for principals only one third of the.
those are familiar emissions the green a very marked by yellow somewhat in neutral so once again the study just underscores that even though for prisoners have been around for about three four years on the main main mainstream but it's still so is a lot of information literacy a is for. cars getting to the researchers to explain what actually years in the matter that are a few my presentation is scientists have stopped me the middle presentation and ask what is meant to data so basically just starting out the presentations off with a brief definitions to kind of freeman not an absolute definition but the freemium context but also matching it.
so their own language so better this same any data and information describing your genomic data so is working with the scientists a better harmonise some of the language that is familiar with in this profession and outside and other disciplines so it's been a lot of time is this was sent to me from advice for the research so this was on.
but the new nucor so any superfund site that was going for an inning prada is due to open his have to have his new core so clearly there are twenty one funded a superfund site and and i so when this came in which to buy further research. search incentive to the library i have to look at is my first thought was on the is this is huge so that even the p.-i looking at his he had no idea where to start so i did not contacted currently funded superfund site to pee eyes on what p.-i north northeastern which has a very. solid data management her modeling for he was willing to speak with us and also the p.-i the assume which is very helpful and then another a key i have a superfund site in new mexico also agreed to speak of theirs and to help us a better understand in how to how were they managing their data. i sent e-mails out of the ace they responded that was a requirement in paris so we really haven't thought about it and and in also fronted is a sin to email i contacted and i urge city draft phone survey asking for input in response was we do not saying session or support such as. survey would have to go through or owen be in we do not have any plans to do self so this is where it was contacting in a separate you know give me some point is that how suck in. a says some of these currently from the superfund site so maybe my approach was wrong happen like that and abstract and which isn't the program is solid but is just mark roast were going about it and needs to be working on so. purpose of this as a superfund site in clothes for course we're basically be a marsters for my medical research in years a year see his environmental science some. environmental science engineering projects and so this project there is a minister for research translation that imagine now score and also our reach. so you can see from this new core requirement basically you have to support data management integration of that passes across the center their respective data size so be thirty goodbyes or even twenty terabytes so how do you plan to do that and also the magnitude animals now score doesn't have a set budget so a lot of research is now have. having to include within your budget to fund it ripples all forgotten management most of them that interactive are doing is after the fact i was an onto a grant last year and it was taken off this year they said we can and you know funded and they are going to internally in so there's a challenger in each room set aside but it up. fine as far as how to a store the data into a support open science.
if iran to the last this was developed by a the vi factors involved me in the center environment helping the toxicology going to focus on is that american houses court star granted the right this is a vote between a library and also dr william partners also shows that director. at its own in this way center for biotechnology researcher so this model is no area is modeled after eight years years nice a geological survey science time i got a life cycle model or in was again this is the urge to keep data so this was a ticket you work we have are secure research environment where. other researchers have restricted data on big news that are but he had at investment out the cloud storage is the hype again or have you received were in also just explaining birth to get a repository of stores to trace him prices have ridden in back of this is moderate in northeastern protect and they haven't got a mention. modeling for which is very solid in actually predates the data management i'm requirement twenty eighteen so it actually is an exemplar it was one of them out of the twenty one currently find the superfund site. and in my opinion he is an exemplar and in an emerging in mexico and the p.-i doctors will go he asked the appeal university new mexico where how we supported this data to support the data management at your institutions and he was funny that there. heavily leveraged so in order even got in front of an age in her early levers as far as having to get funding for other resources to help support the management data being funded by this one particular agency so the lot of challenges of a sparse some. i suffered a comment on engineering resources tumor support around on data management.
this was introduced the last year in actually and this is something a bit dark era is also a section for free markets is a been around for for decades as a lot of literature and social of on technical systems thinking but might introduce these are as far as a data management and also this can apply. do i get a site with but readers certain more are truly what we're facing in dealing with data management right now i'm at the university level at the university for the course of the stakeholders we have had a nice person research director of research computing director clinical translation of size of recent technology. they also been a blogger is all in agreement and the regulatory framework is forcing the ripper minaya eight but also funding it is the but also the financial consideration and so this is a point here is ours who's going to support the data management. you have its own usually offer the research they're going to start some initial funding but then we have to come up with their sustainability motto over the long term between i researched computing clinical translational signs enjoy these matters how we plan to support data management across the web so the top four. in bold are the key organizer of this proposal which is right now i'm in office the research. on the bottom two mortgages some the clients the first lines of his knife proposal which was not find it so even though it was not funded led to the polling data management at the university scale where the vice president research said the invitation specific asking people to come he added. delta a meeting he invited us to come up with a whole.
so this is on where we are now so the first meetings with a v.p. years as a concert initiating a bad image were planning our proposal and discuss the planned over the summer twelve twenty team and man united proposal submitted the summer eating so this actually creates that proposal. my arms about a week so the proposal was developed i'm so to return to censor the be the after being vetted through key stakeholders in korea we have a meeting said october thirty first this would be the second meeting vice president nelson system and vice president researchers to discuss next step. a proposal and in a clue that the stakeholders but also coming up with a strategy of houses or very expensive properties at you were from those that are mostly million dollar project stand have enough ninety two. pay for data management the clinical transitional sized everything technology which is very expensive to those for the smaller projects that might not have a big budget forgotten management so coming up with a couple of debt was fine both high in research project but also the low in is well and s's. under development in so i say that because all of this is necessary in order to support the underlying infrastructure for open science which are which type of on what type of a collaboration souls you plan to use and you have some researchers are even halfway open open source as jupiter noble cause. the you have someone even map archives when she became a return to push for a university wildlife working on for birth control so where were you have quite a few researchers reasoned get how can we do have a university while license at a time when a similar poll those thirty thousand dollars before was taken over by microsoft. now enterprise addition forget hundred fifty thousand suns increasing numbers in minnesota has to get you have a license and so. we really can push for because of the time some to parse as our party so some of the challenges is working with some of the stakeholders to identify the library sometimes earnest syria or in a leader in some of these are challenges but we're not big enough player with which to move with for say is a constant development on. right now as in a very positive with the library's being considered a partner with the v.p. of the research research computing on country's national science institute.
so like to acknowledge the most again. of those who contribute turn back around to his presentation for me being here.
his references and so are you. the.