Open Educational Resources and Library & Information Science: towards a common framework for methodological approaches and technical solutions

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Open Educational Resources and Library & Information Science: towards a common framework for methodological approaches and technical solutions
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hyman one again. for some known of these orders here are presenting this work on their we have as our colleagues and the sea and i have water see roman and make it for.
and so unfortunately there will be able to answer your questions but if you have any can email them direct the fine their addresses in the program book and also in the participants list. so i'll go through a short version of their work.
and start their work the title of the work is the one you see here open indication our resources and library and information science two words a common framework for methodological approaches and technical solutions.
so the in order to better been pouring to the two key elements of the title their role in their interpretation can use fall to focus first lee on the open indication of resources galaxy and secondly on the aisle last word so as far as open educational. forces concerned. they are greater job but someone's because of their main features which can explain in their stronger some t.v. and hide when allowed to we're talking about openness the gist of the mansion and in know what the approach is all those strongly connected to what in science open educational resources process these features so much greater. extent.
as far as las as concerned as snow image and dances have become specific the size and demanded moving to specialize known urged rosters and me she's of extreme professionalization more johnny with regard to the critical news of information alliance competences have. or transfer some skills in the current knowledge societies the two currently most widespread and most successful knowledge and competence areas which are science education and the acquisition of transverse of competence is centred on a mission use and each of the mansion do not. explicitly show their common las ancestry. i however contemporary science has recovered a road and unitary the system a logical a matter of the logical suspect there and pose new challenges to reach only ally as community could successfully respond so current science needs a worthless color infirm.
nation and communication system able to fulfil its ambitious expectations. in this context research libraries and information specialist can play a strategic role capitalizing both traditional a new knowledge skills and expertise.
as far as the political are the main strategy is a in euro to implement open indications sources results from studies showed that in the majority of the e.u. countries in the open indication show is not yet know yet to fully exploited the. lack of support from the central government and an insufficient spread of management an organizational culture applied to the geisha context are the main cause of the gap. for these reasons in recent years the european institutions policies and strategies for you when education have added two words the system approach nevertheless it is hard to encourage and achieve the same level of real change within the different national systems because the cup match nearly capacity so. sorry to manage the open indication of the initiative sucker response to the are to have capacity to innovate.
open indication initiatives in the iowa i as high as field that has many advantages as you can see here in the slide as well as many problems that but i have one goal through man details.
just say that must be made reference to the strategic context as it is essential to consider this to feed you can program market framework defined by the same situ shuns in the field open science. and methodological and management references as it is necessary to imagine an open education initiative in the eye or less as a complex set of the it is organized to achieve a single no regrets the goal. this cool response to deflation of project which is typical of the project management theories and methodology is so increase knowledge on project management methodology is can have make open education initiatives more fact that. therefore project management represents an opportunity for the aisle less work.
project management methodology choice should be down based on the complexity and the last spawn of the project and appropriate tools should be leveraged to support words plan montori accounting and open educational resources access impression. it is also crucial to define services levels and been able to monitor them in order to support quality management it is also important to ensure persistent identification of resources and the adoption of standard these of preservation criteria in order to guarantee. integrity traceability and longtime a term assessor to open educational resource.
so finally in the authors believe that it could be helpful to put to promote open education he should be it's aimed at providing las key actors with a fair amount of knowledge on p.m. principles maths and techniques. if the favored use of a common language to discuss course cut the topics in all the open indication court process is with the within the are in the system improving the dialogue among library experts computer technicians researchers and between all these are those in these two shunts so the widespread up. the creation of p.m. methods and techniques the techniques of sorry with a loud the fact that we need high level strategist corporation planning of open education initiatives but said that was short and euphoria asked that i am.