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Going Green – Publishing Academic Grey Literature in Laboratory Collections on HAL
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first. the i was founded as a child to go university of utah will be free but we merged year know the biggest one in france a not in terms of nobel prize but in terms of students.
i say this because its head is it's important for what i will present. and. the jury could ever tory. it's up or to a laboratory in information communication science and. friends sir. academic research especially year university research is organized. on the basic level of the year. for the tories laboratories maybe year. a couple of scientists ten twenty thirty or never tories are between thirty and forty scientist and as many a ph d.'s but are they may be a much bigger with hundreds of scientists. but this is a basic level insist on this. it's important for understanding what which follows because as heston and research assessment in france is done on to lever on the university lever for the whole institution and on celebratory lever on the basic. the basic structure and to which the explains the some strategies choices not only on the institutional level but also on or community of it's a community level. and to present my year courses. which were not here here and crossed his. if from asian professional firms generous and associate member of our tory and energy by monday and he hears this academic program from city high tech university and actually you preparing a master. with as the. and the conducted this study is ongoing work last year we made a study on our own jericho collection and service year this is what i returned it's a study are about a couple of of our oil lead based. university laboratory and several years of follow up story and i will explain it to end. so it's pretty good stuff but and present here. the context of or is a national a plan for of science from last year from our ministry year for our higher education and research and innovation.
about open access to publication open access to data. a change of for incentives the revelation reviews and so on. among the special things in france. we have national open repository called her a fall. a couple of years no in the modern of the initial model of was archive from los alamos and is so initially higher was a online. i was prepared for survive if the beginning but changed and today it's very big the repository with more than a one and a half million and deposits one part people's its with full text and the other part. i wish all you deep as its only of bitter that are without the full text and then there are more and more are other stuff not only to come and publication but also images. maps and and and other stuff. this is a context our question was last year for on our tory this year for the laboratories.
how do these laboratories hand the with a national repository what do they do in the laboratory or french scientists can deposit and invited to visit their output on her so that the individual choice. some institution mated mandatory most of them not i don't remember and the lever turner year. the other tory. who has a kind of minded fall for deposit. but the scientists and they can and they do deposited their output on her so how does a research laboratory deal with this or and turned additionally what do they make a wish as a later age. on her so the middle or mental injury was. we identified cz year to sixty six seven tours at lille we are. try to identify we try to determine if they have the organizational identifier on the whole a repository of a is. the repository to provide organization. the fire on the mound and then be identified for all other tories their deposits either through the organization energy fire or do research with scientists are on a free agent. the result.
quickly. one part has cooked created their collection on her you can do it you can do it if your university you could do it if you have a project you can do it as a. and as a laboratory create your customized gateway potter connection on her so that you have a website with your own your error. higher jericho four hour. for all follow a lever tory and you can add some plug ins. with some added where you services so what you see upside to on the left side. it's a distinction between the greatest scientific disciplines to mind. i'm in as such as science humanities most of the lever tories have their own collection on her. the other feuds very few. when it comes to. when. two. the deposit. this collection rupees and. two thirds of ore deposits of university of leeds are more than forty thousand so most of these what ifs thousand to put it in the collections. which means and this is a second. the figure down side that the median number of people as it is significant higher for the lever tories with connections and without. this is what you can see there. i was explained to before that only one part of the deposit is linked to the full text.
is so it's not like the archives in the year. a veteran some oil is a from the repository it's no longer prepaid service in prince of a. so only one out of the deposits. linked to documents the twenty three it's a little bit lower than the the national. average which is above thirty person's the other only meted out to. paradoxically. the the part of deposits with documents is hire outside. of the connections so this means that when he quit the collection there's a tendency that you have more meted out to and less to commence. a less a reflect i tell you why but this was part of our of our research we wanted to understand studies of of liberty what they're doing what are scientists doing is a lever to why do they created connection what was a deposit. so many results.
the record or research labs of the university island has in turn help only one part have for their own collections with a gateway and customized environment and so on. in most collection have incredible research lives in arts and social science and humanities a twenty three percent of deposits of open access services and there's a week tendency that the higher the total number of to commence deposits know as a percentage of freely accessible to. humans. you've openness is decreasing with and number of deposits.
so this was. of the body is the reason why we did the orders research took a couple of months or to have to put says or together seems easy if it's not what you have to count and two to mention so on. i have not a time to explain in detail what you see there. the the details explanation is a paper what you see their the dogs that or leverage tories on the left side laboratory as with out collections on the right side ever tories with collection. was seventeen as a sixteen. lever to his collection i hear the of us there and then we tried to cluster to cluster following the number of temples its and the degree of openness and two we went on further and to identify the following disciplines of this is not that we have the time you to to granted. what is important is to see that said different classes of her laboratories. classed as was low was a small number of people's it's only below one hundred and all kinds of of degrees of openness and without any connection this is as a big cluster number one and then the other with a. higher number of temples its and high or low percentage of free aware of the documents. in between them have easily they are. nation ships. from.
so far we identified three groups of laboratories. the one no collection has a low number of tables its and or a high percentage of documents and open access this is based on individual praxis no institutional other tory years for to do that the people scientists in with a is a deposit their the documents without. but any year. the incentive saws a decision from their structure.
on the left side in class the number one.
from this is the biggest part of for the loser laboratories then there are other smaller part but probably around to one third of a lever to they use the highly levered repository it's a kind of reference manager like the ref works for instance.
they just use it to manage their their friends as their catalog can't do it with a library card a look because it's not the done for other do it here they upload often probably from so tour of duty role for somewhere. also mentally the applaud her references to her. and then the use it especially for put money touring. on for instance here is what you see there.
it's a lever tory in. electronics maker electronics and nanotechnology with the highest number of papers it from all the unit was told need to ten thousand and one person only with the full text and when you have heard. the look on what they really did uploaded and massively year the their friends as a thing to sue years ago this was probably the last we search assessment campaign and or there are differences are there. and to this state. and for probably only for many touring only for monitoring and and the assessment this of course it's not see each other.
his own debt to have an open repository but i think it's become becomes we already had a discussion before this kind of emerging between repositories and research information management think this is about what you can see on the basic level and then of for smaller sum. more number of laboratories. obviously they use the repository some kind of showcase. showcase there's a connection with the customize environment and there's a high number of couples it higher than the average number and a high percentage of open access the about the median and several which is a percentage. and obviously there is not only. the strategy of reference management and ultimately touring but also of how to reach and impact so put the the articles of communication presentation and saw there and to increase the with the ability and the impact. they are up the fall.
very few. very few.
so you want to know about by rich richer and hear some elements about greater major we try to make it in grey so that you can see. it's a about forty percent of or the. the leadership was it a great great all similar to ghraib vick because as a problem is communications. a year or tell you immediately why he can see it we analyzed for each category year of tucuman to commentate agree book chieppa chapters communication articles report the prince and visitation.
we analyze the degree of openness how many documents a free web and you can see this station near to one hundred persons. when the do d. dissertation is deposited on the hard repository in the legal environment merely or was there is a full text. mint and deposit with the waiter reprints about eighty percent reports about seventy year seventy percent and then the other articles communication chapters where you know. twenty percent lower so there is a there's an issue with with communication why because here i think we all think that equivocations going literature has to do with it the why it has a characteristic not like the other. categories of literature but commercial publishing. so if you have to question to ask you the question. no this is city of the time to do to make discussion i suppose. our guess is they added two reasons one reason is. in two so he even one year came in one reason is probably that one part of the communication are commercial publications in. readings a published by spring know as we are as a in its other publishers another reason is that however does not accept power point presentations you can deposit but you can deposits him only as. compliment to supplement the material and how we don't count it as a document they want to hide one to document the full text and to so other presentation conceded considered as mr dutta with something as but not with the full text. and probably the surge reason is that it's a one of the big laboratories in lille with a latch collection on her is sir in computer science and their published a lot. here and conferences and they use had obviously like her friends when it was as so there. the doubles it emitted out or not. systematically the text.
so on. the two figures show the same thing in two different ways like a explained in one and only one sentence that this a link and high correlation between deposit of caylee trade for a deposit of the other stuff. so they either lever toys. do not make any differences between commercial stuff answer and the other when the deposit the match there's much literature and when the deposit. only a few document the shoe that there's no specific way to deal with this is creditor age or. yes so.
and there's nothing new in it the number of credibility story correlated with a total number of the opposite.
yes one minute a mere least and that the disappeared in differences i explained by the different strategy before the merger of our three former university.
for that this one can be explained by the simple fact on the other side that we were all on the same compulsory levy the trial unit child shiloh university and our university at a very offensive. the not offensive. active strategy of creating connection on her the other didn't so this is a reason why there are many social science and humanities never told her his own collection and the other as a result only is it that he has a big collection of computer science.
the reason is that a lever to depends on a national institute of applied computer science difficult times in the area and they have a mandatory police he have to put it in meted out to the highs are.
last thing. to concede in the paper we made a corporation coupled with former studies because it's not the first time with it is. the compared to formal studies have more conference proceedings in our study here. because of of india just said it and concerning read the of openness is the same things that you are faulty for there's the issue with communication and this is the last thing i want to show i said we continue this was a bit immediate the study.
and we just started the two maker. the bigger story with the ten best rain to university in france a suburban university cycling and so on. it was not a sixty six but about one thousand and five hundred lover tories to identify strategies in this time we will not do it only by looking munhoz that looking on her and conducting surveys and interviews with people from the the laboratories. this is just started and if there's something interesting to say anything with sayid next year or two years thank you.