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i want to talk about why should i attend conferences maybe sometimes you'll ask us of why we tend one or the other confront them and i want to talk about problems with data own conference else says platforms for conference as a viral and phenomenon fake science the games ellen protest.
and held the political circles to work or at least how we think it is supposed to work because he we sat in december. scientific events such as contrary service every voter instead this element of scholarly communication and myself the need to exchange in the center the community here and have fallen for representing their whole life cycle freesat from first ideas to already published.
his arts as a framework for in father scholarly communication they come from and formal wace of publishing the size and still they also constitute one of the imported every aspect of any clear if he plays out due to go digital transformation that was already mentioned today. new opportunities of into action to have unfolded which may communication less dependent on space and time conference documents haitians record in century seedings i have a little online and physical attendance at an event is no longer necessary to get informed about recent research top. thanks. social media often new ways to do. new ways of academic communication at and about events and to turn this transition between formal and informal communication occurs more than most famously in science furthermore the feet of internal scholarly communications opening itself to brought a non-academic audience. but he added that to problems in their wireless the availability of them letter data and information conference is currently information on scientific events such as conference itself and scattered and not available on the long term so. confronted numerous platform with different standards according to find ability and archiving and the potential that data on these events processes such as identifying current research topics and future trent's finding expert on specific research left unused. and furthermore contributing to scientifically banned for example by organizing inch by chairing a session are giving a talk of participating in this time consuming revenue process still have acknowledged and as an academic contribution and as a service to the community especially in comparison to publishing enjoy. no notes. and linkage to base problem as problem number to its the quality of matter data and information which is often not sufficient and beyond that the data has already mentioned. that's not even our was available in the long term basis and this makes it difficult and time consuming for example to tech conference activities on a larger scale last year the dust and thirty to answer questions like what's called fences take place at what frequency where and who publishes the. things and which at one point of time. i'm sexist most platforms that gather information ten typically.
mr grown this just a very small amount of platforms you can see year. it said considerable deficits of these platforms lie in the long term find that she availability and accessibility of the van metre data and content and formation. most content information for example the abstract organize a speaker's research topics actually that unstructured i can only be found on temporary event websites and commercial providers are highly accepted. some analysts field of of platforms have to exist last efforts with regard to for the use of data that are seventy five c. and copyright issues over on bad barely any quality criteria for content uploaded on networking platforms and to evaluate the quality. the off the content of conferences difficult given the amount of conferences and proceedings and the fact that this evaluation require us comprehensive disciplines such acknowledge each. this is a problem that affects areas of acquisition and cataloguing libraries and reset is as visitors of confidence is and as consumers and office of conference proceedings. and some a two thousand and eighteen was a big help public debate in germany about take science triggered by investigative reporting.
and the phenomenon of publications in journals that are not quality test that it's not entirely new now other problems with fake conference is the father occasion of his eyes on the publications that the reporting last year led to a change in perception because race an issue that loss at the not. taken seriously in science was claimed. and the growing publication pressure according to the principle of publisher parish and the practice of producing this has meant of scientific performance to simulate the metro indicators as for the poor to the phenomenon of fake science of a no matter how extensive the problem of take science made. the atlanta rates massive damage to science and especially to the idea of the next as a public debate and quality of journalists and constraints as snow by ireland and science lab recent among publishers and head to direct a greater focus on from science policy such a problem for example. the lines of science organizations in germany issued a statement on the subject and the federal ministry for research and development has recently published a cough or research projects on quality assurance and science with regard to china publishing and conference us. and the development and implementation of quality criteria for the valuation of scientific content as a task that research institutions planning agencies libraries as well as publicists have been pursuing for decades. regardless of all technical possibilities of utter mess checking the famed critical assessment are still a subject to cause an assessment by experts. the challenge now however us to cope with the ground amount of journals and conferences and the loopholes that digital publishing office and we ask yourself how we can and so these challenges to send the i'm chevy together was informatics apartment it as a tad hundred.
stats of the chief and it's a project to develop the service platform confident for sustainable informational scientific events we want to provide reliable and transparent data for stakeholders of scientific events such as researchers libraries research organizations funding agencies publishes and special. i societies. and the sustainability of the service will not only be obtained by news is centered approach but also by connecting it to existing services neighbouring data exchange and by the commitment to the pair principles. incident will address the current there's a direct home of long term find the open differential and reducible matter data and scientific advance and cooperative data creation by peers shouldn't make possible to preserve and improve the quality of data. i am for this crowd a crowd based approach i have a critical number of hughes us this was assumed to establish a service that unites of principle and works as well. i'm we would start to develop plaid battle with two pilot community.
i'm what one has computer science and or the other ones we should research and sense but an ability and we are so considering that community of which could be for example of medication resource i'm the project partner on its carry out for the project with these communities for example the development of specialized information. service mobility in transport and and so that synergy effects can be achieved here by projects. the aims at developing an operating a service platform for event related quality meditators that is theater community needs and particular taking into consideration the varying significance of cent of events in each research community. ants were the long term objective to use their his eyes from coaches who are coated as a model to have a generic platform for the science and technology communities. that meets generous standards of academic the manse and last community specific modifications concerning the quality criteria for conference data and the foreman significance of countries proceedings. one of the center aspects of the project this not only to make data and scholarly events permanently accessible and better assess make it available and the highest possible quality and others who cheat this goal. criteria for evaluating the content of confidence should be developed together was representatives of the research communities and our second to approach is to create these conditions it's attending high quality metre data from conferences. and the same time this method ager approach is also a prerequisite for further content evaluation of conferences for example in order to keep the listing of predator conference as low as possible with one hand and that stephen existing services such as our own to be possible that our library catalog. and maybe patil for all you visual material scholarly events. as well as data from x. turner sauce currently the area of events for that to date as and the regulators in terms of interoperability working group led by the e.u. to either just ration agencies crush often take the sites from saturn assertive to establish a letter data standards for can transcend country. and serious to fill this gap and to the aims to provide a letter data scheme of for the silent of persistent identify as for conferences. concerning quality aspects of conference data and information the last great potential in the use of katie's year the first they fundamentally contributes to the december accumulation of journals articles conferences and conference year uses second the cream of the senate is asian of matter data which helps to make it into opera. it's to make information certain and cities comparable. two thirds they are linked which two other resources such as conference proceedings will use researcher profile its and finally have to read a trace the region of data especially when the spirit is a link to other such as research ideas are in as asia ninety's. i'm.
that approach in the correct this of the extension will use of data collecting data and research activities pay an application present an opportunity for autumn the focus for measuring center for performance and those who pursue scientific career and i said to consider. room to agree by the publications offence of scientific work such as teaching committee and reviewing word and participation conference assess the case of another sell whatever and mercy five pension all about how they have to determine everyday working life. by documenting information on the other research the chieftains for example on at which conference i gave top and which topic which confronts epic dissipated as a refuge in the program committee which confronts which confronts i organised by some of these activities become a visible. and the chance increases that they can also find recognition as an independent chemical pulled a strong focus i'm on the pew publication performance of researchers has been criticized again and again in recent years even more so when this focus was frozen narrowed by highly aggregated in the uk to such us measurement of research. just at the age index and for some years since efforts have been mates to develop and establish alternative metrics and you would like to take these developments into account with confident. some similar at publications year the network of researchers five conference activities could be this will last for example show how topics people advance actually connected and the most systematic recreating of conferences with purity east side so interesting for a user groups. some libraries cataloguing conference proceedings can benefit from it. yes can and research institutions and research funding agencies but sample to talk human and which conferences were finest from subsidies for example in the context for to funding which the magic priority sexist for example a specific few period our geographical area. which conferences were conducted at universities as hetero. the central asians interesting for example in the context of coventry such nation assistance that have been set up and research institutions for several years now and not entertain a better database and research activities at these institutions and both aspects of the visualization of conference activities and fed to ration to chris. databases connected to current activities and project she had me. to the platform for this way as a medic media of the past which allows collaborative to can write to have cemented lee structures matter data and the complex from a neighbor its quality related queries and meets the objective of fair use and that it is true of my free. the sauce off when people extensible. openness and accessibility yet make use of quoted as cannot events being scrapped cement glee and terms of a comprehensive to men specific ontology. and that yet he has has experience us with to keep a spat from of research and will build on these experience as the possibility of collaborative data creation give still uses the to its for quality control of data that and and as often as slice also challenge of balancing the twelve.
quality requirements on metal data and content level and therefore we need to mature rosen rights management to maintain these this balance between claiming openness on the one hand and have quality on the other hand to gain hamlet at a time scholarly advance thank you. last.