Strategies for Teaching and Learning about Grey Literature

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Strategies for Teaching and Learning about Grey Literature
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each of the virus from the committee will be giving. presentation. and the discussion after that so. you'll you'll see us all even those of us were here and so that's that's the first part of men were the last presentation of the conference so we're going to we're going to make you participate beach or everyone is still with us.
so her on his our stories and i'm honest my colleague mark over to come up and introduce what we both knew. i.
i. how steve and everyone. and so did and i both work for an organization that's referred to as griot naturally were not even going by gambling research exchange this is all changing fairly quickly we study funded by government and so it's kind of a long story but any how it's an organization that is focused on knowledge. translation an exchange as part of that we maintain a digital library called the evidence center which has a lot of information in it mostly gray literature on how do you prevent reduce from from gambling and we also have the data repository so we're a central area where researchers can go more interested in gambling to link not only to the. data sets that we have news but also to data sets are in a credible repositories through the world really so we're in return to talk about how we learn but ray literature in and how we have we teach it on to other is most part of our work on the cover image kitchen librarian. education and training could also change not into it at that ok so i i come to you as a researcher i'm the only researcher on this in this group that is not also elaborate library and so i've had a very different background and journey towards great literature. so in graduate school i am i was tired i had approximately five minutes of formal education on great literature and i have to say that what i was told in retrospect was a was almost completely incorrect so we were given a hierarchy of information that we. should be using entered our research projects and you know we have the appear you act and particles at the top and then gray literature was mean and down quite a bit lower because it is never peer reviewed it apparently this is what we were told and then he could never tolerate was from a credible source or not. so that's that's what we were we were told and. you know i kind of ticket face value in to please the professors you know you try to make sure that you include mostly peer reviewed journal articles in the work the redoing and i think that has been passed along probably for many generations of academics i don't think my experience is unique for money can to how so i did it. i did venture beyond the academic articles mainly to government documents and again that was about the limit of it because that's what was considered credible with the researchers that i was working with. so as a as an academic to there are certain constraints in the reward system e.u. you get most points new mary view if you've been peer reviewed articles there is far less incentive to do reports and less it's a deliverable the you have to do for a specific funding agency and you're not really. taught how to write those reports even nor are you taught how to do some reason how to make the information accessible to people who can really benefit from the results so in my area which really had a health and quality of life focus on it very much relying on the trickle down effect through academic journals which just wasn't enough. didn't think so i saw you know this system of training but also the knowledge shortcomings of the professors i was working with so that that was my training grail it. until.
i came to agree on. that point i had to get up to speed pretty quickly and all the different types of gray literature's the literature that were there and i was really impressed with what a rich variety of gray literature is in gambling studies it's a multi-disciplinary. research areas lot of psychologists lot of health people economists consumer studies marketing tourism and so on each bringing in a slightly different perspective but i found that depending on the discipline their cue from the people can either embrace great literature more so than then. others so i've also fan to you that depending on the age and experience of the academic their there are differences so the more junior researchers have seem reluctant to use it was the more senior ones will will use it more often and will produce more often in this was a finding that actually came at him. interesting cooper his research that was present presented in new orleans last year and when the poster award as i recall so it was really consistent with what she had found. the one thing we do find of because with our organization we have a diverse audience that goes from general public is interested in people with gambling problems or their their significant others right up to researchers policymakers healthcare professionals that we're dealing with it really diverse group and from in. harder for me to entice people to use great literature and help them learn about it i had to present it in language that way as more accessible to them so for us it were to rebrand or gray literature sectioned to specialized resources this seems to be best understood by the wide range of people that we work with. and we in for some have you seen the poster that dave and i had up earlier but for those who didn't we also created ten specific categories of gray literature with icons to match the readings is ready association with things that were in there and many of these also have dropped down subcategories and so that's one way the. but i'm kind of bringing people in we also have a web page within our in our site the talks about specialized resources and that they're actually gray literature and and what this means and we do weeks the term great literature for reviews that we do but on the website to get people using it weird we changed our terminology and the other. the thing we started to do is custom content alerts so people can tell us what area they're interested in and we push everything on them if it's great literature or something else so in that way but they become more used to receiving this information in there were hoping that they may just read it from time to time so that's been. in mind mean role in that area. possible into david will be a hero.
well so i have my before i work real i worked in museums in digitize and specimens and everton not for seven years and i first first heard a great literature and my job interview agrio an arduous me about my experience great literature. i had that i hadn't read the turn of the job description look at what it isn't quite ok i hurt i've worked with this in. people work with museum specimens but their side has anyone heard of my naturalist it's now or you may use your tree or a swirling you take a picture of insecticide here and so that is starting being or greatest scientific data as well so i worked with these a a different levels and document types of levels. the evidence expanding a little bit on. what murder talk to the attitudes of the great literature in research little bit more but specifically in the gambling community a lot of the researchers i've spoken to have this first point where they say it's great it's great stuff it's hard to find a lot of them have written. reporter to have would like to know we're all the other ones are and then kind of going to the other end of the expect the spectrum are those saying it can and can't be trusted all please do not under any circumstances look at it so i've caught in this white paper around the and. the energy which is the national council are responsible gaming their research charity they are honored by donations and directly from casino corporations and so and they receive a lot of criticism her know what their research turns to always find. and so just a shark quote from this white paper is a white paper reviewing responsible gaming researching they spend about half a page of this four page white paper talking why they exclude a great literature from the review. just all read from here say unfortunately for the field game in cities and published studies have found such studies comprise the great literature in contrast curator search or first the fact that the study was published in a peer reviewed journal that uses recognize experts to determine the quality of the study. in short pier of you functions as a quality control filter in all scientific fields so on. biggest impression that day at everybody in all scientific fields you know this is not to be trusted and so this is the kind of thing that i'm working working against him anywhere. of all try to be quite so why is doing great literature so important that all these things people talked about the conference the past couple days that the there's different emphases in these reports lot of the academic literature these kind of psychological studies ago lot of people keep gambling even when it's bad for them where the greater. teachers lot of government reports looking at policy decisions of valuations of different regulations popular different things and that and there are a lot more details well. just a lot of questions people come to me asking for things not answering the greater better in these details problem studies that governments to go giving a problem gambling in their state or country.
and so what in what am i doing about it all going market was saying about how we've developed a are great literature collection were adding new document typed so we're adding lot of there's some podcast that you just interviews with people who have experience problem gambling to get it first. an account of what lived experience is that's important quality. this game you don't see in journal articles and then for increasing the education or worse more in the the research community of really regret the seven center and encouraging our researchers doing reviews to come to this database and a few other loans are to find great literature and gamble. doing so i am in some future in developing on a grid that search protocols for gambling great literature there are some i seen a more focused on health and public health same just some guidelines for giving researchers and then all you do your parents. question about the literature agyeman research conference in march next year in alberta so be happy to talk to anyone about after a divorce.
so next will hear from our friend mark s. he recorded video for us.
so he said.
he also says it has over it as each other in love of the match i read over the name response bill for providing the urgency she reference construction question development to the ten cancer centers. is located in the calgary central and south sometimes within a chance here supports evidence informed decision and won each care this is done by writing staff health care workers with access to and support using evidence these resources with one.
hundred thousand staff a chest is the largest employer number in addition to providing library services virtually hear us maintains six physical science in calgary read year and. first learned a great pitcher in the spring two thousand and eight what we're here for in service session for community of science researchers at the university of calgary of sciences like or participate in only vaguely familiar which are richer do not realize the full potential wealthy beach. during that exists you on mainstream book academic journal of which in december two thousand and eight a quarter said and ten international conference great literature has to and from that before have been actively involved in marketing and promoting importance greater richer is a subtle. the other the search in gold can secure environment in the world why religion means with one hundred fifty different types of great literature career and according to gray i explored various format disciplines or religion plays a role including the use of comic book. so graphic novels as a greater rich media and all second years cricket in college he shouldn't valuation the journal of also anger in clinical practice scotland developers environmental scan of the presence of ritual the island or issue intelligence in how they can secure bar it's. environment scan common themes in trends surrounding great richer as presenting known it got serious academic institutions creating incessant subject based lot of courage awareness and cancer care are now assess the current literature document. apologies and finally information literacy lingering experiences teaching great future medical students in health practitioners of projects demonstrate and values how these events unique fourth graders to use his seventy cars to why are we each. audience in addition i used various the english metrics to assess very much in terms of accuracy for the average gate object to the significance is infamous a cod as check was introduced by jessica tend to the greater community dickey the war. when richard it's the part of the here as evidence that you been pretty as you why online course series since its inception got the in this course meant to serve as an introductory not exhausted order has been easy and understanding of great literature it's only did i. he rejected by different publications wasn't too rich described the album use a great future to inform decisions have identified various sources richer conduct an effective search greater google under her praise the mixture thousand by half or. imagine a suitcase she says. research has is arguably one of the fastest growing trends in all of years this is a bit longer in or close in many units within my it's and one as well the cancer care means he wanted us to supplement literature search is like the ages staff with greater riches source. it's going to use the emphasize the importance of including the great won the white when barking comprehensive than to you when to introduce the concept not as audiences the first time i imagine it and eased the back to conflicts in the one true for the rest.
many published articles actually true to their origins of and institutions or false truth or perhaps report is presenting me with the time these private resources are venturing transpose studies published leading academic journals in addition martin as to search for specific. brain works or tools which he had has really mention the aca publication but for which no actual record sec teach its back in addition to you why a great future course it's mention here estimates that developing a great literature duty sugar which was i the website. it was all ages that asians and the public to roots be its fees philosopher mediaset one learns best i do i send his with a new idea one of us who works for success. only by example and demonstrate how powerful religion can be able to convince the non-believers the great truly wins the white to form literature meek scene she thing.
they are worse for. ok and.
or darkest provide a few sides of the albert hall services there in your program so now handed over to the course everyone money and scott doris i am associate director of research services at dover more library it just means i'm a reference instruction library and one set of.
the things dog or more a library is the graduate health and life sciences research library at georgetown university medical center and that is at georgetown university in washington d c states we serve six thousand four hundred users on the main.
in the medical campus that excludes main campus mostly undergraduates and a walk in this our focus is the basic science is critical sciences master's degree program the cheap programs as well as our partner hospital which is met star georgia. university hospital in addition to that hospital which is on site we he served the residents medical residents of fellows in the meds star health system which are in the sea as well and the state of maryland so it's just a regional health system get serve. everybody there. how i first learned about great literature it was like marcus into in service session by my predecessors as a staff trade and so we're all in the same page with knowledge of great literature in order to help our patrons are or users and when that librarian last i kind of slid into their. position and took over the grey literature mantle and i try to keep up with learning by by reading and participating in webinars that are hosted in the united states were within the medical association which is kind of a north american association of predominantly. the overall reception that that i receive when i'm introducing great literature to our patrons is equal parts i think motivation because they're excited actually have an understanding about religion but there's also that that other part of stress own know there's something else that i have to wary of. about not only do i have to understand how to search medline for example but i also have now have to understand how to search for great literature. we have at my library my institution we have kind of three moves are ways of introducing great literature to our users the the first most formal mood is a workshop it's just a bi annual standard lesson plan work. shop that sixty minutes an hour long and anyone with the georgetown e-mail address world a meds star e-mail address can register for this workshop and we have a very standard a learner objectives which you can see on the screen. a home. it. it can be more challenging all even though it's more formalizes because anyone can register for the workshop and so you have a hard time taylor it to their specific needs but what i do like of about this workshop is that it can lead to the second mood of introducing greater. for him that's through a one on one console or a group consul with a team of researchers net way you can tailor. what they need to know what's more customizable and i think this can loot lead to. a greater understanding of green lit and it could also help them to become champions of great literature in order to connect with other colleagues that they work with in order to encourage the use of great. these are just two examples of why i think it's an important it does help to provide a complete picture of a topic and the offsets the issues related to publication bias and if you're unfamiliar with that it's when journals are more apt or pro. own to publish studies that have positive results and not negatives its service why it's important to search the great literature or defined tension negative stuff. what i hope to do in the near future in order to make it more useful is to make workshops more interactive in way to specialize it to their mates. these are the discipline the also were exploring the option of having see and easy or see the continuing education credit in order to encourage more people to attend workshops i'm looking forward to hearing what everybody else has to say about them. what they do it their institution that's all i have.
it's there aren't so one more. other human a video from our colleagues surveyed not and she's at the start of production of mental health library of that came each of library in toronto met him.
the surgeon users uses light green in toronto on tour i also bought the book on grey major title searching degraded june and i have taught courses on great made for librarians students in other professions. i work at the center for addiction and mental how hammy in tron to and here it is canada's largest academic and mental health science center and our activities are multiple we both support research and clinical programs in addiction and mental health of our mission. as a hospital is multiple we're active with research guideline in policy development and the kenny's library supports all these multi-disciplinary goals are staff members are deters to being who both clinical professionals and also research steins. scientists and also serve students in jammu members of the public. i first learned about great literature as a wet behind the years you he graduated library often when my patrons keen to meet with the question my g.p. surges returning of shalit although metal in m b's in stake in all. other databases are worthy soars for information seeking often many the questions i was receiving they were too complex to be answered just by a database search so i would provide people with answers in resources for their questions i turn to the grave. religion at first i was very surprised that the to be searches were not enough to answer the questions i was being used but as time went on i realized the greatly is a valuable source of information that i could not do without such questions that i was being us. it was for information on a question biden's local tools and statistical in all i use sources of many produce of great literature intensive treatment which are producers of sources of gray let that i find helpful are professional associations and societies government what the.
agencies energy use charitable organizations and alters of research in graz the types of great literature that i ought to use our records great dida and published clinical trials dissertations information from kompas proceedings in publications.
graeme then is very essential piece of information for ansary all of my information requests that i received on a daily basis grain it is also near you or me or behavior help because many questions that we receive can only really be answered by. my information in the great literature examples of these types of questions would be information on adverse drug packs negative treatment results negative research findings and also information and evidence based practice my main objective teaching great literature is to. the highlight the unique value that it has to offer it is often on matched by other information sources verbs ample great literature ought to be the only source of information on a special populations and specific good clinical interventions many organisations.
and such as the cochrane collaboration and the campbell collaboration stress that grain literature is an essential source to surge when develop being evidence based practice guidelines as a result when i'm teaching great literature i always dress that including graded sources. it is essential as part of good searching is a great manager is an essential piece of the information puzzle and i have learned from my searching and teaching actors that it should always been who'd rather have been axed. the officer.
if the and burn.
the focus of her size that she showed him the of the video also available in your conference program.
ok so far too if you don't swing of like nervously check my watch several times it's because martin ninety to catch a cab to the airport in about fifteen minutes so right what our conversation or presentation is and so i might have to shave these times down a little bit so what would you for the next kind of fifteen.
minutes for the discussion will do that think pair share so i learned about this that the entire library association on you so sure the questions you think about them buy or sell for one minute and then he'll turn to your neighbor and talk about it for a few minutes i hear you sing x. your colleague or your best friend may between the other. way and talk to the other person and then for the rest of the time of all will talk a good discussion period i like it because it works for introverts and extroverts the insurer to get to think on their own and then the extra get to put their hand and talk to the whole world class all i only accidentally look to dominic when i said that.