Abstracting and Indexing as an enabling interface between open science and grey literature – The approach of the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts service

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Abstracting and Indexing as an enabling interface between open science and grey literature – The approach of the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts service
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my name's times and i've worked at a fair fastest for the last two years now and i've been responsible for our and implementing a new business model fast that the timing it from what most people know as a subscription the and abstracting and indexing database to an open plan. that mishit that embraces open science principles with coverage of great literature as its hat and so this presentation will cover the number of impact studies we have undertaken and be undertaken for us and to demonstrate the reasons why we chose to focus and on great literature and and moving towards like. and more open model and i discussed the technologies and that we're going to use to implement this model and finally what doing so enables asked for to achieve in the future.
as a first of all an overview of the as for panic ship and every one hundred institutions that can see and contribute to the asked for obstructing and indexing database is based in over fifty countries around the world and each patna is responsible for monitoring the aquatic sciences fisheries in africa.
but through information in their country creating a baby a graphic record that goes on to the asked the database the s. the database is published by progress it's available free to partners and two institutions in low income food deficit countries at the moment and has over three point seven million records. and care partners contribute fifteen thousand records per year roughly and which is a combination of great tree chair and primary literature and the commercial publisher pro quest contributes of and eight five percent so the largest chunk of the wreckage and these a primary literature mainly as eyes. his most easy for the air crash a publisher to to get the records from. ask has always been known for its credit to chicken coverage and recent pieces by diana castillo at a house university surveyed a number of librarians as for uses and as for subscribers and summarized that they recognize the importance of us were for its international coverage particularly of great victory. which are about fisheries and aquatic sciences however and what i've come to realize from my initial beginnings working asked for fast as a pattern hours at the secretariat is that and coverage have an impact to the database has not evolved us has not kept pace with new technologies. monitoring a recording of great church is haphazard and we have no way of quantifying will activate including on the database so there we have a reputation for covering a picture and i think we asked for it again in ninety seven to one when technologies that those few of publications made available it did have a good job in its beginnings of covering. the literature but we've the influx of literature that open science has enabled us has not kept pace and can know it's hard to say without the monitoring of recording whether us was truly covering great literature in the sense that it did in a pre digital age and also as a commercial product. and. it needs. this causes conflict between us for in favour so affair has implemented open data open access policies you can access posts he say that material f.a. and the copyright to must be made available africa and the copyright yesterday to place your bets on a subscription only product so we have a challenge. of implementing a business model of the is in line with f.a.o. open policies.
so the fasting we decided to do was look at what the electric chair was actually covered on the and asked the database these were fast steps at this year and trying to make an assessment and so each s. for pan there were completed an online standardized report whether asked what rich richer they covered so. elsewhere that just over half monitor their own institutions great electric chair less than a fed to monitor other institutions credit to check in their own country or region whether responsible and less than half months in on serial publications around forty percent of and. sorry i think this is one person to show how the first step was not looking at one point his recovery was actually invest in use at me and seven december twenty eighth the before we did the annual reports this year and we ran a air use a survey and which received five hundred sixty eight responses.
as you can see from the graph on your left and project documents are parts and conference proceedings was the fed most needed activity air by fisheries agriculture was a classic sciences information uses roughly africa than seventy one people responded they needed that for their daily activities and so often. sign of how many needed data obviously expected academic research and scully to be the most needed information tech however asked her with its international partnership great to serve as well as value i don't think people struggled to discover climate literature so adding great literature but from each in patna rather have the knowledge of what's been published was really about. it will and another interesting at response we had was in the same survey we asked how users rated the below database features this didn't hire with what the first question so great trip to actually it was the least likely to be ranked five which is very highly we think that is more our conclusion i for was that education. and on what a great future is needed rather than kind of rethinking asked his great trip to focus i think if your own information you say you know that you need conference proceedings in technical reports but that's not the same as knowing that you need great literature.
so am having decided that great literature when i asked his beginnings were trying for was what we wanted to continue providing with any luck to ask for partners great literature coverage. so ask whether the cover great literature faster so i went through the results so less than half have their own institutions credit richer as for patterns are supposedly responsible for the monitoring of literature in their own countries we really had hoped that would be had here so we did look at what was actually being added to the us the database some progress which is the. graph on your right other the percentage of error back all the research by sauce types of what sauce type a great future sauce type to be guided to the us for database year by year so were the percentages increase a the green level that was the number of great literature a cause. so this is like in case but because there were cars down we don't believe that and great teachers be covered in a sufficient way and in line with us his reputation.
so we decided that we needed to formulate a great literature strategy designed to address just a year and ideas for the recent as for advisory board meeting which took place in september this began with an informal quiz on whether partners considered as several documents to be great to ensure not so you have the results in this table here and you can see the. consensus on things like dissipation of feces was something like the video which is an online costs and technical guidance to his motivation of what people and said so this is a good way of taking off the discussions. in showing the cardinals you ask those are the responsible for great trip to coverage have a framework to decide what is useful to ask her what should be included why the what we mean by great trip to as a result of this discussion we came up with the following at definition air base in the pub definition and but designed to be quite broad and just afraid. but rather district kind of this is a great choice not so as partners to came a definition that great great teacher asked for his information presented in any number of physical our digital format and of the subjects scope of aquatic sciences fish's article to have sufficient quality to be preserved and. of public good this idea of public good is very important to us we want to be recording invention for will be used and useful and any classic sense as much as a culture sectors.
ok so having decided that. we were going forward with a great literature as the technologies the next step to look at every need of updating if we were to really provide comprehensive coverage and so company asked for is using a cd assess isis software which has been using since ninety ninety seven to create their cause. this is very problematic a only allow it produces the wreckage and i so far map which are then exported to the commercial publisher so there's no way that the work that was due to create these records can be made openly available in any other system due to the kind of obsolete format and the closed nature of the software that. is used and so in order to be in line with f.a. are open access policies and we decided to move to a ever actually research environment which will be provided by the for science and so is a summary of what this gives us so it will be assessed a web based system tailored to the needs of espresso. worked really closely with the for science to ensure this new system will meet and fall of an aids program and and goals and is open and flexible and diversifying rent controlled showing and of data and which is really important and up except as it moves towards an open business model and so there were three and. the kind of areas for us which the v.r.e. allows us to do which is connecting the biggest information to other data and products have a sting from key were damaged complaint repositories and providing an open platform.
so as much detail about what the very back to reset environment provides us and so it's an open platform for the fans time as for partners records will be start on apart from the his openness that shovel in mind with f.a. of date open data and open access policies and be. being open with unable to pass a patient a wide range of projects have been found an accidental such as open air and we hope this opened as system will be make us for attractive to a wide range of partners so we've seen a drop off from institutions in developed countries participating ask for because they don't want the to contribute that time and a half. so just to a close to a subscription only product so we hope the offering this open system enables a wide participation and asked her to the very will benefit from other open systems we mapped the estimated fields to dublin car and to improve a perverse in to operate who were the. the f. and the agreement we have various fifty four science will allow harvesting from ten thousand trees again avoiding cheap tension of efforts in a way to bring other institutions in back into the partnership and we're going to use standard taxonomic in geographic arrests for indexing and a lousy import export. of metre data from patent was trees as another way to avoid duplication efforts and the next step is being hand saying other open information systems so we're already looking at collaborating with aquatic a democratic genetic resources registry to monitor reset and strains of species used for agriculture in different. the country so this is where asked was details matter data will become useful we're going to use ok as to display the us for records of websites are a trout this on the affair website linking fisheries in agriculture be graphic information resources tickled products in that country profiles species list six sector to show what would be a graphic information is all. also available on these data products. and it's an open platform the f.a. projects can use so we're looking at contributing to external to other effort to projects.
and as mentioned we're looking at becoming an open air provided by using the vet to reset your very moment so and every hour he has an extension at us on the acid data entry catalogue which is part of the ivory and this will enable records to be sent to a well be made available an open air again this is enjoying compliance with f.a.o. and. also a you have somebody season standards. a way of increasing reach about and access to plan as great literature so the graft the little display here shows that you know overcoat can be created the the manually by a partner or harvested from have a positive or go to the bay area from their past responsible for harvesting feed or creating a back road can decide to expire. but it is an odor at two at the commercial database pro quest i can set up a p i service to link records to its own to their website and when air at the recent meeting in september we decided to initiate a pilot study involving data sets from nasa partners in the uk and you can. the height of bad at dating sites have been on stable repositories and needed to find a home.
i was in the ivory the next technology and were updating is at the aspen subject vocabulary so as to have worked in this floats closed system maintained three a controlled vocabularies the subject vocabulary a taxonomic list and geographical for to file. from working in these clothes systems they already suffered and they were not maintained frequently they were updated maybe for five years which for a taxonomic list image a graphic lest became very problematic with incorrect and obsolete kind of tanned and so we decided not to continue with the tax. american geographic lists but we were able to air combat the subject for a cabaret to discuss excel and migrated on to the open source software for bench where we sharing services with africa's main ever have hillary rock and of arc and me. so this allows asked her to have its own separate concept scheme which is available as a link to open dates set any part and anywhere across the world can control its multi-lingual so we're not this is the faster masters information products have been encouraged to not be just in english. and as we have plans in fifty countries around the world was so excited to be able to allow them. to contribute their own language that be able to eight used translations a separate scheme and linked to them so very excited about.
women technologies but also implemented more open structure to the us for partnership so he created a newsletter entered the movie running a conference every year the festival was in september in order to give fans a platform to share their ideas and collaborate am listening to hand as well as. been the biggest gain from the past kind of two years and their ideas was going to bring the and ask for cash it forward so here we have three ideas from and partners who presented at the conference in september the problems are facing greater storage in their own regions and possible solutions for way. it's fast reckon that can help. and the other way and next steps to ask for is how using our had improved greatly chickens apart open science so ask for and will be participating in a fire project passed out to make an inventor he of primary a great teacher and see five countries.
these which of those in orange and green and so these inventor he and i suppose we're going to go into catalog the information in the great literature resources store them on the ferry so this is going to country to identifying research strengths and weaknesses in these areas and was on air and i don't think. patients printed materials and subsequent digitization project where we find in analog information that is not yet available will also be providing training and skills across these regions to ensure people have the knowledge and skills to formally manage the information and make it accessible. previously the aquatic genetic resources registry so ask for cars on the very going to contribute to this were registry using subjects sugar geographic and taxonomic tend to identify which act aquaculture species have been used in which areas and the research being done and on them.
and another way that we're implementing the strategy is enjoying the pandas able to perform and take responsibility to control and ownership of work so previously everything was done by the s.s. secretariat in rome it was quite a closed decision making process and so we've implemented five working group. and to enable collaborative ownership of us to technologies products and policies so each of these groups has its own terms of reference that be working independently to ensure asked for meets its goals of an open information system where implementing and asbestosis came from next year so this increases participated this will enable free and access to the day. database in return for potential collaboration between asked for and the us who associate such as them contributing records to at the database of providing skills and expertise in other areas and that we focus on developing countries i'm enjoying have kind of access both to the database and to the knowledge and sharing activity. these and training materials asked for provides improved reporting to measure progress so we're not going to rest on our laurels and a reputation as a great future structure are going to come up with the data to measure this and ensure the strategy is effective and and welcome culminate and asked his fifty year anniversary it is in twenty twenty one. the this we hope to hold another conference from the one we had in september to update on the success of implementation of this strategy and how it helped increase the accessibility of was excited says fisher is an agriculture great literature from around the world.
ok. that must be done that in twenty minutes. have rushed through everything we've done the last two years a it to us move faster from a closed access to something more and this is a working for the rest will still in this transition period so bad we are already the ideas i've had from people really useful to ask her if anybody has any questions or any. general feedback on what we're trying to achieve the usefulness of their other ideas really happy to have that. the.