6/6 Perfectoid Spaces and the Weight-Monodromy Conjecture

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: 6/6 Perfectoid Spaces and the Weight-Monodromy Conjecture

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6/6 Perfectoid Spaces and the Weight-Monodromy Conjecture
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We will introduce the notion of perfectoid spaces. The theory can be seen as a kind of rigid geometry of infinite type, and the most important feature is that the theories over (deeply ramified extensions of) Q p and over F p((t)) are equivalent, generalizing to the relative situation a theorem of Fontaine-Wintenberger, and also implying a strong form of Faltings's almost purity theorem. This method of changing the characteristic is then applied to deduce many cases of the weight-monodromy conjecture.
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when ould so this is no cure for which a serious and i want to. if so a patient's of the results are. solar the first summarize what if roof so far school. and again let's fix a perfect if you have k. as always. the. and so we had introduced instilled. and so with recall again that an example would be something like. take a peek field and a joint all powers of the uniform wiser all straight people roots of supervisors in its tool to in this case is just from a similar seeing in useful characteristic. and then wait to introduce this notion of of perfect a tale draws and get this year and that the categories of perfect lucky algebra us. was equivalent to the could you have perfect to keep that older growth. which was called to tooting equivalents. which sends any effect a tale draw our was one ten function to offset which is the resume it over some of the piece palm up of our and. reza so is in for multiplicative that transmits almost to get to but added to find someone has to do a little bit to define the addition year than those in particular that there is a met from off that to also about projection to last quarter's which again is what the picketers but that its have to be no to play offense to have sharp. and. some of the deepest year in the different so far was that. the if also protected killed her. and as a were also finally tall. then as is also perfect toilet. and this and uses them so we can apply the to think to trust and this and use that equivalence. between the point of the tall. are a draw sense of fun of it all off that old was sending any us to. as fluid and and infect the of this implies a little bit more so we know and almost four was not afford things almost peer to peer month the side and so we did you stood on the other side you. some particular see them as to the equivalent some of the fighting talk or us behave in a nice way what we want to generalize to someone who knows more for the most holy toss science and so what you did last time was that the. and introduce a degree of perfect road space is that we have to cut your perfect it's but it's ok. so locally is itself a form. the attic spectrum associated to some perfect calle draw and some ring of introduce inside. so where are the perfect don't. and so we had introduced them. a. so we have see also some all tilting extends to spaces. giving equivalent of categories. thanks to explode and. or. but what you did last time. was that would define the notion of the. it's almost isn't for have perfected spaces and which was not so obvious because some of the perfect are doing says. i always would use we cannot just say that some most it tom of business some office in which satisfy seen fit to some listing for to you. but there is some way around says and so what you get from last time to color is that there exists a its whole side. it's a tall. and it. tilting and uses. equivalents of sides.
between the toss side and of expenses he tossed out of its too old and so some o x was just the points would just mean some of that the of sugar a good size some often know we have extended sizeable for them too. spaces and. ok and but some oh we have to relate sees it all to boil for affected spaces know it too tall to a boil for more classical spaces in order to make. and he uses this result and still we have some have to compare them with the tall to employ of classic original to cry cheese and soul. we have also some of the proposition that if. why is locally in the syrian. experienced work a. so this means these of the expenses said who were usually works was so there's some this year in this condition and post on the ring you and.
and it's perfect its base. and few of them off isn't from f makes to why this and uses a. more physical sides. i. it's a taut white. which basically means that we can pull bacon a tall man to walk into an atomic two x. and we basically have proved his last time i. ok so some of these perfect a as he told to perfect it's because some of his expected property that some of their from tory believe in this respect to some objects in its logic continuing and the. have we know we need to following result. the.
and. so let expect to its base. and it's i identify some a ba. food and was losing system.
of this year an attic space is so mysterious local in the syrian close. while the company can call the separated. express this. ok.
i. then we ride. that takes a similar to the inverse limit of the x. i so no the first you have to give some apps.
that. makes mistakes i'm being a. you may have to resume it to the new system. the ride. that if the next summer to the dairy interest limit of six i. and if. first of all onto the logic of space and uses nice and what isn't.
the home office. well as your condition and secondly we need a condition some on the rings and it's enough to impose a rise of the condition which is that fall xsun x..
was images. excite next i. the map.
from the direct limit of the residue fields.
these have to read the field of x. says dense image.
and so i know. and there's a similar definition where the one some oh and. also requires the indus limit to be still endemic to be still opening the syrian and in this case of who approve said the top also effects can be written as the investment of the total poile c s i and some of the same system stays true here so we have a flowing he said. the room. that. i. ecstasy must limit of six i. and. then it's all to a pulse. you see interest limit.
some of the. of the fiber to of course. the. taking the muslim and have two boys are rather technical sing and still makes use of this notion of fiber to post with the invariable it's too much. the. come on i should say this is the top was the.
the busiest was it to post.
the. none of them with of the fire to post. some a fiber dollars in its category i.
but now.
it. i. it. this is a.
i. it's ok and. you need to also a preposition about its this notion of. i'm beings he is a muslim and maybe of. you have such a situation. and you have some exciting some a tall more physical. this year in expenses. i. and then. as i said you can take some fiber product. which again is a perfect or its space and this then is also just the inverse limit. over the j. which are because and i have why times fixed by extreme. so important in the second and. the. he said. and so a corollary also serum for this year. most of all what does it mean that some things have. as an investment also fibre to cause of death. i owe her ex i have taught his issues. he was pulled back. if jay. the extra a tall and if to exit top then you can just computer called moggi. the.
of f. by taking direct limit. was a j. beach or at least i have seen on should cause a day.
of the commodities on the extremists. the. the. the.
another call the office here. and. some uncharacteristic the there are some cases i mean i recall that there's some all you can take any in this year and expats and pasta perfect its base just but take is a complete the perfection of all the rings and some of this doesn't change the service could apologize and as the end of the technology and see the top apology because for been useless. pretty inseparable and to some approach in the serum so assume that it's covered in such an investment and.
we all transition maps. picks i take stay and use islamofascism home offices.
i. thanks i am an offer to stay. and a purely in several links purely inseparable extensions. on computers was a diffuse. as a result the food was says it all of these two poirot cleveland. and tense. some also as it was limited equivalent to almost these.
the. .
i. it may cases i think the. the reference i want to use its this condition which is imposed good. and i checked it. stories his sight this.
the. as a top of story. the issue for the side of the day. can you. and so we want to use all of this now an example so. see what all of this really means concretely and so we wouldn't example of torque right you. the. so. the short recalls definitions a. and it could be some future. and the toy variety. work a is a bit.
almost separated scheme of fun to work a fund and.
it was an action. the. i was the taurus. your next. the and a. dan's open sub said. such that there exist. the. some oil denser taurus all but on this the right you so dense open. you an ex and the point. such that. if you take the tours all but of banks then this is why some of it to you. the. so what. the a story so i should be safe as well as most a uighur acting on x. its it's there but i mean. it's probably better to take the point is a part of the day to him but i don't want to. the. the. five. five. fees for. that. and so nice thing about her priorities on this was an example. you said you can just take something the project space or also you can take a productive predicted spaces and many more things and. as a nice thing about some is that they can be justified completely come here torre you'll year and most the things about some translate into community works. and so. pauses classification the tories righties for this led the and be a free of being group of. being group of fun and drink. the. the. i strongly comics. pull your poll. in end is a. the subset of some form or its and in terms of our but and.
is a subset of four. cigna which is some of the colon generated by find a number of elements.
where's the x i all elements in this lettuce and and to such that signal content online. moments ward. and second part is a. a friend. an intense or are there. the collection and. i have such colts the. so collection big signal such colts.
sigma such said it's they were on the faces the stable. under faces. and if. signal our intel are in a signal was then also the intersection is. and as a face of fortune. and so for example you can take in the square to and you can take a picture. thing can. take the coen said oh come on come from the subdivision so you have three two dimensional colts we want to imagine a cause and one zero to mention come. and we can associate.
to think my a. tory variety.
signal and schools as close a review it. if. in it. so yes this is a. and i guess i wanted to come today in one make some of them ingenue cone to make it would have can only cool.
so some are not contained in a country. putting its own. if the engine. the. and. i. the weekend. so here to signatory great excitement this goes as follows so. our what i want to infect. i. c n n. well let's see what happened so. first for huge stigma. and for each don't we have. i. the stool which lives in intense are. remnants of you will have and. and when he said. you signal to be the spectrum. so i guess you're so just one sigma one engine of. spectrum of. the. the saying so that some. a few more fun to type. these. these days. these. for. and then came the. the. also face of singer. one gets and you stop emerging. the from you sigma in the form utah into a signature somewhat to get stung to realty we really have to do is to it as asian procedure and the. the. some of this allows us to blue everything together and get. this right the excitement. and note said. if you take. the. the cold which is just the and zero. then it's the cygnet you will be everything intense this is really just a spectrum. of k. of em. so the suffering of being groups as we just say it toro rosso assist the tours. so this call this team and notes that the two naturally x. on. the next six months. and there's a natural base point insights years from one in t. gives a point. this year and then this we become some of the open dense always said he wanted to have. and then this year ms said. and he tore it right she. the form. signal and if we fix. the space point xsun x.. and then stigma is a unique. i'm. and. you need for ten. in. the coaker because of she turns around the. the. ok so this. ford has probably was a well known should say wants more saying some of that. i have an element in you and this gives rise to function now on this open subset she intends to rational functional to write to you and the lead kite to say you'll be the original function. the associated which will function and. the unexpected. the. and but you will need some the few statements about the virus.
on toward varieties and the nice thing about them that they as wall justified in a community or your men and so that's the following so efficient or proposition. full and there are some some devices which you can the discrepant come to toil he so. but she i said no easy one dimensional cones. i only want to first associate to reach such one dimensional cone somme veiled adviser on on the story varieties and.
namely the open subset corresponding to top i have to change of paulson's maybe it's a small pick two. the a fine line times g.m. to something. the u.. on humans when the music but intention and the. d.i.. it's exciting to be easy. the closure of the. the euro times you. some of the open substance were zero s. were the first corner this one zero six acres us open then stores orbit and then now we have something of course i mention one adviser. and for us. with us.
i guess for years.
sorry. thing as a need for an extended or if fix. get a new business. that's right and booking so that we defined said. achieve the only way is the boys are. is an element of. direct some the times the eye. and then it's true that any really was a successful into it you really wasn't.
and. if you fix a generator. office. one moment while system line top i as an.
one yes the following expression for the global sections off. and and the use of some of the idea i. as an. h. lot of excitement was ways and off the. is he. direct some over all you an m. such that to scan a product of fewest we i was at least one is ai off. kuyt pay times a special function kind to you. and he said.
that. came. and because some all what we need about for groceries and now we want to define some of the attic space isn't affected spaces worsens of these righties and so let's fix a fan. and assume those of case a person on a comedian feet. then we define an experience. i'm a. which i was. surely x. sigma. add. because it's not in general the edification some of the genetic the if the education of says scheme x. signal which is good out of. you signal which us. he said. this thing and. i saw some all of them.
of stuart broad she was just defined space in this would not be all have to find space but just too close to the fore. the. some. it takes thing as a n.. than is clearly x.. his.
anyone could be and so it's easy. close to the fore. meaning that if you for example consider its cable your points. then instead of triple six one of two as a set of two point six one up to its nk city of today you have all its eyes that last one. the and bought. if. exiguous proper. which by the way is equivalent to the condition school recommit totally again.
as said a signal covers. and ten there are. then. the is clearly acts as it is really just the space associated to fix it. the. the. he's. the and if moreover case a perfect or field.
and be fine.
felix per.
as being blue dog of. the you cigna. her which is. the space when all we some will join all of the people or roots of see caught in that city have so we allow if you know when it isn't he. the thing. and then we have to fall in comparison results. i. the. five. by the way i have for the second this examples that i gave have sussed specific fan the associated towards right huge would just be. as to imagine a project of space. he said. do ok so it's a point zero. the. the. so we take effect on field. there was to build. they fled. and then we have. so was perfect or version of this toy variety. ok and distils two. the same saying work a flat and. secondly. if that is perfect or version. of the space. his basic is the inverse limit of sea.
the usual versions where's this transition map. fires and used by multiplication m p on him. then we get set in fact if one takes. the attic sing overcame fled and it's a someone allowing top a logical space and it's just the interest limit over fires to topple logical spaces socio to two. i sing over case on to send some of the singing characteristics start writing characteristic p can be seen as a pro cover of the same towards writing characteristic zero. in fact this is not only true into political space is but it's also true on the total point. takes the total purse schools he did then. it's the indus limit of the fiber top course. i was into just of. so. the three days and that is a pro career of this is true on to a logical basis and the total point. and you will need to following the. when most statement so for any open. you a downstairs some also over a characteristic and makes characteristic of. i was pretty image. the. on the other side you have a community's diagram of top lawyer. was it you can. rejection epsom oh from. a year too. i. inside u.f.c. open sub to post your tall and then there's the map here because again you can drive the toss the most an interest limit of two point you. a. for. for. for. so in particular so now. but if you take just a p n over. this characteristic field. then in some sense it's equal to. the inverse limit over five of the project of space over k. where this map on calling this is just given by these powers. the and. so this and uses a projection that some apology from the pin of ok fled to piano ok which someone doesn't really exist but somewhat least morally exists and for example it's exist on to watch because basis and intel to pour and some of this is on calling that's given by sending such as. to pull to shop representatives. the. some of its relation between the project to space as it were easy to fields unfortunately there's not completely from toy also. his identification somewhat depends on the choice of coordinates on p. and. slim someone characteristic p there's this canonical way of passing from this right into a perfect road space but in order to prosecute or to a six year from for the from a variety to a perfect art space you have to make some choice. and. i. ok so. this basically for us directly from what we have proofed and. we also need to falling proposition that. the. we can compare the komala jesus have to work towards right is now also assume. k.. this separately when you break the coast. and. then become ology of. the store friday and as unworkable m p. one in k.. the. the only known if that. so if you take. the commodity prices she said what else was young. then this so of years as a projection the pie. of those are some off if you have to become orgy of. back. the. and. for the proof just note that. so because of this equivalent of toys that the one is seen as the middle of the others you only have to see that's a tradition medicine this tower and uses more films. which is also something to eating characteristic zero and you can just someone to explain and. the . i. for the. and the. ok and. for those applications the way but also be conjecture you'll need an approximation them or and this is a following. so. when proposition. it assumes that. stuart broad to its proper. the and. that's why. in mexico. work a beehive the surface. and let us choose a small neighborhood so. in some of the associated which didn't have the right is already experienced. it's more. can a word. but. the. then there's this news. there exists a hyper surface. the in some of the space on the other side. such said. it's contained in the interest image of the small neighborhood of why.