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Indexing (27.4.2011)
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Balke, Wolf-Tilo
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This lecture provides an introduction to the fields of information retrieval and web search. We will discuss how relevant information can be found in very large and mostly unstructured data collections; this is particularly interesting in cases where users cannot provide a clear formulation of their current information need. Web search engines like Google are a typical application of the techniques covered by this course.
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Does my pleasure to every head to welcome everybody to this week's instalments of information retrieval and Web search engines and today's topic is indexing self always scenes of those of some of retrieval models earlier bullion Rodrigo Molly Victis based trieval model and the last time the mass massacre but never last very important practically Applications probabilistic retrievals today we want to go a little bit more into the technical depths off I'm hiding the documents full being available for information Street what I had to do with documents to actually find them on the Web and the and the as a child recap where can
The in the about of is that we do have uteral into that excess which is good and had at number that would needed but anyway and as a child recap found we were already talking about the special kind of index and that was the inverted file index the modifier basic the takes will the words that duo current documents
And assigned list of documents that every word in which the word across the slightly below also read at the end of the book where say OK about the topic either trees or something is a manhandled on pages 51-no page 17 and page 200 84 to to under 85 for something like so you can look up the the term your interested in and your following the Stolcers where you find the information about and that is exactly what was happening and in and and inverted index or inverted file index the document collection But contains some terms and then you will have them by terms and say OK if that is an document 1 and and document to document 1 and document to of list of losses for the term stepped up and want to mankind and that the only thing you need to do is you need to do just that step and MannKind find out it was operating and document 1 and not operating in document to at least the mankind is step is so document 1 is the only salsa the only document that we can find that on SAS that 3 This very easy this very but we will do something that more level livid more detailed today and and
The 1st thing now want to tell you about is indexing actually In documented trieval in library Sciences information signs of old indexing could just be described as a signing Keywords to documents You tell what a document is about and basic me what you would you what you do is you you to choose a new more representation of the document is a document as represented by the terms That opera in the document This is so called the awkward model identikit about where the word of all while the grammar of the sentences is all of whatever that some of possibilities in natural language possessing that are much more all of the details are much more sophisticated in the way and doing this but as as the 1st step it's quite a good approximation a 41 to see if you wanted to have a document about dogs were dogshit occur in the document that it easy and if some of the words opera and it will kind of like the most specific but we do have some problems with this kind of representation because the same kind of thing for me she could be included in different ways so for example if you think about the this is large the 12th off 1991 and active righted like that could rise like that in America would like intermediate would like to write like that because we switched the day in the mountains as opposed to the to the English patient So what was meant by this read different from actresses same information Transport in different ways And the different ways would result different in eccentric 1 of the problems we what about structure information we all know from a female mockup languages that there is some information that shows the document heading in he really is structured as a document heading is that information was keeping the ball in the just in all like Structured information couldn't care less about the and we do have some computer computers the computers all German computer all the same term different that means something different From which perspective obviously of was he wouldn't distinguish between But should we care singles abbreviations than really matters are all not isn't it is not the kind of All the same still different representation of what we want out today is part of a document for to Toulouse for the next and how to construct the next family goal in the last part of lectures is that led the painted the revaluation so so far in no you get a good result all at highly the got the quality assess the quality of the results and will talk about the and that is what happens and document preparation is that you have the document in some proprietor for
Could be a amount could be work document could be Piaf's whether is enough like that it gives you basically the text In some for and this is tax to have to find out what is actually in the textbook of the works he wanted that you want to know about it if you go for a bag of words model so the 1st step is tokenizing should you decide what all the to open 1 of the words would other the firms that you need for your index and that you have to distinguish that you have to find in the tax so I do basically is you begin fancy stuff you just say why to carry around the world and self began no capital letters known on the next step should tracing What words you really need to be need to work What person everything the document and a lack of finding a document without obstacles would be very difficult indeed to they probably don't need this is what I do during the day you go on to standing because what is interesting and the word is the semantic meaning of the word not really where singular all floral all that it is cost tens present and huge attendance and and were for almost of the you really want to get down to the at the basic needs of the book And finally you end up with a document representations having the tokens that you're interested in and probably account of the 2 0 for 0 all the other for the document we have already seen 1 of these 2 because measurements that he would do do which is the idea mesh anybody remember the of ideas Nobody of idea fancy And Bukac and and look well a preppy interesting It will not put up with her Exactly the kind of measures the Discriminative Paul that the term as a suspect to some collection That is exactly what he of idea that and then we can we can also take the point and on to savings
With the and document preparation every step is a complex thing that he have to decide about an hour like that you have to find out what was actually happening so the 1st step that kept a 2nd decoding has to do with the way from the proprietor to the document this kind of easy if you have a Tiamat amount way basically of the of the character encoding direct that it can meet pretty complicated another followed for example the peaty at which is a graphic for the think about document that was scanned would documents you just put them on and and the and the terrified of that 5 how recover the text life
It's not so easy any more so the problem becomes a little bit more difficult to really get the textual representations out of some some some of of some some some documents from 54 the almost and the with many document and you can
Convert into into some plane text of representation And that to is actually doing at the some time on 1 hand and the object derecognition O'Shea ought to a lot of thought these 2 with out there on the page of fine redouble of that allow you to to kind of like recover letters information from the match and that was also Toulouse like the stoppage him out about which kind of like and codes and documents and different for to some of the woman like aged Gammell language and power and what comes out of it we just tried of Piaf of all slide Shia and the Kurds that comes out of it may be a little bit disturbing some in like because I find a lot of things that is how they can read the homework work here this space than of is the their like goal the exercise here 14 a here the is just transport for some reason was based following and giving mobile space you see this is bad coat was spent aged out code costing it with a mental age him also like you would also website still a bad idea out you will have to fill trip to will review it you have to care for what he actually get so most of the offered tools that you have about from the available by helpful to some of the greed of the will need some additional where they will need some from some filled trading after with UK but even if you get Playtex it still can be problematic because the textbook Amyntas basically a 2nd of white and if you have a 2nd like this 1 he him was a text that is meant by the but then the attacks including from because you have many different and coatings that you what they are single signed actually actually mean so for example if you to take exactly the and you the seconds number 100 and a 95 here if you say you give a coding you will find that it was actually corresponds to the German an note that if you use the different including you will find that the sale seconds
Actually it is converted into these side So with the difference that hardline Noble the right encoding What has to be given some oil with the text but the Texas can something from a supposed to know The every document the 1st thing and that has to be what encoding to use that it becomes clear what signed kidney and what the fight 2nd finding
For all this What can happen very often is that some of the chaotic and voting is unknown or that just wrong you specified but he just got the something from some of the document and that the document was in some other and calling the heavens very often was pitched the sees the state's and Germany but I just something from Frankfurt demand cider and then you lost the and clothing and you lost a Ph the great at some point and that can happen obviously and the point is that the deal had you detect the right including other ways to free now what including it actually and but them off their just during sticks But they can help you to some degree so for example if you use a codes scheme methods looking for illegal by I by 2nd that show you assigned like that is not specified and some encoding baffled by the end time document and not be in this and building you don't change encodings in 1 single document you keep your update so looking for illegal by league abide sequence's that this 1 possibility 2nd possibility is based on the distribution of cactus and document you find that many Languages all actually with talked about that in the last lecture when we did the Detroit and that the Heat's law and you find that many Languages do show a certain patterns of characters of during the for example English load the of most prominent let that it will be mostly used as I So if restrict but still of added guessed that the number of adult across most or in your own of impending given that the document is in which the English language should be They can execute only buildings were the most of my during the Second number Is not the By the possibilities of a single full not only for for single characters but fought to collect a 2nd was so you get a decent contact us to find out if that is a combination that is during off from all the hype the and So for example if you have an H followed by an X and the Booker 3 of them in the text Not very culpable that this is the right ankle and if you have a huge followed by you That is quite often happens quite what a lot of talk and all that followed by an eight that have quite a lot as a prominent member of a prominent encoding that exactly as these 2 grammes of Jason characters and the most off not during characters do cost want to some of the most of sex when SAS of letters in some language that all the right of the UK and Nobody sees how we can do that if you want to know more about the as actually pay I'm A product page about the because there won't be a problem so for Leporello's to they have to some displayed by paid and if they have no idea what the and holding off the web page It will come down to gibberish so many of you will would have served on on on Chinese Asian web sites with w different encodings for of letters and at who has ever experienced that was to lead the rich that in terms of the Chinese land letters which icon read all the time but a kind of like it in terms of the deal were signs that the make sense and the and voting of the of the so old rather like like most of the for example are very interesting and interested in and automatically finding the including soulful for documents and we can use that information retrieval we can use it to build up and so if you want to know more about the universal courtesy Texan and you will find a lot of information about a lot of techniques how we can fill out of the blue right including from from
But it was just a bomb give you expression so the next step that happens is so called the linearization because of the tax is somehow set in a document here layout a memory several columns of text the may be taxed field with some the images you know likened the may be different ratings on on the Web page enough so what we have to do is He of dispute up the text Brooks That makes sensible time World sensible of compiled of text to say and the and the same happened at 4 4 big documents that sometimes you have European the are just like 3 or 4 pages enough which is probably not much more sensible because it's a collection of documents or it's kind of like well may be a very long mobile something but still it and it needs some work to figure out what the what happened the and a used to break it somehow part example on the books but would be a better example books collect and the individual made but that just approach In the sector and is what you make the books file consists of a few look at you may books violent attacks and it you will see that different hedges and and the and the act text of the messages that comes next head of the next methods and so on but I find it after breaking down and and and this is called died linearization a you get the different text Brooks out of the document and index every textbook individual again you can do that by by tourist takes which are kind of the Miller and there are some things that are graphical in notion so called boilerplate detection so you try to find a way text area is what maids area and you try to find some out what it looks like so if you if you if you looking at document I'm just a single plants will tell you this is a two column talking up at because the regular that there is a wide space in the middle that would not be there and if it was just 1 big text of and so again you can do that next that it is tokenisation that took and that is what you really interested as it is kind of like the part of the text that you need for full building new index BA's and you don't do that in the next from every tokens but you have to investigate every token separately to find out whether its worst transforming and it too into an index turmoil not what the basic the duties you remove all the political so you see here this is a big a but it's only a big a because the beginning of the sentence that doesn't care any inflammation
About from where the as it is located so that these can like the 1st thing goes for calm Ouyahia it doesn't care any information semantic terms it makes it easier pulses sentence for you as humans And it should be there for some specific although graphic rules that since it doesn't cover any information just headed out your as a player of some basic nominalised a snowfall of the word I'm for example you to you would just skated and save just seconds of letters white to and these are the and the tokens that you need to investigate in the next step is up possible indexed but the tokenisation can be a very difficult man so for example if we took a nice simple sends miss the nearest thing said the was storey about is capital bond amusing what either
Tokens in their missed is now abbreviations Achieves stop missed its missed O'Neill 1 took judoka is the semantic entity what uses a person and he's quite Missoni it had just go through that and and the and the and stable information would be OK but that is just a bit of punctuation idle 1 but the same goes for the Apple straw that would get Room which will make much sentences of the same as mystery that would hit the big time and the what makes sense any more detailed and the media The the senior some new young where the The within the and because of that and of the need to below the information that we know is definitely not the same as somebody who was the only missed because that is the bemused is last name for while we of Scottish or Irish origin of the air should keep these inflammation Akon's actually Echavarri regard for example from you package I wanted to to tell Should be identified while should if I'm looking for the a full term you packet should also look for documents that does contained happened can't Follia 1 to interested in the state of the art And like 1 concept either remove the interpretation of the hyphenation It's a forest of make sense and more database sent Francisco York University was New York University So what are losing is the you draw up a University of football in England has is becoming has found a new university that as is the new we ought University seem as the usual University and the University of different conference continent the if difficult this so easy and getting all these who was in the text Can we can affect become difficult
The same goes for the different representations talked about dates for example are sold by the state or the same for all this somehow before giving the 1st to could be from German side of from being decided they could and codes something 30 different the 15th of the role that the 1st of the 15 mum Ojai there is no 15th months so conceded that it was the same me that happens if the full of November than good and the grid also be 11 of April depending on the language and it's not so he and and you with a positive to think about if to think about what your collections really come to single softsoap numbers for the city All not want you to have an international did seems to be a German numbers This seems to be a local variant of the same German number this very funky could be on the Web and the camp Stops suspects not that he actually than those for other languages and suffered number of these wonderful Caddick this year
Just mean monkeys but if you take them a part That means and and still so depending on the text A could have different meaning and only becomes clear from the context they used and what it actually is and in Germany the euro and Big words you really left these words are not dumbshit after the attack begins for you just Edwards to together to make up the sentence leading fuzzy is a chef and that the cost obviously its data the which is the job title Leading Suzzy kilns is a safety is a life insurance company and put it together into 1 word how do you might it the probably in the way that I've done it now Knowing that the break here and that some of the point automatically so easy to get there and what it would I need to do to to do this tokenisation never last is and Jonathan nominalisation gift the finding some some a somewhat is a far more powerful a very Austin abbreviations to occur that you know mistresses same as M all but
All that you know that you as a and use it is just the same It's meant to be the same and you should met them to the same token the bomb They said the only thing you can do is kind of like you you can be fined transformation ruled that I'd Aristegui in nature but that will give you a good tokens afterward so I'm for example If you have any accidents on the on the words they use you don't carry too much information they can be amid the easiest to correct as following directly behind each other you can remove the period and put them together and that is something totally different from the kind to adopt a space and some other characters which is kind of like the end of the 2nd and you should not put the essay together again the keep the whites basis because the kind of and interesting time Kissling basically means that you reduced or lattice to to locate words from hot as still need showed us that can be that can be difficult can and come to come to confusion sometimes found singles full names on named entities so that and it opened the windows at probably means the windows over here If you are in front of a computer and that the 2 along the windows probably do you as a capital letters which is an named for the operating system of a computer game Over that would have set the windows but the with the Windows but never last year not like it but you could do and keeping the sings this is kind of like interesting I'm still It's a question how you have to represent the people really good to rule through the difficulties of whom typing it incorrectly into the Google face over just do everything lower case and and care its windows a window it becomes clear because want to buy a windows and that probably does not mean that any somebody who deals was last but I'd 1 of all want to do not fixing in window that becomes an needed he the that I'm not interesting and scraping of blocks from a window something that could be but said that he now has the following the far up for so this also the distribution of fall far folded meaning stood to to works in the series and also have to be accounted for next said the filtration so that what you do is you remove a lot of words that cost the words that are basically up just operating and every document and it just so not interested in that
And you just than go around also and you just stick with the world of really care recently and about this kind of like a very interesting things if you remove stop words of you're yoyo vocabulary will get much smaller and you keep most of the of acute most of the of the semantics of documents was talking to to some some newspaper company that were building and or cars and will have to be slow and looked at it and so well of the didn't remove stop words in out like of course it's not because you indexes having tenfold what it should be and there was a while but when does order gone Shakespeare it to be or not to be almost as well as the right way to make use the phrase could help you again took that is facing a right to be allowed to be is also stop words that it means something so maybe keep the phrase skip the individuals before a can of a classical are systems that is actually a bout of the number 2 died stop us to keep the next time to keep the next malt that especially in the towns of phrases like the king of Finland it makes sense for the city the king of Finland all of that but we know of the of the new K something of England and I'm means some entities it has a fixed meaning that just say you pay and Queen could be everything it could be that part of the name to the Queen now whose dresses in the face that it might be a shoppe in the case said including size mattresses could be anything and and these would help new really I'm suited to discern the me so I'm for for example Google is not really remove the Stepford words sometimes these out but it but it just takes
The phrase is as well the eyes the world of for if you quote something and it is treated as a phrase and nothing is left out if you just use it in a number of text it's very of cat and then you see for example the new King of Finland in the world you will get directly to the molecule Finland which all the good things about my old Finland skiing somebody was the and found King Fahd so the phrases out in favour of Lib tokenisation index the phrases that you might want people to look for them
How do you find out what the start work is well off the depends on your collection If I'd do have collection on computer science and work on the computer is probably stop were because of person every single thing or user-level 1 of the few have a general interest collection computer is definitely not stop for what I do you basically look at what happened a new collection you the different tokens that you have by there are a number of occurrences in the documents following a collection and it looked like what The high will occur looked like if you just look at the terms for a new collections by the number of appearances Start with the most freakin tournament and make your way to the lack of cricket Yes indeed wiped out and Blue We have a name for the It but Yes what kind of distributing its is distribution the this is if you law we welcome and they 1 last time in the lecture So actually very little of that make for the biggest part of the mass of the distribution and then you have the so-called long-tailed that is just very little mass the burden on very very big number of works so well you what you would do is basically you say OK if that is how these distribution to look like an over just take off for the 1st couple of words of open every document and I would again after model the zest awkward and the index along UK and this is what I basically do well you could use a pre-defined stop wordless that somebody has taking a lot of an intelligence to to to it to be Under basically doesn't do would receive because they have so many computers and and the index is so big anyway but that identify Stanford's dialogue thousand less than the 3 at the last so I'm in in today's but search engines to kind of life Includes a stop work order you take smashed up work is about 300 to under 3 other birds but that I would cut out and and that would be so I don't investigate 40 but if you have a specialized collections for supplemented libraries and doing it like this is actually a very good way of doing up the
That's next them that next step is standing standing basically comes into flavours the 1st being lemmatisation which means you reduced every word but across to the ground for the for example in work you do have a loft and that is a good be positive could be up principle could be future because of the wood and the body of 1 field off the words that is the ground for the basic for any site for 1 Andrew you read use every time this tokens walkers and any shape of this for the last Cordoba's lemmatisation so different selected firms were to the basic for if you whelping and it ghost to walk if you have better it's a competitive full of good so close to good and you just replaced and you can see this is kind of like the difficult to do because we can do it knowing all the grammar and knowing on the chances and knowing all the cases and 1 of the for a computer this kind of and very difficult and very complex world And easier version of the so called stemming from standing means that you don't really looking to will this is possible principle present Loblaw bloody in all agonise determined the world Fomin that might go to the basic follow But what you do is you just use some heuristics sums up the mood of the room and asked at the the end of a road but probably a through the world kick obviously as the and the laws of the land The slope is England at the end of the road a load of kicking out because of the workforce and the ghost walk are well which are Engineering Nairobi to in Geneva Of Problematic for maybe the and in the engineering is something different On the other hand me I was doing Engineering and India itself as saying anyway and this is the biggest exist ending their last where they don't use the word but The and that you Inca is not the sort of back APEC and so for example if you have better it doesn't go too good because it will be a chance for me and that is very clever but says there because of use the off in the island Actually there is a lot of time of of stemming going on and a lot of the that she working out to could do good step and lemmatisation would be would be the right thing to do it would be what you really want
But now gram of almost and the and the distinguishing between the needs of a lot of information From the sentence structure that you will have to do next language was the same but the expensive step and pro was while the hassle of a means lemmatisation as computationally expensive which if you have to of index the web It's kind of like a question whether you can afford and actually if you look at what he gained by prop lemmatisation although heuristics demos and the retrieval quality you will find that their very modest at least 4 but it works quite well you may be used 5 1st which for gaining while the computational power is the only other father Languages actually it may be more difficult for for some good germanlanguage which can be quite complex off finish I'm told don't know what actually consists of 1 of the very strange language groups that not really connected to anything except for Hungarian part of Turkish which is kind of like we because it's not even that Jason country's something of a shock shed some trade of language you can get bigger against for finish for example repoint say that can be up to 30 per cent of the EU's by using Estemirova problematise sold than you probably have to go for the title of trouble of doing it but also the rest of the sector we will just used it easy and for English and that of the most common stammer that you probably are bound to use if you index some collection of some point pulled stemming and letter was linguist and around 19 80 he designed the stem that took the pop ticular tease of English language as it into account and and and and that you look at the suffixes
And looked of high different claims of works and and now owns a non face on a tidy made words of the make up of a different different tens of and what it actually there is a it if it takes the suffixes and and kind of like from by the end of the words were said would until really only the root of the word Is kept It basic the has 5 steps and just goes 1 by 1 and the and the steps changed the words of each tokens suffixes and show you what happened for example that if you have a suffix S as the S huge escaped the this is something like a pool of whom of a word that and that was a double act
So Cabezas for example goes to care and the way that we can say singles for proof all words that and known why all I'd so that Ponys goes to Tony But also qualities goes to quality was an idea that the move was a wide at the end of the mistake but it's standing stop limit should Citigroup has been no word Goes to nothing just left off because he was the of fuel for the cat Load of the with dogs and so I'm going to work for me to stay but the said Engineering and may not with writing a lot of non faces actually ending in England would have long since you already cut out the lot at the end anyway wide and you just get the moral and make them to eyes happy the goes to the and so on and so on so you will find that the kind of like a lot of these rules that usually work on English but not all allways care
I'm so if you have a couple of words of some of the genes stays gender sold the end of the words not taken away stateless gender but how ever if you go to genders And out all supposed to jet and of cost that happens to a lot of words for example in general generally the generals and the generations that will go to the same That anything to do with each other so that if you stop the sentence in general there no general in both in terms of the military for the general stadia no is not a guide and I'm the generals he it is obviously a couple of guys After stemming UConn distinguish between them and the hot discriminated find about it would need problematization UK Every happy Better
If you take different standards Find some simple text you will find that they will do different things of some of the letters Demattia led Lisztomania the pace them a all demos for English language and they have the difficulties for example here they decide for something different all the review of all the stemming keeps the review of love and simmer makes a reuse but they system makes the rest of the so it is kind of like different how they do it and how successful they are I'd say that was Estemirova's is kind of the standard September for for English language so I'm it by don't have a reason to use something else that works that are not Iowa State the August and but try try different demos see the retrieval quality for some test races and then decide which was the for some collections just might work Beddell worse said I'm sending is not the only part but it you could also do some some some of the things that are the most language specific so for example in Germany you very often have will not and you know little from crosswords will not sunup allow so you will transcribed them for example the F goes to the Kent and stuff like that also that can be done during stem all like
You basically the shoppe in Germany to double as something of a can transliterate them remove them you will you will introduce some some some from suffered somebody just remove them when the strength of the shoppe But different what they mean something different 1 means basically that the I'm road going on and you I don't have any any crossing and the otherwise means that something is limited to something to be different After taking out of Problematic saying loss in the numbers If you have The autumn the and the call You could O'Driscoll into a pocket I'd don't need or a different in the next and the basic the need the 1 that gives me the concept of a call and whenever the becomes not just remove it reduced to prop and you just a single index jumped where you where 5 4 6 7 and singles for full quality of the results enough time if I'm getting back A page about cause believe after and wanted more but this is a good result If I'm taking a because the work opened about the actually of her on the page but the just talks about how this is a mistake But still need to be bigger would doing that because names out of context depend And just working with the work not of something to build on this and and MS Word give you a very interesting results to say elite
This find the you arrive at some representation usually bag of were representation for for the more of a up a white took a occurred to times after stemming the would just take it as an index and that something the 2 time This was a way preparation for just taking a document from the web or from some sort of from some of the order the and working with a through it until you are ready to build and and index allow of work and a lot of intelligence goes into that the and now comes the next that actually building the index before we do not want to time but with the break after the after the details and the before we do that our want to talk about what can example of how to work with a different different kinds of documents especially and was different domain sold the domain as early as the game for of Hollywood free processes documents so I'm for example if you look at the area of chemical documents you find that its part to Kylie trouble some because much of the information that is transport about chemical substances about what 8 a chemical paper or chemical publication is about is actually given the figures so they general something that everybody knows what it is for every game as we meet in the eye while this 1 of the and I've not and the computer and the idea that it is either because he can see and pursue and and and might be transcribed to bomb
Lovers helpful the and the structure of information but then he will have text that references the CIA's enough of the structure Shonan tabled life all in the blood then may even be much more difficult Surroca chemist by some this wonderful idea that they don't use the symbol the event that just say London But just state BUSM ex-cia And then there are the table The ex made means and all 0 age Street 0 age will have enough so the ex may come in different instantiations and and sincerest news than new different now melting Different melting points or whatever it may be enough which basically means that there is you put this When the excess they will have melting point of 93 selfish Top reconsign and the information is just a possible you can do it obviously chemist and had various such a loud automatically chemical July libraries the big prop up so you really have to do is use usually have a of beauty Piazza documents so you stop extracting the text like we did just a moment ago you try to recognise chemical entities and chemical reactions is in the text and tables and figures and you derive from of structural data from the named and if you really good You look at the dreamt structures and see what it is Can be done to some degree thousand tools for that their rudimentary
I'm talking about Piet is 1 of the good cases and its birth standard for exchanging due to document and stunned by the news was stand augmentation couple times documents are basically a collection of objects whether these objects of the characters of figures all whatever and opposition absolutely with respect to the pitch for this from the list basically API works and and In the eye and what you very often have is so popular It's just a document that scam And transfer you by some to woo Actrapid distiller or whatever it may be into Piet basically here every Pixar's is absolutely the dressed under on the picture makes a Piaf looted messy and the absolute quoted and don't help popular more because they so you pixels not letters not forget about anything that it that I can understand the was basically is about a lot of these things it is this kind of time well then usable Using if giving him the digital exchange almost and has a real some there was published prefered but to notified the smoked a proper year though it may be a pity of 4 Interesting as a computer science with the ball was worked to the everything before merging the before but to group scale but a good thing but the head from the water A lot of stuff that would be interested in that animal was real Sciences like industry is not so easy when they invented something before the 1990 5 this still developed and actually very often quite old documents are extremely valuable Disrespect to 2 days sentences today's my wife and suggestions and beauty exaggerate captain to everything that has been vintage of public use a goal this patent and by some big companies some big operation somebody the sentences 50 you go and talk to the PM you need that full for you next drug for you next medication that you want to serve put into the market You out the interested and those that are free of patents because they needed to pay for using the 1st game so actually asylum because a noted that they were out of application areas really need the information and of older out there and that's look at some of the extraction tools and that already the last Piaf to takes API of to a gym and a converted and and that the problem is that most of them on the big help because they do expect the text objects if and no text objects defined because justice and it doesn't help you that use of the see are whether that you can also put in a bid images it will try to figure out what colour regions are letters and the characters and a rich coloured reasons are not and it will also find out about the layout basically is too column that 1 column some of the images of stuff like the and that some of only paid for example read Iris that kind of some of doing quite quite a good job but it is still a lot of mistakes will actually of the
If you have the perfect document that kind of had a nice to to find out there a single column documented well-structured with big introduction here and big I'm the beheading resolved and discussion and then the text brought easy discernible and distinguishable from from from the back background and the problem still is to Sigmund of what is a textbook will belongs to each other by end What for example due sinks me But her that you were not matter the cause so Uberalles occasions for this over him This is some kind of chemical compiled public that this is not a chemical Paul compiled this just means one-dimensional this is appreciation of care so this occurred to Sigmund was actually in the text of what needs to be done and if you tried to segments more complex documents you will also have a problem or from high their segmented and Heidelberg correct leading all of the things so for example if you are made use of beauty of all see or too long but it will correctly find some off the the blokes in the picture but it will usually were in a way that is OK of this is the beginning a world operates read the next thing is this broccoli and when comes this broke this book about this property and Paul uses a sold the order of the single books is totally confused which of calls will affect the reading of the document usually not so much effect the indexing off the document because use a bag of model anyway talk and so if you don't talk about the images you don't need them but just focus on the text and the and the reading was not too impressed with the way it just extract the the interesting terms
Good problematic document as well as well we have compiled document were where the tax free 1st to some of the pictures and the explanation of the tax is actually done by him in the picture for example time Imeem reading some of the reading some of the names of the Compiled with extra funds for hot to pronounce and very hot to to to see what it actually means that this is just a single compound A pen and what I do I do The compound I spent several like The together or not yesterday complex layoffs the of a complete uncomplex not and you should have a he is 1 of the cases that W before about awake and exchange groups and get different yields for a different kind of groups were just every knows But there is something Smith and and this is actually what could go there and I read it like that but making its making at them all pudding and until the into the index almost impossible Has to be done manually acted as will chemist to the so-called Kameko abstract service the house which is a very big company and them in America That don't have a lot of lectures Chemists by occupation Many of them Ph teams and what they do with all that is really chemical documents and extract manually where the information about the document for next And if you want to have excessive a cast database On the single-user licences about 16 thousand books a year So it's about of work and you pay for the work as easier mean that this kind of like difficult even for us to find out what is going on the
A lot of domain knowledge to actually find out what happened This is why they reemploys specialists and cut it down UK a yet tables with together with the figures of 4 for of reactions You have corresponding entities could fill the blanks at some point of the molecules whom you have a figure with a reference to 1 specialist at to compound to 80 compound to 8 is the 1 over here means this 1 and it referred and the picture of a picture of the basic reaction scheme which shows you up all the structure of someone acute is funded by a kind of like a doing something here and this is what you get here And for a chemist this quite clear what happened said For somebody trying to the next the document that he's not a caring for almost impossible reference to entities mentioned table compound to aid to to eat of the year very long chemical named spending over Defra over several rose that I of to put together again that you get all kinds of fun
And while she comes out if you use them Just see or above is The that to events setbacks and why in Christmas an possibilities blah blah blah is the case But They can see a high interesting walls the This is kind of happening here as we can see the bulk of the eyes kind of mixed with the FSA Close lived ligature but 2 N So we see this also And this kind of like a very well-structured document It just doesn't work that way is actually wanted to show you and the ultimate hot comes when you just have standoff photograph documents usually that quality so you very often have the sound of the old copying machines all the old scanners you know what I'm about where it was in some kind of a book in a way it didn't festival prop early on to the loose cannon and that many of these black rhythms and stuff like that the quality is a can really be the be M terrible and you really have to rely on O'Shea also where and and usually you get a lot of that you have to go to work on manually and that the problem is really even if policy also which claims to have some like correctness all 95 per cent of something which very good quality actually that means that every 20 word
Is wrong In a text every 20 Ispwich is not that actually that's or 89 85 per cent correct Parallel imagined that with the amount to impress And working with the results can be really difficult as yet so not that's Megablade the industry so like half cost 5 cost half to reconvene
The it up
So here we go again for the rest of lecture want to talk a little bit about the index construction and about the tree evaluation of all the quality of the new issue of the measures the scanned the things
So we now have propelled the documents so that we extractable tokens but we stem did or lemmatised if we now realise that I had read about everything that doesn't really shows what what is the semantics of documents or remove stop words and the I'm and and and the building up the inverted index now looks looks quite simple enough what I do is basically you use document idea you and then you around the preparation closes on every document And compilers stock of index to define the term that a prison document eye you will just put the idea to the inverted list of the document are so the of the document at the Treasury might be to create a list of the term idea document idea The frequency of the of idea for you name and what the and then use list basically of fighter ready so that for every termite the the same all the documents and 2nd early by document what would you do that Followed his followed by document idea for every time But I put that it had could it Exactly so you just have to go scans through the list and you know exactly what document is called still come all what you or I should have seen or if this is what I do so basically This is a Man fixture and position about how and where was very big match so what happens is 6 documents the old might keep a keeps the keep in touch in the town in the Olympic accounts in the old account the house in the town had pickled he'd love of life
These are the document idées An hour you kind of life goes through to take out of the for example of the game Stop works Then you look at the different terms that you might want to keep and then you basically the for Kevin array of and this term 10 next bigdug on housekeep like by both the House a pet For every next term not
But Look book popular rich We would put book your money Book he will this the 1st time but was faith in document 1
Noel than the 0 he UK and is the 2nd term being Bookham and 1 well to time
That this is how you would do it and you get the following term and document idea triplets so for example document try of the 1st term the is contained in the 1st document 3 times But that is what you get and why do I do it as such as some of the match Exactly so the is amazingly spouse and starring that Is a large over Starring only the information but you know much so this is what we do crew Novecento's by her my
The of the 1st term because and document 2 and 3 respectively 2 times and want to talk and and then by the document Reason for that if I've to to have by the document What to do when a flight put it period From 1 end From 5 The and Dismissed here and there This this year Going through the list With Tommy so document wonder if not in the best of Bekonscot this 1 Yet by get to documents free like and the UK and this is how it works for with the university next them gives us a different terms for faulted
The different document and the term frequency Boca Behind this is the actually inverted index and we called the part of Williams the posting list of some because it shows us in order to cash in what of human determined
Now and building the actual inverted index is difficult if you can do it in May memory if can really keep this metrics all the triples there and and and the and the and just right and all the way up to the hype drive that took a the 5th sweat and and you don't know which part of which he now like and it is something still happening you now Then it's much more difficult than when talking about information retrieve usually is not yoyo kind of like 50 chemical documents or something but it's the way It's millions and billions of documents no way this fits into main memory not even Google has machines and whose main memory the Google index for the 1st full this And the discrepancy tation has changed Once we find out that we found the document containing terms that we have not seen It should things around on all my life very expensive time consuming thing so what can you do on the other hand have the slow pace version you use an external this setting algorithm But works directly on the company to comply compressed this despite the Chiefs around will blokes popular like the individual thing this would go he has so that make some space for that and kind of like re Freckmann the disc every 5 minutes at the and and and can be done about the you can have emerged birthday based in versions you stole 1 part used all the other part of the new Birgit from discs and stole the merged part on a different day and that that can be done so you you flush things to do as time and again also not the best solution in terms of before man's would be nice to do it all in main memory but you have some serious constraints sisters were where the body a do with the most basic emerge based in Britain but it is you have to documents you read a document and you find out what worked contain
Then you have the Terms But all the head of being voted the next was the difference posting its If you were to Rio documents In the order of document numbers And you find out how big your QEMU various before they can find it to every new terms following termite diesel this is basically Itaewon the term but you happen to Walker in the 1st document on the 1st position as his number 2 this is the the 1 that I found 2nd document that it is and if you have a new 1 with Take the next number and plus whom and introduces as a new terms If you were to the document the in document ideal The new camp where waves dependent at the end of the posting It's a new terms film up a new post in the closest of offers another occurred in a document with smaller Some Pentyla index will become too law So why we Basically for Sequential reading on this it would be good to have And and tie up posting less In 1 block But that does not work because the policy was to stop it finished So basically doing you lasted 2 days With the head of the list was much as you do your job For this column And can be read Preston may memory And as soon as it as a sizeable amount of small fashion began to this And then at some point merciless With the same termite Before October Look and then you basically the to part of the next defined the next correct and can be read to catch British Care
Prune from this most based in version of several wanted you can basically use it for collections of all sizes because you build the final index off in stepwise now and doesn't really matter I'm comedy part teachings you have on the basis of new flushed things that you only have the politicians of the different things and you just have to go through it at the end find out where all the different Brooks that out rather than the suspected terms And then you copy of them right to sequentially of each other if you worked for you document in the right order There so that blokes on disc will be in the right order but you just have to spend money on Breezy Oink This space only needs can be restricted to a small fraction of the time the next that's not problem And you can even use some the compression methods that reduced as summer murder of a pet So was that compression I'm we would go into the later the powerlessly the representation
After Unixes for the fuck Start for that The problem was really bomb The burning of the next the and that if he if you see the way it companies the state like Google they don't just have be single index But Get load of trees at the same time So what did they do they do they replicate the next very happy to have and go again do that because they have several centres For storage of starring the dad This very interesting for Google this totally not interesting for every library of every company that around here the just kind of pulled to build a StoreCentre for having the replicating the indexes that they have to rely on some top of the with the requirements that you need to spread all year in nation to make it actually useful for you for a company will be doing is basically to your estate Key but as well as possible and when using it read as little dad as possible from this So it shouldn't growth to be in the 1st place But when using it is just more of the crime and a computational power means of we do strong the machines every 5 minutes we do we have lost a main memory these days that sort of the real problem as minimising the excesses because I'm in the rotation or the speed of some this is limited And this is really what cost time reading of law for up to what could be done this is that compression like put it down to what what he actions by so far exactly what he could do his you make of the real simple implementation of the would do it is by will use
32 bidding to adjust for the document dandify and all use 16 but integer for the The can computer obviously of Hominy document like contained because it has to to fit in a 32 but integer And document frequencies are usually not that much of the how often can some term Walker and some documents filed thousand of 2 thousand this will be the largest number of have to do to and coach so that can be a bit more from the game and what they do for a specific row over the next and is at the posting this with the 32 but integer and it was here And The term frequency 16 that integer The next 1 will cost you Because he's a kept the but see solid works Good idea that idea It Exactly Termoelectrica fixed space Something the document was the number 1 seed 32 bid integer and code 1 The document was number of 400 Sowell's and want to sell as 700 97 also Users 32 but This number is much are and coach which much much more than the number 1 Foca What do we do
While we could use some nearest 6 again the might be documents and the collection of the dog Ruberti frequency in the index so that contained a lot of different books but must document idées erratic so they operate For all their kind of like a very focused on some topic so they will cover the the specific index terms but not much more A Kent Load if that is the case How does the distribution of documents above length all in terms of what For Campbell Orestes ice They cover look alike The documents number of Hillary size And yet the book bodies And although the document fine because there are signs that it looks like But Exactly again the finest abused you'll find that the of different document collection and began their leader document Covering The brought For cabaret Most of the document covering a very focused Part of the collection of this is again long take what do you do about the idea this If you and code Those very off operating documents with very small will number The compressed the index If you And so that was large may be using the 30 to It doesn't matter because the dog walkers so off in the index Some interesting idea so don't use 6 with into just But Hughes valuable length codes With a valuable length you codes After a large number of documents because you just if 1 where it is added to the collection so what that some of the Prune and if you look at some of the documents a size of the wood cabaret relative to the book Cabler you know where to where to and code and just follow them by by vocabulary size and code the ones of during off with small integer want not of has become That's kind of the idea
How do you do these variable length of 1 of the simplest some codes so called unary so you represent any integer There was Ex minus 1 bit followed by 0 A so I do basically is if you want to and code the number 12 use 11 Terminate 0 And like and then go on with the next number and pasta stringhalt its the because every time I 0 comes to find out this numbers complete Kent This possibility due to do it and you can also do a bit more clever some of the area but the so called gamma codes You stole all the integer as a fraction Off its Part to Part last Some breast So you end called the biggest called too that this was in the number of Then says 0-pc And code the rest density 0 again after 2 0 the and including is complete its much more space decisions and the you occur because the mean you can easily see was Eureko's if you have to I'm at cover the number of a 100 thousand you would go through the 1990 thousand 500 1990 bits until you get this year with the gamut of its kind of and Easier for for example if you want code the of what you do is you take the part of the biggest power of to that of within 12 0 2 to the power of free makes 8 The rest well A before swell of and what after do well after and code the state which is the Sri over his idea that who Marie The rope Then after and go to the full The moment number and again and How Renault hominy Numbers because they now contains wanted 0 6 0 2 and 0 this It is not the finishing 0 the number The political will to it It with a little more likely P New yes yes but why and the and the 1st 0 means that the next number will come here and to find out which 0 which But it obviously Japan's On what you do here Because if you have to to Pulfrey which is 8 the rest Is between 0 and 7 It can never be more than 8 Otherwise he would have another Paul to you so you can predict The maximum number of its to represent the the rest The number of states that you needed to represent the pulse to minus 1 5 3 year anti to to represent the rest of it Because if the rest with needed 3 to be represented by could also add another of 2 Right The
So this basically what I do so if you go like where you thousand in the demo encoding this kind of like to to call 1 2 3 4 6 and 8 NI with the rest 1 2 3 4 8 Her It numbers to In code of rest Book Of the dozen unary told would be of Britain going so unary but can only be used for small integer than it might be efficient of what you can do with a chemical by someone so and the efficiency of its code depends of course on the distribution of the input number of the metal some input numbers you have trading coach
The more efficient because it is the thing about the term frequency Head in Wiltshire terms only over a couple of times 1 2 3 2 at high with over a thousand times The might be document where some of the death of her sometimes land piece Tolstoy or something like that such a book The might some things but it's the right So for encoding term frequencies the same applied also here fixed variables size of fixed into decides is not a good idea even if a 16 that his use of the Lanthimos terms grow once twice 3 times for of this very efficient to and APEC put on a solid here funerary code for example are the optimized pace efficiency is if you have been put distribution a given by 2 to the power of my minus ex so high of all well use up 1 of the cause of the value of to an 8th of the volume of 3 and so on again Such distribution And actually as we know was that he and distribution very off smokers and practise The at the number of letters in and that the usage of letters and and some language the the choice of words of some language the document length and so on so that the very worst of the 1st half for the chemical to sit and a slightly different but the symbol of the and that a lot of other codes available so we do have a special lecture on Monday ditched libraries and detailed the just wanted to be viewed on a brief introduction to to show you what the possibilities on and other Getty on the track of a prop so we see encoding offers some kind of a assault on the kind of
Index is is a very airport so that they would do with all posing as We just and code this is a long way because 2 1 but this 3 goes to 3 bits of Kent As the 5 points on a chaotic and and code of this simple Fans 1 end up with is 28 was small posting where as in the example before
That still going the and think
OK ended up with
A piece
2 under for the day Compassion compression rate of 98 per cent That's not much of just by reorder in my documents such that the smaller document of documents containing many terms of small numbers document contained little to may have higher numbers Ziliute thing and then using a very of a length care
Good The next thing is really from what you could do is Sokolski for or also know is that this list is over So why should I'd say this is document 6 By could just saying It's the document number be full last Some rest In this case I'd do not free and cold document number but will only opera and code the 1st document number were the term walkers And for every Document where the tone focus to with a higher number of adjusted code the difference to the previous 2 And so I'm not say the document 5 order that the term 5 key workers and document 1 3 4 5 and 6 but say it occurs in document whom In a document that is too would documents part from but it would want to the The person document that is 1 of the human cost of the 3 and Paul surveying the bomb 1st Encoded number By Kim part through the Heading up all the differences and then no and voting for the Is this a prop doing that the That's not because the read list anyway for all the into section to use of all the different furious that have to take the whole disco The charges are that I'm reading the and anyway Nanak and do a little bit of calculation which is much cheaper than including the document numbers There are plenty of a do is you don't stole the document numbers and more but only the gaps in the UK and then you say OK this is 1 2 next 3 3 1 For a long and saw a camp recovered the information from the And the gap side you should much more of them than the actual document But
Idea what we get Doing exactly this list that way before The 1st goes into 1 but but the three year does not go into 3 the same all but it goes into 2 wickets or Kent Saving and that the Fed does not go into Fed but it goes into a single that because just stall of the gap Following coding of 16 but 2 under 40 but Was fixed length and code and 28 but Less Storage just mobilised very blank again niihau almost half The site is the posting this takes a point And if you use a gap for and storage you can even stalled those posting because of a stop loss of documents to grid and in almost every document not because you don't have to reiterate to all the different numbers special of behind but just say OK across the 1st 2nd 3rd drama it all with 1 And then you just work you look you wait for the so that kind of like a very good idea of
Recompress the index on the novel using the index has less so To become the 1st take So what do we do hardly we reduced the number of this process Basically the impelled operation is Intersecting we do we have multiple where there is usually just reading list If that should be the result of somebody us for document about talks we excesses this on this and just read sequential no public on its just nothing nothing we can do about that this is the queries The thing where can start saving on this ancestry if we have to some complex operation with for example into section Haga was speed this up well
Look at this for example we keep and light and imaginative period where we want those terms With that he was document 1 mustachios document 6 We know that 2nd This stop was documents that so this is the 1st document that could over in both Where would have to do you have had had held a press would have to read the whole that's why couldn't Something saying OK last 5 The Don't read the crept in between I had to the 5th sentiment And even though this is 6 it has to come after the 1st act to this not true because of absolutely direct because I'm in the Six could be the 2nd 1 is the other way when there are so we come to it you know like just inundated absolute manner but we have to do it and red which is set to state update the next step or the next couple for of its work of or document idées from 2 of them and if I'd don't want them because they are not in the 2nd But in any of the other this if the multiple in sections and will just keep this was called escapist and so on the way you do basically you don't want to stand for the whole posting list of key until he reached finely the document but you want to skip the the document was more like the and 5 actually there is a way to do that which is just code escapist so
You take though rippling tational for between in the And then you say Well the next entry In the listed hominy bits with a book Book And if you know you don't need this entry became skipper This the basic at the time Of course it would leave some pretty was 10 but that's not very interesting because and his book is much bigger than the 10 but that scale Jumble of thousand documents then you will have to display and then you skipping would actually result in not reading a block from this which would give you a couple of minutes which is the time so if you have the began Mecosta putting this year and that's a seaweed owned we don't have the gaps he could also be done with gaps but for for East we just say OK We introduced some new part in the latest telling us how to be the next politics so if we jumped 10 big from here we would get to the next part of the jump 14 but from yet to get to the next account is basically how we do it Niall you Of course need to see what is in the Big Data jumped again because they are a discount say OK just jumped the next block this nothing you could be interested in Because I'd done no 1 in the puzzle that has to be an code of 50 per game so I'm if you if you really do that and you only have to look at it what you will do is you would save jumped 10 but then look at the next thing
If it is smaller than when I The jump was justified If this large of and when you After go Oh Kent And so you want to several jumps was compel the next number At some point you will find a Christmases back 1 step But still all the disc assesses in between is what you say if you never game APEC every and and understand how it works Questions What can you do so I'm still scripless are kind of like every research into of somewhere to use it put the sky point as long as the size of the blog that he just jump although should be some are connected to the case blokes owed should say few reading 1 or more of this brought in all until the granularity is the problem that the euro state that he say OK but if you have a certain number of this entries every squid route of this number should be escape point which will make it basically may make me a good eristic to to find prop
Aga Get this kind of everybody on the start of the next question is of course what happened the obese tricks that you use Us companies want to be caught in newcomers document contains where the term It would have to be and code is a very small number for the things that work But you or I did use up almost no numbers for you document in the collection dead shifting everything and are low and the inward throughout The huge operation Obviously if you Coppola for every single by so what do you do Fingerless you or I did And codes some documents and their faces document decides to highlight about what to put something you on the Web page or want the need some kind of my page of the new document is not very helpful and Why would you to contains information about box but not any longer following a buffer helpful to develop so you have to you have to do but of maintenance have to do was defeated updated new documents and you can always what you to And you can now buy with rebuild the index from scratch you have to have to work out so out what you want you kind of like do it is to use an In-Memory index that keeps track of all the changes that he sold 1st few search for something in the regular index And then in the smell of severe in next to look with information 40 correct saviour retrieved some document I'm OK document 5 contains all the words that want You go through small index of look up human 5 and see with any changes to document have some intake out and with the the worst of the group is interested in them by the hand of the exceptions But using the small bomb auxiliary index is much less paying and updating the index everything something like each other it's a trade off United bigger the Auxiliary index gets The worst using your index would be that some point you have and at some point you really have to set up a not so Messiaen icon just read the from scratch now work with 0 auxiliary index and and go from there and the and the suit as the on auxiliary index get beyond the circumcised you will do worry indexing a field of the merger into of the APEC
But Throughout the last thing on to do today is popular with what the revaluation and how you do that and actually that's not but not re rocket science but but very easy concept so if you if you look at bullion retrieval
What is true and what is not true is up the either would is contained for it is not come That's easy for us although the quality of the retrieval is easy to see why It's kind of difficult once to come to wake DisplaySearch 3 will ballistic Tree because the tree like stop night or something like that any of the posting For of things you spend through them you do your calculations do into section And you find out what is in the document the you might have a different a difficulties in computing was actually worse what itself for example that it might result in a queue Becta was 2nd position this position said position for the district and then you have the time simulator timid for your foot costing this which may be a scale upright as and the case of the girls on Mesh goes on Celebrity Big popular with some of the DisplaySearch we what I do is basically you take the posting this year to is not to look at 2 of and and you find
The document also also and the new group look for Buffalo signal key to find the document 1 here in the UK and you just can't through and have the final squad for document what you have to read and the wonder make full document to missing in all this up and give you 0 documents read the whom OK and so that the leaves you just add up the frequency that the group but of course you only need to add up all the money 0 components
The so Computing these cost is actually very easy If you something that is a bit more clever than just the term frequency for example the idea Then you have something that True value because of the county in the idea for the final ranking for the finals goal of each document Makes it a little bit tricky doesn't 42 Well if you have the idea It's a same for every individual terms So you don't have to and code it into the Document frequency Into the postings for the single document but you can't wants at the beginning of the posting this for the term says the term not has an idea for an hour a prison 92 ascent of the documents Woodcote a presence 3 per cent of the document but added may be OK This is basically a how we deal with such information I'm Restaurant You could say of postings by the term frequency if you just interested in the ranking what help you while By the dressing list in the right order You will find 1st those documents That are very high and term frequency That up probably very high up on the file ranking Holloway loose and the time is the way to skip lists Thirroul these a sections So is a trade off can do both saying that if you if you do it and if you followed by tea at this might use significant speed of the trip was think that it might slowdown point that with the will slow down the mighty termed the race If you need a lot of some bad idea if you need to offer them a good idea as a see seat there is no good and Raul from this just a few collection has such and such directories sticks and this is a good idea If you collection exhibit sometimes different characteristics Bennett said that he might be the same again so just look at you collection what what you do you can finally have complete retrieval persists you take the book of Kent
You build the inverted index It was the posting this inverted You take the curator MPs Don't be interceptions Of lists and just collect the different term frequencies and was document frequently what you want everyone can't be divided by some factors like the inverse document frequencies what what you need and then you compute Simoneti schools for all the different documents And return the document assaulted by some Co op ed yes The on what you did if you serve it by document by died You can't get part of the list that are not in the period a But then he will not get the 1st are the best of a result that 1 because it might be that document thousand contains a significant amount of some of future of and that's right sold basically and Web search engines you would definitely Salted by the page Frank and the terms goal he would stop with them High speed and them just compared the head of the and the Suez you find document in every list For the creative denial that can not be any documentary British schools in UK the of otherwise would have occurred before the and They can become like to all kinds of ballistic tricksy and just the head of the Depends on the Scotus to pitch with respect to the every every single But you can't do not ability and approximate clear techniques And this sexual code The So this is how you evaluate series and if you are also consider phrase curious you have a have a kind of like the problem of finding things like the king of Finland the of England would have been what I do it is basically you could just take it as the term of your Cavallari have posting this for it and that it that would be a step that you need to cover during tokenisation
The you have to tokenized will be or also King of Finland During took another stage That You could do post processes and so you could be in all the were just bullion retrieval so over documents that opera came and off and Finland In the said Lewis it can do that looks food and the words at your face returned the possible you could also stand were opposition together with not only called into the words of her but in more places to be fighting back Then the post persisted becomes easier because I'd take The this think I'd take that is off take this Finland But I'd just take them and for every document that I'd get But try to find out whether the positions By Jason If several eyed and to look at the documents It's clear that the phrase if not The face is not lack the worse of her independently of each other but that you could use a possible phrase index so you could just make King of Finland book The return do your own costing the The possibilities to work with a think this is kind of like The 1st you the possibility and only a few company avoided the are ones are kind of possible to Google's for the part of face indexes don't stalwart positions they just put it into the light the and way up and There Buddika
Some the street tragedies can of course be kind of like makes so you could create a phase index for frequent phrases over positions for every word phrase time for only the red around Saltwood over you know like so you could and of the mix and match but whatever comes your way it's not too difficult
But and that computer based lectured next the lecture show will be about links and semantic indexing political into facto model very interesting focus on the cement of the document rather than the words that occurred and that the fuel indexing Blackwood today problem and that will be on me in the next week or 2 Questions Dup just a few 100 per yes time at and all the way to A full of bullying the section now are mining if 5 1 list where there is a major gap in don't talk at the moment of just do if 5 1 list so why half term X and term while the and the 1st position is document thousand or current 5 times of something and he could start ones And through And goes on a bit of land and the like and skip quiet sometimes on to solve You you you change between sold the next entry by see you could beat 5 thousand Something like that On the other hand the next thing ICI he could be 10 thousand Of 13 cells Can't for find something like that but that is the big again by switched to the other list and stop to skip and then you the next 1 1 of the big again switch to the other this stock picking up his But Your Questions And happy used a week and have a good weekend for fully with the but more some today attention