Forensic Architecture- Data against Devilry

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Forensic Architecture- Data against Devilry
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Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency that undertakes historical and theoretical examinations of the history and present in articulating notions of public truth.
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the better we
if we the who thank you very
much I'm really happy to be here to speak to you I think much is made of the popular rights insurgency against truth in Russian pollen in Hungary in the US now in Britain where I
lived where everything critical of Brexit is being questions and of course in Israel where I was born and grew up but in this in relation to state ongoing domination of the Palestinians as a form of violence which is routinely denied and minimized this attitude is not only directed against this or that statement against this so that affected this happened did this but not happen but against the very possibility of verification that the is the US sustaining the production I mean the cross referencing effects it is and thus formally consensual a subject such as the evolution of such as climate change such as human rights violations that end historical facts of
genocide past and present become the European Union's at the eyes of the beholder this new kind of
propaganda does not aim to convince does not aim to change a world view of anyone but to blared the conception of reality to make people no longer sure what is true and what is false and how truth can at all be established in that situation so we find ourselves in a very counterintuitive position as somebody that comes from the
kind of left wing politics it was used to fighting against the established truths against normative
frameworks this is strange indeed all of the sudden the people I like myself I know self having to insist on the law on the international law on expertise on verification on responsibility of truth but of course in the field of anti-war activism and where I come from on the
Occupational anti-colonial movement in Palestine the reality of post truth that is state
organization questioning the means of verification that is as old as the story of war itself war C is simultaneously aimed against people and things the actual objects and bodies that destroys but also against the truth off to having it all occurred so figuratively speaking I would say what tend to destroy the very instruments that record its own violation but evidence in fact proliferate through digital means at the same digital means used to spread propaganda also carried the possibility of a countersurveillance encounter the verification and it is possible to dairy to gather verified composed in
Tondo sources into a narrative or a counter-narrative to state up to that of the state
this is why at this time an organization such as ours a strange multidisciplinary group composed of theorists architects filmmakers lawyers scientists journalists and writers could be set that would set up
a forensic agency but in fact what we've set up his account of forensic agency forensics really should
be understood as the art and the act of the state this is what state by the police force so secret service agencies this is how they survey and control people in the area of jurisdiction and what we try to do is to invert the forensic gaze it is not the police something individuals but the individuals using new technology to survey crimes by undertaken by the police and here is at the difference in the inversion of the forensic gaze of show your very I will start with a very but with the case date is a year old that took place in Israel Palestine in the Negev desert
and it is to do with violence by police and that would kind of like open up the subject and demonstrate would counter forensics is how it operates where it can be it can be performed and how we can confront police statement on the 18th of january 2017 the Israeli police raided a Bedouin village in the desert claiming that those people living there was
quarters despite the fact that it was the state itself that has place them there moved them from somewhere else there the it was undertaken like a military operation with hundreds of policemen special forces raiding the place at night and in the morning and we all woke up but to these news office so that is a police officer of murder in a negative terror attacks but in fact 2 people died in that evening 1 was a police officer called Ellis Levy and the other is a Bedouin teacher and father of a family living in this village called yakub most of a weak yen this this police tweeted on that this is the
official Twitter account of the Israeli police and security forces arrived this morning on a few and this is the village it's been evicted on the law enforcement mission a villager charged them with his car
in an attempted terror attack i.e. the terror attack is this feature ran
at the police ran over policemen kill him and that the police had no choice but 2 should and to kill him and our the prime minister was immediately jumped on the occasion and in his condolences posed to the life
of Phyllis Levy also said reiterated affected this is a terror attack in not only is it a terror attack that they will start this drawing the houses of terrorism and deny residency of Bedouins that our citizens of the State of Israel so extremely kind of inflammatory
statements they head of the Israeli police chief of Israeli police says not only was he was a terror attack it's connected to dive show ISIS and that the teacher some key and was in fact inciting in his school
against the state and then the police made the 1st error they have released on the Twitter account watch we immediately
understood to be a thermal image but this attack claiming to show that the car standing
here with its lights off you wouldn't see lights on and off on the thermal attack on the thermal image what you seen darker just warmer bodies you don't see light
and dark and but this is the a claim and this is how it's annotated this is the this it's the terrorist car the police these other the policemen this there what bodies and they claim that the lights of the car or if you have a light so often you drive toward the police high-speed at night you might be indeed mistaken to be a terrorist now we have worked in that area for a long time before on various land-claim issues we had
many friends in this village we had many friends who Israeli activists that participated in an attempt to protect that village and in the very 1st hours after the announcement came we ask all activists to send us their videos so that we could try to see if indeed it was it was it was very strange to us at such an attack would be made from a person that is a very respectable and and kind and member of the community there we have found a video of
ketamine or and activists that was filming not the car and what happened but in another direction but she captured very importantly the
sound of gunfire this is the sound of gunfire indicate the 1st of fire Acadia could was 70 in that allowed us from sound to read the thermal image and look at how it is done so this
we release that I the the attack here she this is that the
but the file she's filming in another direction as she doesn't know anything is going to have an island that only a union of a the
so initially we have a we have the metadata because of
file has so we know exactly when it happens contain this analysis
and I think
this is all in air the way the the lives of imaging and let's see what actually we see in the that the police claims
so powerfully shows
a terrorist attack the car of most of Wiki on this is the dog part is the hottest part this is where the engine is these are 3 policemen but he's just driving no just getting out of his house there there what we are seeing that by sinking those images if we still mean a bit closer is the heat waves the heat clouds from the police
guns by showing quite clearly that before this person driver the police he's being shot what a B times at that point he is losing control people and the vehicle accelerate and here is where he's running over the police so indeed a complete opposites story immediately emerged to the police 1 note that there was 1st a terror attack by which a driver hit the police and then they had to kill him but 1st they shot at him and then he drives at the police so we immediately we put
it up online and very very fast this is the next day the day after the event we already tried to confront this
story this is tweeted by the head of the Communist Party hat joint Oblast in Israeli Massad in Israeli parliament is tweeting our but our video an Israeli police like the last role on the Internet is showing manipulative edit this because at it will not change reality the documentation of the killing proves an intention to murder policemen this is 1 name terror
no clip that distorts evidence we distort the evidence will change that that
we had to undertake and not the operation and indeed to to make construction we went back into the village and we took the same car and we place it at that at the location where the 3 shots are being fired another police claims that the did the instrument of killing what killed what the terror attack was done with is the gas pedal that person
press gas accelerated toward the police and kill them so it was remain for us to understand how the vehicle gained speed so we place the vehicle exactly at the same point as the 3 shots of being fired we let loose off the off the gas in the car moves around this is lower in besides using something the world in the car but in the video it arrive at precisely the same speed
as that it's the slope it's the
mountain at that actually account for the
acceleration only later this is this is still debated in the parliament the ministry of police the head of police still deny a scoreless fake news and all that until finally easiest kind
of point of refutation we are able to find we starting to look at that point at hundreds and hundreds of radios we're trying to look is any way we can see the vehicle and finally it was always in front of our eyes in 1 of the footage that was posted in Al-Jazeera in the night of the attack without them even knowing that the vehicle but was indeed by sinking up all this hundreds of videos we find that we could see that car up over there and something very important if you look very carefully you would see the lights are on the police said the lights off that was the kind of the decisive point by which they explain they said this is a terror attack so Israeli public security minister backtracked from their account that he is a cop
killer and a terrorists they understand they have a problem in this story about so instead of like stopping here we decide to keep on the pressure on the police we cannot go to court of course are evidence is would be perceived always is more activist evidence than anything else but we can
continue the investigation we trying to understand what led to the death of Fibre Leakey answer was let's continue looking at the same video that the police helicopter video the wanted the release to prove that this was a terror attack but again with the sound of caramel or bytes of chamomile films here is the Jeep going to films on the other side she hear the shots she hides behind the rock she switches off the camera scale 14 seconds later she switches on the camera again she's not filming in the right direction it's night she does a with things our but she captures 2 more things and outplayed that up for you now we're saying with this image and it wasn't until we here at home in the minds of some in the mind of
the only thing you can find a way to sort of you know we have a lot of in my mind of the again right next to you and I don't know let's let's look what is happening in the we can you and you can precisely the moment when they arrived at the color we see the door open and the last shot is being heard we try to understand what has happened there we go back to the
re-enactment in here this is the cousin of your COBOL of key on
driving the car and we film the same trip that we did before from inside we noticed something that as this car right 20 kilometers per hour a
child you know from inside the world so that out of the is the thing that I would write it it means that you cannot release not an open deck the door from the outside the person that needed to have open that door when we saw those 5 comma decimal 6 policemen coming in would only be the person in sight he was alive and cooperating with the police but those shot no you would say this is this evidence should be in controversial this is something that I should lead to
to to the state apologized claimed that the person was not a terrorist compensation and in criminal proceeding against the police that official an innocent person of course no such thing is happening the state keeps only had not backtrack from that backtracking and
saying that it's unclear to them whether he is or isn't terrorists just the pure kind of like insistence in the face of truth to this is the 1st moment where you see how you need to investigate the investigators and what are the limits of that what are the limits of even when you show things where people are able to 99 and confront but you evidence this 1st this next case the speaking about situation where you have no images at all I'm working with Amnesty International out we have been asked to interview a 5 that refugees here and refugees in Turkey that was survivors of the most horrible prison are in Syria in a place where people were tortured to death starve to death or executed the prison of side NIOC out when all human rights organization of journalists
have been inside infect only perpetrators and victims of been inside and the memory of those victims that with tortured and held there are under degrading conditions that have been bled effectively it's very did the memory of people that suffer the most it is also the most difficult to access 1 thing that we're doing using architecture is indeed to build architectural models together with his those survivors a building
architectural models by going into the most mundane things within the building
memories it could have been too
traumatic to remember could spring out and indeed in this case we also using acoustic recollection together is Lawrence of Honda we were
acoustically modeling that
space because very often the prisoners there we could not
see anything there were led
blindfolded all had to press the hands against their eyes and indeed only through sound so we could reconstruct aspect of this
place and still methane is we have constructed and create a model navigable model where the different
prisoners of will be catered you can go in there you can navigate the building and and here is a demonstration of the system is not use a demonstration of how memory comes from and through architecture in this situation 1 of the witnesses but is asked by a member of our team a Palestinian modeler called honey mild she asks to model the hatch on the window and the simple process of modeling this most mundane element allows really horrific letting so that
we are on the all this
so he says he's trying to tell a how wide this hatch is the city's just wider than my face and then we
heard that as the money was not previously
the through my mind but on
that exist among all of us would want to do a
lot of time in the area of the same old man
of vision and also a lot of are significantly well what
about the devices the user can be policy in OK I Richardson more so you had to press his head through the hatch so that the prisoners on the other side of the door could kick him and tortured him without him even being able to extract himself sub sound the most really horror-flick
testimonies we we've ever heard and of course those Syrian left in the UK I don't even know how or such category could be of pro-Russia left in the UK immediately attack as the very same way that the Israeli police does fake news fabrication this is all lies etc. etc. are indeed able will that mean is casing evenness of himself because that report that was that was done was released the we then this the international that was actually became quite prominent in the southern was asked to respond and it's what he says it was report but of all the finest but below the schools you know the names of all those it means nothing of a fight about that report because they but about directly in order to verify and seal the Syrian government in the city on there are a lot of eyewitness no
animals below the don't have anything above that of the sun so yeah so to call us a Qatari organization is is a bit ridiculous
you know the kind of stuff that is thrown and you I was doing that work is is quite astounding the Americans actually uncovered chimneys that show the crematoriums existed in another part of this I hope a prison complex where the bodies of the mass executions were disposed of the Syrians are not the only
ones that are responsible for undertaking torture and we asked with another the report by Amnesty to look at a military base in northern Cameroon where and the U.S. and Israeli and French
trained special forces and the Cameroonian special forces of detaining book aspect Of course when they cannot catch local around fighters the catch anyone that was forced to give them or food pop place them in that prison where again executions and a lethal torture is undertaken but we were very interested in the presence and in the knowledge of American military of those activities and sometimes you can use of Facebook as a countersurveillance resource now we tracked and the Facebook account of an American supplier it's of
contractor and that he was posting also the of lifestyle kind of like follows on his Facebook account by Higgins which offers
location tracker so we could start locating exactly where he was in relation to torture in this space are we can see here also an Israeli shipping
container and so we can still architecture here the architectural model allows us really to locate each and every 1 not all of these are sources into a very fine where home in how near to the sites of torture this hour American contractor was and by extension also of others so here's the entrance to the base novell we move further and we see we getting a bit closer to where the sort of enhanced interrogation techniques are being undertaken and we move even further closer and we see an American special forces training the Cameroonian special forces and here we see a rather comical situation where the Americans of Cameroonian special play football ways night-vision goggles I guess this so you train people to fight with night vision equipment up a batting right against the building where people are screaming of torture here is where the Americans personalities here's where all the photographs are here is help where we verified out the detention side in red you would see where people are being tortured so this situation led to an African investigation and we want to believe the suspension of those practices within that prison come back
to Palestine here is a a day during the Gaza War of 2014 this in forensic architecture would not allowed to go into Gaza during that time as the what we did was collecting about 7 thousand videos and 70 thousand data points in trying to make sense of them it's very hard to tell a story out of so many separate images but each 1 showing a different aspect of what you need to do is to time and locate each 1 of those sources in order to be able to we weave a narrative for them when these materials arrive on mainstream on social media usually the metadata is stripped out so we need to reconstruct it by looking at other physical time indicators on the image and the best 1 of those which lead the bond clouds through created an archive of all shapes off plumes the bond blooms and they are each 1 has a specific signature by that is
unique each 1 got a catalog number and we were looking at hundreds and hundreds of images almost every image had bomb cloud and were able to identify
them here for example you have an ambulance
footage that the ambulances driving Towards the bond clouds here here in here the bomb clouds and I will see those very bombs
from another an image here is how we verify you see that these are exactly those shapes at forward slightly different angle so you can also buy and looking at them as 3-D object reconstruct out
where they're from so infected clouds are the metadata this is ward reconstruct allows us to reconstruct time and space so it within those images you see 3 clouds it might be at the same and you start collecting them together and then verify them so here 3 different corners of the web I have 3 different
explosion we think that the same out we looking very carefully at the form shape and evolution of that cloud in I am able to confirm whether this is what it is and to sink those 3 together of course we don't know what exact time it is but we know now those 2 us ing corniest and now we and we will be looking at to identify the location was CIA was see a football stadium here that's the food was
so we see a water tower there on a straight line that the photographers somewhere on this line and we enabled us to geo-locate that so we have at Saint with others and we have it that you're located and then when we know that when we do that in other images we do that same process in the other images are kind of like a person 5 exercise and and then cross-referencing them would lead us directly to decide that with the bond but has taken place
and and in in this way sorry here for example what what should we do in order to find the time is that
we have a satellite image that we know exactly was a satellite that went over what does that the state 39 because a bomb cloud on it if we can find that bond clouded is here from above on the eye level will be able to
sync the entire sequence and finally we find it and are able to to create a kind of an archive if you like all about
Digital time versus cloud-shaped so this is a kind of the way in which these every cloud shape would give us the exact timing which was taken and we're able then to turn our gaze to the
ground from the air to the ground and build a timeline and and start looking at the human rights violation of Palestinian underground very fine with his testimony and taking Israeli action into account here the architectural model is what allows us to move through the city and look at each image at its exact not place architecture becomes really the optical device that allows us not to cross reference to locate and to view images it's a very different operation ontology if you like in sort of political cinema but navigation replaces that navigational direction we do not cut we do not spliced we simply put those images in space-time and in this last sequence you would see how that infect we identified and the very that has fallen in this place how you would see now that the 25 frames a 2nd 1 of those frames show the bomb state of a 2nd before it hit the in the ground we did notice it before and we want to measure them so we locate that image within the model that we know how big that plane that intersect the bond is because we can measure from this building to that building we know it's 150 meters long so we can put a grid behind it and start measuring anything in the year a so that we can identify what those bombs 3 comma decimal 6 meter with a margin of error of 10 % allow us to go to the catalog in pick up at the exact bomb and that was used and show it the Israeli military was using one-ton bombs but in residential areas there something that Amnesty lawyers concluded was disproportional and that's a violation of international humanitarian law but again you would see how we combine if I would put now play you would hear testimonies of people combined with images combined with a model you always know where you are in the city and able to and navigate back and forth across the battlefield
this is all the bonds that we've been able to map and this is how we are working
drawing looks like all the photographs all the bombs all the artillery shells and he took us 1 year to underlies 1 day that's about the ratio in
forensic work this had a slight kind of more successful results are the Israeli military revoked a command that led to that massacre during that day of course is
not say this is the case said violated problems in international law led them to do it and now we don't know what will come
to replace it but it is we're happy that that has been done closer to home to you to prove to Germany and that it is absolutely fantastic human rights a group and rescue a group could you that it German group of fantastic young activist operating in the southern Mediterranean rescuing people in in the stress is being accused continuously as being people-smugglers but the boat you Venter has been confiscated and locked in a dork entrap any because under the accusation that
the smuggling people into Europe this is a project that is undertaken together ways our affiliate group forensic oceanography I led by Charles Heller and Laurent but sunny and what about 1 element of this very complicated investigation that it aims to show
that you can that it has indeed done nothing wrong is operating professionally and bravely in rescuing people is confronting this supposed
evidenced by the Italian prosecutor claiming that here but you know that a activists is dragging this
boat from which a successful rescue of I might migrant has just occurred Towards the Libyan territorial waters supposedly so that this boat could be used again a how did they know that he's taking the boat Towards Libyan territorial water there's no evidence that is in fact provided but this nothing in this image that you can anchor is there in fact there is something it's the waves and looking at of it at the waves allows a very unique kind of process motion tracking the
waves looking at the direction that they're moving is a very important information that would eventually allow us to
build three-dimensional the model also of these the waters and
locate the the human lettered boat and the migrant boat unit in a very different orientation here we take our sort of where the data and what a can data from that very tense moment when this thing has occurred we have the metadata from the image we can reconstruct it and we see that the waves means the direction of the wave mean that indeed the boat is taken opposite completely away from Italian territorial water using you think that helped obviously not on the boat is still held by the Italian judiciary but in and away from doing what you absolutely need to do is to allow
the DOS activists to keep on rescuing people in the Mediterranean but you won't technically I think that's proximity that is what is is very important
to share is that we've developed what techniques of countersurveillance of counter red dot in the Mediterranean using an activist videos but in order to map out the location of boats so that
things like that would not recur so that we have a good countersurveillance encounter cryptography off the Mediterranean at here is in the middle of this operation now you see that the activists passing on the migrants into into their
boat putting giving them life vests but indeed while doing that in almost without noticing the boats drift and shifts in turn 360 degrees something that allows us to map the panorama by looking at the clouds mapping the clouds constellation and that allows to open up a panorama measured panorama that would allow us slowly to locate the distance and position of all boats under around so this is what kind of like a creative understanding creative use of contemporary technology allows us to do is to create an alternative the radar system based on on images and again moved from the model to the image from the image to the model a continuously and this is what it takes in order to really identifying help such
and civil society players I I don't want to speak too much about it but I want to mention our work but together with the People's Tribunal unraveling you complex at a group of the victims offered an terror and varied and and together the parents and their and their relatives together with the activists have commissioned us to look at 1 particular case the killing and castle in on the 6th of April
2006 of molecules got where a German secret service for fast Intuit's agent was actually in the
cafe sitting here while highly just get sitting here was shot twice by the 2 Nazis that louvers coming in from the door he claimed he hasn't seen her and
or smell began powder that
therefore is not a witness the and home-office put 120 and 20 years over the files but they do not want to reveal why that's agent was in there but there was a leak and
the costs of police document a lot of them would put online and allowed us to infect to reconstruct some elements of fate and to demand to help those activists and families demand that the ban all over this file is completely removed by here we're building a model office Internet cafe by and through images that were found in the police the are indeed that shop doesn't exist anymore it's a honey shop right now so it was really important to work very precisely
from those images and build a model build a 3-D model of a shop and finally also of build obstruct it and build are a real model which we did with our friends
at the house 2nd to undeveloped here in Berlin we build a
model that off this off the shelf with the there's where iOS
get out was shot dead and his best itself in the back room and using the Internet logins Q created the time-space map off the
action and simulated I will not simulated shops in shot the same chess episode so that it's similar to other 3 kinds of guns used or if 1 of them the science there it was put all that gun at the time of the killing recorded that sound and this was done in
Arizona and then later that while in the show up in our model of now to see if it's even possible to believe the Fed add the secret service agent was not as a word that I met a lot but in doubt on now rooms of all this our
results both of analog and digital confirmed that it would have a walk-in is sleeping person not to mention somebody who was awake and the soul trained to identify gunshot as a for fast
shit is but we also undertook smell simulation to see whether the fluid dynamic of ammonia in the gun powder is closed through I would be strong enough to still be smelled a certain time after the show the indeed this is something that we've undertaken but that we're not presented with conclusive at the because every diff
slight difference in temperature window that was open up close of door that was on a problem we change the fluid dynamic but it gives an indication that it could have been smelled and finally looking at the re-enactment video of of of this for fast
Intuit's agent underestimate his own testimony of his bodies
his his attempt to show exactly how things look from his perspective why it was possible for him not to have noticed a body of highly QIOs got already lying dead under the
counter but as he was walking out
he's now showing the police in this reenactment video where he went which direction he was looking he's saying that he's looking for the man at the counter he doesn't seem at the counter is looking for outside going back into the back room and what you see here on the side is what his vision would be this is motion tracked running within the model this is what is seen when he puts the coin that was farmers fingerprint the body would have been but in full view something that we have also repeated in with actors undergo pour pro camera attached to the head of this sector and he would also now put the coin exactly the same point we don't know if Temasek we walked like that will you just want to disprove his testimony so that even his own testimony the best way could presented by his own innocence let's say in that case I would not have been possible and to miss that the body or at least very very unlikely but when the body's here in the hand is in this location so when when this was
presented actually into tight led to a lot of interest also in the political system and it was called to the Hassan found was home Committee on in in Wiesbaden where that's secret service agent was asked to
testify to look at that images and again the same kind of accusation we had from the Israeli police from us of himself on the Russians from
the Americans is coming here said they will from it said Chairman this is fake news rather than undertake rather than performed as their duty to German society to protect and investigate to find the truth and to build trust
again with vulnerable migrant communities and it said it will have fracture on in hasn't found it important to attack those people that work in solidarity with the community and undertake the precise thing that the police and the Secret Service should have done themselves are here the kind of fight what I consider it really shameful post on to their website the mainstream party in Europe just trying to kind of the completely discredit evidence calling us less populous calling it R. rather than evidence but in other things indeed we are working and operating in the field
of art of show you later the fact of counter of forensics of such from the 1st case I showed you in Israel to that that the movement of evidence cannot be only performed in court forensic specialists that is the police have the court at their
disposal and they can thereby protocol and the institutions of the court but when you often when you call into question the institution of states the very institution of states but you have great difficulties of entering into court to do it and this is indeed come the diagram of all the different forums and all the different things we had to
do in order for this very simple evidence that it is impossible not to hear not to see and perhaps not to smell to to be recognized we had to go through all the parliamentary inquiries we had to go to you not to comment to show it in the media in the People's Tribune-owned itself and indeed very
importantly art and cultural institutions have been great supporters of our work and showed us the possibility of making evidence public we believe that forensics is the art of the forum as you know about the origin of the word forensics using friends
is latin for that which pertains to the forum but for the aura tours of the 1st century the forum was not the court the evidence had to be made public in a form the form was the the public domain the marketplace of enrollment evidence has to be made public in order to be political
and sometimes a dose of public in an art institutions of the very places that with this could be undertaken just a really fast run through another investigation of we've undertaken on police collusion in the disappearance and murder of US students of frailty not by Mexico again in September 2014 and
this is a data project we were looking and data mining tens of thousands of data points related to this event locating every actors in time and space and looking precisely at the relationship between
phone calls car movements and the attack at the moment of the attack we were able to show the fury of communication between different police forces and between the military and military headquarters and organized crime testifying this is a web this is an image of collusion and that's a diagram of fit in indeed began exposed at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mexico city again a cultural in art institution become a public forum that
allows us to question the police and the judicial system become a place for gathering place for testifying with and solid
in in solidarity but with a with this
as when I leave now with that 1st project we are doing in the UK have about the Grenfell Fire right now but we believe that you know that the housing block that was burnt in London where mainly migrant communities were left abandoned in a
very deregulated house a kind of a diagram of neo liberalism but also many Londoners shocked and horrified to videos off that event and each 1 is several 2nd loans but when we collect them all together time and we've called the people of London to send us the videos we collect we timed them and we create and 1 to 1 account made of thousands of videos combine them back
together all the building but to tell the people story off what what has taken place thank you very much for listening so thank you very much of any
questions because we're 5 minutes time left so yeah he had aluminum it there was it's a hello I'm Lindsey I see a software developer of you talk about how people I both your books by the way I haven't read that yet to hear that that that they could not only 50 from if you
talk about how people describe your work often is the in America which in its legal system is quite interested in forensic so often the science just went topple ahead studying the geometry of hair strands of DNA evidence drug labs that did nothing but positive results regardless of the substance about you extended the process as an organization of how you ensure that is not just generating more information but actually generating more truth is excellent
so in in usually in police work any legal criminal work verification and so the
thing did the authentication all the evidence is what is called object-based legal work so you need to trace let's say there's a video you want to show the video in court you need to trace the person the chartered to usually trace the camera and then you need to look at in a drawer and maintain a chain of custody always have it on the check and it goes and presented as evidence for this is object-based verification network or crowd based verification is saying when we have tens of thousands of videos say confirming Russian and Syrian attack that the indiscriminate attack on civilians in each 1 of those enclaves it's still hold that against the Syrian army you cannot go there and if you try to verify and and get the 70 would risk people we need to find another means of verification network-based verification means that I'm that the the amount of information these such that it would shoot out it would show us hopefully any bit of evidence of this in authentic all manipulative right so you need to assume Hi It's it operates a little bit like a week he logic right the coast that the that the logic of the crowd off cross referencing a lot of data and a lot of information supposedly needs to guarantee that what we have
left what can be synced was all others but is truth of course nothing is completely in use to manipulation every piece of evidence is probabilistic but we need to know that the more we compose the more we we have information verified phone witnesses witness account images material data phone logs sound you start building a kind of an act of cross supporting evidence reference evidence there it is able to stand in indeed kind of very progressive legal institutions to certain extent or at least in that extend not in all extend the ICC the International Criminal Court in The Hague has a very different and very innovative rules of evidence to do with user-generated
material so evidence all evidence is composed it is never object based in the sense of OK here is a DNA is correct or not correct this is the person or not why to blacks 01 it is that even in the work that we do in kind of the you need to socialize and open up and creating into a network the acts of evidence making that means also
creating relations on the ground with communities such as the Bedouin activists in this in this village and the residents of these rarely activist and you know software people in image specialist in London and to the evidence is created in as a relation between you socialized the production of evidence and then when you produce a fire who produce fact you socialize also its dissemination in order to become political an effective
it needs to become a spark around which organizations and political assemblies in other the forms of activist actions need to be undertaken anyway they would be thank you for what will question the other
view OK of their my notes yeah hi and for that I'm also a little bit of I have more of a personal question like you post to this kind of injustice how can you
stand there so how can you still do it so can you I think I understand it and
yeah it's it's also really important question because it's very easy to lose your sense of solidarity compassion and pain when you work very close with violence continuously but something that the 15 of us Members of Forensic Architecture continuously discussed is that the hour exposure to our exposure to documentation of
pain should never noun not neither a political instant up political affiliation on behalf of the victims always always calling for accountability from state could in corporate actors and
sometimes this is our way of sharing and little in the pain of whatever 1 can never experience the pain of torture 1 can never share in the pain of loss of somebody but really through the care have through the patient and attempt to be immaculate with the work you can get close to it and then we could see we maintain always very close relations with the either the relative of deceased or with the victims
themselves out when when we do that so it's very important for us also professionally to know that pain pain is is is a sensor also use sense politic from pain and the that we would lose that sense of pain we would also lose our quality as kind of forensic experts selective they like to do that thank you very
much we if