Cool Tools for Easy Rich Collections Descriptions - Vocab Service API

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Cool Tools for Easy Rich Collections Descriptions - Vocab Service API
ANDS Developers Toolbox
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A spotlight on the ANDS Developer Tool Box -- Vocabulary Service API The Vocabulary Service API allows developers to integrate with the ANDS Vocabulary service using HTTP and a variety of data representations (including XML, JSON and RDF). This short video will give you a brief overview of the API and some of its practical use cases.
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thanks everybody for turning up y'all been here business analyst in the services team the vocabulary service API
this is what's sitting behind the vocabulary widget and basically it allows users to interrogate the published vocabularies that we have again the anc SRC fo r-the ain't it si si SEO and riffs es 1.5 vocabularies the data that can be pulled out of the vocabs themselves can be pulled back in a variety of formats and so that the xml the JSON the rdf and so that sort of is available to different developers again in the same way that we've used it in a widget you can use it to populate pick lists and menus in data capture tools in web pages and things like that users can use it to search and resolve terminologies so they may just know the term itself and they want to look to see if it's actually published and recognized terminology and a and said slc or other vocabularies going forward and the vocab loads that we've published obviously have commonly globally resolvable identifies that resolve to a description of concepts so going forward as we get more and more vocabulary people will be able to refer to them by these resolvable identifies so again
just the address research data Australia that I answered all today you forward
slash developers the web services themselves they're not as pretty because
there's no real fancy front end to them
there are little explanation diagrams for each I think nearly all of the
services that we have just shown how they work in much the same way is the
widgets we have tables containing all the parameters that can be passed to the services themselves and again the developers will understand that if they don't they can get in contact by the community forum it's a couple in some of the services they're a little bit
trickier there's some sort of IQs or common questions about the services just to help out and a couple of example uses
of working service calls and that's pretty much all of god