Trove Support - RDA Grants and Projects Portal Webinar

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Trove Support - RDA Grants and Projects Portal Webinar
Bringing Together Research Outputs
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Julia Hickie talks about Trove National Library of Australia - services efforts to assist the research community to bring together the work of a researcher over their lifetime. Explore the new Research Data Australia Grants and Projects portal Research Data Australia aggregates: 1. research grant information supplied by multiple funders - currently ARC and NHMRC 2. research project information supplied by some of our data contributors.
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thank you well however often have where it's just started snowing out I had a talk about 2 identifies the he concluding your head out 1 is a unique identifier for a person or organization who worked on the research and the other is a grant identifier which nominates to the funding agency walls and a specific grammar but in a consistent way tossed out at the party identified many organizations have some type of requisite
that describes people associated with them so it might be the research staff at university authors of collection items in a library members of apartment actors in of the company and so on but ago at the National Library and end its work together to set up the people and organizations are the trove now call was to bring together those records from different organizations and systems and make them discoverable in a single place we especially wanted to bring together records with the same person had different record at different institutions and we wanted a consistent way to identify that person across the different systems Serre has worked well the 1st time we get a record
describing a new person like this 1 from and we set up every green trove which is likely to interest they acts like a big pockets the next time we get another record describing mass-selected from a different source we put it it in the same truth postulate we work with about 40 sources now and each source usually has a shot of the person's life and work as it relates to their an organization that interests mosier lent example we've got fall sources that have a record describing the and all have a different piece of information to bring together or libraries strike you as an authority recalled that those different forms of name in the titles that she's published under the the Australian women's register has any words that describe her fields of activity as an academic and activist and also written a biography about her achievements as a feminist and land rights advocate act up on her all could profile she universities where she studied and been employed so that's the organizations that she's related to and then I access is training women's register and all good load publications that she's off and they're not the same 1 but all those pieces of information come together to form a more complete picture about her life and her work than any single source starts it's a great benefit to users who comes along and finds this record tropes and barrels isn't limited to structure benefits that come along with the service so this strive contain a record is the amalgam of records from 4 different organizations I axis the strains registrar libraries trillion awkward in the background we need all the local system numbers so you can ask us for I axis record 2 2 4 6 4 and drove will return speak container record from of the electors they all results to this overarching is identified and we call that the end my file it always has the form can allay don't after that you slash NLA laid-off highly dashed and the number of Serb marciel evidence this 1 with 6 1 5 4 6 4 the now all right in the People's group identifiers for that person into a single container so if the university has records for their researches that in and for our try to put it into the bucket for that person and then I ask for their report back and I'll get all the other related identifies the trove knows for associated with that person the party identifier persistent so the URL will always result even if the system changes it can be used by anyone to refer to pursue liked best background on how Africa aggregates records for person this then goes on to play an important role in how IT I identify researchers say he's a repair called for a researcher named King Anderson
was established by the universe Alain and then might have teamed central confer self and astray authority recall was also created trove brings all 3 of those articles together into this 1 so now came has a persistent party identifier it troops over at regarding she had a number of datasets like this 1
and she is also associated with a research project its research projects description
NIDA as well as the doctors said and the truth behind record all include that saying NO and finally identified in that because they all conclude the in LA party identify that systems like RDA automatically bring together all the different bits of dog from different contributed is and different local systems and build a picture of Jean Scott Research which is just what I need us now came want to move to a new
institution begin new local identifier in the system doesn't matter as long as she uses her in I had to fire that services like IDEA and throws are able to tell that it's the same the manners and previously worked in the sphere and when he and I highly in various used we can play together all the research someone has done no matter how where they've done at all what system it identified in a similar situation exists with the funding and monitoring such that this little bit so hopefully you know about that guy that call released last year that lets us know how happened repository records with ARC an agency grant numbers so that we all have them in the same format to repulsive records for publications and for research
deformities the permanent URL which carry results idea have clearance since the full that haven't standard appreciates the fact that in the grant number so in my example he I've got an ARC funded projects l x 0 8 8 1 8 9 0 if the user goes that you are alone they take into the page idea when they get the overview of the project in trial if if you
search for the same grant up in the same hopeful that you'll find 18
publications that are associated with that same grants members publications on all held by the same institution and thereby different repositories by they all put the grant number same format so the first one is the EQ institutional repository 2nd 1 is the University of Gong and this led both the same format of the grant number that both came back in my search so just for a quick walk he's what the record from the university
more long looks like in droves CDs grant number it in the right format of so on the record or almost any I'm getting voters grant numbers in the same form added to the brink of the labels on and researchers are actually doing this for themselves so when it has includes that worked on a particular project which you the grant number we use that information to further broaden the picture their research without needing to do anymore so dispersed over on this paper is someone called Sorrento only not she has 1 of those containing records in droves end on the record
we got wrong orchid about her she
concluded that she worked on a number of ARC funded research projects including this 1 and are circled she including the grammar in the correct format It's the same around other sorry not yet in the same breath that's been tagged aging publications intro sorry I have to include that eating publications in her record she that describes her as a person try can simply use that standard format identified to lead through to all the publications tagged with the grant to clicking
that returns the user to those writing articles try to actually do anything of this role I have the same red number given to us in SaaS record from all good and repository records for the most important thing is that we use that don't have to know how these and other works they don't even necessarily have to understand what a from her biography they can simply click through and discovered more information than any know it wanted server running up
what are the benefits of including these identifies all including persistent identifier for person all our systems like IDEA and froze to identify different bits of research in different diols this publications and bring them together and relate them to creative it also allows the lead to go back the other way to me creators to the research that participating in including a research grant number allows us to do similar things for funding grants to identify the project to brings together the people who worked on the dialog system publications that were outputs when researchers movie institutions it becomes easier to discover and import previous work and for users who have semi this information that can expand this search without having to understand how the system works know all of that relies on consistently using the same format of identifier across institutions we all use the same format in these autumn and automated systems can do a great job of bringing together research outputs from a single project and
across a research career I might lead hand back to you