TReDDS: Metadata Stores at the University of Tasmania - 20th March 2013

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TReDDS: Metadata Stores at the University of Tasmania - 20th March 2013
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Presentation by Jon Hurn and Lynn about Tasmanian Research eData Directory Service (TreDDS).
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okay hopefully you can see that's lidocaine si yes is really not about any particular technical discussion or challenges that we faced it's also aim the laser not aimed at those who are already publishing or close to publishers you've already overcome lots of the challenges that we would have faced but turn it's really encouragement for those of you who are facing pejic challenges and some tips on how you can maximize your project value hopefully it's not too much of a fig gen presentation and keep telling us for doing well but sometimes it's hard to assess we're here but you're actually doing it yourself so um time frame for our project was is nine months it started in September last year and it seemed to finish in night this year and the team I just introduced my tail game we've got lil Davies things our metadata manager she's a strong University background and the in July just say hello okay oh hello everyone my background is librarianship I've worked on an offer you test as the library since the late 80s in a range of positions so I was brought in as the
person who had the bibliographic
background and the liaison role between the librarians and also the researchers and on my right ear is slowly solis our technical officer so we joined in November so I want to three months into the project and is a bit of a workhorses that she's really good in technically and she's also got a good background in repositories and running haven't you lovin as a library assistance officer no I mean there's more about my experience being there I agree so it's actually really useful having a technical officer whose understanding of library systems already at that was helpful for us from the project as Solomon's already mentioned there have been four credit for project managers and the project in the first four months that's really not just not the project a bit and the reason for those for project managers are quite varied that the first one was a thought was in the process of seeking work elsewhere while he was in the process of writing up the initial project plan so I guess his heart wasn't per unit we then had a project manager who was really got in got stuck into it for a month but unfortunately there was a restructure at work and she was taken off on different projects her managers who took on and because of that we structure within about his position was made redundant as well so at that point Lynn was jumping up and down so we've got to get this fixed so I was brought in to try and get the project back on track and I joined in the week before Christmas which is not a good week to be handing over your existing project sort of take on new stuff because when you come back in the new year you pretty much want everything there would be told you about the new property was dying so effectively we were starting from scratch as of the start of this year we did have a present plan but it was unfinished and we had no sustainability penalties icky icky deliverable friends we have no work right down Sheldon either which was so really the guys today who've been working on the project head and just tackling each issue one by one without any key viewers to what they were in for what they were trying to get to it at the end of the project you they're very reactive your eyes only reacted to problems without having any sort of proactive plan and the potty came on
board in a cannonball at the end of December start of January phase two deliverables were also do as well so and a budget had effectively been spent with were four months into a project after I phase one funding the initial funding had been given so I guess because it was a bit of a challenge any other thing was as a project manager I was located in a completely different area of the campus and that was going to be challenging as well so from that respect as you say
that the challenges with it on the politics we've got a good team I think we're all hard-working at least were told we are we're all trustworthy and that's not just trustworthy if I'd be filing so many Rebecca's more trustworthy in Canada delegation of tasks if I stayed Lynn on leave this done soon as I can you solve that technical problem they go when they solve it and if they've got problems they come back and they talk with me so we understand each other what our capabilities are I guess or accountable and responsible in what we do it and that the really positive positive things look for the team as well and we've had an excellent ends liaison officer who's have been very responsive to our needs at Lewis we can highly recommend it is his knowledge about what would about the project and what we're trying to do is is second to none you know in our experience is if it doesn't know particularly if you know somebody who knows so you need to go and talk to JC you they've had that problem there like they can help you expect all you need to go talk to uni SI they're doing things in a way that you're doing things they can help you never so that's a game proved invaluable for us and the team hypoxic Yusuf Duncan and Andrew have been fantastic help as well and they're really responsive to the ropes if you're going to work the work through the google group so that's where they work better obviously got a very high workload in terms of trying to do with a number of different customers they're trying to support so thank you jusef is there sorry I'm the Google bricks is their preferred method doors way and use those guys they're fantastic and also the great user community as i mentioned lewis says you need to talk to sound so you can talk to this university of a university and it's so useful to have other people who have been through problems or our experience once i'm from and if you see your issues with them you put two two heads are better than one it in effect so having that knowledge available to us in New Tess's has been really good and you guys you know if you are are in motion names but yes we have a lot of thank you do the mother thank yous I there's about four or five universities who we've been leaning on and the bins come forth now sorry so my recommendation to anybody who's feeling still feeling their way is what i did when i was going through that process with changing project managers is I literally sent emails to a couple of people that I've seen or you know meet through these webinars and though fantastic I had phone calls from people where they just went through problems over the phone we had skype communication and I had one where the librarian organized the technical person and another library person to come along in the three of them spent an hour on the phone just talking to me about different issues so we'd love to reciprocate if anybody has any questions from you tell you found that on the communication then can I interrupt from them yes look could you people having a lot of trouble hearing you because of the best straight effect can you just live as close to the mic as possible can you hear me now yeah yeah that's better did you want me to repeat that all i wanted to say was that during the period when i was effectively on my own apart from having louisa dan's i often sent an email to people that I've met through these webinars asking questions and I've had fantastic feedback a lot of them has got to me or organized phone calls and just rang me out of the blue to assist and so if there's anybody that is still feeling their way I'd like to suggest you know that more than happy if we can assist or I found the user community with internationally everybody's going through the same problems in rural or a range of stages and so you can feel quite um panicky and isolated and I think there's been a fantastic support not only ends but also other librarians or other technical managers or project managers that are going experiencing the same thing so that's just what I want to comment on okay other strategies other
strategies are provocation so if you're four months into a five months project and you feel like you're starting from scratch you really going to get the communication flowing patient does that so we basically we're working at the same building now and for the first two or three weeks I was actually sick sitting next to sue getting my head into the redbox pays them in space I'm it's the only way you're going to break down those barriers to communication is to work in the same the same area and the communication becomes more organic you yet click the fixing of miscommunications you get cross-pollination of ideas when you're working together at the same place and you and somebody else is having a phone call you can you can hook into that I understand what you say that problem you are having now and perhaps you we can solve it in another way and we have formal once again Clinton's I only document everything we do and just just so that we may keep that ripple going and we can refer back to issues as well and being co-located also builds your team I think you build a color interpersonal relationships and then again is invaluable when you are under pressure when you're under stress and you need to transfer problems and everything we do those on the wiki so we use that death in confluence for our information sharing outside the project which is also for looking as well so that at some point the team will be disbanded as a project and will go into operational mode and use everything we've discovered is available today to the new team as they take because they take them operational control of the product it also makes things more discoverable and accessible which is pretty much like a repository me like this and communication and install and
refer to this already working as liaison officer working weekly clip clicks work your product support team a conclusive and talk to your business stakeholders and talk to your business users as well so I think that's probably a good segue to hand over to to what you've been
doing is medicated manager so okay can you hear me ok Simon yeah that's good keep keep up the volume and closeness to the mic there's another front just just talk ok just called out if you can't here and i'll try and go slowly um I've built all my slides so pretty much everything i'm going to say hopefully will be on the slide my aim was to my number one aim was to try and develop positive relationships which could be built on after the project so that included everyone from researchers data managers the research office and even librarians within the library so that was my number one aim to field any negativity and to just start shifting the culture John probably didn't mention because we're in a short time frame here but done it has came on board with this nine-month project that has been compressed basically to six months without having done any earlier and projects so there is a big cultural shift that we have to you know we didn't do said in the comments or data capture um so because of the limited time and my approach was to look at quality quality and everything I did over quantity in terms of how I approached the libraries and librarians who I saw as researchers and the number of published records so I'm just going to touch on the screen main areas which is the library the researchers and the published records you'll have to do a quick min you'll have to be relatively quick because this is the all first wind up call it's now 10 16 okay from the library and we have about 16 liaison librarians so I actually rather than during one power point I did individual to small group upskill sessions and then I did refreshes so I decided to work at the coalface and work with them like that and i found that work really well then to all the library i did internal newsletters so everybody knew what was happening once a quarter and i tended as many library meetings as I could so in terms of researchers my data interview approach was to look for champions and also we received a spreadsheet that had all current and completed grants which included beyond Ryerson in HTML see so the liaison librarians and could choose who they want to go and see we also met as John pointed out we met with research office the RDS I infrastructure staff and all data managers to inform them about the project and also learn and then we also visited the Antarctic division because I've got a world's best practice data center just to be inspired about where we want to go for in the future and then finally the aim / published records was the liaison librarians are going to try and go out and do data interviews with all the schools and centers that they represent to get sort of a sample record and we're also looking at trying to get to imports from two different and subject areas to just try and get people thinking about automatic imports as well as manual records okay thanks lynn i'll skip sue
because she's a bit nervous and we're short of time so we're just go on to some other project value adds and you don't have that thing yeah yes very happy I'm for Assigned institute of marine and aquatic sciences they've come on board and very keen to start using our service they got some huge data sets and once we get one of our big customers like I'm s on board and it encourages the other institutes and schools to get on board as well I know menzies Institute have got some large datasets which were keen to get into the redbox system and also the central science laboratory have got a lot of stuff as well I'm cooks into our DSO I research data storage infrastructure and this has really come through from ims as well they're big users or going to be big users of our dsi so they're very keen to get links in that respect and there's a couple of visions they've got there in terms of researchers depositing data and our project getting an automatic note that the data is there and perhaps there needs to be some description of that data going up to our dsi and one of the key things that we're trying to get going with this this project is strategic renewal and senior management become aware of the trends and some ideas and how this project can be used to further researcher support initiatives so the library in has now started talking with our research office they're saying hey there's some things happening out there within a little bit behind our current infrastructure is looking a bit stale let's use this particular project as a springboard on to something bigger let's get some serious governance in place with the IT services the library so that's a key thing we're going to take
out this this project just summing up them for for keep I said don't just focus on the detail or the deliverables look for some big picture stuff to value out and raise your project profile ask lots of questions as as put balloons you said get out there are talk to people it's far easier to get them from somebody else's from things from somebody else's then to work it out for yourself sometimes document and communicate and I when you get up from your desk and go and talk to someone because it's basically it's people do projects not project plans and that's a we don't look Philippe managed to do to
get that you've done in your time so I'll hand back to you Simon