Synopsis - RDM training module "Talk data to me"

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Synopsis - RDM training module "Talk data to me"
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Roxanne Missingham and Imogen Ingram, ANU give a quick overview of the Talk Data to Me and Publish & Prosper online modules- a lively mix of video, readings, quizzes and case studies. Full webinar : Meeting the most unmet need - RDM Training for researchers, HDR students and data trainers This webinar will bring together 4 different and exciting researcher training models which focus on skills and knowledge all researchers need to manage, share and publish their data. All these models are available for adaptation and reuse by others. *In a recent survey of 704 principal investigators for National Science Foundation biology grants, the majority said their most important unmet data needs were not software or infrastructure, but training in data integration and data management. This webinar would be of value to those who provide data management training to: -- graduate students eg Graduate schools and those who manage or deliver training within their Schools, Colleges and Centres -- early career researchers; researchers who need to comply with new funder and journal policies eg Liaison/Data librarians, Repository managers -- those who deliver data management training to others eg Libraries, Research Office, Graduate schools etc
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hello I'm not so missing him from the Australian National University and I'm
Imogen Ingram from the Australian National University and we're delighted to be able to talk to people about the work that we've been doing about research data management research data training is one of the most important
road blocks for a successful career for
a researcher and in terms of scholarly
information it's one of those fundamental skills we've been working on
using some new technology engaging with students in a MOOC like manner it's a terrible thing to do with the English language and really trying to connect researchers to researchers using the facility and skills of librarians to
build the research in the future who is capable of managing data knowing where
to find assistance not falling in a heap when they hear the word metadata and
we're really enjoying the journey that we've been on and it's been a real team
of affair bringing this together we've got this module called talk data to me
which is full of quizzes videos so learning activities things to really open the doors with people and perhaps
break down some of that fear in terms of encountering research data management we've got fantastic presenters from the AARC from Anne's and we've also got some
forthcoming modules that were working together with this particular module to
help researchers navigate the scholarly communications and publishing
environment and we'd like to thank em for all of the work everyone