Synopsis - Health & Medical #4 - Patient consent and HealthTalk Australia

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Synopsis - Health & Medical #4 - Patient consent and HealthTalk Australia
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Assoc Prof Lorraine Smith, Patient consent and HealthTalk Australia, University of Sydney Healthtalkaustralia is a research-based collection of personal experiences of health conditions in social context, captured on film, audio and in text. The interviews are used to produce innovative, publicly available health experience targeted online resources.
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hello everyone my name's Lorraine Smith and I'm a researcher in the Faculty of
pharmacy at the University of Sydney and today I'll be talking to you about the different levels of consent that we can
obtain from our participants of our
in-depth qualitative research studies that we conduct for our website health
talk Australia and how we can ensure that people have a level of choice about the extent to which they would like
their data as well as their identity shared with with the public so I'll be
taking people through just a quick tour of the health talk Australia website and explaining how our research is just a
very standard qualitative research the
usual rigorous and systematic methods
and how we use the analyses of these of these data to populate our website - and
it provides so it provides
evidence-based information and support
to the general public as well as
healthcare professionals I might add and so and then I'll be moving on to the the different levels of consent around
copyright of the video and audio recorded interviews that we conduct