Synopsis - RDM training for Librarians - Instructors Advisors Translation & triage

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Synopsis - RDM training for Librarians - Instructors Advisors Translation & triage
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Liz Stokes, UTS give a quick overview of Research Data Management training. The case for discussing both rdm and data science training needs, and how the library community frames rdm training for librarians. Full webinar : Meeting the most unmet need - RDM Training for researchers, HDR students and data trainers - 23-08-17 This webinar will bring together 4 different and exciting researcher training models which focus on skills and knowledge all researchers need to manage, share and publish their data. All these models are available for adaptation and reuse by others. *In a recent survey of 704 principal investigators for National Science Foundation biology grants, the majority said their most important unmet data needs were not software or infrastructure, but training in data integration and data management.* This webinar would be of value to those who provide data management training to: -- graduate students eg Graduate schools and those who manage or deliver training within their Schools, Colleges and Centres -- early career researchers; researchers who need to comply with new funder and journal policies eg Liaison/Data librarians, Repository managers -- those who deliver data management training to others eg Libraries, Research Office, Graduate schools etc
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hi my name's Liz Stokes I'm a daily librarian at UTS library in this webinar I talked about how the roles for librarians in in research data management and how we can actually embed those roles throughout and enhanced I
suppose series of research support
services and those roles are really instructors advisers and translation and triage skills in behaving being able to refer our research and university
community clients to a range of specialized research data support
services but also being able to embed research data management by stealth and
as instructors being able to teach real data management skills to our to our
research communities