Synopsis - FAIR Accessible #2 - Data Accessibility Practice at NCI

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Synopsis - FAIR Accessible #2 - Data Accessibility Practice at NCI
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Jingbo Wang Data Collections Manager at NCI presented on how they make data accessible through services over the data so they can be interrogated and used by humans and machines.
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Service (economics) Implementation
Service (economics) Game controller Implementation
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Type theory Service (economics) Standard deviation Service (economics) Implementation
Revision control Service (economics) Equaliser (mathematics) Implementation
Service (economics) Implementation
so my name is Jimbo I'm the dinner manager at national computational
infrastructure to address the data
accessibility I'm going to talk about
the legal social aspect of about how to
control that it access also I'm going to
present the persistent identified
implementation to manage press
essentially access the data then I'm
going to address how do we provide the data through various type of data services OGC standards and the eventual
ending to touch base simply about a data
version and equality thank you very much