Sharing scientific data: Astronomy as a case study for a change in paradigm

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Sharing scientific data: Astronomy as a case study for a change in paradigm

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Sharing scientific data: Astronomy as a case study for a change in paradigm
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Open data/open science is currently a hot topic. Astronomy has been at the forefront for the sharing of data. Françoise Genova explains how astronomical data resources have been networked and then integrated globally through the astronomical Virtual Observatory (VO). The VO aims at enabling seamless access to the wealth of available on-line resources through a framework of interoperability standards and of interoperable tools. The International Virtual Observatory Alliance was set up in 2002 to coordinate VO activities world-wide and to manage the standardisation process. This will be of interest to: -- data creators & managers as there are lessons learned from the Astronomy experience -- Librarians Data is available and used by the community in its daily research work. Lessons learnt in building the astronomical data infrastructure are contributed to the Research Data Alliance (RDA). Françoise Genova has extensive experience in managing astronomical data: -- director of the Strasbourg astronomical data centre CDS (1995 to 2015) -- one of the founding parents of the astronomical Virtual Observatory project -- coordinator of several European projects dealing with the European Virtual Observatory -- member of the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data (European Commission) -- one author of "Riding the wave" report (2010) and of its follow-up "Data Harvest" -- member of WDS Scientific Committee (2009-2012) and CODATA Executive Committee (2010-2012). She currently leads the "Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability" Work Package of the European ASTERICS astronomy Cluster, which aims at optimizing the usage of the data from the astronomical large projects through the Virtual Observatory. She is an active member of the RDA, in particular as member of the RDA Technical Advisory Board, and of the RDA Europe projects. She will be a member of the Data Seal of Approval Board starting 1 January 2016.
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welcome to today's ends with enough of the topic for today is sharing scientific that somebody is a case study for a change in paradigms in many of you will have heard people talking that the guy and you were told that the doctor they often say somebody's a good example of that or that Islamic theology and recently some of the stories that obviously sold all these problems from and so strongly things fall from all dealing with dark and very large sample means for a long fight and today we delighted to have a visit to the and losses from such a move up to talk about how astronomical got rules had been work and the integrated globally 3 astronomical which observatory and from files has been managing astronomical data for a very long time probably test known as the director of the stars just astronomical basin CDs that you speak about today but also as 1 of the authors of the writing label and the fall or document but not artist she's in science is the number of European bridges that should also talk about and cheese and involved research said alliance and that's all we eager to accept a culturally and encourage you need that by the year or so should talk more about some of the involved in as part of the sorts of national and handle has lost that OK and everybody's I know you are here but they don't see you but that the use of it so
the idea is that you know astronomy at aching for me that that is 1 of her my research hostages that the data that you need to be able to do research and the nest of it's interesting to to think about it because we are 1 of the discipline is what will be used to having being research 1 we haven't over the mountains of 1 of its onset and it's too many groups of nations so we are 1 of the disciplines which are associated with research infrastructures cheesy group answer as wants you not that's which is really interesting is that in this world where we have this be fiends it's required so if efforts and so on you will also now consider that is of research infrastructure it's here and I think this is a change in paradigm which is described in advance that the cities in which volatility physical going structure but in most cases that can also be a reception fast track and I would say it should be research and has such a notice the it's an acting bringing about our is this were working on his who made it happen so the idea here is to get you a story on the spot on the story of my view of story of what went in in nest on Williams to whoever off of it that
so what is that minus I don't use it on the eventually it seems evident that we have visited fuse on the mountains all on this so because of things among them Allen is in space and the observations and it's a them but they're out functional tests with an that is what is observed by more than a scopes in general I welcome to deduce quotas fall was a community answers the went get observation times and then this is a set of observations from that article in scope and in that case the is in charge of their scopes they care about our and just synergy and I will go back but me we also are the projects which systematic surveys of this kind when we're doing useful observations not just word into this kind of stuff on the form of what was about an emerging news observation with that of the sky which candidate in some projects with would you use that this set of measurements starting energy spectra answers this is on the observational side that balances of these and into this at for sense we also modeling and we want to compare mother English actually installations and this is also obvious looming and that we have a duty cells of and we have also on the results of that of the search process which I'll start coming into beverages for so on this is that we have to do with a few wall created to be serious about engaging the that and that's it in other cases we have also been the wrong with this value added that basis and end so on I was a the stars that this kind of or it has been created and it was created in 1970 to which is strong role will produce a putting that which was about the passing of time and the idea is to gather information about theory upon publication but to check it to modernize it to distributed so we are heightened sense I even example because he says that the system or should where that base which is correlation but which contains information about last Larita reader objects something that 8 million objects now 1 of the interesting information in that is whether it does or remains of objects and
you see here are example you don't into why and I'm sure you can achieve that he went but in that case the subject as 78 different bands found in the new cut telling get us so the system because of what happens and there is an added value how to put together all the names of the objects in a single base so when it burned would do it in high best will need they know it less than so they know when their goodies from the radio community inquiry Reljic anatomy and it's a single tree so this is quite scratching the source said rights can
another thing is that we started publications in which the subject has been cited in that case there are nearly free housing areas in which we'll check was cited and so this is very good but this is also a nightmare for users because what is not in some cases it just cited because someone say this subject is say that 1 and so we have around the neighbor to there'll the tool room which starts obligation by heart of Arts which means we know well the bullshit payment jails and and this gives us an idea of the importance of the objective all of big about from the objective fits into bank they're on the upside down key words if it's in the neighborhood of these things there is that of local changing figure caption and so on and those something about the way the baby that said it we know how many actually has been cited on many objects that all the big so so this is a recent work but it is a bummer for groupware users to define the airways in that kind of crazy and navigation wrinkles so 1
sharing that now in astronomy actually students at the end of our stance needs of the society so instruments it was now it's nearly impossible to west only by only observations with given you have to put the mayor of situations with different bikinis would give thick and it's got different wavelengths so you need to use that value will in general and you know they just said that someone had sent state and hold on background to understand the she's eager processes at work in future you have these of the I like this 1 of the company not there wasn't a salvage which exploded in that in that follows and there's some there's only 1 frozen there's something wrong Google and usually came old to go with NetSuite here what few mentally objects mentor filaments which logical will to 2 will follow from each other and in the end there is a very compact object and what you see why it is a matter what happens to a mountainside with respect to the object is is way and you understand what happens when you do it is only when you no it's not smart or sophisticated use of the sky at different wavelengths there is also the question of fact viability most objects salary at the comedies enough to interconvert and alteration that's 1 so you have you need to share that often different kinds of and the constitutional Wijk tuition he's infrastructures got the cluster and you are inclined to optimize its transferred and so that is the used to call different aims for the band from different objects proposed objectives of the office there's a
mobile so what happened for us is that that is available in energy is used so this means we have to understand part that astronomers of using the distributed that like that in the world there are more than it does from the future of of guys and formal our observations a half year and it's all along with other space
that is called in the the was fingers when the big was returned from the archives of rules and you see that our model and those from the archives and on it will just but it's observation tangible and also combination of of the new observations we look at and if I think my small example
CDs so we had more than 1 aide surrounded thousand who is that they are the city's last year so I need some you 1 of the components of the network this that it's the EU's so amazing
parents how we have a program that the former and bigger and the seventies they're out there for those at his teacher and into the basic so that ship we have a very strong condition of international or revelation we show that it's so and to do that we can go were very good book was Archbishop sufficient I think it was that a 1 there and then that is open to everybody to it and they get along better of them with ideas for everybody and also what we did review that is fully driven by community needs which means that when you haven't oxidation archival knowing lattices you think about your users and what about jobs so I think is is 1 of the key options so that
talking we began arranged we were earlier because of the way and we began to network and did use services and drummers in 99 trillion she cheese I would show you would be and the archives joined area very soon after that so before the end of the nineties we had a network of from sources the wrong about that and you
know so this is an example of the serving it working you out of the 8 years that base which is a new life and that the spending by NASA which aging stored underlying sources among these resources fail take establishing Jolla's when but we should suggest what man which of these theories on page and show you of the on page of links to 1 and that here and on the other side the sort loadings to the archive of Rizal said which is is in Spain and so you see you can be in the style of reading speed when the research in that they present here do that now and the end of the objects which results from the studies so this was on little all too hard
and then it was what then the water used and or use words but we wanted to do that so we've been seen we decided to use units access to that and not only do not quote resources and that marking to credit don't have that it should you give it out in key on 1 page to another and this text to explain on the pages to it 21 teaching about so this is the full power of the endowment we began to use on it because it was used willing devotes a virtuous eventually needs to assume a success story to the different we just equal 1 but and use you've already available that up in 1 direction of the escape once so we began that the term of the century missing it's very have passed because you have to you have some doubts to make our this in there will others to share the way it did you really need to share some of it is sealed resources and the use of resources where there characteristics and information about when they do weren't so so that Europe so that reframe markets was invented that in each star belts and it's also pool is that and you needs to be able to discover to access and we use them so we need another alliance which is good international world Europe some earlier I am still you find most of us it's only at night I answer national viewing we should use their years in spite of the World Wide Web consulship adapted well what needs and every time it was posted murder we made sure to use genetic it amounts because well that's a nice origin I don't you know we can be seen as a successful but as a reagent I we are much we have only Kimmich features seasonal was you along that line is movement that anyway and we have a look at the which asked that really is useful out here so we are talking about and average again to use what we have done and out of the broken link to other resources but I will send you a lot of time and efforts and it's not easy to define the generative distant unite elements of that
high so then we shall interested you can use it to the chair of the linked page ideally the a reaI here if they choose you that you know political rights if your mind his countryman Goodnight is going to last week and I just came from the region to share yesterday do we have to go to meetings should share to discuss the stalled which are most stood into starts initiation bring sentiment words and so on and the last 1 was a few times beautiful less so that states its so here if you are interested graphing job astronomers knew what here which should Belgisch Rexall lots not water here but and you are here if you want to know how work is she's follow what we do or when its engine weeds against on and she was the 1 that how we have organized so this is a somewhat
trademark users how to put the reactant challenge facing murder its functions we need to find out how to get should to users that is a sharing and we need some things at the meeting that needed to be able to walk the so this is the functions then this is all the walks which are walking tool for refuse to work out the twin neighbors these functions the latest film resources funding getting is that taxes for the localization here we off with the language that monitors formats and so on and show the users and share rapport minders which can be in computers and archives and so on and the users can be will encourage and computers so we have to be here that so that they under chosen queries on this year's itself most of their mouth full poems which will the that the system was trained you knew you see that day on the on that the world banking and the number of minutes no such so here you are just to fall hard not to heighten your beautiful the Iast all I naturally it's and up to date completely that if you have an ancient access for the law corresponding that eminent from starts a new award machines we have better up and when we have a new song out yeah it appears yeah we order is that about which often they teach so it's a complex public speech based on It's very difficult because you dwell in dimension order weapons starts but I can say that that it began gave you it was creating hot tool and now we
have something which is all the rage and a dozen of the addition of all of this so I you know that it's interesting you know there are similar disciplines many disciplines while beating it's simply not in general there are energy frame of a labeled with do it these things can be different because in just did not different they have different she's till they they have different organizations cultural and so on and then hitting you you have to do the same thing and what would be that it's that for the which what do you have to find your best bet that it sticks of what we do know is that it's inclusive and open which means we are in in the world you know you should about you gotta physics and so on and then things but it's still happening there used to be be on and is English is something that you have the world is now the case we have these different this goes and you from Mom bands in different countries must eliminate their national by a sense over where n is the works of the mean of the bulge in this country but you do so as we do not have we did not have a sampler point of adult with can the sense that it's we we work we need a major during World and we have if we are serious about sharing that when he to grow and then so this was dismissed from the starting point but what would you literature of salad and if elaborates on the networking of its so the idea is to have more which is open review this means that you can anyone can participate and to source is the that is free of you who were to access the GA and you can do that by encouraging machine in Delaware did today are on with that would so we don't care about how new genes view this is your business it's that you would use this to the literature but if you want to be a member and if you fueled but participate should you have to be applied to query to answer really than we have started and put the words you have less of who can be released as natural that answer 1 and this well but I do what you wish vowed to which out entirely all forms when the publications we have is the is in easy but if it is successful so it gonna we feed back so it's useless because you don't see it and so there's some kind of radiation energy into the latter clever research agency from and it's it's too many people but it is used in various it then leading because when they use might scientists that we really into another 1 that uses the array of Boeing and since the services and to allow the user Newell inference that is we have grown recently hovering about which means that not all you know we put drops of Grichin digits say that in the in the the the bidding gross review and that that that will make since began to invent some of you begin rocks them up as a service they only have to do that they can do things and we see more and more we have an Excel example Tidioute we discovered to be 1 last week can we never go to buy their own that things where they all line there that in the and they are used as as building blocks their sources and solution in talks so this is also to say but it's
not only that which is in there will be others but those pools which indicted you can broadcast visits we understand about which allows to both us from 1 between the to another so you can go home and image to work they buy of objects and that got this stinks and just thinking no online stocking out what objects here who can find well subject chasing named the new unit pain but on the image I had on the proteins table and so on and this is a spectrum so you then event played out with a different orders and so you can have different views on the study of objects and said you know it's solutions huge have to which are connected to each other as soon as saying we don't have any to peaceful
success sent home DesignStudio's each interconvert semantics is that all of those will be in the whole that others need which means that you need get along web-based whatever you don't know too narrow of organs eventually it although but in the end of that information in since hunger that alright been that you don't need 1 updates that so it's such so such immediate what they review framework you have to do some work on your site to be able to answer the previous and so on we make a workshop with you loved him that after like those 2 years ago and we were surprised in a sense to see how many that many people already have to look at the start of the frame of word framework and with that 1 and they understand the anywhere that you use Maltese you need to know that and so I you spoke about creating an agent before they insisted on the fact that when you see the framework and the star wealth and so on and the 2 words you don't need to invent with it was the body of the work to date with what is being will signal that there are something excellent GAG burger on up to 100 1 out of 20 different and in the end you eat watching them puberty well who would you want to do the song out and the tours so we see by the work that they call was solutions and as I said Buffalo and sharing that also intervals which can be useful for you as in the service we should all light-emitting with visualization tool there is no need for about you his coat or right it's on 1 of the lake and the 1 which Foxfire for memory and so they say something
so the last sentence of view is that of the free market operation there at exists 1st you know you was what was important things so we want to make it so that I have a long hard age and hydrogen renewed of future much objects or reduce would collect so doing
alumni during the methods we have been doing the isolobal go do we II and and and we have a series of fuel in it's funded by the new world in collission and human methods which is why I give you a few Abulhasan but yeah the messages to gain this kind of thing so we have national initiatives in Europe at long might country but then there are some in other countries of slow and we had to was used for do world navies attitude using your and doing but we honestly but the free periods in this kind of things he said you have to pull writes about that all right to have led to calls to update the framework we have to say about the astronomers there said you should use a dual you begin to winners and also to buy or writing tutorials and so on and the founded that nor you got actually choose what they view framework for somewhat and so we have similar you put its rest once the 1 which is just a little City introduced at the beginning of this year
and now we only in and out of phase which means we have to reveal operation learned and we want to do better came into account future automated out for DEC's of of the guy is used at best use of it and this then you use and so we're going we have 1 about the notch for during which has been said that he was will do mission with devoted to make crystal of its what is it this clear is review will be instructed to crawl on all these problems hostages so-and-so released established that you will be another very large infrastructure for dissidents rather than a you rendered using the screen this and you know this will have mutual you kind of things we have to this so the idea is to make sure all right but that home is being its freeze we can be fully available intervention full virtual upset that we need so that they are in general than others in the rest of the they are from the Indian dimension and well trained and so this is for the airline I don't do that because they haven't used to do exactly the same so we're happy the cloud of quotas for over the whole muscle was due to the cluster of these big projects and in order for them to read that it was involved and
that that was an important part of this question and so you see here this is a chunk of it is the array this game I'm sure you've heard about these you think this goes and the but the world did but of its and this is a validation and Periscope condition where is called which is now the next screen that it's being and it's useful to have it at all so
which is in question Shiite unduly video we have that the people that are real name the wait will to both from that the archives which represents the guys which he got archives and so we have natural we never of things which are much the ruined but she's she's the needs of that up in this case a project which together with the field you brought in a new world on any any Spain in the very well training and the teams of people would their review framework and also the result that use of the large projects that you can about the politics sensors and there I find as it was various fees are much younger edition so we need to have clear that they had they had a friend doesn't stupid with it's not yes for the meaning it's as totally and as topological physics which include new messenger elect under about between us and them and on combination of ways yes so the audience seldom upset only the the telescopes in chile is associated with an easier you will get space agencies is that associated that they are working there was a revelation revised out there that go much unchallenged anyways forms are and the world
so any of you so this was part of the that and for me I don't like that it and that a bad thing so I know anything about astronomy good that is both gets for the power we have these these things from observatory archives admission to 9 that as this but we also about what it is that obligations we began to benefit from publication on 1990 tree with renewal in and we have that other top as we choose to be printed on paper and we would have on the war on select that can be used the numbers can be in use now images ThinkPad injuries and so on so you have all this month they but when the lines in the sand so he says that get out of the sky survey with to be and walls and they are to see that we would use me so this is that we have called you have another is that a sense the instant Years in the Service which has gotten easier and
this is what is involved for us do that but is very dangerous so it's old trees and all Drupal Mrs. so-and-so but it's better than you did you write communication is fully discover lover and use of on the verge rules about the world and to their word rhodopsin reduces about all with that the density and depending on the number of measure of points which are in the that these that kind of a scary and if you do we only that where you can do with extremely our hoofing bake such information problem work require action here this is a spectrum falling object which is near from points X touching home where the assets of a different way the accent jobless spongy into the origin and the so you you know it wishing about where it comes from and you can using which so
soldiers I think let's go back to where they began which was long will now the way we do science imagesetting change from the northern completely because that is available online and we have to get all the other and that kind of so I already told you that I want to insist only that in astronomy we are seen as 1 of the guys that it included begins flora lectures who then when page in other words we lose a lot of his efforts and I think it's too much so the research so far that is finished ads and they all have the same level as the big ones and so too will the tool to run the parity scores varies feast as a huge data is changing and its ability to be 1 of the package g of some of the things people could be that and this is not a good
thing on which to relax assumption said only this is a user user-centered approach not to keep that in the conclusion that this is a great to the consequences this static by would always so the energy and it's not just the technology may want to consider whether to acknowledge the support of the 1 just to enable a science so technologies into among name I should have added presentations and correct there are consequences of the main as far as and that sharing the same if we spend lots of time hassle years to evaluates what along with the big protein is to identify whether they should go on but we know very well that we have to treat well whereabouts because it by really there but I got to use bats roots in their heart currently who sort organs and to use after smashing there and when you are here for for 2 years or more and 4 years we've been at the ball to do for living because you really have to steady which going 1 and which was which is useful for us from you and which has a chance to remain a peaceful you understand very well that gene faulty tree is now which sensitive religious many many many times so I'm not taking you you have to stay in the same way as we would have been better off boat but you want to do is number and to understand to to make sure the researchers found in acknowledged and she eventually long ones and
then some element of what we do I used by nearby disciplines and again I already said that the genetic parents which are the key points of edges filled resources and the local coverage is scholarly and look it's can be interfaced with region and that framework so those kind of
moved to a mountain article was showing Santi she does not know want candy corn open science so all into a much bigger bulge Rouge'' aging but come from this country will be because well I have who country but of members of the G. minority but how should you induce a solid state so I should not speak both but it is an idea of where were at which these things up again I don't have in June 2013 the G-8 ministers of research made a very very strong will and make a statement you can't find you issue missed Caesar 8 stepped out of the June 2 hearts and hedging was in England in in your case so you can find it on that which governments that is also my mother amount from funding agencies at for that management plants and so on there will be demand for question that that it was to have that form what exist posted in bed was injured in clusters of what into so this moving to lost the banal thing we have been doing for a long time so everybody is moving on to what that I think we did by news was inventors and reality goes on to chapter essence rambling whether it was really he could do shared services so so this
is my last year what I made it you word well but it's good to remind but his research areas was founded in March was honored for that you might inspire you give Galician USA National Science Foundation or not miss so there are the other 1 is from immediate were gently won't into such that enables our assumption that well and thousand members which is a lot of the solutions such as smoke Chopin in moment our 2 countries this is fully but some that good already aspects of sand that showing it Where'd you got as well as histological so maybe you want to know about it 4 P's enjoyed and here's predicted for slides so we now have time for questions this after the question I'm at Sydney's funding the slow while the conference was he made fool of the neutral was you draw metadata was validated by publication so do you mean by that that simply having data associated with the publications means the data is somehow more valid or there's something else going on and emergency there it was that the hard work that the helium to about negation mean someone his through the research was remember that I'm certain you know you can put the error which has been done but it will you the way for all computer your discriminant it's completely different from the pull but English so I really think that there is that the revocation Besnard mandate that sense with lights and that happened at a case it gives an idea of the method that if food but the results are meaningful and so it's called it's different from engaging in a really stuff some the game but from someone and that's what we do when we get to the energy of motion with when the when
you go back to and to school you know in this frame here
in this hall before we proved that that are comfort women description almost 10 we check that has some of the values people we have a description we'll get checks of things the ladies in the energy that you know we have 1 of the warden It's going to alternate teachers of value home on if these things which and we also have this chance because when something is wrong we have users will country the so some can you know when something is here we have to say that threw it to that in some given not like that in mind this you can view the world that to be as good as possible so we go and that would probably changes and and this is done and Beijing that he to the effect that the research process is somehow that endangered by efficiently is an important point that in this case I validated and not just by publication but also by you or I believe we just writing additional alleviated we had additional value because the fact that that kind of this connection we had edged with that is something which explains what it should fugitive favor on science each program at a you know it's each column we know what teachers and so on so this you will be it said it's something different than that given by the radiation is the sense that the beach but the idea again thinking so we have whereas about 400 by the end asking is that the book does it run use at 1 0 6 loving by the 1 of an 18 month embargo and what's the starting point is the staff of from the date of observational that lodgement OK so in that case I think it's there's something which is how children that have matching solutions to the fact that we ignored to make very good pulverizers all to get observation diamond it up on that is goes because when we do get that allergies as used for investment as possible so we had to spend lots of time and I hope to was and then this election was 1st Annual World of the pressure is extremely high in some cases so we think it's failed he was to give them some time however that rational and said Spiegel adjustment that the and standard so some way to keep having to go to the gym to of great children that right so this is a magic solution I know some of you where show that meeting but it's number and so on that they think he should have matched solution to continue between will wage the content of that anger over that at enhanced structure because you get extremely good that you group was un-Islamic singing with and so and then give birth to of the families and so this is it's not their fault but it's the Internet reads timeouts that things which comes with with that in some cases there are that is known that will need some projects that that days immediately on available not everyone using lasted places with which stone from 2 to to share that happiness and then they have the feeling that in many public places where they were we have it need they debated share there are it is coaching the U.S. and now they showed that public-key has not been known from the very beginning see so you I think it's simply of high-dimensional it so it gives a chance to write 2 of of application into 1 and pack aging too much ceases to from the user and I think I am not sure about to start they created the aging cancer date at which people get used to the thought that up and computational and the background of so people get that so it's not as from the date of its which but thinking we have another question seen now and add the discipline style in the wake of the success the song years had is this something magical about astronomy and is also think who will wear aging but the fact that people do so you shall but the 1 under the Liskov was important remember what you're gonna scope of chief years ago although I was 1 of which you will engines you need to find a good rule the world will show that for all the reasons and that if you are a few these would be broader than we do snowboarding in or order not you cannot a so I want quickly understand it because you have any questions so it is changed so we seeking to organize its so to say that I am in the door they tried to to shore some of the hormones but what refuse to to make it but this can have been I can give you an idea can give advice from and for the people and discuss with them and but there is no magic the so this slightly naughty I heard that 1 of the reasons that astronomers 2nd share that data is that is no commercial value the aging edentulous usually right you don't even know I rented them on the View Austin School and the fact that there is local Russian I bet means that we do what we now fall wasn't part was thinking so question asking about half the you know the conventions citing astronomy data making the point that this as false losses just sits stronghold for sharing data and sends doing it what about citing well I think that's 1 of the best days in Louisiana and from which is on the screen and a give sites I don't of paper of easier because his signed not with you alright but we have TAG which is the hunger that you look at if you'll see if all users as for the next 100 this so the got are supposed to say to cite you know and you know what to say that it was the observation so and so on that instrument from the theories of so we are currently working on that yeah you in without session dual and there is a discussion and you white and there are ways of staging which are simply too right so that she won't use that on the fiscal the observation number so and so on and this is something which which is supposed to be done by a practice that is a hobby direction human-readable ACSM and another that we were discussing exactly that but they always we have of stages which are well defined because and sold out his key ideas and I think it's in everybody's wouldn't would your eyes so it would be done this pocket question about the main dada standards used in the astronomical community is that there will be the standard that's used by Stormers in their day-to-day work or is that says that's used primarily forgot sharing of conversion no good and the bad times would use huge sheets but we good fits and so give everybody use feature out who's who usually rise and means feats of features and with the green whose parents if I'm wrong but under different versions if it's above our different versions but basically accused each here that there are there is in the gulf it's for following images and that you know it's it's whenever a prospect crime so eventually to scheme you know that you know when you haven't been discovered that you receive the generalities fit and so some genes decades gatekeepers to escape the fibers not trying to use other kinds of formats because it's a bit to different revealed that that you so we have also a very lively discussion on that so much not used in everyday life features that are used and then press and for the benefit of personal to the HITS format ontology that's it's very nice because it's so document is to end it looks like a bunch copy who was but that that actually have a good time of aims to be a way that that AG Cryovac and good on this is very bad weather her and what had guessing the and the wrong way the report will show how sparse contributing to as a member of the other lakes that were mentioned in needs to develop and use new ways to measured data value and reward contributors as the idea I engage with the users around the value of that and I do is not to bridge a great organization and you in his just do we need them all our region so it's that 1 of the questions we had a nice thing that you're measuring that value we will kind of citations which can be done we can count for the number of and strings are stated in publications you but it's not completely done for a moment and I 0 so as we say page because it's not we all
know it's up to you to no I can have them when matrix so it is this is really an issue and they agreed that they would want world I think that the for us for instance students false yes it's very important to be able to say that that always we have this number queries I gave you we can and everything that it had a bird in here on it but again will probably neglected as in quickly now so this is 1 of the things you can find on the website and we do research on emotional right visionary genius services mean as cited you in what follows on it was last year what is the out there that it's because that would explain but don't give up to 2 states of the system that admitted that constitutes so I can use the the improvement of the solicitor to ask for a question on that I know that the analysis they showed us the hubble space telescope showing that more than half of the publications were from dada reuse rather than from initialization that in order for them to collect that information was actually quite painful they had to do a combination of text mining and searching and Ozal's apartment things work out which publications are associated with which data which is what we would be posted back up OK so the point is not what we do for its just about ballet hands but so it's 1 of the reasons we also consumed you always but still because without you I think it will be easy to find information and resolutions that's it that's it so we can use throughout work to enable 20 interest and to enable an excellent infrastructure to make the same patience and that is a little but the shows on complete your next door but it's not winning at energy out so they are not have now united by K so question about the underlying data at our in our database that paper points to make changes goes like chicories years or observations at the using that of easier make any particular obtained the handle is changing and the the question makes a DOI based out publication should not and as working inside the time and I am not sure that's the whole reason office said it was necessary to give us a hand AS false you might we are changing that not only be we actions and going about that so we have consumer that not coming from the communications which is we have wait for people to put their locations on the object saying this is a long and way that we were so fine arrows when we include other that so that we go and that that it was Cuba's don't home so he said you really want something which is as good as it was but so we do it it we select things in when given the story of a changes and I think region you I will discuss this to available and the and the other some things you never changes finishing rendered Stewart basin in there is an understanding of some of them do I which is a new article on Russian now so this is something which is to be discussed I know where it were shot at me when I say change that that and other incentives for the most we show that the other people material from the outside because they think something is here which examines watch the fee but well so this is a big discussion about looking cross-section but we all user we for a user to know too well but it Serbia pragmatism of the purines and is evaluated the mesh on so question about data disposal of astronomers routinely dispose of data will be keyed everything just let these long and the expectation of the outside or just yes I'm not sure about well so so that's that's the easy examples so we know that some instruments like the escape you can't giving as promises way I'm not sure I have think the question is talking about is having the greatest talking about once you decided this is a useful observation that part of the sky the lecture I would happens is that the list him for that you don't want to be an entity or but the agencies which the hurricane Liskov you know they have them only to keep that out and to make it available on the old file or have for a moment minister so no you actually still that these of this scope and his I'm I know full space that it was not part of you case said a beginning but now the archives nearly everywhere and open up its right so there where do long difficulties for instance all then in mission so our for our son his face in his 5th nations but they're not going to think it's worth it that got scared binding agents and distributed betting agency and all this sodium and they go back and ask for a question how do you keep the data the error even where in that has that and said all course I think I guess it's with obligation you know the word for publication but you don't change at the cage OK so in some cases we have consumer perched Reljic all programs room when when we find that kind of addition there can be you know seem that the bird at etched with the the big bearing now would that they saying this is wrong this is since the event is an hour so try to keep track of these things but the traditions stay as they are because it's related but that is the but we had I am a cisterna last question that's effect wanted and went out as use from the by the way is the process for allocating credits to you observable the archive and follow up on that idea procedures facilitating collaboration on new publications based on shared basis in the simplest is systolic and so I think it's him he would pocket fed parties you know when you use that back where it comes from from the ways that you did that that you know where it comes in so you're supposed to do horrible patterns know and there and so we say I have little no other so that when we send that that we did that on the you know we know where it is Sweden right comes from it's thought of it that you can use and when that when you have this piece for the with the you were here each fondness and leading to new original data by archaic and the officiating good relation I I think that's on publication based and show that I think this is top of Group which last 1 of the instruments in there is no true do much and it back to show that you always proof which allow you to access to that data which has in the archives of the that and system in that environment that that basis so it's just a vector that that's year and then manage I the the person ask the question about whether the underlying data will change was motivated by the problem of reproduce unknown like this where the immigration ground oops is which would distribute you know I'm just use swelling path I guess because it's very hard to reproduce observation you know that the solution is to you go in the course assumes information that the observations fields and you have economic so that I don't think we're going on for the injured some decisions to use cloud over the origin of America is found you fakery him that pretty dense was that we are managing this kind ground so that again I know what you should be at university what you'll be be able to have what was the starting burned the hope and science but not the past but so I suggest new science and the college is not what you should be kept but maybe we only use for a SATA the last comment in my question boxes think uses an excellent question and answer session of I would agree with that I your with question that you for the rest of his out to big through approaches have not had his makes me if you knew are around 1 and yesterday this theory really held every meeting cured residents up so that you for the excellent residence and he fell Sussin it's about science and funds for a lot of again upon IT and thank you