Release 10: How to create or add a new record (Pt 3)

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Release 10: How to create or add a new record (Pt 3)
Part 3 of a series of orientation videos for Release 10 of the ANDS Collection Registry - May 2013
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Recorded 14th May 2013 How to create and add a new record is the third in a series of orientation videos designed to help users navigate the screens of the ANDS Collection Registry. Other videos in this series include: 'How to Manage your Administrator's Dashboard' 'How to Manage your Records'
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this is an overview of how to create and add a new record to the Anne's collection registry once you've logged
in and opened manage records there are
two places to create a new record the first is under my data the second is to press the add a new record button in
either case you'll need to select a creation template for the right type of record on the left is an icon for the record time and on the right a small question mark icon which will take you to more information about each of the
record classes we'll add a collection first you'll be prompted to complete information required for record administration this includes a record key if you don't have a predefined key structure then you can use the generate random key but you choose a data source a group and a collection type if you're
in any doubt about what these elements mean the question mark icon links to detailed information in the content
providers guide we've made this
collection a data set so we've completed the elements and we can now add a new collection from this point we can start
working through each of the menu items on the left to create a rich record the conventions of building a record are similar for each element let's go to the names element tab by way of orientation note that there's always a Help button over on the right whenever you see a question mark such as the icon next to the names element you'll be sent to the relevant
information in the content providers guard the orange squares indicate that
the content is required or mandatory the blue squares indicate the content is recommended the save and validate button will save your record and provide you with feedback on your draft we'll come back to that in a moment but note that the same button is available beneath the elements on the left let's give our collection a primary name should we want to add an abbreviated name we can add a name and choose a type you can delete an element or part of an element by clicking the red X you can use the previous or next tab buttons to move back and forth between the elements or you can simply press the element names you can also exit without saving this takes you back to your records if I
choose a pre-populated record to save
and validate you'll see that your record has been saved you can publish your record or if it's required in your workflow submit the record for assessment you can preview the display of your record in research data Australia you can access a quality level
report to see how you could improve your record you can see that I can keep
editing from the left hand menu or if
you've finished editing you can go back to managing your records if you want to
know more about managing your records watch the video in this series entitled how to manage your records