Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - OAI-PMH Provider

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Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - OAI-PMH Provider
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Interested in harvesting data from the ANDS Collection Registry to use in your repository, catalogue or website? This video gives a brief introduction to the ANDS Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) provider.
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thanks everybody for turning up draw been here business analyst in the services team the OA OA I pmh provider
which has been in the registry for quite a while now it's just our implementation of OA I it works we basically use it as the main method of getting data into it the answer registry that people can also use it to get data out of the registry it obviously conforms with the oip maj spec is everybody thats implemented it has two people can use it to export records out the registry from specific groups which have been recently updated since the last time they asked us for data and again it's just another way of providing things like peek lists or websites that display records from specific providers so again just the
address research data Australia that I
answered all today you thought / developers the web services themselves
they're not as pretty because there's no
real fancy front end to them there's obviously the description in the use cases for each of the services how
people might want to implement them in the useful points of breath about them there's a couple in some of the services they're a little bit trickier there's some sort of a fake use or common questions about the services just to
help out and a couple of example uses of working service calls and that's pretty
much all of god