Looking for Patterns: understanding the role of the Data Librarian - 27th May 2013

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Looking for Patterns: understanding the role of the Data Librarian - 27th May 2013

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Looking for Patterns: understanding the role of the Data Librarian - 27th May 2013
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Luis Martinez-Uribe explains the role of a Data Librarian through a use case where the Data Librarian recognizes patterns that allow for the development of scraping scripts to return PDFs of newspaper articles.
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as part of my role as a Bates librarian at the Institute of one March in Madrid Spain I help researches in the creation of their data sets researchers that I'm
working with is looking at how the identification of Catalonians in Spain is affected by the the news in the in the newspapers the challenge for the
researcher here is to have all those from pages from the newspaper so that he can start doing the coding and what I'm doing to health is actually scripting a
data scrubber that will actually
download all those PDFs for the dates requires for for the front pages of
those newspapers that the researcher can actually use them without having to download them one by one in order to do
these I use a web tool called scrapper wiki and that allows me to look for patterns in in the web sites that actually hold all those newspapers and and identify the way in which they've
actually coded the website and almost the engineer that so that I can figure
out the way in which they call they store the PDFs and so that I can actually download them all and I guess and the researcher is trying to see whether when this lot of news with a
negative connotation about the
relationship between Spain and Catalonia whether that actually has an effect on
those so pinion pools and that particular question that is asking those opinion polls about the feeling of being Catalan in