Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - Location Capture Widget

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Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - Location Capture Widget
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The ANDS Location Capture Widget allows you to instantly enrich your data capture system, adding geospatial capabilities such as custom drawings and place name resolution (using the Australian Gazetteer Service and Google Maps API).

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the next one the location capture widget
again most of you will be familiar with this one we've had this for quite a while now since published my data back in their 2009 I think it has been extended a little bit in the last year to provide resolution fire the Australian desert here and also obviously Google services and this is another really great widget that people can incorporate into their data capture tools where they can record information about say where the data is being collected where in activities taking place and other spatial information like that the widget itself obviously you can record points you can draw your own regions custom regions you can resolve coordinates lat long coordinates and you can also do the search in Australia gathered here in Google itself that's another really handy widget and we've had some good response on that one people looking to use it
so again just the address research that
Australia that I answered all today you thought / developers and this is basically the homepage so at the top we
just have a couple of menus obviously to the widgets for web services the registry of software and the community itself and just their little slideshow showing a couple of the widgets that are available there's also links down the
bottom with a little bit more of a description about each of the items that are available in the toolbox so I'll just click on the widgets now when you
come in terms of the widgets landing page which has a listing of all the widgets that are available so these are all the ones that I've just gone through so as you can see the widgets themselves
are really well documented we have some
use cases from how people might want to use them with a description about the widget itself quick links to the sections within the widget documentation the immediate downloads of the software itself so the packaged up wizard that people can install you'll notice that there's two widgets to download options there the first one is just that the source code as it normally is the second one is a minute I'd version which is basically the code all stuck together onto a single line basically to make it faster for the applications to read and download and literally that as I said they're they're really easy to implement these basically copy and paste the code here and put it into your web page and you'll have a functioning reach it we
have a few demos on the page to see to show people how they can be configured than ever and they're down the bottom in
this is pretty much the same across all the widget documentation there's a sexual and configuration which probably doesn't mean a lot to me until it to others but is if you're a developer you'll understand for the properties and and things that can be passed or implemented into which in themselves to customize the look and feel and the functionality itself in in the region