Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - getMetadata API

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Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - getMetadata API
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A spotlight on the ANDS Developer Tool Box -- getMetadata API A brief introduction to the powerful open source getMetadata API, which can be used in your applications to perform complex search queries against the ANDS Collection Registry. It differs to the other Collection Registry APIs in that it returns a JSON representation of the metadata fields and not the original RIF-CS XML."
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thanks everybody for turning up y'all been here business analyst in the
services team the next service is quite
similar to the get roof CS service it
differs in a way that it actually returns data formatted in JSON which is another structured format and by doing that they can actually pick and choose the fields that they want to return in their queries and it makes more lightweight basically so they can optimize performance of their applications they may just want a title and a brief description let's say for search results or something instead of pulling back the whole roof CS chunk for each record the service itself allows simple spatial services searches as well and they can obviously do searches across the whole index that we have been in research data Australia so again just
the address research data Australia that I answered all today you fought / developers the web services themselves
they're not as pretty because there's no real fancy front end to them there are
little explanation diagrams for each I
think nearly all of the services that we have just shown look how they work there's obviously the description and
the use cases for each of the services how people might want to implement them in the useful points breath about them as you can see here before you start the
one thing to note about the services themselves is that any development wants to use them actually has to register for a AP i-- key that they pass when they call them services and that's just the way of us knowing and identifying who's actually using the services you don't have to be user with a lot on to the registry you can just click the link and it will take you to a publicly
accessible page where you fill out the organization contact email and why you want to use the API key and you click register in it right there and then generate your key to pass with the
service calls in much the same way is the widgets we have tables containing all the parameters that can be passed to the services themselves and again the developers will understand that if they don't they can get in contact by the community forum it's a couple in some of
the services they're a little bit tricky it is sort of some sort of queues or common questions about the services just to help out and a couple
of example uses of working service calls and that's pretty much all of God