ORCID: Australian and NZ institutional perspectives - 27 August 2014

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: ORCID: Australian and NZ institutional perspectives - 27 August 2014

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ORCID: Australian and NZ institutional perspectives - 27 August 2014
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ORCID and Australian Universities
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ORCID aims to address the problem of unique identification of researchers by giving individuals a globally unique identification number that lasts over time. Some of the world’s largest publishers, funders, and institutions have adopted ORCID and community uptake has dramatically increased over the past year. On 29 July 2014, the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) co-sponsored a national roundtable on ORCID to reflect on the progress of ORCID internationally, share national perspectives on ORCID, discuss institutional views of ORCID adoption and facilitate practical measures that can meet institutional needs. The Speakers: ORCID and the University of Melbourne - From Data Entry to Data Glue by Simon Porter, ORCID at Sydney University by Nathaniel Lewis, UQ and ORCID by Heather Todd

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well maybe when it's care and busines taking a penny by match for all coming into the his pocket where the now and i'm being presenting and heartaches ayers lemon.
asked in today's level as fun to try and all these china national disaster this and all councillors jenin eunice yoon librarians because these is starting a joint interest gentle runners action.
the more after all it and gay seen as your he invested you know a little bit about organ that are just beginning ashura will you may not be where the background. it aims to address the problem and unique a good patient rizzo basij as i'm getting individuals are largely unique had in haitian among the last time some of the world's largest publishers rules she shuns have adopted orange and community and has to rank the. on twenty nine july and seeing it ends and all has sponsored a national brand had one or one sure our is what internationally share injections they is already discussed international institution use on already got show and this year that had no idea who reaches that. many institutional winning. and the presentations the that were short our alderney enslaves side all and you can stay on doing today with watch all astray one of those ages who should they were patients on the round table and also the institutions they do on your machine g.. because it is today at the top arenas you queensland tenuous roominess you see me and some and osha from the unit is you know when ryan trashy usually in a busy all and is also a day that day that he's presentations that honey and six. this is a good today is at hand. hardy's directors are and how machine. each has actions it isn't eunice you was an armory so is she has increased the which is way way talking to you today. and his gang handed to him now said it hit in statute presentations i k well thank you did joining mason are quite strange major percent this without actually saying faces.
in the run but anyway i was see how you go so i'm going to talk about they all could experience a university of queensland so we're very interested in your kids for a while and one of our staff members has been appointed as an orchid ambassador which bicycling allows her to caper deitch and received quite a lot of him.
my shin for all kids and we do promote or kid whenever possible for instance in shining classes discussions with researchers and if anybody sort of a mouse us and our says question about hair a sort of were fully operational shipper on the hyper we always tight the opportunity to tell them you know and whatever you do don't get to. for for no kid and we've just signed up for an institutional subscription because we plan to roll at all kids street the organization the lottery manages the institution or positively which we call you q a space and we do have an identity management aspect that but it's.
it is rather static because we have a major research they i.p.i. ok i hear ice and users can manage their different identities in a preference is package which i assure you in a strain also so what we've done is we've allowed academics to put in their online identity. his and then with a single u.r.l. i could have all of us identities links are to show you a couple of pages so this screen shot here is at preference pie each on air positive trait you have to be logged in to do this and you can say that there's an opportunity to.
to manually enter for water identities paper australia scopus or kid and google scholar. you might sell ways researcher i jaywalk because we sort of have a different implementation for that we automatically at that researcher i will automatically add the researcher i day to see staff members profiles someone so once starred that she entered in their author identifiers. they can log in and if i can assure them our publications you could actually say on the top right hand corner for this and researcher that i've got all of their online identities listed survey click on any of them their college their researcher idea care until they're ok to care so with.
by that possible and we've got up there to just over two hundred all kids in the system at the moment one of the things for us to talk about was at business drivers for and as a set to fall the lottery does house the institution repository and where heavily involved in her take and error program side therefore.
it's essential we have good also i did occasion and just to give you an idea each he publishes a bet ten thousand publications a year so it is important the way a sign the right type which the right academic and we've we do together and artistry whether science since the scotus i.p.i. and researcher artery. and we do know this some under-reporting and when we implemented to sculpt this i.p.i. last year were quite surprised how many new records were guarding the we go because i we knew there was under-reporting we didn't know how much under a portion. and we all side think it's its best practice and we've got a lot of support from the office of the deputy farce chancellor research and they're behind the project but the largely were late project and say you have the universe a lot many other universities have various policies on oath roughly ice.
even on all the papers with our work clothes all new academic staff are encouraged to have a researcher i did a or.
also link their existing account to you q and we encourage them to clean up this scopus identities and we provide information to do that and with their a surcharge a program it's currently managed by administrators are labour would like to move to an orphan manage process in the future. and in france's we just gone out mouse a lot of stuff person information for a year and we've had over one hundred request to people to link their a searcher arteries so the new it says around the implementation is that you care research is probably like every other research is really resistant at work.
so we're going to have to try and make it is easy for them as possible and we do appreciate that way now the largest very important search is a more lot it's tight knowledge of the project he said director to buy the day they say our research all have a say so this some things we've got. to take into account and as part of our communication strategy we want to get the message out from the highest level possible within the university and then because this involves achebe work we need to prioritise the development with the work to support era and her tick so our plans for the future.
share is to have an application way you q academics can manage their online identity really easily and we just again want to promote the the the a space you are aware it's possible for you to academics to have a single u.r.l. and. link to their online identities and even sort of link that to their e-mail signature for a z access to their identities so that's what you queues experience with your kid is thank you i urge you or any mortgage you think your muted coal miners to socialise some director of research.
during an all-star and systems of the universe you see. ever finishes see a third see an era submission for you this just sitting among other things we a manageable it research information of their research is a contracts in grants and meantime information systems that all added up out of the work that we do is to look good. of a technological issues such as awkward and say what sort of value that could add to them just the mention of research information.
as i have been asked to talk a little bit about having age was all could have some of the business travel is one of the fee to services and some integration challenges in any sort of sexual issues so i'm not want to write so at the university and with identified organisers a good opportunity stranger work across as a research for sawyer larger. the i.c.t. and ends of course it's been presented to us saying exactly group in the research treaty and serve all the danes and ideas university well aware of a little kid and now it's up to us to think about had a week in clinical cross sydney and so we joined organising institutional member in june. and this year and so when at the planning stage shun and considering what are the biggest the of the policy implications for all could literally to some of the implementation is as well as implementation challenges around integrating and with the internal systems we use the space itself as a minor pose a tree full. l a array and as these missions with the software which is a man recalls tree of research information we also need to integrate with high chair and i say to be going forward if we looking at identity management. in terms of the allotment to raise its strategy we see oprah is another tool to enhance that equality the accuracy and consistency of information allows us to do some triangulation between scopus thompson various funding bodies as well and i think when the biggest challenges we face is around. affiliations research as well. could presents us with an opportunity to in force for system identifies with got some research is with wood says them i think is one specific example would have got a two hundred identifies in scope this for this gives us an opportunity to to minimize those different a researcher of days. and the and bring someone i should have the process game and change your book is so crossed a different systems and acting as affiliations and publications grants to and also help us with a nexus compliance so we can report against the entire nation. for us it's about maximizing the performance of the of the university in terms of its some his research performance to help with that reporting the us government come government compliance reporting and also rankings as well it's about it and spectacle eighty and the accuracy of that data and how will you know this huge represented in terms of the few to services. it's going to impact across a few scenes in this is in relations a policy procedures were close we need to think about how it fits within the existing governance arrangements at the university how it's going to be formulated hell again you meant that for we are looking at creating an oak identify whole city research is going to think about how we're going to populate and nine time the. it was going forward we see orcas supplementing stadia the current scopus and thompson publication switch that we do to fill in the gaps for the under-reporting face and we also silk is opportunity to help manage has known citation by just a coincidence a salary as well represented in the magic publication and indexing as this in terms of the technical. policy considerations some we are looking to see how we can minimise research of the expected that administration i'm sure we don't want to in force another identifier on them and we will make it is same as possible it should be happening behind the saying so that subprime reality she for us to consider there are constraints stick with constraints on the. could record population policy we'd like to be out to populate all records in or could on behalf of research is but there's some issues around open and how that can be a can be said at first but that's more ounce the philosophy of war could and that the research on its record for which is good but its research on his record but did. don't want to administer the record said we go about doing and so something with the works are we do know that the information we collect on behalf of research is for all in their research outputs is called a shortage of the checking the verification we make sure we've got a record with good actual publication and file. be let into a research information system so we welcome the we want to leave that to make use of what could and like in the fifty's the tool to use this some questions around the capacity in service levels of. think at the the of the round table we had some see a walk in there and and may reassure everyone it's got plenty of resources and i can scale up its it was as well. to come online in a hurry. the think at least twenty five thousand researcher records we need to mention ira hundred fifty thousand publication so we need to make sure all that popular in his own recalls that can control for all six and consumes around the privacy and location of service in the us advice from al. legal counsel is that it's not such an issue because as publicly available information but that would be dependent on your local provisions they will be the usual issues are and integrating the existing i.c.t. in high chair system sits hellfire we want to. use awkward and an integrated into systems is the next question do we make it something that everybody signs up for when i joined the university had we go about linking the existing order days into the university of defiance. i'm and then had a wee income into the sept the local faculty level at the university there are sixteen different faculties and they are the ones that run their own share for example so when it before the loss it enables them to perform a implementation will have a local level and work with them to do so. in terms of the future of walkers as we sit as providing a consistent approach for such efforts and records management of like to say it is a good supporting tool for research and mobility saves a century and solar research information again and again the second local a day as well maintained that we might come transferring their research share and outcomes. now put some into across the this season lazy and we would like to see it as a tool for defying a collaboration opportunities and strategic recruitment for a better life and strokes and thompson said basis in terms of sustainability. support from publishers ocurred to his case thank you to war. so yes the in my presentation is some similar his because of six like seeing right now at an annual because it's focusing around how old is primarily still time aids cases question in the context of quitting publications not only in could see but and.
as it is an added increasingly it's about in this he's being able to accurately represents amman presence of that research is and comprehensive representations of everything that i do. so what is in the context of going to open in the context of how we've gotta collecting publications of the last closing is also and. two thousand and one of muscle way through to resonate it really was a a a manual exercise a young kenyan publications along the way it's become more of a home and into the pricing harvesting publications from scott business science to the point now where did we. release of in the one we will consider all to do is is now not just housing of locations but and we refine the the publications cannot a sudden we can live with the noise the ticket so that's pretty much the trajectory of them to talk about so for mr and stick to this is our biggest.
kelly august with pointing out the publication collection is a multi-million dollar enterprise. this craft that you see on the strain is basically all the publications were collected by department rule that i'm so meaningless to help them different tells a different types of publications saw the sort of her billy heller journal articles the land lose talent you can see in the graph sort of for us to talk. i am conference papers to see it is at home. about halfway down there is a chart looks nothing like the alarms that us today see an opening up so that doing lots of different sorts of locations. keller in the bottom up to. this so you can see the opposing years we've collected you know the one hundred fifty thousand data points of locations each of those data points to look at least fifteen minutes to two and in ball to reviewing and i met by multiple different the the amount of time that takes dual this. quickly quickly and sell so the context in which all couldn't which reducing the amount of work to text the quickest teams is really quite serious enterprise so talked about the us have started already talk about the the the evolution of have had to collect the data probably of the universe to know who probably a little bit two thousand and nine the only way we collected it.
the it was sure emanuel in trees so either was research is king in the occasional a location what medicine there are probably can what life to this but we got wise to harvest publications from schools like where the science also has an inn on the moon and cross system and. but of doing that with just what the science into best and ten we don't see into the crisis and i quickly realized the whilst it was a fake doing what the science couldn't have to turn around to start of this sentiment turnaround to repair them have to do it all on an open id and every other source came on and which is really unsustainable so we. about two thousand and twelve be implemented subject to which enabled us to house from multiple sources and basically help us build combined rickles have a publication a cold they can say is the publication is the publication representation of that move the science and start as soon and so on. but the time in a publication interaction has moved from data entry or e-mailing. patients coordinates to we think with them these publications can you please to terms with that we've got right solar and it's a screen shot from now you eighteen sense of the selected can you can see the human cost he will have been he'd say that he as study too gentle articles that he needs to climb.
he gets a screen someone like this so he could to get an empty yes this is mine.
and it's not so that works well.
provided we don't offer a gym or other research is too many false positives so we don't want to create a situation a resurgence to way through hundreds of locations on to find a tin the the actually dollars actually day is so the way some politically it's the those is the. what you do is you go in and you say ok this research of these are their search terms and these their organization affiliations and guys all who searches age of the age of the each of the entices try and kind of locations that matched match the search terms so obviously how good you get how will you ritualised assertions determines how many people. often dues come up. because we've been quick to publications all fourteen years and because we've had some quickly running in the background for a number of he is which we know which publications l. belong to our searches to the previous ten holding his and and there they and their equipment where the science trickled or and and arrogance. the struggle because we know that we can clear that trickles to find out the actual old the search terms that i used to illustrate cold and the actual organizational chile actions that they use sobibor we roll out a simplicity to a research as we can create populate old as all the systems in agriculture. and that's helped us to reduce the amount of all citizens and love for some research is probably best for ninety percent of the research as we were able to buy suing the strategy were able to reduce the amount of all causes to the pew research as well some people so you see along the exec. plus you'll see people who used to have a lot of publications in doing so for approval as a doctor wanted him to hundreds of resistance to err on the other side to save people who used to fuel complications indian simply to and now have lots of publications and basically this is because. continuing such as researchers can only take you so on because some people have such common names and that no matter how far you can to get a search and really just isn't a way of providing such as the just bring out there is there is a this issue is also to give you an indication of who they are if we look at the top twenty also. further research is who are getting lots and lots of false positives we can see that predominantly the air. asians and i'm still have some soul and really there is not there is no approach will all help to the state wins and giggling search terms some research is just needle kids so as part of a phase two of us would like to grow that we time giving these research is broken id space because it's these research has been having already. sometimes the us treasury to doing and will begin to use to collect taken to use like to go in and get a research to go in and configure they're all could country decided in ice so that's that's one results for so just who the real reason we started getting interesting orchids was not all our research is because actually for our own graduate students because with.
a graduate students we've got a problem of trying to work out what happens to what registrants of top state university soft i look in the best we've got no recourse to say anything you don't this publication critically superman. so are we need to know one of the published by some research i couldn't pull it down a chemical and then didn't see we also i really want to know where they go on what and what is their continued korea look like tree is up slightly into this year for instance so the. these reasons we've now got a university call see which are on schedule students to happen it'll could and we will be managing this crisis recently takes over at our idea is to encourage a graduate students have all kids but not just have all kids but actually use that openness in and out of their research creosote such as having one but it's actually are. winning it and ensuring that old there now who is going to be connected up to and so really want to don that we've got a mechanism to glue al our knowledge about who i graduate students were two and involving data set of what they're doing in the art world our courage to graduate students unlike some other organizations to graduate students we want to be mean.
king all could score every search is the reason that is we feel the older there on its way you can create opens on behalf of graduate students will be all legal research is the risk is that you wind up with all kids have been created a recent graduate students which they don't are in so are you think you created an open full them. but basically they have just ignore the mahler cancers from all could once have been created this will get out the old them but the first time they got to use no could go to create a new one because a completely forgotten the crisis has happened so the risk of creating an all kids is too high for us to consider meeting and graduate students will be emailing and gray. two students just like all the dolphins will be asking them to go into some clarity and attached to it and continue to oakland innocent like the camps the president simply six quite stressful to this if uses started having no could they can get when i started the process of considering the open sea and basically it's many want to click school in doing. in this room eating crisis but the end result is we now have. if we can get students to do that now crisis where we can track as june said abul kids in our system and we can also do and we also know that those students especially undergone some activity which indicates that they might have a good chance i know could and we've got now the as so a practice to track the us who haven't engaged the system with all of a. mao's so we can really track our success how the other laws that's really the deed feel good story and i just reflections on the tradition of this who talked about moving from data entry to data glue and we talked about how we have his publications have we need to use all this to you who are knowledgeable.
graduate students to have all the information in the world about them but i guess the reflection is the. it's not just publications that we want to cleave excellent and sits increasingly its grants. not only because we've now got a nationalist the requirements to that want to track the publications have long to his grandson in short we've got a nexus publications told him. it's also research data it's also potentially he. academic history who researches and we really feel little kids a key piece the hassle to help us too distant future so we were asked also is to reflect on the old what shall i guess the biggest takeaway i had from deal could workshop is that their most levels of all its description you can subscribe as an institution and there is to. my walls and you can also subscribe his nation which of those. does campsite i i got the sense from the route to one of the things that we not we should ask a call about is whether we could sue a national subscriptions to the through the coalmine tissue so it's just not france old and that's my presentation said she thought to sail adult cells that are all.
the about which.