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Summary - Data, Journals and Academic Publishers: Webinar: Data Citations Series
Data, Journals and Academic Publishers: An evolving publishing paradigm
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Data Journals: Webinar - 5 Minute Summary
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Gerry Ryder, ANDS and Alexander Hayes, ANDS provide an overview of ANDS investigations of data journals. Guests from the JORD project (UK) Jane Smith and the PREPARDE Project (UK) Dr. Fiona Murphy talked about recent initiatives, current examples and future directions of data publishing. This webinar covered models for publishing data via journals, keeping track of opportunities and requirements for publishing data - Publisher perspectives and current current models and future directions.
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so without any further ado we've got two
today of privileged to have on board
journals Jane Smith is the Sherpas
center for research communications
role Jane's involved in a number of
including romeo juliet open door fact
war who have been involved in
we're very familiar with at least some
talk about the job project journal
particular focus on journal publisher
very privileged to have with us today
Earth and Environmental Sciences
of titles societies other publishing
involved with emerging initiatives that
research data including use reuse
publications among other activities this
the prepared project on peer review and
membership of the STM Association
system data publication working group
can provide us for a brief a brief
tell the listeners where they could
project yes the journal research data
feasibility study held at the latter
and looked at scoping and shaping
of information covering journal policy
don't have the link will include that
a bit of a power cut at the University
had to quickly rewrite all the slides
on will add them into the slide bank
thanks very much Jamie now Fiona Murphy
outline for us what sort of work you've
and also where our listeners would also
projects and data public and data
in my capacity as a as a publisher for
been working with one of my society
we've put together a new journal called
and short data describing articles which
which has been deposited in a reliable
just googled Geoscience data journal and
prepared project which is on the
that Quinn in as well I just moved it
accreditation of research data the earth
project and emerging research data
with another six weeks or so to run it's
data centers publishers and it's also
in the US and you can find information
prepared sites getting prepared is mpr
and put that in with either Lester
way you can also sign up to the disc
publication at gist mail which is jisc
thanks Fiona you know I appreciate that
of you listening to this short recording
recording will you where you will hear
Fiona at slash and dasha
thank you thank you very much Jonah
the full presentations from Jane and
please navigate to the complete webinar
thank you and we just wind up for those
ma IL AC UK that's probably toughest nut
mailing list which is data hyphen
University probably go with it the best
epa rd e so you have to spell it wrong
about that from there's a couple of
got to international partners in there
got the partners from university sector
strand it's a 12-month project which
sciences which is also a disc funded
peer-reviewed publication and
publication or sure I always would get
you'll find it I'm also part of the
data center and you can find that on on
cross linked to a rich site and data set
Geoscience dated journal which publishes
partners romy geological society and
Earth no by mental science is and I've
provocation dad you ask me that Alex so
be able to access information about your
been conducting Wylie in this area place
I'm just wondering if you were able to
that comes with this short recording
it's they forgot forgot to add the link
does I forgot we have we have we we had
landscape of research data I'm afraid I
potential service provide ready source
half of 2012 was commissioned by JYSK
policy bangor jawed was a six-month
access more information about your
overview of your project and tell us or
the firstly Jane just wondering if you
research data group and world data
publication of datasets and to
has led to becoming a core partner and
citation and linking with primary
promote good management practices of
partners fiona is also increasingly
journals at Wiley working with a number
dr. Fiona Murphy is the publisher for
data sharing policies and we also have
research policy data bag which has a
of those acronyms Jane's here today to
institutional publication repositories
and jord those of you have not been at
projects around open access information
University of Nottingham and in this
service development officer at the
given the topic at hand is David
very distinguished guests joining us


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