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Cool Tools In the Developers Toolbox - Collections Registry Search Widget
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Collections Registry Search Widget - Research Data Australia
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A brief description of the Collections Registry Search Widget on Research Data Australia. The Widget provides a quick and easy way of embedding a live Research Data Australia search or record display within your new or existing web pages. The flexibility of the widget allows you to configure a predefined search, or provide your end users with a text field to specify their own search.
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thanks everybody for turning up draw been here business analyst in the
services team okay so the first one is
the collections registry search widget it provides a way of quickly embedding a live basically research data Australia's search or single record display within a web page so people can with three lines of code they can basically dumped us the search into their web page that can for example showcase recent collections that they've contributed to researcher Australia they can also provide an implement a lookup function the people can use to look for records or things with global identifies so they may want to look for a grant or a party with a specific identifiers another use case for would be to supplement a site search so there may be portals out there that they want to extend with some results that they don't necessarily have within their portal by pulling stuff out of research data Australia that we have another use case for that would be providing users with the listing of data collections related to a specific subject so that maybe that on your on your website you'd like to list all the collections that are available research data Australia around earth sciences or something similar so just click on the
widgets now when you come in to us of the widgets landing page which has a listing of all the widgets that are available we'll go into the registry
search widget at the top so just so as
you can see the widgets themselves are really well documented we have some use cases from help people might want to use them with a description about the widget itself quick links to the sections within the widget documentation the immediate downloads of the software itself so the packaged up which it that people can install you'll notice that there's two widgets to downloads options there the first one is just that the source code is it normally is the second one is a minute I'd version which is basically the code all stuck together onto a single line basically to make it faster for the applications to read and download and literally that as I said that they're really easy to implement these basically copy and paste the code here and put it into your web page and you'll have a functioning Bridget we have a few demos on the page to see to show people how they can be configured themselves so you'll see here it's just a result where they've actually configured a specific search in their configuration for the widget so the user themselves doesn't actually have a way of searching there's just a list of records that match the criteria of the I guess the developer of the implementer of the Richard and then further down here you can see that they can be customized to have a search box where the user can actually search for specific terms themselves and you'll notice that this is a format of them differently or style a little bit differently and that's one of the customizations in the widget itself that allows developers to customize the look and feel and then down the bottom in this is pretty much the same across all the with your documentation there's a section on configuration which probably doesn't mean a lot to me into it to others but it if you're a developer you'll understand for the properties in and things that can be passed or implemented in the witch of themselves to customize the look and feel and the functionality itself in Norwegian