Can sharing research data raise your research profile? - 7 August 2014

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Can sharing research data raise your research profile? - 7 August 2014

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Can sharing research data raise your research profile? - 7 August 2014
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Research data is a valuable asset that can be a used to raise your research profile, increase your citation rates and identify opportunities for collaboration. Dr Anita Smyth is a researcher and Data Facilitator with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research (TERN) Eco-informatics Facility. In this webinar, Anita talks about the growing body of evidence that suggests social media is an effective way to raise your research profile. Learn about the benefits of using social media to encourage reuse of your research outputs and identify collaboration opportunities. Understand the relationship between social media and “altmetrics” (or alternative metrics) as an indicator of research impact and reach.
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so maybe i'm and my name is jury right and it's my pleasure to introduce are presented today a lot maze join with an actor at world. it is not a is a reception his current role visits doubt and assume a tight to with the chair in the odor israel ecosystem research network eco him kinetics city ice to the university of analyzed and his research interests around the world logical and she was crazy arid and or his friends. and it will soon realize she's also quite passionate about research to ask the shooting its role in developing research collaboration. when every and any his presentation i read the other hand of him now sugar is it cheap on using research dr to raise your research.
i think each area and creating still all starts with the question can sharing data racial research for i thought that immense research is the answer this question is obvious ca's researchers have been sharing data among say trusted it works for centuries this collaboration is have resulted in many scientific. applications and have also raised many profiles some two iconic status. so maybe there are more relevant question needs can date of publication ratio research profile i believe that cairn and it can do this in the same why as type of publications there before i get into stormy waters about using the term date of publication are acknowledged. that data sharing may be more appropriate term in some research areas but in my field or a search that a publication makes common sense because it alliance world with the culture of paper publication and their flame actually a seer communication for most research estate a publication. this new to our scientific what club and it's a juggernaut that's not well understood i have my talk today walk as some way towards skies thing that care and perhaps might have a g. to publish a valuable data.
i start my talk by describing a theatrical scientific work tried to illustrate the cave role date a place in discovery and new knowledge next all talk a little bit about scientific impact in its metrics as scientific careers are built on them. i will also present some helpful hints on health social media can raise your profile even further. now up to this point my talk will be using paper publications as a springboard tried for chafing impact in raising profiles however i can date of publication of his a new opportunity for increasing impact sell describe have this can be achieved with excell bills and then because the top.
my field of research is a college a and it's a diverse research area for every fifteen years have started by have a say in interactions of living organisms with other organisms then their environments in a struggle as jerry said i'm passionate about data have collected it. analyze the model that and published it and have written by consent can team to decide now marmite third career path as a diet of so so so tight that turns it can informatics facility.
turn is a terrestrial ecosystems research network which is a capability with a strides national collaborative research instructions strategy. it basically is involved with building infrastructure and networks to and able long term collections storage since he says and sharing of ecosystem data. it also is doing something really noble in especially fairfield of a search and it's actually collecting science with policy in management if you want to find out more information a bear turned placed visit our. the headquarters on website there.
i care home in the care informatics facility and in the interests of declaring conflicts of interest our facility specializes in the business of building and producing online diet or publication services for the deposit and i can access. of high quality well described a collage of data as the day to facilitate her my role is to engage in bill relationships with data created is any uses to enable them to use data services that make their research needs in the long term now i appreciate. the pressure at the many of the work. many of you work in other disciplines have tried to make my talk as generic as possible.
based on a scientific paper productivity ecology is a night of no research field in the stratosphere as shown by the grand circle say also it has a global presence so high that some of the research experience my research experience especially in this photo will rest.
in a year as a gay with fewer psychiatry the stalk.
the ecology there will be researchers who create or collect data and they will also years set date of many times service to defer research questions we call this great primate eighty years is now a typical were cry for this great. it's actually show and here and i she can say there are many steps involved that are to do with data for us research is tighter is the currency or best science first we start off with identifying the problem design a study a once we have that just before we run a bit of a parlor. we know where we then will acquire the funding when that's forthcoming will collect the data will look at that data do it at a college he is sure and so on and then that data would be stored and most commonly in else feel stored and excel spreadsheets one said stanley conduct the analysis. the results and then we will publish a manuscript or a paper in a scientific journal now day surgery when the data that data can also be stored in an open access state a repository and also and this can be a condition of actually publishing this on t.v. come. and example of a seventy one he is hoping to publish in the last journals they will recall i submit your data with the manuscript and i have a policy is shown here.
there are also the another great of years his researches in my field and they its people they each other people started to answer research questions we call this great secondary day he uses their between biased great says a lot of cross-fertilization.
and i she can say hey from the what clogged a secondary day the aces says some commonalities but there are also some k. differences first of all they need to find you acquire assess this is sit ability of the data. data sets from other race ages and if it's has a limited to great civil suit ability or it needs to be modified they will go and do that and then go back and keep going through a cycle of search acquire modify their this aspect of. secondly day uses what i can take up to almost seventy percent of the time of their research effort one study that then i fall of three the other states which is similar to our army data uses. do and their this great potential collaborators with primary day years is as i can raise prices for us through data citations and providing obvious say your day to say it's an aids also on the other side of the coin second trip. jd uses also have responsibilities with respect to perform a day uses in that that we have a responsibility to acknowledge the value that car made a huge is have in terms of the data so there's a juror responsibility and this job benefits in terms of color. liberating across these two groups. so in summary researchers have strong relationships with data it drives it drives discovery and certain they have scientific publication. if i cheating science impact and racing air price falls is important for a said just because some published prolifically and it's getting increasingly harder to get now at his.
here we have our universe of arm scientific papers published in the physical sciences and as we drove there and you can say have difficulty can be to get night is in this massive piper publication.
he is an image of sawdust a. another race and why impact is important it my late to an iconic prior fall and i successful career. it increases employment opportunities great success professional accolades and lights the parts or pretty pretty sure this legacy. it also helps to pay the mortgage as with a higher impact higher research prior foia more likely to have long term employment. senna that we have a better understanding of why research is tight so much importance on raising his profile through impact the next step is to try and understand how can this impact be measured four out of us research is to choose from a secondary second hand knowledge but for the eyes. to a new tour. he will be hopefully of interest to you it's traditionally impact is measured by personal citations faced on scientific type of publications hayley have an example of personal citations which have been measured by they hate index and it was compiled.
in the fall of against the football league table for uk astronomers and then she can say hey this says who published a huge amount of hype is and their shame in what we called a champion lakes and then as others which is sort of type ring off. down here and mice people like us would have publications in this straight and some of them and not even in the late seventies a lot of emphasis just to generate a table are the shares importance of personal side which patients to research is another way of measuring.
impacted street journal rankings as a farm i guess common one for us in our area filled use niger which has a impact factor of thirty et can be one of the highest in the research. maginness higher ones in a thing that so can have much higher one the its these rankings are published by data by citation indexing organize asians if you want to follow them up another way of measuring impact it's true i'm publication.
one african same now as i mentioned before that h. index is a metric of intact despite his shortcomings there are some debate surrounding here we have a publishing career far as for three race a chance with researchers say having a stellar performance pipe. publishing many type is in high and journals in a short time span researcher at a and research to pay a have slower rates of publication that circumstances make it difficult for them to have a stellar performance especially researcher a and i guess i kind of. they must sell for more as a researcher a touch person because a bicycle a had been oman my fourth career path right now and i guess i'm more of a sundial a publisher at this stage. to our moon i kid you know they've publication impact metrics and things like that has certainly entrenched in in research in our research culture with some publishing their profiles on google scholar and others also is set their profiles up in racer.
which gay.
academia or eighty years to. an arm.
also this other ways in which he can raise share a search profile for paper publications other than using the standard citation approaches that have just described you can also set to set up your own blog and hey this drug was very useful in terms of being. raising his profile for radio and t.v. programmes. you can also a year is on facebook and google plas or twitter other ways in which he can raise your research profile for example here this particular are a so you're hit set up a twitter profile he has two thousand almost two and a half thousand followers now.
publishes a paper. hayes twitter account he automatically can spread it to that number of people can access it sets a powerful tool simulate sometimes and the public had publication houses where publish papers and in that case the is one by toss won that when air to their followers. some of their fifteen hundred here for the royal society of publishing almost seven thousand people had access or lead to bear this paper here so deftly in this case social media can be certainly a powerful tool for racing. for gaining impact and definitely racing at research profile.
other then i hate indexes a whole range of new metrics set is being used to show impact and this an example here the cold all metrics and in tech story shows he with someone has published something and said they share in the number of rate is on mengele. and a number of the different metrics in here.
so just to summarize and turns of the metrics for impact on health impact is the safest and held that can ratio profiles in a number of why this thirty years stage that have just spoke about and this is sort of game should google scholar it's also gained show. and web and weapons science and other types serves use each tools you can raise your profile shoot through peer of a stray researched a contain he added eighty year and also its one thousand course a spike are a lot about citation personel citations and has to realize that certainly very helpful. in that respect and cause social media and also metrics are otherwise to increase or capture your impact and spread in creation profile. wright said having spoken of their type the publications and five because ferry match him on them i now want to turn to.
open date of publication. it's certainly an emerging trend in scientific publication and race searches encouraging government scientists are publishing their date have open access i have been accesses show is shown by these simple here and open lock and you may say in your travels that's certainly it is so why. delay you can increase your profile. this a number of tighter repast a trace awaken arm publisher died in this case i'd have played has identified six hundred and four were positrons and the top ten countries are listed here said his cardiff a diet or heisting.
nice citations. an example some scientific data which is linked to gain with dryad the a.
well described later assess year did with publications.
also pain cio can get their another source for the physical sciences. this figure share and in a stray we've developed the his stride ecological knowledge an observation system total we call a cost and so a coach eco dater is certainly a viable through there.
now i just wanna case raise some examples of hello publishing data can certainly get you noticed.
that's an example where. researcher professor mike bo a clinician of this see here in adelaide. he has been studying slate the laces for well over twenty maybe even thirty years and he decided to put the met had died her in the strain national data services race age state or a struggle year porto and as a result. putting the information up there he was contacted. other research is that he didn't know to collaborate on a paper and and research work in this actually lead to new work new funding and eventually new paper another example where. organize agents government organizations can get recognised.
race age in the awaits during a global study a group of them during a global study on grasses and they phonology send her the change in response to climate change. and they access their paulo and this led to some state government agencies having international profile in a way that they'd never had before.
case so in terms of getting i'm night it says other ways in which you can get narrative states now and ability to with say status citation impact far the web of sciences data citation index even now with said early. for it. being a toe that we can use never lace it's definitely on helping us to identify where a profile is and this pain some really good work undertaken by heather pin of why the actually look to the relationship between those who do actually published a day later at the sign. time is site publish their papers and there's finish strong correlation and term so i'm citation impact when you do that. just two and give you an example of how it looks when she get in there this is i have a hey if find a particular type a set of inches and will show might be yours or somebody else and show the number of times it's inside and his actually started.
now i just like to i guess take you through a real example hello arm publishing his state has said she laid has given him in previous ability.
this race a chair has published the data said it's. i guess underpinning race age in its been published in dryad and the data was submitted at the same time and have obviously the piper he or she can say was published in molecular ecology so when the paper was published he submitted a package of data sets she can say here they stated. it's which was put up and you can say that by phase data sets has pain. slide a number of times. and you can say down here the bottom in addition to having a day are high for the paper this also a digital object to identify which as spain given before they died he said and as a part of said making the title publication haye has for said to that term. data set within the body of the manuscript and also maybe and in the references would be a normal thing to do and as a result of that this is led to citations three things like data citation index once you reference to date is set in. in the body of your menu stricker in the references status citation and other citation services can pick that up another thing that i just like to set of point at this stage way in this race a check for this information there's a licence as there was a licence which was attached to the work and in a speech. particular case it's a creative commons zero which is a u.s. lifelines. the interesting thing for us in a striped year when a stride and publish data in international repositories we need to be mindful about the licences which were publishing them under way have a set of licenses in a striker which are called creative commons stray straight away. chairs a range of different licenses for i can access them less common one is creative commons by attribution commonly known as c c by now with something like say c zero hey this is under the e.u. its creative commons license and say see zero main say. to put up your data and the person he is a set that it can do anything whatever they like with it i don't even have to be a change search slightly different units stradey away away our most lace restricted license at way have or i can access slice and is a creator. commons by at tribulation mailing that the user has to acknowledge the use of that day her and sorrell sire that license but it's something that i'm often asked about in terms of licensing. i can now i just want to get through another example here with somebody a this researcher christopher lloyd he hates two percent this presentation at the ecological society of america's culprits in the waste.
they must. i had to share a preview of his slide share with us and in that he didn't analyses of way he stayed with being cited so he put it up in fake shame any actually had twelve citations fire. set aside taishan his index that the hair or for itself and views of the state is set in fiction and through twenty eight say they had about four and like us to take her message ago from his presentation was seen a charity which a day are in a variety of places said that many. people can. access said erin and as a as a consequence he can raise your research pro fall there was a race and. publication on twitter or commentary on twitter a pair of whether on publishing and data can racial profiling. erin and or lost so much publication that data can racial cry for but putting it up on in using social media can racial profiling was published by hole in june or in biology and he talked about a cadet sheehan index and how some people may sort of hairs a. the profile which is so all over twitter or social media and not much substance that i think there are a lot or a stage show far and there are some research is to arm. really there more canaan to ring the type of publication especially those who are seeking a stellar career and they say say researchers a really long term career and they want her ready labour like to say they certainly world will ensure that you know they have quite a lot of publications as well as using. social media to soar to promote that publication said there is some debate about the role of social media in raising a profound shift. i knew that coming to a cause now and i just really like to say that publishing your data i can lay sharing it and publishing it it's really good science practice. scientists we want to do read about science and we also wanted to be as science to be reproduced trouble so publishing a day take gives others and up a chair chichi to actually a refugee set science it also can minimize fraud and. and if this even air is a new data he can get quite good positive paid back to to make data even better an intimate that science even more right to say that's a benefit of publishing it data i can openly another race and for publishing it. data is that. you can be a good sign citizen because she can make the funding terms and conditions of a lot of grants and things like they're so it's a worthwhile exercise some to do that is well our brains. in the interest of balance there are times i laid off when i had in a to think about where the should be publishing your data summer they say she's center and tighten cations certain a in this field of medicine. confidential human patient term day tells is a real issue to consider if you're better a lace new ita software in your ranging a commercial sponsorship that could be racists to keep it confidential lane in my in my area of research certain a. stood to clay certain stacey's today a highly sensitive to to poaching and other. can an affair sector a sensor might be useful to kate to her base tighter about those bases and of course really important way for those who are area early career a search is especially doing a ph d. you may well want to put up your data sets in. in in. i don't have data submission tools and things like that like for example way have a shared tool which is a submission tool for publishing ecological data and say you want to put it in a not so much to publish data but to let other people know that you're doing this research server other if you have a fear. being school will then you can and by that date and to know you've actually published research so that's another other time in which you need to think about where the should publish data. the case our artists are coming to our crisis now and just sort of cries with a statement that governments research organizations journals and many others are pushing for open access.
publication it's really a sort of a rapidly moving jargon oh and it's i delayed ready with world to get on board. all of a staple learning by doing and how to do they stand to make ethical fair and useful for all. i would argue date of publication is in its infancy in terms of ethics and particles and it is evolving quite substantially in response to use a feedback so any research is that day who are hiding to publish it dated certain they fade back to the repast. phrase a pair new ways in which they can improve your experience i believe it for us race ages to take an issue of this juggernaut now we will be left behind and other us will ever on our behalf. and just before a cassette just like to say that the v.a. is expressed in this talk cannot necessarily there is so have turned all the university of adelaide although i expect a lot of the v.a.'s will be in common with the v.a.'s as well. arm say year basically my view it's a synthesis of the id is in the date of publication space and i cried for acknowledge those who have actively published abroad and commented in this area it's been very useful in day. and i would just like to acknowledge that this presentation will be tysabri of our ball on the open access.
and certain a thank you for listening and if you want if we can they have said so the how place contact turn eco informatics.
true these web addresses here and way as certain they can any new collaborations said thank you. let your age to the area for its degrees and television and we really appreciate you joining the target sure your origin experiences heritage to use your right your research or how said angel are a teenager day then human nature and have a gripe.