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Cool Tools for Easy Rich Collections Descriptions - ANDS Registry Software
ANDS Developers Toolbox
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ANDS Registry Software - Cool Tools in the Developers Toolbox
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The recent upgrades to the ANDS Registry Software have made it easier to use, easier to install and easier to customise.This video gives a brief overview of the software and how in 4 easy steps you can stand up your own fully functional registry and search portal.
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thanks everybody for turning up y'all been here business analyst in the services team the answer industry
software so for a long time we have packaged the registry into guess it's a zip file and put it on the ends website but it was it was difficult to go on set up who it wasn't well documented it was quite troublesome to get running and we've only had a couple of real sort of up people that have taken it on board and using it at the moment as of 10.3 the the new registry that was released in in our 10 has been packaged up into a really neat little package that can be installed are literally four steps and I know that Ben and Leo think I've been in a min and seventies set one up in seven minutes on a non Annette dark cloud and it was basically running in there's one here that I can show you an example of and this is now really a viable option for people to use as metadata store whereas before it was really quite content people would probably turned off a little bit but using it because there were so many steps of getting it up and running but now literally in seven minutes somebody can have a registry which means the back end and the front end to research data Australia with a search portal operating so this is one
that I think been stood up so it's
basically a vanilla install so seven minutes this was set up it works and got the spotlight we have theme or topic pages i should say the backends all operational and it comes with obviously a set of sort of example records that
people can can see how they are
structured before they go in and use them because i said this has been bundle
up and it is literally as easy as four steps and they're really well documented further down the page and it will step anybody through how to set up an instance of the registry in research data australia there are we see a couple requirements that need to be installed but they also walk through in the setup of the four steps so you're really easy and as i said the guys did it in with seven minutes I'm an actor p.m. and
that's pretty much all of God