TissueStack: an Open Source HTML5 web based imaging viewer

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TissueStack: an Open Source HTML5 web based imaging viewer
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Computer demo at INCF Congress 2013, Stockholm, Sweden. Presenter: Andrew Janke, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Medical imaging Open source File viewer
Set (mathematics) Computing platform
Web 2.0 12 (number) Set (mathematics)
Histology Open source Set (mathematics) File viewer
so this is a demonstration of the tissue
stack platform it's a platform for
viewing large data sets we have a problem in that we have between 12 and
the gigabyte data sets and this is a method we can use to view them over the
web even though their 12th kilobytes in size and loading over our local wireless
linking we can still view this is a reconstructed 100 micron histology restock data set of our whole human brain which has been put back together by katrin omelets and the team in Montreal so the viewers called tissue
stuck it's open source it's available on
github anyone can get it and that's about it