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Let's Test that Addon!

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Let's Test that Addon!
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that the to facts in the can you hear
well and K I would have seen in the class domain in cement and I'm going to be talking about how to test your out and say the work that way we a
consultancy from you wider that's rails and script and 1 of the
things that we usually do to keep up-to-date with technologies and to be able to try things that are not specifically related to projects is having at technical Thursday what we do here is usually came up and the work on site projects or presentations some things we want to try and 1 of the things that came up the model of 1 of these Thursday's
worse I had an of making it nice errors our idea was to be able to provide their messages for the test that failed especially when you have an answer to that just says bomb false is not true FIL does not very helpful and 1 of the hardest parts of working and this was actually a testing
and into this wide to figure out how to test answers specific case because we're going to see there are different cases of islands and each 1 is tested differently so 1 of the things they usually 1 to 2 now when you do an atom and if it works you also want to know if it will work out what it's still
wraps especially if someone else is going to be using and you know 1 that a break from 1 of the sup Tandon usually want to also know
if it works with other missions and of and they're older versions so it or if it will work weeds Canary are being a version of this to be able to track and if it still worth and if you need to change something a lot less information for users so was saying not all items are equal and we're going to see different cases and how to test each 1 of them I'm going to splayed out there Adamson's
recoveries 1 is the those that added complements the whole to Europe the 2nd case will be the atoms that are the comments and we'll Prince to berkeley and then you can use also unhappy and the 3rd case and that is the case of our atom number of unit there's do was to change the bill step into the build process of Europe of fabric so the 1st case
on components in her purse to this to say we have this may seek out that takes a message and displays our much of our muskets and the message that you gave it 1st let's see what's the
structure of a typical I don't want you create 1 with amber to-date at and it will give you this for the structure and when you add 1 company it will be placing adam compliments and there's the jobless for a combined and it will also create test folder and undulation tests for set out on if you notice the test folders treating larger as folder of our regular abrupt
so too does the component itself we're going to take this integration tests and if you
see it B. Matis same intuition test diaries for our confidence desire inside an app so you have access to both we you need and unit the test helpers and in the HTML virus precompiled and would is you can just to a test render garden and then assert that we have the image and the text it wanted so it's
just like testing a component design regular there's not much to it what if we want to to an acceptance testing of this component is usually is enough wheat intuition test but if you want to have an acceptance as you can as they show you say here's the
folder structure and inside the test you will notice our folded is called and has not insight and cite yeah so when you create a an ad on it by default the also creates a dummy app inside your chest folders and here you can do on acceptance test and uses up for it so what I did was inside the applications of late ages rendered the component and then I can create an acceptance as that it's also the same as an acceptance of society a number up I have the same whole burst and I can just be since they index you're all that it will load my application templates and then I can assert that I have the image of the component and the text of the conference so the 2nd case here on this
categories adding a helper and how to test it let's say you have this simple her power that takes a string and another string and replaces said and render said
so to test it out here if you look at the full
there you also have helper cells place inside add-on slash helpers and implementation of your herbal helper and by default it also creates an integration tests for it but you could also I I use as and some cases you will want to have unit test for they're helpless because it it is to test all the cases here the duration taste test is the same as the injuries and deaths from a component so I have here in the and atom but with my helper and anarchist just check if that straight the is the 1 I want for the case of the unit tests is also the same thing intestines ionomer up so I get my helper I use you know the number of unit and I can just call my helpers we all the bronze and test if the result is the 1 I want so
for his 1st gaze of common the helpers we just saw that sets in them is the same as the thinking on map you can use the unit and you can use working at the end but if you want to do at that and says thing you can use the test dummy up for it but there's a 2nd case it's comments and print on before going to have to test them I'm
just going to you earlier explanation of how you can create a common Foreign member grade it will run as number and the name you gave it is for implementing when you have to extend the berkeley common model and once you close your eyes on your this commonly school will is going to be included on that you can write it with a Merkley
this is very much the code for an example command here I take the common moral extended my name and this is what you are going to use when you say Amber and this case creating and this function the functions where you actually meant what that common will to so I have just a simple case here don't take the date it checks the time of the day and it gives a message in the good morning or afternoon a good diet and to include these common would your out on besides implementing it here 1 thing if you notice is not a place inside the atom folded it is because it's not going to be included in the cold your app is actually an extension to a claims so we place it in labor commons greetings and we have every other have an index file that gives you last access to the life Cook of an Berkeley and you can do different things 1 of them is fine which comments will be added by your heart and soul I have this function include a common that is dynamically function and I require my file and just by doing that now I have actors to agreeing on the consul so to tested ISIS said this
is not going to be included in you're up so you don't actually have access us with Coke component and helpers to the unit Annenberg unit as you this you will need to test it differently so basically doing an all tests and in this case word we can do is you smoker acid test framework
it here I have a folder with all my note tests I have an acceptance and I also have a unique test 1st 1st the the unit test I started by requiring my Commons this next Helibras actually in turn a whole bursts off and McLean and that is because once and berkeley instantiates you're come it's a gives its you IoT and Analytics and a project and if you want to run your common you need access to this because they are called internally but it we have marks doping use just suggesting we also have a mark for GUI and here and creating an instance of my comment so to test it I'm going to be faking debate at the time so I know it gives always the same output and here I called the run method and then I check that the UID and gal put is the message I want that it's with morning in this case for acceptance testing we actually what I wanted to do here is to check that the common so we need to have some things in there to on national and we can use on the nodes tell process library here to execute a common just as what you would have then a shell command so we execute amber grading and we take the output and check that the message matches what we wanted the
next case is will prints and to be able to add a
blueprint what what it does that these like an extension of emerging at when you have other print in your garden in nuclear you up you can call em originate in in the name of Uber print any will generate the files that you define onset blueprint so if I have a model Rabin Dyken call Ember generate model user it and you will call and generate a user is does for instance what a us and to create a blueprint we can use also of so you can call originate blueprint and give it a name and they will generate this folder structure so we have or print fuller they also outside our up and here is the motto and basically what I'm saying is that 1 I will produce call they the files to be placed in the root that is the app for over the past that I give us a comment and the Dana use their glass argument is going to be the name of the file this is just a simple file similar to the amber data model on the brain this is just the basic model so even though we don't have at the bases are obsolete a opening up to use the basic testing we have a helper for days and the helper has at this generator we call that by doing
Andresol solemn rity propene tests helpers we can generate up blueprint just for a more open and this is the file in the will generate you can see here at top there you have on public help that has a number a new method and a majority strain methods we also need to require the expected and basically would use bring you to simulate toward the amber new common dust so it basically does memory up like a mock off number up and after running you so after having our fake up on memory we can call them late destroyed and they arguments and giving is modeled and for those the name I want my model to have so this will call my and after I can just check that the file was created under up models with the name I gave it and that he has the text that month blueprint have so for testing
comments and the prince and we've seen that we need to denote tests Amburgey tests for the case of Commons we will have to use chemically marks to be able to create an instance of a comment and tested Forex sentence and then we can use the child process from known to execute our shell command and Fauvel pains making use amicably weapons tests helpers
so are their case is when you change the build and for this case and going to use on deep and would trade as an example so basically what I wanted to do
was take at just like the 1 on top that doesn't have a message and transform this and to the test will that is basically some tests but it has the message and assertions so 1 it fails it will show this message to be able to achieve this we're going to use on a broccoli feel turned on a transformation so abruptly should turn around It's a helper class that allows us to create Brookley putting date we can place in appeal process sodium Rraklli built is abruptly broccoli processed and we apply them you can step in that process and the skill touristically takes on a 19 foot input final allows us a little some transformation and generates the file on the output after this reformation
and to be able to have this run on the actual bill we need to also change the index file on your at an 2 we have protests on future fermenters here and on the preprocessed really meant that this is before and appearance all there broccoli soul baby bottles of broker pride in I think it also many fighter cold and all of those things before debt runs we can run our playing we're just saying that for the test files we want to have this reformation of life so we were going to need to test 3 things here 1 is that its transformation actually works we have an to transformation I'm not going to show because it's a bit excessive but you can access it on it so we have also in our files are not inside the and insight of the folder we have Mr. information and the test the unit tests for it so 2 sisters affirmations his a symbol it's called function we require it we also have a 2 and a set of fixtures where we have duration tastes file and the 1 we expect clear going to read the original file and know 1 we want to have at the at the end we apply our transformation and just that both much now if the consumer 1 to test is
if the filter actually works because we can give her answer have different cases and k so to
test the filter we required that filter and we also have broccoli test helper that allows us to to assimilate they built our you have to make this helper and with that of we are a scene and to create appealed of these polar we're going to give it a 2nd and Here's subject we're saying that for tree of that folder we want to run this filter that he will take all the files and run through transformation so we call the build weight on the path to war fixtures the ones without transformation and after it runs which is cool through each 1 of them we're at the results we also have our fixture with what we expect and then we just check that both much so so far we know that transformation where we know that the filter words but we are not entirely sure if it was inside and out and if you want to break our bills hours a bill the how far you sense so we want to test
that that it actually changes the test files but just as file so for now we're going
to the 1 exception tests thankfully we have also an atom to cope that that is McLeod on tests this allows us to generate and number up in memory it's actually a number out we the fixtures but we see the files we want to have on that so instead of just having a regular up in this case the 1 to have Our certain files that understands full is will enclose test they will test the transform not so after I create gap I tell it to run the built and then I checked that this file for the test so this is an actual deal so we have the same file Ohio will will run number build on up and here the roots that file and just track this is specific assertion half the message that I want to have so now I know that it it's not only does doesn't break the but it also transforms files are so 1 2 so Varadhan set a modified the bill which we know that we need to you also use no tests we have access to Brooklet of helpers indicates that you're out and it's actually abruptly but in and we can use chemically atom tests are for the acceptance testing now I'm just going to you like
an introduction to what you can use to make sure that you're out works with if merchants of amber and you can run years test against different versions and for this so you can use number try they still slow right included which Girardin so that hints and then you have to use it I found the easiest way to
go to use it is having end bracket Jason the versions you want to test you're item against so here I'm saying that for every Russian beard and 111 and lesson to I want to test my my but you can also change the config file and here you have more options for customization of what you want to test so for these unifying the scenarios you give names to each 1 of them and you can list all the dependencies that you 1 year said you're going to run against your tests so also it's an area has more options 1 is allowed to fail that is for instance helpful if you're testing against Amber country that you want to make sure they are invited by if it fails it's not such a big deal the usual 1 unit I adjusted to fail you can use the Selberg and and other help feel full option is a common 1 by default try it will run test so we will run all your test but you can also change and just runs a certain rebuffs test or you can actually run all other comments too much and economic Cerf if you want to load up with this that the versions so far we're going to see that you can also use it to run no tests on your NPM dependencies you can besides there giving specific versions of Europe dependencies you can also say to Naur 1 of them the accurate all want to load some optional baggage and for a alterations of amber and that don't have Gimba source of an and bycatch you need to use the Bauer Dependencies and said you could also use these to run your no tests so instead of test I say here on p Ronald test and this will also run my tests this is an example of the output of Member try it and names all scenarios and if the test failed and our all around and these are all the dependencies for each 1 of these cases so we days and offer you a give you I think hopefully you'll have the tools to answer if you're at a words if we will working set and on and if it works with other versions of amber thanks this fact dependent
this is to that end the new to that