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GIS for municipality management course (Mod. 8.1)

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GIS for municipality management course (Mod. 8.1)
Point layer from table (Geocoding)
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Anguix Alfaro, Alvaro
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Valencia (Spain)

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Course about Geographic Information Systems applied to Municipality management
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hello welcome to a new video of that you're Foucan formation system for a municipality management groups at this at the this be done then at the next 1 we're going to grade point in which a finance from a from a table the first one will be from in addresses and the next 1 here from me your area from coordinates and so at this point where it went to use and they're geocoding and Media Paredes Yor process a by the body in the B. C A-Z the half this this too will start inducing you have to access to 2 inch the Evans manager
and from you and in the testing were perceived would breast next and the your
proceeds your Persiles here part where we see geocoding so if you do not have this Hey displaying instead you have to pay a select this 1 and then you press next you're going to
download it you breast next and you finish and then for the
extensions you have to restart a DBC so I'm going to do exit you
proceed and I'm going to run
it again so it's not it's not necessary for days they seem more like us for this 1 in
libraries but you have to do it I accession extensions so and now we have that in your coding in extension will stand in Nowhere going to I'll at a new table is the 1st step will be to compare it to other new table we breasts new and then from 5 we select sorry this for and we have to pharmacies of San Francisco it's C is Veeck fire where I want to open the properties to check that day the Tate was use noted Corrigan so we have 2 fields pharmacy and others so we are going to press well drugs Rec said and we
have to pharmacy on the others so now we're going to create an new be you there we pressed new
and from the properties we're going
to a change their references
tend to these 1 in for 3 to 6 that win and will be there and you sing GPS in the reference system used by the UPS so we press OK you do not have these reference system you wiII axis to date the PSG option and you're going to write for free critiques can enter so you have it here and
after accepting you have the reference system of these be and from there from the story books this patent or from the duties your processing to
new seen and the scripting and option you will see geocoding this not translated in in this case the mass but it's due coding addresses 2 points so you breast never peak
and we have to do that to translate these this blending but I'm going to explain how to use it this option is their table with their addresses so a San Francisco pharmacist is there is the option then the other the future that combines their addresses is this 1 so address then we have to sit there you call them you call them we have 4 we have good those we have options to admire met it it depends on the different and you call the we can have a new programs of they are about the number of points so we have a table with 500 addressees bread and we can use in Google because I don't know the number and the you need that you will have only they're the 1st ones so for Algeria's me I got the we can and at that point where I'm going to use and yet it's in you can use so as suffix or prefix here for example you you do have the address and about not there at name the town or the city the knew only have the others you can write it as this field you can write in the name of the of the CD for example San Francisco area you go right here you also can get did actresses in that Hassoun not having been they have found so if I this should you go there and Ross because he doesn't need them a dozen fine then the others is you have their results by with this utterances here and we have to select the name of the atom would of thin you initiate file so I'm going to exist here we said turned for example pharmacies or San Francisco sup pharmacies that will be shape point she Phys I'm going to press Save and we can get a table with the others is that having been in a farm so I'm going to get in these or I'm going to change for example 1 thousand and this that is for that and despite so we'll press
OK and after processing I'm going to close this window it's getting that different points in for the different pharmacies looking for the address and we are going to get bone fight well indeed we can create a new be you or we can use their view that we have so I'm going to select these 1 entitled because it's my view and here we have the different points I'm going to access to live in somewhat a gene and I'm going to change that properties instead of the point I'm going to it an image triangle doctors to that properties from the picture marker seems and they see mode I'm going to look for day the marriage in our case the is we have a pharmacy symbol here we have
and here we have the difference in a pharmacist and for finishing we're going to see how to use and with a street below from the in their son nuptial here too that is he will be used to be and what you've we selected we come in which we can press on a point that we want to to see in Street B so for for example in the forties pharmacy I'm going to present to on this point I have to say I have to tell you that and using the last final bursting at this moment the current Bersani's to the 3 that 1 and that's a problem that we can see here if I press I can see
we can see it this problem it has been solved in to look for that will be the next in a final version and I am I want to ship to
show you this version I have
found that little members in in the of of it to for Burson and from there listed below it doing here if we press on when a pharmacy for example this 1 is
open and we can see the pharmacies here so we can use the strip in from the Pacific and we can see now here the
different points that we have
been selected in this case where we can see the pharmacy all going see you at the next begin