Are We Still Modern?

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Are We Still Modern?
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Was modernism the last important epoch in the history of architecture? Or is a similarly revolutionary, all-encompassing movement currently in the making? What is it that provokes discussion today? Modernism continues to cast its shadow over the present, regardless of whether we try to escape its influence or make a stand against it. Is it even possible to flee from this shadow? By means of postmodernism, as was once the case? By retreating to a new historicism like we do today? Or might the real interest be found in once again picking up modernism’s trail? Might this lead to undiscovered sources of inspiration or might the same apply to modernism as Frank Zappa once said about jazz: modernism isn’t dead, it just smells funny? Did modernism choke on its own dogmatism, or did it have the life sucked from it by all of the bloodless and spiritless copying? In this series of departmental lectures in the 2016 spring semester, three architects and one architectural theorist will specifically address what has happened to the traces modernism left behind. For them, modernism is not a dark shadow to be avoided but a source of inspiration as well as a potentially fruitful source of friction.