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Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection

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Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection
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In 2015, artist Ai Weiwei was bugged in his home, presumably by government actors. This situation raised our awareness on the lack of research in our community about operating and detecting spying microphones. Our biggest concern was that most of the knowledge came from fictional movies. Therefore, we performed a deep study on the state-of-the-art of microphone bugs, their characteristics, features and pitfalls. It included real life experiments trying to bug ourselves and trying to detect the hidden mics. Given the lack of open detection tools, we developed a free software SDR-based program, called Salamandra, to detect and locate hidden microphones in a room. After more than 120 experiments we concluded that placing mics correctly and listening is not an easy task, but it has a huge payoff when it works. Also, most mics can be detected easily with the correct tools (with some exceptions on GSM mics). In our experiments the average time to locate the mics in a room was 15 minutes. Locating mics is the novel feature of Salamandra, which is released to the public with this work. We hope that our study raises awareness on the possibility of being bugged by a powerful actor and the countermeasure tools available for our protection.
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and at the end of a a and it it it prevents the sum of and what come much any I shaken or stirred 2 well look like a give a damn this was a game-changer and James Bond casino and so is modern technology In of modern microphone bucks but when car but there was an suppressing us here both known from various conferences like black hat or like a party will tell you about the current situation and about the current state of microphone box these will come with a very very warmly can't applause spy vs. spy a model study of microphone bucks things have here have a higher everyone you know so the people here have this so 1st of all thank you to the CTC to the Congress to the transition team of presents super of some 2 here but I would be nervous soul we are eager to show you what with yeah I'm suggesting this year on from Argentina and perform the of them it's now hack space and usually my to life firework us my were of were security researcher using machine learning new university in prime in that it this so and they're Amazon from Argentina announcer perform their progress face made and maybe they don't is nothing like this is that our method is that going on the traffic and since some of our we're kinda data about the microphone my it's um although break them want to take them so we have a lot of material to go to uh so we are really going to start so mn assault spiders by a molal study of bucks operations on diction but this is something that we start working with 2 years ago on we were trying to see OK we will know how much what these broad a few people know much about these and it is quite of in there for us to say we should get into that and see what the reality for asking this topic yeah and I think that when our we had that detainees used uh I was away a farm microphones hidden in electrical circuits in his garment studio back into the them 15 of these last chapters fast I'm sure many of you've heard the use of this story these last checking because our it was believed that the microphones were planted in his place back in 2011 ways you I was in jail so there were 4 years our of time between the plant the devices and the chief on the right and for you this is a lot of time for people out of here all your life and the stories that are in your life so we were shocked like our colleague produced we thought that this thing as you were sold indicated that this was not used anymore right and we were on so we start saying well why we don't hear about these anymore so we started the news and there were a few of that you make the case it's like being discussed that have a little political emphasis because they found out about they would an embassy in London and of course uh instead of cases when you find a band in London who come later by another right so it have like a strong political implications that these cases is not that might have a maximum of using money that people just don't speak about these freely so there that mentation and information MIMO type of things is not freely on available and another thing is that as if if they if they had actually now that you're back right and so it is this very critical 1984 to find the 2 most people maybe it's not taking all those that they were bad so the information's corresponds scholars every time there's a few cases that are polycarbonate these ones yeah and we were were thing at this point OK what we know about microformats and we found that most of the things that we know means from movies and TV shows and when the information comes from movies the region that's another very high side so we started to be more and more so we want to do these like of formal research like I thought it was possible so we started as a race research stands without any of our when it was done before what information is available from the balanced and we like are I think the last hundred years and say what was there an easy reading of our highlight some of the cases the phone interesting of course there are hundreds of them and so these are some of the it was that we like the most and this 1 and was amended in Russian it was uh called the Great Seal back or at the time it was known as the thing you know how much people and you know what this is the same as it was very interesting case because it was planted in the US embassy in Moscow and they took 7 years to find it out because it was planted in our plane site just in a room there was there was a gift from them I think that they put it down the wall right and it was found by accident because some people was are uh some person that was I listening to the radio phone and there that actually he was hearing imization that were coming from them think but he was a time of so few of my asking what is going on so they start investigating and they found so when they open this thing would open the thing before that was no buttering there only to the microphone in some species of 120 so how did work if there was no but really it was only the intimacy for 7 years this is what you have any idea how these mea could work at the time anyone want to shout for so just just showed up what is seen not that where the center to the right 1 is energy self including much so the idea was that somebody from the outside was emitting electromagnetic energy frequency right into the embassy in to the thing following after the thing and then the thing once they're all capturing the sound converting these into electricity modulating frequency antenna and transmitting back they call these illuminating the embassy rather were pointing time of the frequencies of the of the of the people between these insidious innovation address the
infield so happy at the time so you can see that this is like NFC Near Field Communication to get energy this and that we everything now why you trust me some energy where OK maybe was not near field May was very far away the communication right it's the same idea right so the technology is not new it was the 1st time that was so the where you see like that now thought that they found the family of positive media and they created something may stimulus onset there was just a copy of these and this month after the 2nd World War II 1940 something so and is about end of novel because it didn't require energy right but few years later and times if there wasn't that some of the things that the think and that that thing elliptical advanced out on the field and 1 example of these the KGB by I was used in a we found it as in you can see that is really small only 7 centimeters long after it has like to be informed about an hour motherboards and I 1 thing and offered and Dana and then uh small groups on the middle where uh for tuning the frequencies of that follow nobody and the small size make it really portable in that you consider that the number we thought it was this year a number which but it's pretty large but actually some little of the the 1st 2 numbers was the year so that's supposed to be from 1964 yeah so this was not our daily things small as amended in our in this uh these dates is also model the Wi-Fi 7 4 8 and these laws are amended in take a particle all article selection is a model on microphone so he was very normal by the time our everyday that you have the same functionalities so you can assemble it in with different combinations and there's molecules come like of of injury is like 1 of them can be go home whatever the mean of the time as it was it was kind of very clever and we found some minor thing that's power all my thing that explain what he was used and you can see here that they made life a wooden box where there was a microphone and then there's the pile of lotteries uh that it needed to the body adapt and adjust placed on the table circle many of you would take on the table like they the young men of the right hand and this is how this can go undetected like for a very long there was a very clever you can imagine how many of these you have to use to start making the modules right leg object durable oriented spying or something yeah so I there a device that was a very interesting because it only the firm microphones and we will see in the future presentations that it's a brown and his call you pour where these microphones to last very long time right and these classes and it's also a nice is called object of is because of very was of phoneme the offices of the OPEC is ization for petroleum something it was funny lost during the seventies and if you pay attention to the mindset that there have been 4 boards applied right so it takes time other interesting priest and these these are microphone and you place near an electric wire 1st so I started out by induction interconnection so are you it makes it really are interesting because you can just put it in the wall and or near energy wires of you know what they are and it will stay there as long as you want this was very clever way the beginning of seeing in another way but super super interesting twist yeah the so these from an old a scene from the eighties and the idea here is to give you a hint of how many ways are there to spy on people by using our view your being in a room like the so there are plenty of those that do ontology is the sensible and you can see that there yes using the telephone but so microwave Unocal Morty during the typewriter key but so these 1 now it's called but would the interpreter T-cells cold keystroke dynamic in the in the interior and they were doing that which sounds a long time ago and you go have always still from the Windows rejecting frequencies in the become 0 so all the places to but we didn't do microphones that we're going to study today but so this is all but there are plenty of ways of Luis including the laser pointing in the window of from the from now and on other phase of many of these were trying to solve there let at forward supply problem right so that they become a user fees in IA is phones or in their political that's why because you need like you have free gone blight also with Alonso's along this at the because of allegations our using a Parsons dinner right but this is this is kind of all technology right now we we technology advanced right and we went over wide boat a microphone in year in your home AVI can in Figure fun when my wife and I know the finally be with you all a diamond can to commentators something feature is 1 of their our default that say must use my work uh for these it and was very well-documented different cases and but also there where we are right now all that clever solutions like classes where these new technology that there are the they are going to listen to me east in the arab so water molecules in the air floating on why you're talking and you're close to dismiss the point you listen to that on the kind of then here you blog so there and lot of new things that are going on but they're going to focus now we have some familiar minor annihilates that the that the fact that of person was for years and they might even in their home without the decade that was something that we thought that we need to focus instead of states rights so we wanted to get our hands on the technology we wanted to try it on we we ransoms we wanted to to throw it for ourselves codeword sounds so called what value quality and so on so this spectrum of different microphones is huge so we wanted to focus on something concrete is like a baby step on the research so we focus on FM and GSM commercially unviable our microphone minds but but also they are wireless and they also discussion i that means that they are microphones assigned for it to to be put in a place on the left there right you put it on a on their led to consider 7 you just leave it so they're all there are dead with microphones that do not offer these characteristics so we fuck used like the red users got somehow in insurrection we started looking did go away some of them in a very thin number the sites our 4 microphones and this is
1 of the 1st 1 their ethnic 108 uh you it's very small as you can see in it you it has a lot of plastic case should have served the of before boards apply and I'm all about the rain not that he has a very long and you this is a cell is more is that they have identified as a seed and a microphone bases but is there a while you still need the right ending it so um so that was a is a very interesting model and we would take the by we have a limited budget so we don't divide like at the from all those that have some differences and this 1 was
around 33 dollars US dollars and it will have an about by range of 500 meters and another model as these migrants find it was we wanted be like the smallest thing
that we can find and these 2 works in the same range of frequencies same power supplies is half of the prize was and how the case lottery but as you can see that there the days a microphone on the circuit for the battery and also the very long and and and here this this might have on you can see that it's very small but you need to put them I think we're is these these right so it's not that the that that small anymore you just have to hide the whole thing as another example of bonds and
is that you 1 piece of art is very similar to this for adjusting the frequency as well in the same range of dies
uh 18 years all as I the only thing different is that it has like these cables for putting them they don't but they would Jesus is added easier the kind of place at a height because you can stretch it a bit more by has also a very long by the A. site and and
we wanted was also find things OK these stream those where mothers that our of microphones assigned to be annexed by microphone right finally set a thing what kind of devices with people normally out their homes that can be used for us by microphones all we found these diseases there there'll be y
4 and the the baby money does that work on the FM fragmenting for some recent and this is he the thing
is is more expensive the frame with his Geiger at random events and their other dies rages aid economy there's because it seems that kind of common just Olivia baby into those and that so it is that the researcher I'm just saying it's it's like that and so we want those obtained from by the and we've all that
these many areas of data is GSM our microphone so all I has a place for us think I has my daily in there have ghosts like 10 dollars and is GSM so you can call from anywhere in the world and you can listen to the conversations where the microphone is standard and also you can come see it for us to automatically detect a conversation when he hears a noise it will of the magically call you buy a new kind of a response you will hear what is going on some it's is very clear there is a small but it's a different technology so it's not FM and there that that picture is different yeah and this was a huge advantage idea so you can put it anywhere in the war and
call that it's quite improvement in range so you can actually so wait for somebody to make some nice price of deceased it totally different ways way of listening to orders yeah so in these kind of summary of the comparison of the different models of the uh the GFM ones working the same kind of frequency in the uh babyminder words in a bit different frequency of its kind of the same i have more Asian of the dies and you can see the difference in price in the span of commercially accessible by some the next step was less and less they do hear them right let's say due to deceive poet it actually words so we stand in experiments of listening and we we were doing this out in a normal neighborhood and we he found that there was actually a similar blocks away you punkier perfecting the microphone so these are the began will be that there is a bond in front of our of your home are hearing that's not needed actually you can hear from 300 meters away and it perfectly fine so that was that was trained using the fierce experiments on UCI is 1 of the main forms were having this feature so usually you don't need to be there is a hundred meters away that this is perfectly hearing unless you're using some I box there is there is no need for about yet of cars mob meaning that there may be value quality difference but it's actually a perfectly fine so all we wanted to do as they say in the in the in the beginning
as far away as possible so we documented on these experiments and these everything on this still find a paper and you can later this is 1 of the experiments where the uh them divide was hours the discussion stationary in 1 place and the receiver whilst economy there's away and that closer so you we were recorded the audio quality and most of the in most of the cases it was very good quality and our own saw in the I think the best case was where the are the was 50 meters and the person was 5 meters away but even with Hodge economy does the way it was not that big of a difference that was a major thing for us to find out like that 1st it field experiments from or forgot that
BP at the beginning and what I want to be clearly to see this slant yeah so so so
it's over fast but we forgot if you go to let me at the beginning BT slashed spying 34 C 3 you would see this slide the neural computer moving we are so you can actually see peak uncle became a decent everything and better than here or sorry for that the paper so that so based on this affairs experiments of only only thinning right that our we we started on the some on like that and these are some television reminds retiring this thing because an attacker needs to be close right and this is good for you and so sorry about for year for several reasons fares is good for you because it filters of benefit backers of population you know it's not that anyone in the worker back to your right is the that back then you have to be sharing the same kind of physical space of CT or or or or neighborhood so that's kind of good for you and they say is about for and that they need to be close to because you have more chances to kind of respond them my suspicion became but it's also not for you that they had closed because they are physically close to your right they is is is is that is a different kind of our our the phosphate yeah so this is this is not good and we don't have enough sets ideas are being referred to like my new infections anyone named entity right but in this case that you need to have people at the that we can help you need to be kind of also so close to rapidly so that's not very good for you and there max and we take but the year that any relation from and different devices have other dice about the relation that for example there might is by far other days of the year of 168 hours and the we tried it's hard to leave it there and these but most of the cases is was lower than other guys knowledge of data that was accurate was that you want was funded hours and their GSM 1 which was 2 hours and that is really a small diet even their 100 hours to 3 is small imagine that when I think that you need to command centers changed by the so you need to have the physical access to plays and that gets things really complicated the is related to how you're targeting your operation if you want to put microphone you have to know where you want you want to listen to who meet which place because your window of opportunity supers small strategically nudity of OK what can you do we which microphone so that you can just use any microphone 1 yeah exactly on we want it because we were at the end of the day working on an Ising model where we wanted to make some notes on the call this is different from other why I wanted to use my word to figure phone 0 why I choose to blaze a microphone when you try to infect someone when my worry imagine that you don't have to think about is the following you have to say about it in it plan fishing campaign you lead into somebody's and this successful infection is not 1 you that it kind likely got the measure of the rating system might be wrong or something that happened and infection is not successful and and so you can choose this time right like yes you're trying to fix somebody but you never know when it's going to be traded coming to today tomorrow or in a week and attribute the adults Kushal tesa-ROM they're they're not to be what you wanted infects so it's not straightforward to these young another when you find them your right imagine that you are analyzing some your eyes and you find my lawyer you can you can enlighten my by Ugandan reverse if you can find the minority traces right and then you can use that to you know all our whole that that there was idea of all have some idea what you know that something happened right because you notice that they have in the case of the might of microphones if there abrasion was successful you can go there than the microphone to stick it out and there is no trace of all of you you know it happens that US had 10 of the differences and on so that people from the internet as we say before it can help you with my work it we did that with the with microphones it's not that easy it so the the warning here like we are trying to think about which is the difference between this commercial available microphones and then not commercially multiple microphones but we don't have access to these not commercially microphone so we really don't know how far away they are in the technology of microphone by right now I would idea that 1st piece the choice between electricity or by 3 so if you want to use a specific conversation you maybe with but yeah OK if you need to listen everything that it's been said for a long time then you need to plan to electricity and these SKOS training euro shows a lot in and then we have a problem with transmission or storage and not of microphones if you can't there OK so we we don't know what happened with the microphone that was fine but i way way but if you can eat it looks at their similarity more views there's antenna and a factory and a microphone and there's another box that maybe to store each we don't know of course of today is that you can store the all the all in has become our or something like that so this is good because you're not trust so you're less prone to be detected however you have to go back and get busy car so the building of Europe at the at by having the but to get into the promises you can't use a storage or not there were versions of microphones were having the microphones inside the room and a cable to the model that was trust meeting like from 50 meters away so the she's like hybrid option right you have the microphone yeah transmitting in real time but from the room there is no depiction of these transmission and then is the thing of OK there is 1 time conversation right we said orbitals want additional and finally how much X is you have to the room so the billion of these but will cease your peak between maybe OK this is something we can do with a commercial by or the see something that maybe some people can do with the not commercial a bilevel microphones of deer yeah and and 1 thing that it is a model the mind is that when we think of all microphones on least when I thought of all microphones like 2 years ago I did the 1st thing that I values government site governments put microphone and your mom but actually only is commercially available microphones on and you a poem their use for our Charlie's Binet's our wives or husbands trying to find if the other partner is cheating on and on the set of things that they like a lot of variety of i usages that goes around these these dignity and that's why all of these type of things like come into place the so I know we have the part of the presentation that we will talk about the diction of about have please if you really are in a life-threatening situation we we recommend to it's a scumbag like a professionaI company where do broke they do professional being self devices and they do this for a living right so I just idea so were years that of companies that are actually doing these for living under very good but the difference is that much in that you have some suspicion that maybe somebody's bugging you you may call 1 of these companies but then the other they have the same suspicion your office for your room your car so it's not easy to call them their work can take up to 10 in 10 hours which is a lot and it's super expensive so the problem we saw is that there was no more room in the middle for any quick tool that you can use on Johnston how could it be unmodified to make your everyday detection in a pretty well so this is why we created asylum underestimate versus free suffered to each SDR based on so for the free radio base and you can go there you contend already and idea of sentiment bracteates to make the detection of hidden microphones are on you east year something that you can gold and all the that this year you as we have some detection around you on that have some idea of what's going on but the other problem is that if you buy 1 of the big how what equipment for forest by from detections it may be suspicious if somebody's looking at you they we notice that your by these which is spinning them that actually you know that you about which is bad for you again so that as they know and the more you know it's better in this case it's just a self argue that all the Q is the I mean you have an idea of what's going on so this is a type of device where using this very well known as the year basic device each city the tundra become by from 10 dollars for online on a lot of people has been using it for years for this year so we are you see 1 of these devices like this 1 here is the same on son Rock this actually in the background using a tool that it's very well known tool core error error to yield power it's 1 of the tools that studies
reading the information coming from the years we devised and it's converting these into power levels and it's giving you from a range of frequencies that power levels detected by their parity power tools so some unrest reading these power levels and it's working with these 4 detections so which is the basic idea behind some among the for detection of the microphones it's taking that power levels in this case you have here Norman FM radio is the transmission different was the ways from speaking and it's taking these the peaks and the it's actually called them so when you the latter microphone you would see these so you can see that there is much more knowledge in the frequencies I know so you will see that of peaks around these because usually close to the microphone so the closer you are to the power souls the more to use frequencies you would find the moist noise around and you will see all the frequencies being also having the speak of power so if you move away from the microphone you will see that these uh frequencies are going down and usually 1 frequency different was which the microphone issues you for transmission so we're using this idea and cone being these noise in a sense to know how close or far away you are from the microphone so he here the he's an idea of putting a threshold that is the blue line and that we are counting how many peaks of over these fish this is super basic idea is not a new idea properly but it's a very simple way of reading very fast in future range of frequencies and finding if closer or a lot to these source of power some frequencies this is helping us to speed of seperate between the FM radio station they super powerful but it's far away against the microphone the super smaller and less powerful but it's close to you so now we run several experiments because most of us research but were only that we have we wanted to know OK which is the best threshold for these cell destabilize showing the 1st 2 thresholds that means they height of the power level that we want to detect that is the 1st column on and the 2nd column is the amount of peaks that we are counting OK these 2 values are the values that we are modifying to know how good a bond each the detection so we're on 85 experiments with different microphones difference adapts to different versions to different situations to scenarios rooms trying in the street and then we come home to OK there was a microphone DQ detect that is a true positive if there is a detection from the tool but there is no microphone that is a false positive right and then if there is no microphone and I'm not detecting I'm having a two-layer DBM there on the I'm saying all no there is no microphone and the recent reality there is called a false negatives so we call these errors and then we compute some numbers we call them metrics to know we choose the best detection right so the 3rd column we could the F-measure ratio this is a balance between the accuracy and the precision and without the false positive rate is the ratio of how many times you say all its sparsity there is a detection and actually that was not microphone under the accuracy the precision on the ratio of true positives density have a good detection so we called all of these other we follow the best solution for us to compare we also bought these tool that is called the goes this is a higher WER detector you can also buy alive for very very of a small amount of money and the said to the compressible and you can see the there are microphones around you so it's uh 1 of the easiest way to have a sample is a somehow want to to help you so we were comparing sediment would these 2 these is the like you can see that the ghost is the performance of the ghost on and this is the performance of Salomon right so the best step for us is the last 1 where we have some 73 per cent of the measured he's pretty good I have 11 % of Ford's sparsity ratio so this means that we use some microphone so they were situations where we say all this a microphone and it was not and there were some situations where we say here if if measure OK here right there were some ways to say all the I think that there are no microphones are only an entry then where so the showing that no perfected and you should modify the values and defining what is best for you right so this is not perfect and there are terrorist you we have situations where you're not finding the Microsoft with any tool and it was situations where you will say all there are a lot of US Army under non even with a high where 1 so they would be listening and I said you can't use these parameters and then you have a better detection and actually trade you can't find this year percentage for the sparsity which means that the where no no errors if you want to write the so you see the sentiment around this is an example let me show you about some of running so 1 of the good things that we thought about them and was that the in that that of power of addictive like these in a later cost you need to be present about and we have to year the valediction or not and you can just be present about them all the time and so there the step of so far as make it but you can really drawing and then you just go to work and come back and try to see if there is a difference of about 2 so here this is a basic interface of Solomon now it's running some frequencies I and now there are no detection and then this is the 1st well I was showing you are willing to play to the to the battery and now the only known it's taking my voice is converting into the the the and the the frequency is 1st meeting around and then here I have now that the behavior of you you are your primary Po'lya of Korean into a you and detail the use have of your eyes on databases that the reason they're so the nature are so you can see that there is the time of detection this is the frequency 113 megahertz and then those those shops samples assisting me how many of the peaks of yachting different to see that I with the Texas because you know their more of their lesser right corner which means that I'm closer to the stores were far away but you can see there there are more of them are more of them mall in way you you there is a time delay of course in there on the there is no more detection because so far away so we have the 1st solving the problem that is not that it is going to play them with a microphone right you need to retain only the areas of that I think about their communities like really comparing period so are all the way to the rewriting of history on is that you can walk around the room and you can see what's going on all the time continually and you that reportedly so you can go and see all that some frequency here either like but because you have devices at home right you have TVs and you have radios and have falls inhabitant of things going on so it may happen that in some situations you are picking at a frequency right so yesterday for example I was walking around and try to see what's going on if I walk in there in the Congress and and actually it was surprised at the water all social among mother was not picking up the hidden the microphones which is good the her and then the uh I start having some of the pictures in the furniture 400 something the usually use by their radio people that is speaking with these radios somebody's to speaking actually so I will try to see what's going on with this so I keep walking around on actually start to try to find them right OK where they so was walking around and get was close to the place of electrons meeting because I can see the uh moment of knowledge they would generating so in a sense this can be used to being point any type of uh a meter but we're focusing of course in their in them hidden microphones so what some other why some of the different those 1st you can walk around you come find different places but you can do it for a long time you can be running during the nite for example which you cannot do if you are presented with of the Howard detectors you should you you don't have to be there that we need to also you can detect but more importantly and this is super Neil because we don't know any tool that was doing this before you can look OK 2 microphones detection tools there and all they had were once so for I don't know anyone of any tool but more importantly this is the 1st time that was a tool that can help you locate so of course what we are doing here at some kind of translation from their moment of peaks in the frequency to that the cells which is not a great of course this not met the source and the that is just an estimation but this helping you know if you're far away or not and sick on the idea is that you can use the kid power to actually store the out of the opera fighting these but water levels and the suffice so you can send these to anyone in the
internet to help you with some under or knowledge to see if you have a meek at home and this is something very new you can do this in any room and then send the file to other people that actually can help you know if there was something we are around and finally you can't profile your environment you can take a measurement today that you know there are no robots and then take it tomorrow or in the nite or in a special situation and then you would see the differences because remember that you have to be on the telephone and your neighbors the following so if you know all your environment you we then note these differences OK so of real experiments so again we wondered only make this research from fast and only later on this experiment from from numbers so under the trade amount and through through that have a design experiments like OK let's let's think that 1 of 5 cities in the big game and 1 about the evil thought I will be the the lump planting divided thank you will have these phenomena that I did that and so ability of the experiments where our something ladies there this seeker and that is In this case the lesson he will go out of the room and then I will get in and I will find a microphone or not right and and then they seek is seen as the dance begins embossed once and only once it or at the audience of the warrants that and I was trying to be listening to these 2 Gy dementia again like that of the words and the reason pointing and then we will measure 2 things are the 1st thing I will measure the time detection which is no I know are if there is a microphone here on out and then we will measure the time to actually find the microphone on the bus here so that days 2 completely different things like this so we will we wanted to know OK for highly these to add to define the and then we will measure when we got the recall which is seen mention at a certain amount of possible as a predictor words so I will I had tried to write them down and then they're regardless of amount of fossil was that I had over that of the past was that he is over the weekend in this way we can we have some measure of how to compare this in experiments we did several like these and here's a small table comparing them and in their in this case the only cases we were hiding Megafonts and we were finding them which is good with news then attempted that arm was our own in almost all cases like a really short like in a matter of minutes you can save without us at the level of certainty that there was a microphone but you can see the difference between the picture on the time to look at them it was like a can of but that's far more time to want to find the right and that we also measure our dead the recall we saw their their amount of passwords spoken of it's possible that I could listen and the love in only 1 case it was kind of a sense and in all the other cases was them on the possible was that I could lease improperly were very low compared to the bus spoken here and you can see there that is 1 extreme as I took to minutes to look to detect and then we fall at the end that actually the microphone was running out of batteries to do was not transmitting all the time and it was to straight irrelevant know that take Shiller Legno location even the goals was not detecting need to have and then at the end was a mall of low-frequency energy going out of the microphone senile and time addicted it was a detection the itself that node OK I was not able to find it out because he was pour off because you know so we have something you can see there were no possible reason there so I was saying password but but there were no bus will be these which is super good for the for me in this yes and and and you can the colonies if make it difficult even about all of the other things of that nature it was not a meeting anything you you can actually help by him because it's another meeting things found and the defused of this of the grayness compressed and here are some pictures of their base locations that I've fallen to hide the microphones and this was actually air from the example of the tick of log behind I he it and that they won't it gives like our real undefined and it was kind of the last the star on the left in our place and our we where almost so was almost died and the peak of the wall the a hero of but may find highly was you of name and their thing to see there how to understand the logic of the people aware that to become places where you will do certain other place you that to just be for granted that there's no better be because this series boson around so the police that you may have good detections in 2 places in the room so it's a pretty to say always here and start breaking everything apart but may be snow there are to us to be difficult to come down so that the sees the place I really think it's here and searching around you right so this picture and it's at most 1 matter around you so it's actually a lot of space he something to worry that thank yes and so on and so on plate of love very hard to find what but it's so so we have you know it's a microphone in their her it's a white board thinkers it is 0 I got and this was the last major thing because if it had like a little thing that you can and I that so they finally got that I did some of fire define and there you have it was based scientists see people said to pray than the planet because again just in front of people's eyes side as they clever so that also begin what in front of the White civilianize location because everybody's having dogs and there yeah maybe they invest in the cell and conditions if I think I might have on our in my experience of recurrent because it's not the new criterion in the in the bathroom on the kitchen right and you have to know your target you have to have physical that says you need to know where they come as important conversations happen right so I want it when it's when you want to find out so you you also need to solve the problem of the power and you need to understand the behavior of the people that I even if you have some indications that you want to hide remember that yes you complete underground and nobody would find it but you are not going to listen so they look a shown each super hard because you need to this end and not to be found so this is something that it was very very high I was moving around high for the house and was not able to find the for a long time the uh and addiction would phenomena it's really fast you can see there are some other minutes and if anyone got I think we've had some examples here here is again reviewed place so yes it will have a little in the whole of the local heavily from the holes are thinking so the system we use is we're trying some listening device around around around the the the the value you you can think of it as any have you guys you realize you can see that someone is not being and but by a new thank you the music of of but in and it is believed that 50 years ago but in radio arm and then as beginning was that they need to have making people people are not able to leave India and it can be noted it doesn't apply in in and so we ask that some affirming this to help us cleaning these out there we compare computer it is he's much more Martina what you mean should more than that so mean lost so they vary in their own OK so it has a basic implying that you can an of really quickly is love of our work as an is related to completely remove the music right so is not that you should not put music but if you should not believe that music will cover up for you that is that's not longer and you have resources and a larger annotation this is very easy to right so don't trust any noise or on you to do these yet so the mark that you are in the yeah so our we live like for because in this up our we believe that these 2 or 1 I have like 3 key contributions fair that we needed as systematic research on the usage and performance of these not and that we haven't seen any other words doing things data we call that often is start
you to get your uh the and you tried the stuff like this with other mothers may be added on your grammar has a microphone that the start somewhere so you can try it out and we have their fears and the airbase arming detection tool our used use is may belong to and we have the fairest real-life experiments that commended our that can be used to compare with other technologies and you can use to actually our yeah land and compare with other things so before concluding if I move i'll I want to say that we are going to be that now to the people here we have 1 is the is the is yeah that's for you so I know at the end of the talk we are going to keep to somebody there so that would be the pair for that and I remind us and this is for you and the cycle can can you give us these the microphones who with her so so yeah they're spying microphones but if we want them back so remember to bring them and to go include we can say that our lives dropping the surrealist threats don't be fully here yes it's not straightforward here's my worries CCA in some ways this is the happen in US happening as far as we know sold the be aware of the threat but now you know how these commercially-available microphones works we have an idea of what can be done and what cannot be done is important for your protection and then the issue of that you're taking the measurements to predict usage so go there the those among rat had been modified had find microphones Dennis about them and advance the fields and try to help all those who every we are looking at of these are the but but concern about these this A. all I can do with some sleeping off my hotel room for example right but this is something that can help you and up to now so tried out to an island of now all right away and the idea thank you thank you for the and so in the and the the yes yes yes questions now do please use the microphone to fulfill the result here is ultimately before the questions we would like the the US as the salt women to throwing OK this is the best way we follow the we we we came up with so that ideas that these that these years we got so but I will say that we would have went out of nothing you can pick up and then later OK so you have engineer high mass I will call this and the 1 that gives the USB to that and then it comes here and then OK I during that there 1 because I would kill I the laws yeah have this is here 1 in those cities is just beautiful and become the cable please holds in Western OK I would the with unit of time with my phone number 1 please test has an inverse anomaly the rural kind of contain a lot where 1 department showed up to the other departments but they can actually do and what the amount of money is paid for it and if you look at these catalogs for equivalent techniques technique in the world of the NSA or did you look at the use of source we that that you know we know that we have no idea so we don't know if there was some idea there about microphones no sorry thank you but it will not work so well I think this is the camera thank you is the 1 question you talked about uh the microphones and the said that this is the technology that is commercially available but uh do you know which is the technology which is professionally used to buy and no governmental agencies there's the did I yes yes so the values of and what's I know you know I think that nowadays cCCA suitable should always solitaire GSM that we have in here it's much more safe to the and and there are some limitations of the data can be the detector but it's not so annoying see I and remember that we to have access to any of these equipment so it's just a way Diaz based on the features some based on information we thought a model real cases how they're doing it however if you look at the microphone on in their in the Chinese case it doesn't look like it to advance the rights the the and microphone microphone number 3 please thank you thank for floor what I really like about the tool is that it can be run 24 7 so that will even work on detect more advanced boxes that store and um the audio and then forwarded it comprises only when the victim is supposed the sleeping or out of the of of all that's a really good idea going OK thank you very much thanks for the comment of microphone number for the knowledge is the odds are of available cheaply available so you can monitor the art of spectrum easily what you to thank you for doing that for a project have you thought of of extending of it to be slight spectral because of the the the lighting groups with the switch of supplies so that it would it would be easy to kind of PWM signals of so we know we have thought about it but I think it would be a and I'm not sure if this image of allergy we apply of going around you probably not so I think that it's possible but we should came up with a new idea about how it's working but as far as I know we lasers you have to be in the path of the basis of the dishes not being broadcast in that sense so maybe it's quite more complicated in that case I but I think they're related says plenty of situations that we still have to go and check how we can do to protect ourselves in these situations you by the way you you can try it out that you didn't write this as the sum of the whole number I hope 5 years the source of inspiration of how to take was once a further if you could manage to test the antenna to your mobile phone and run the application you mobile phone then he could make use of technologies recently developed was released by a Florida who go like the octet for augmented reality of tracking which would allow you to track what you are in the room and then you should and by fusing the different time differences with you received over time you could show heatmap which would exactly should you be the possibility of the possible places where the could be something yeah that's sort of the the oscillatory with thought about making we need he left here like and walking around it was remembering that the best location points and and I was not able to blow that's I completely agree that it's as modifications and trained and converted to these would be also on mature maybe we can even do we need to delay seesaw like like that year like this said like their infrared camera as well maybe now it's OK if we do that so the result so cheap art ECE but I agree that it's going to help a lot of that would be looking only 1 question please there is I do not use the land but we have a we do OK so please 1 question from the set on the internet to know about if you have a lot of research the research about that use a communication technologies such as Wi-Fi and now and so far we we focus specifically on fMRI because they love like the the In the 1st that on the fact that we need to reduce the amount of this spectrum to something that we could manage to do a liking what I have here so I know we didn't have that the soul had no internet but some know we use GSM of Egypt and it's not the same as Wi-Fi OK but I think that Wi-Fi can be more difficult because you have a lot of way for will the time because of GSM you may see the hopping frequency furious could be frequency so what we what we managed to detect the GSM that it's the she don't we never try with Wi-Fi so far so maybe that it's better for the listener in and then the moment that we have like of 14 pages long paper without an
experiment that you went inside and got to get out there and that of I've accomplished and the idea of are you can experimented on yourself and data thanks I think my phone number rate has a question yes thank you for your job a is a any reason why you win with of the strength of an offense and all the numbers is trying to reproduce the tone so a suggestion for Solomon drug perhaps you know a particular tone frequency and then you look for any in a broadcast on the spectrum that can also matched that tonal frequency not only going to literature on your Android phone yes he is actually that was there this intermediate to produce them and that's that also be good and we say only going to actually generate a pattern of tones and their research despite their matching the frequency and we were super excited to implement these and they which we add that well we didn't need it because it was working so well that was a maybe we don't talk about it I agree it's a supergradient I wanted limited of somebody limited at somebody that because it's super nice to have these patterns and then you can actually see the l denote of false-positive errors in lot so yeah I agree here thanks thanks OK lasers and a rear wall world of applause for Veronica and about several months where the was 2 words
thank the the 1st lady in the part the backpack