34C3 - Lightning Talks Day 4

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34C3 - Lightning Talks Day 4
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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!
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to it and
the without a but allotment or searching on portfolio before accession to predict what you route to the other 2 versions it all right nice is that we have quite often there is no so let's see then you
probably know all this of all of this what I'm going to tell you and I would like to
give a short introduction for this because held to talk lightning here in this session
so if you look at your talk comes up her own now make sure that you sit then 1 of the front grows so can get on stage quickly
and if you up here please talking into to the microphone uh also remember to adjust it if you are a little taller LDA smaller than me and don't move too far away from the microphone and don't turn around because the audio not be picked up so that you understand what I mean this thing then use
the clicker to advance the science bacon forwards right and left and stay calm and simply do little you talk then of
course finish on time because we are the lightning talks we have only 5 minutes for every speaker after talk received applause and profit how
to listen to lightning talks for the audience it's
pretty simple simply be excellent to each other but also watch the timekeeper the timekeepers this colorful device here which helps us to keep track of the time allotted to the speaker's knowledge would you like to say something about it as most of you sort normal Howard riots during the 1st the 1st 4 minutes of your call or go to get a tree knighthoods trust rises up to the top and promotes like tells the you might have still 1 minute left and then took it begins to turn yellow due saga of last 60 seconds and then the last term to achieve 2nd style damn it gets wet and this it's nearly on top then your time might be over the absolutely hate to interrupt speed to start at 1 5 seconds before and during 5 for
all treaty true Wong an excellent thank you yeah OK I think we don't need to practice again and there they all
quite well trained solar we have translations available from German to English and English to German if you would like to listen to the translations please see the wiki along the translation topic all streaming dot see 3 lingo . org and because we don't have the phones this year and so that you can get some instructions on how to listen to the transmitted streams
alright I think we can start slits to and begin with the talks thank you for more than please leave a little list and you yeah and the and the all right let's so OK so
I would like to talk about the IOT and problems and my other and to solving a so basically I is useful so let's say you have uh chemist of that and you want to know standard temperature and when you're going to write her home in your home you you you before the common that temperature you want and that but there are problems in biology and for
example lost I O 2 solutions used can centrality camera which is a part and by manufacturer of the device so of course the users can be by moments of terror and which you the database also can be disabled by the manufacturer which is I think you are and it actually happens this year 1 the Google devices and they and this subpart after something like 3 hours and the and it's the blocking and you can use that had no choice but to buy a new a new kind of got some of the items on the internet the function so when you having an altered you can adjust the temperature of your from uh which is like that the and like I make a mother diagram on all from this Los everything connects to the central server and then use your father computer to connect to the server abided by might manufacture and your comments to these devices group so the solution that
which I would preclude a line work so basically everything connects directly and the for the fun of them directly to the device and when the device is not in the same network you might use some help from the central server which is operated by manufacturer are either party about the interior of the novel lots of data I sent and it is not specific to the device which is yours you just have to establish connections over the internet because each character of the over and you not and firewalls without help from a server new being my overlying at work if you send it as I took inspiration from some of the other other projects like the other the and that's our around here and the covariance devices defined by a a warehouse of public key so that secures the connections and the so the public in the public has of the public key is unique in the long enough so it feels like to go by because the address and the on the knowing deciding you can collect under device so for example if you're a parent and I still your father can just check if it has the same idea as of you you are easy up and be sure it's the same device so your mind uh
wonder why I did not when there is for example the answer 1 in which is an overlay network which it has been in most of these characteristics the also uses the conscious the publication of establish authenticity of the nodes and for I wanted to go in and make sure my solution can work on the back and embedded devices as well as the Schelling there here is 4 megabytes of RAM and you can get around this due due to the limitations and hopefully uh um and and help you that can around on the most and devices for example particle is different to talk and obstacles that has been more permissive license and I think that most companies don't like GPL well with the rooting about that so they want to use the GPS software to OK and then when I'm
here I would also like to recommend the the open source project error but the point is that we just like to look at so and inspiration for creation of dissimilar network I wanted to be able to move around parts of robots that on different on different computers which are even that the same network from writing system has built in support for running 1 part of robot on the 1 device in an apartment on a device and it actually has a lot of help libraries so you can In many cases it can just the right thank you lines of college and everything like mapping and the navigation will be there in a with a friend system
so the giver those should all that you do that in the side you won't work because the few
the yeah of next of this self-presentation fill in the gaps in citation
workflow yeah OK thanks for coming to the talk about self associations very briefly about me I'm
kind of software library and I guess you could say I work at the national German National Library of science and technology in the project dealing with softer sustainability research software development and fit in a principled but I'm not here on behalf of my employer and
so the state of the citation as you probably know entered at this congress as scientists citations to credit each other in the world and mostly this happens by assigning journal articles and books them as we've also heard in the last few days there's quite a bit of improvement potential there in this system and the reproducibility crisis but has also led to some improvements for example datasets and raw data are more and more becoming acceptable publishable and citable units of work in their own right them because you talk about data and software is not far away so the same this becoming true for software as well it is increasingly being recognized as a stand-alone product of scientific works so Earth and the citation infrastructure for that is of course quite important to give due credit to the office of software to the test as as well into everybody was involved in scientific software there is some community infrastructure projects that deal with that alright um so for example that in science and the art community is uh quite advanced and this uh SW masses for the mathematics community software heritage . org is archiving just the source code and as supporting citations in that way as well um but I want to talk about some solution examples which are quite easy to implement for everybody regardless of whether you are involved in 1 of these communities or not so for example if you have a github repository and you want and you want your software to be credited in the academic world you can very easily connected to a service called the normal and then for each key to esoteric that you create in your repository you will get in the way a Digital Object Identifier minted for you and this URI is the backbone of academic citations so this is very
easy to do what Pentagon if we back up at certain so that's cool right next option is simply
citation so in many repositories you probably you see these upper uppercase letter of fires and some are expressed the wish of the author of how all of the license should be applied for example what should happen if you copy the package and so on and citations tried that just the same you make a wish as long as you can express your wish in the text format so and in this a G tuple to example for example is the weak and the author of several R packages he usually wants to have a book cited not the suffer package itself but a book he wrote about this but but only shy is an act software citation key in the invitation world so you can also try that and become the divinity there is quite good um not perfect but it's pretty good um and yeah you can look at some examples of interest them the next now we move into the realm of of automatic generators because you don't really want to type adjacent out by hand against them there is a tool agnostic and coordinator Jason us standard format them and set the example you see here is from an R package that generates this adjacent from the community native meat and other formats about R packages scored description um and it has to have some basic views about the software package yeah so all these examples were about offering the a had not time it is necessary of course so if your research and you find interesting suffer picket of course just need to know which permit and that of the authors of this of a package 1 to have cited so offering these metadata is the 1st step but it's not sufficient if you want to do more especially next year looks to be quite interesting if they said project coming outside and oracle which will uh um maybe like time happened that make it very easy to find out how you can cite a specific um academic work there's also a citation 5 format being discussed that interested in that um some upstream work would of course be interesting so called me are as just 1 example from the our world so that I showed you just now and I I do these other languages usually also have their own metadata formats and imputing data generators to support this generation of and this kind of abstraction layer for the citation needed that encode made ideas will be quite interesting but also for the users we of course need easy ways to you bought the a citation needed I for example reference managers in order users translators adjacent financed extracted the graphic data an example of media the media
CC that he has not yet video extractor you can find you to but you can't find me yes is the something new that's on the
information that I have few who have the both 1 thing that comes to my mind right now if you want to look up some information on the talker's you can always look into wiki and we have the schedule of the lightning talks there well or something to most of them of also put the slides online so if you need further information on a talk don't hesitate to look looked it up alright we will continue
with climate change um by
someone what about the economics of climate change and I assume you're already familiar with with planted somebody real we might have change
is not a new phenomenon we've had a roughly 1 degree increase over the last 100 years and we also have a correlation to what that
cause might be and that is this you to level in the atmosphere and we don't know we have a correlation but we also know the principle behind it and that is the
greenhouse effect which has been studied for roughly almost 200 years and so 1 degree more or less or even 2 or 3 i don't cannot feel it so why should I care and the reason are damages that are incurred by global climate change are
where you're on damages or extreme weather events like hurricanes floods draws on wages that are vanishing unbearable living conditions not so much in Europe or the US maybe but ways like Bangladesh word peak temperatures arm already pretty high and also topics like food security might become problem and eventually and even extinction is not off the table was you unlikely but it's not impossible
on so this is another example of sea level rise move just 1 meter your arm familiar with Germany done you know that 1 meter increase would be a devastating our damage
are so should we now radically stops you 2 emissions and the answer to that
is no problem because we actually have a benefit of meetings you to have because this conference would not be possible without due 2 emissions you wouldn't have been able to travel here without you to emissions of so the question is about what our on
the fantasy because we already know the benefits you already booked the ticket but the problem is that you would go all the way down this benefit curve until you hit 0 where you don't get an additional benefit out of additional emission so we somehow need to find out what the damages are to find an optimal and there's a concept here that's called the
social cost of carbon which tries to aggregated all the damages that ever happened due to climate change for additional policy to emitted and this is a really quirky concept because it has some ethical carriers not because eventually assignment of value to life for some of this is like really what you don't wanna do what is the really powerful tool to assess the damages there's other problems here too like aggregation problems and highly in the whole world arm and also in the interpersonal and comparisons and the actor problem isn't it's usually more generational because the damages might occur at 100 and 150 years from now to the discount rate that uses intensely important and from for some we use some % YOU CAN could argued that 1 find fight or even 0 . 1 is a more reasonable on
so we somehow need to get this damages that we know damages into on the Tigers optimum to get to the optimal amount of emissions so we need some kind of of policy-making to enable this and the problem
is that it's an externality so there are 3 major ways to include an externality so but where you don't have to pay for the cost to the inca and the 1 of them is come the control where you just of 4 bits of for some we would put it income internal combustion engines or planes and then there's the fixed laxity Gubian text we would just say hey there's a 3 30 of attacks on the Thomas you 2 emissions and we also have echoes bargaining you can look it up it's interesting but they don't apply to climate change and so either way and there's also trading scheme where you cap the amount of you to 2 and then have a training on and either way which you choose of those you end up with a carbon price and that way of
we actually have a those damages accounted for and only then do we find that at least somewhere close to the optimum because right now we're part of the edge to the right and so what I want out to you to
take away from this is that changes real and I know doesn't give you public feeling in the in the stomach to talk about it but the damages are real and this is not only an hour of environmental protection thing but also a human protection thing on so but there are also benefits this year 2 emissions and that we should try to find an optimum there we get the best for society and therefore the best everyone to do this I would propose to use is global to price of for emissions thank you thank you without makes up a
list you notion of the key library do you
pronounce that right at the cut is it cold key killed is a promising career talk about the key could leverage so I'm going to talk about their their allotment of to kick admiring the last 3 years for the people who do not know what you could is cute is an open source electronic design automation tool ridges simple tells me you can and this and this is in the I tried to kill my reading
about 2 years ago at that time the library consists of ball of it your poster in more that means a quiet has to maintain for the maintenance as well as to country groups the latter is not over 10 years old and it didn't follow dog home mention solver started refactoring
unfortunately I refer to is not so easy and the fact that the kind of of the cells say on when you're and at the same morning because its ultimate the color updated in the semantic which is very problematic for footprints that foreign doesn't exist manual use of food front and you have to do it it's not propagated to there is at the 3 moles has the same form as a schematic symbols and so we updated all operate and their semantics of users program so that the currents that
via a refactoring their elaborate to have 3 distinct response the phonetic symbols 1 for footprints 1 450 miles of this should simplify maintaining and also distributing contributions we also change the lessons of taking a flowering it's not copper-based same attribution plus some exceptions which means you can include automatic sign book symbols result being affected by the license because it is so the state so that the flux so you can use all over it and come project to solve a problem and a Iacocca led some numbers of about the current set of delivering we have about 9 thousand 500 symbols and 8 thousand 3 on footprints they have no atomic part large means that parts of every discusses is much higher
about half also therefore the also of our
3 D moles knowledge that most which means of the upcoming kick 5 through this has steps support which is so highly repressive feature by more professional users in the future of the key considered a city could 5 tickets accelerate introduce on the semantic file format we already have this in mind so the problem on the user does not happen again a big amount of the variables so is script generated long which remains in the future you probably can specify your own naming conventions your called don't there's this tons and substrings GeneTree generate your on standard library from scratch thank you for attention and the rest of this come personal later and if the they stop this so I want from which
and the the OK hello everybody my name is Robert together with a group of volunteers with developing a web publications called on from imposters and you can see the URL over their own from Inasmet modest and on the other we also on Twitter on facebook you can write us an e-mail and we develop a free and open source software so there's also a data repository since
2013 every Harmon Germany has to pay for public broadcasting and there's no legal out anymore and we thought well if everybody has to pay why doesn't everybody gives a and we thought maybe useful for can provide a solution to this and this is 1 from the
wisdom it's online you can try it out out of more than 800 you've already signed up I will not utilize them because of time but I can show you this picture
and explain to you how the system works basically it's just a matching between you the users and broadcast online already broke up you have a virtual budget of 17 euro 50 and a distributed on those because you want to support and this creates interesting data because for example you can see trends of the compared over time you can see 1 of the most important categories you can you can do something collaborative filtering and even though this idea is very simple sexually get simple no 1 ever tried this before but so this is interesting and surprising that 1 reason to have the
product of also to test assumptions and maybe you think well certainly the results will be the same like the T. rankings for the radio rankings and you can see the 2 companies that are responsible for those rankings below and it's well apparently it is different but what you want to support from what you listen to what you watch and you can very I verify that statement by just visiting the website supports a more cost and check if those are really those that you regularly watch consume yeah
this so what additional already attracted some media attention for example Buchan fund and its political had an interview with us so this seems to be something important and because this seems to be something important we will and register an association next year if you want to become a member just come to me afterwards um and 1 thing that I
noticed when talking to draw Lewis especially those that are working in public broadcasting is a well if through really you let people decide we will not be able to deliver or quality anymore like we will the public valuable material for sure and by that I mean this quality and when 1 has to know about public broadcasting as a political and educational mandate is for everyone but it is for a free and open access to information so you can create your political opinion for example that's also the reason why we can actually charges
I go without a group the question what is actually public value and a fund this amazing court of public values what the public values right that's what you right now people in broadcasting in the system themselves may decide what's public value because they decide which shows are going to continue or which are going to be canceled so we try to create a means to measure this property value with 1 from interest and may
think that sounds interesting some you can just come to me after the talk of others more about this topic then I can put into a lightning talk um you can also just called it does so in any case I want you to visit this website and publisher data thank you very much few few the next up is crawled through
but the the want in the so I have I'm going I have a research project that that you this thing right now I'm good crops to the and the idea is to experiment with clients filtering instead of using the source side of from side filtering so if you have a platform like Twitter Facebook credits all the other ones um with the use of all the user generated content of these platforms allow in the need to regulate the content that they have to employ people reject reports and delete content and um it's for example it's illegal content clearly marked as you leader the against the law of the country which a platform operates in and the things like copyright claims approximate claims deleting of personal photos and so on and the pressure on these platforms is if the people who feel that the platform does not regulate of for example the harassment of hate speech the users will leave because they don't you want anymore and so on under regulating side on the low side states also have the methods to uh put pressure on these colonies companies because they can use finds like with you next they do what they can get in a lawsuit because they still hosts you content after that was reported and its leader was for those companies and the consequences that we see for example Facebook uh they employ a third-party companies to regulate the content that was reported and the and in like who for example uses a lot of algorithms which are well operating mainly by themselves and that the problem is that watches the regulator so we have no regulation control mechanism because for example platform could decide to prematurely delete content just to avoid any any of them and in all cases and this would mean that content would then that would not be a really good piece to the test and the questions came out and how do we know that the deletion of content is not censorship so how do we know that's um confident is reported in this is not infect censorship and the 2nd question shouldn't we discuss all content that is online there available online that people post online because we cannot have a broad discussion about content the content just doesn't exist and the 3rd is a more technical question How can small platforms be supported to regulate the content you cannot employ thousands of people were deleted lead images and this is where our project comes in it's sum currently in a prototype testing phase the Firefox Web extension at on we're currently in Phase 1 at the classification phase and the aim is to collect a lot of some web content like the keywords and text text content with some classifications and phase 2 would be to use those classifications that were crowdsourced um 2 would generate photos and then push them back to the client and the client can then decide OK if I have a text content which has a high probability of being hate speech for example I don't want to see it in its for that already at on on the client side it therefore examples looks like this we
have a tweet here in this example um if you have the the pummeling as you see the button prompted them in and you can click on any of these classifications and then that on takes the tweet contents and the link of the tweets with a classification sent to the server and it's stored in the back and the 2nd example is that get of
issues it's the same it's working at the same time with the bottom and the classification and for the back and it looks like this story and at the moment it's just simple display of the text the URL and a classification with the client ID and the timestamp uh if you're interested in this project and what if you just want to have a look at the work extension is reported to the newest and use them as the cell at crops that about kids 21 and the I would be very happy if some non tentatively to give me feedback because they have a lot of feedback from linguists and sociologists which were very unhappy with my choice of a classification words without explaining what I mean with them because that's a very broad term like hate speech yes thank you thank you and
so only the 1st
disciplines that good morning let's talk about astrophysics a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away this star exploded shining as bright as the whole galaxy this is a supernova explosions like these a winning a 2nd
governments around you come from so whether it's oxygen in your lungs accounting you bones a silicon in your favor computer chip life on earth as we know it could not exist
without supernovae and yet we don't really understand how these explosions happened indeed and even observing them with telescopes doesn't help us figure that out because telescopes can only view
the surface of the stuff they can't look at the center of a style with explosion actually starts so that's why instead of light I use elementary particles called neutrinos to
observe penalty a neutrinos are like ghosts so they can quite literally go through walls all through your body In fact the candlelit experiments right now to
try and take neutrinos and help me with this experiment please give me a thumbs up yeah excellent so there's 2 things happening right now 1st of all you giving a mess confidence boost which is great but no more importantly somewhere out there the sun is shining and it's producing a lot of neutrinos in nuclear fusion and these neutrinos applying to us through the walls of this building and then through a thumbnail yeah and right now as you listen to me and 60 billion
neutrinos from our and the flying 3 a thumbnail every 2nd 60 billion neutrinos flying through something right now every 2nd and you don't feel any of them so that's how it goes like how weakly interacting neutrinos really and I'll give you a few seconds to get started on then amazement so I think this clearly demonstrates that
neutrinos can escape even from the center of the star and bring information on what's going on there to work but of
course to detect them because they interact so we we we need to build a giant detector infected building 2 of them this experiment is called Hyper-Kamiokande and even after working on it for 3 years now the sheer size of it still blows my mind I mean you can literally fit
this is the entrance hall here Congress into 1 of those tanks and remember we had 2 of them yeah the so 2nd month still free
and you could drown Lady Liberty in there which is probably some sort of political metaphor nowadays and what's more with building that
inside a mountain 6 meters underground so that the rock on top of the detector acts as a natural shield against cosmic rays so all sorts of other particles the raining down on the atmosphere from outer space no inside the detector this
ultra-pure water and all of the inside wall so we have these if you very sensitive cameras which can detect even a single proton so when neutrino it's 1 of the more the molecules in the water tank In case of an election for example that will create a tiny flash of light
the bench some From the brightness of the flashes we can determine the temperature and density inside the supernova because the hotter and denser supernova will produce higher energy neutrinos and by counting the
number of neutrinos and by effectively counting how many neutrino measure how many meetings I needed it and every single point in time we can figure out what reactions are going on inside the star so that way we can watch
millisecond by millisecond how the star explodes and plants that can go elements necessary for life In its cosmic neighborhood thank you very much in that thank
you so much for you and what
and it and at the moment OK and intelligent of Adamic about after all and if it digits the endless medial and another demands and the effect on wasn't so the Fed on the notion that is to consider is also likened to this problem was using a um In our nestling is involved as well enough understood so what an affine mapping and it is a bitter taste when these small is always titles and kites and from these kinds of and things on August
my faced in and quality
importance to of humor can it's
1 of the slits the energy Lenin's photos from the synthesis conditions and entire Bowen's law but want is a boon isn't he's a mensch patient is a bit out of hand award quality at let's assume Steinitz on his bitter 199 them given enough to the sports so challenge you to so time as you can put photojournalist was all and become a judicial stability assigned to some data that's them from from immune I'm all for an annoying it's Oregon it's also to can
forgive me I devoted or and as permuting
bitterness and these image but the from i scripture visitors to get on the use but it's Ziad awfully gets of things and of our of number few that
as an for us in Xu giving as Monday must at city strategies and Steed is also known as it's going from the initiative have and you since you always sort of what flowers and journalist is of the order of watch the woman cheered by end Colston softened funding as as asserted attendance was arguments but portions of the dilation and these forces stationed pre additions to promoting fever medium for the 2 then is a group of all this gets you had called
as a you still get unsigned display flicker extension tension is argued Gaussian for this Muslim uh the mechanics and find the money the business in and slice community deadline had his layout from buys image from an Istanbul Sheila In up the seals more for
what who become pursued money and feel as a chapters member can because 1 is closed I'm I'm not its why are the movement of mobile such but it sends you want and and and that depends lighting users feel as under this
leading candidates that are much lesson is that any saute she's to the 2 candidates computes a love for muon devoid of our dozens of warships produces resumed that the solution avoid in the platform the ocean companion website yes propensity
1 30th of minor that's ecology decision was cut mind it was Gaussian which again this the EStochAd tuition cabinet since
you long as of that sets in few by Creative Commons non-commercial was only stoned in it and for the coffin for the coffin stochastic to name was getting the spark
rates as a denies language to stream them based on him so much blues and syncline insulated you this no to form an hour convection after off don't as that of the does that about as the novel mug oblivious to to come that's all for now it's can when this was sometimes want intrusion words and fossil was by figure from garnish off 12 1 and 2 and 2 shots by splitting the condensins it isn't as will become glovers attached along wouldn't it will to student and 1 is on display these ones are definitively to a coffin and you know I was or form gates mcmuffin by
does our note with its much by emporium cloud I and emits a clamp onto the spin on the companions and 9 1 thinking it's got a few too should feel and think about what it is and you looked at and state parliament to tie few and simple consul Kivinen Azul consumption and that when viewed in Huntsville interest I think from as an adult so it didn't have to and that it's not understood only fair and you have space 1 hanging the former Jewish critical design Mekong warned andhence monodic has its mission you often 40 and use fewer from from after we can all and and on-screen out of 10 as cytokine job would want in contact hidden warned and Sansón announcement on signs but mcmuffin by desiring funding is a work order hatch spending on an 1 news or if it is probably and it
next up this other content how to create a free trade conference in 31 days hi
everyone and I'm from our learned that's and Sweden an this 10 I was volunteering that's a wonderful conference calls to get phase that having 400 events a year and now we wanted to make a careful the conference for only women and trans people why do we want that well there's popular demand want and we decided upon the dates and whatever the later we decided
on the date of that 21 days
they're beforehand can you go to the next site from will just press the button to the road yes that's what did and anyway 31 days it took on
we made a call for papers and I was reaching out to my a very big gear and social graph and what I realized that by doing this is when I restrained myself about in
and I am supposed to and if you to reach out to I realized how many women and chased people that are so competent they're out there and that I wouldn't have reached out to see if it wasn't for my own and for that I wanted to have only then at this place and was also interested the fund to deal because everyone that I
spoke to you they were like yeah I want to come and get out of the 1 of the outcomes of some francisco yes I come from Washington and come from London and I can't make it out of its cage of it's OK and and so we have this wonderful general
purpose and common IT conference uh where the topics I knew that had accessible design have security that was me and we haven't had this wonderful solving station and so we in I think that's solving has such a revolutionary beautiful of color and because it looks very hard and it's totally is hard and it's like anything that only with the basically In the end we
had a in there and we were able to do this and only 31 days because we were working in an additive fashion and we were focusing very high and the minimum viable product and and as you see that it's very easy to feed what once ego doing this that with this kind of feedback afterwards we also wanted to do it very fast because you know I want to hire very and harvest super powers and enthusiasm of people and host of my own enthusiasm and
getting on to the next slide
and because it account 0 was in my lab and 25th of November income 1 being in Stockholm that seventies of nights at the keynote is already decided upon and they live in data and this uh 1 of the key barriers to the Internet sees signing the DNS root so she's super cool and and of course I need people to do talks I need people to do workshops I want more and open source contribution content and I want people who notice how to solve and want people you want to do all kinds of of tricky stuff together with us so please get in touch and you have actually had a series in economy and that thank you very much thank you thank absolutely that's what will be to them the mm around node of the trees so something seems to work
now in so in the case of Lewis
Neil the replacement for computing
and it was a lot of money is not Brinkman I'm talking about new g of that that that the present of the thank you and nobody is approximately half a million and cold the Caltech knowledge the years not many people we thought code I guess but if you do you can find some interesting things things for example on the command-line options not 1 but actually to all the people are there because the 1st only with the and a custom HTTP client and in as about and for the people of the Whitehead like to break stuff and the media is currently working on its own you have probably already used from the north so maybe take a look at that there wouldn't be the government have the library interface that allows application programmers month who control and equipment to busy beyond what is already there and the estate you actually that that will never be such a lot Gold can be just like a library and that that that implementation maybe but they
have to implement the OpenPGP thought not and that also 20 years old and not many people we the thought of like as but if you build you can find the little thing and this thing for example the northern divided by the sum of the cue anymore and if you think unimportant haven't cryptographic I wouldn't like it at the cost of the it also require a wonderful thing up and then top 1 is currently owns it's basically the next test the people and the 2 years ago the i have a fucking we organize and deliver an updated but not among the of was terminated evolved about the Secretary concluded that that that that should with the successfully complete the work of the Working Group this is bad because of the unknown and using the the the all the fun of updating all and a perspective for the future improvement fell on
my part of the the in October of and that the tool the effects of it and put it on and removal of the UV and the the plan is to replace the lively and a new command line tool is based on and reported that the and implement new features the content of the island 240 thousand lines of code and 1 and then the command line options and I don't think you with the new things called the profile would be good 3 months in and continue to see what happens instrument new being the other the limit and command line interface which is based on the popular goods of up commands at the level competent the interface is and maybe things like some kind of what we could talk about that it also will be easier to compile and because of the the nite and comes at the the people politically and the target of the popular platforms the library which is currently only plans that happen if you file phase but it also gives you complete control at the low level because of this is what actually make implications possible which we don't anticipate so part of the the the uh 40 management tough mothers and they didn't both thing like you for putting the passport the the delegate a lot of work because of the small teams and so and I believe that my knowledge to be kind of thought of you thought that light is a common part of this the 1st of the can the code more efficiently and um the use the computer because board on which is not a very very non but it is redundant and there they alone can declare about half of the pieces of that because it comes at the level of the school and many of of the government and from the thing to get a point the thing so you focus on core political all the stuff like active dimensions that thing and that a code and then would unfold be much easier that the very good is utilized mainly on the top of an open developed abuse like he's going if you that if you have any political differently and I think this applied to link integrate some of them may be these encrypted they yeah if you do you can take the block and was on the development on the book and few
long-lost sort of fall in this wrote to just yeah
and OK are 1 I'm PCR and going to speak to you about it Internet access should be considered a human right the aim of this presentation is to raise awareness about this concept and also to point out some aspects that need improvement on the future of future answers if I started some facts regarding the right to Internet access it in
2016 you when United Nations released a non-binding resolution stating that the same right people have offline must also be protected online you can't be here next to us from that text however it even if the right to Internet access was called as the English 1 like you when the resolution on you recommend actions for nation state and lacks any enforcement mechanism so Our some
countries have already taken affirmative action in the here's some examples including the fact that the land was the 1st country where Internet access was declared a human right the 1 implemented in the end it's insuring broadband connection to all the distance establishing the basic quantity and widely available to anyone might 2010 goal of the state was a short basically a 1 megabits per 2nd and by 2015 to walk out to assure a 100 megabytes per 2nd connection here it is the scale of
the Internet users by geographical zone in 2017 also almost what was that of what population has access to Internet today however there are some arguments against the right to Internet access and I'm presenting you 4 main critiques brought against considering the human rights the 1st argument is about
economical and political challenges around on the right to Internet access in order to make them think about practically states should have the necessary funds and infrastructure this makes assuming responsibility for a at the wall of the ALP almost impossible but also the political challenges around the access to Internet topic that are very sensitive something like the land access to internet sensory create firewall or even complete people perhaps for accessing the Internet Janet firewall is an example of that situation and the fact that the Chinese territory the Internet is under the jurisdiction of Chinese some sovereignty yeah are here because the the
documented shutdowns happening in 2016 and 2017 for on this date gave no reason at all for others the reasons are considered falls water height real motives like stopping practice or enjoying election considering the political and economical context it's difficult to envision and persuade states to actively involve themselves in promoting Internet access the human rights yeah the 2nd argument is that
Internet warranty is more a commodity and then a human life in the middle of technology like many others as we well know not this week mostly is in charge of the private sector the nature of the implied that in order to actually use the internet people need terminal that exist the necessary infrastructure and maintain and this creates a potential limitation of of human rights yeah
the 3rd argument is that access to internet does not stand and so is the value of it is often associated with freedom of expression right with them we or right to development the right to Internet access again because there are situations of all human rights inflation way everything step we do that the there's that all it's interesting have to be the human life also online in their environment is not the place where crime sometimes for high harmful content and this cannot stand on its own and values to be promoted to ensure that the Internet is a tool that that doesn't imply a certain value apart from the ones already existing now therefore
argument is that we don't have a clear notion about the Internet use nor its evolution in in the future the main lattices of Internet got to be defined and society currently lacks a clear regulation in the matter we can find a variety of activities that are happening online and they cannot find Internet by 1 in specific also the evolution of it in the future it can lead to situations where the you line needs to be redefined or even not needed anymore values yeah
any and I'm going to leave you with wallful conical where that it's about the fact that only critical discussion going he was the majority decision idea from more and more side and to make a correct judgment of it I hope you enjoyed the presentation thank you I have to few
sold all of a group of 15 minutes those you believe you have to look for get a drink get something to eat and with to you reader
right i'm
may while those on time I'm and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm time I'm time I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm time time time time I'm going to thank you i'm rule I'm time time I'm I Raul mn time I'm I'm I'm time I'm time
I'm time I'm I'm I'm time time I'm I'm I'm I'm going to time I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm are OK it's 1245 online watch so let's continue with the Lightning talks session up next provinces call or the sort announcement uh to this because please adjust the microphone before you talk so points directly at your mouth and captures all the precious sound waves to generate little OK by everyone I'm x and I'm going to briefly presented projects that I did with that of an income was final professor at University of compact and task of his money and having to do from University of Hamburg um and the motivation for the project is basically but no 1 really knows what the hell's going on on the website at any given point when you visited so there might be like a bunch of third-party trackers that are attracting you have removed um there were just a few days ago a new study was released and showed that some tracker respectively embedded invisible long conforms to harvest along an idea to use that to trick you so yeah great and and uh we wanted to establish at least baseline transparency about what the hell is going on on these websites and to do this we build privacy scholar so prices score is
basically a web service that checks the privacy friendliness of a website it checks for trackers that checks for cookies that checks if HTTP S is used for the weights of checks of start TLS is used for the males of and some general security questions like the use of security headers and also checks for some information leaks like and exposed to get repositories as the old arms and stuff like this and it's highly entertaining what you can find there the and we also make it possible to compare the results from multiple websites so in fact and if you go to our website privacy supportable work you can see a list of all our files and costs and you can see the would those websites linked among each other um and finally as we just figured out of the last 2 weeks and it is also great that if you want to get threatened with legal here uh with with legal steps by the people you're standing because we contacted a bunch of insurance companies that we stand and some of them basically responded by threatening us to say that they would to us if we do didn't stop scanning them so this was also highly entertaining and by the way we also wrote a paper on if this is what we're doing is actually illegal and yes it is legal so um yeah uh at the technology is basically a Django web front-ends and we using the pretty awesome open WPM which is a headless Firefox browser that acts in every way like a regular Firefox browser so it'll execute JavaScript and everything and this gives you a very good idea of what is it actually going to happen if you visit the website in a browser and we're using it as the cell the stage for TLS analysis um salary for this to be the task use um we're using easily still easy privacy as filtering lists to check which websites actually trackers that are embedded and obviously we use entry to catch the inevitable errors all of this is open source software which is really great and and uh in return we also make our stuff available open-source obviously so now what we're looking for years and we would like to see more checks and so if you have any ideas are what we could scam on a website and you can write an issue model repository which is listed on here um preferrably it should be a check that doesn't lend us immediately in jail so um the and that they have some proposals for well I guess that sounds really cool but this also sounds like we would be in jail with like 2 weeks so we have no um we would like to see more with of interest in Web sites that you would like to see ranked against each other you can create a new list without any sign of when the thing we also obviously don't use any analytics on all 7 so you're not being tracked while taking was freaking you we would like to see an API we have some steps for that but nothing serious yet um and yeah uh if this sounds interesting to you you can afford the code on github and you can visit the website privacy is called a plot to see the results of any website you interested in for example the list of the city of and with that kind of how we're going to list of this new dude pleaded to do
hi I'm I'm and I gave a talk earlier this week that has been very very fast but this time I have way more time so I can speak studies colonial and that what they
could generate as this time and wealth people think of Beckett denied as they often imagine the blackout the boxes food this FPGA sense on um but that is boring and
stupid we want to do the same thing and
software now what other problems when doing that in after all that few things that have the package and others are really good at and these are mainly at the expense of it being fast and precise allegedly but if you look at something like a generic as they have a few other nice advantages like John on cheap commodity hardware you can take your Linux system start the software and send out packets at your genetic interface they are however usually quite slow and or input size usually impose but the this slowness give them some flexibility because you can write code instead of some obscure configuration for some of to hardware books thing yeah now what are the main problems that I'm trying to solve this the moon gen packet generator based on 1 performance because they also and I don't want to be slow and the 2nd thing I wanted to solve this time standing position for latency measurements meaning you typically if you want to test a heart the device and you want to to like get the message latency how fast forward a packet then you need something new range you of nanosecond position and this is hard to doing so there obviously so what we want to do this and then as
we want to combine the advantage of the soft and you have a package artist and be named you don't want to rely on happier and how we do that well for being fast it's quite easy we just use the PDK which is this nice uh from the rich has diverse 1 at the carts that our fast and then the blue solid API ontological Venice and so on meaning they have also this nice meanwhile the future because the this problem of of like you can you must system in the PCI Express bus service attached to 1 CPU people pinning down things to do 1 thing what operating system pending it wrong so the automatically detected so users which network out in what manner and the automatically you can decide to the core and in the memory to the core so that you don't run into a new what problems can be on flexible the the trick here is that the craft all packets in user-controlled into scripts and used to adjust for that which is this super super fast to compile a fall for you are used and in other projects and for example instead of configuring a depicted generated by instead of of the lighting a complex configurations thing because I have used up to generate as in the past and the configuration of never enough new features that we are not configurable that were not available and in the end of all this had to change the code to add stuff for we put a college and so on so instead he decided no configuration its scripting only and you are called gets 1 for every packet that sent out in real time and despite that it's quite fast for example if you randomize something you can just call it must random function if you want another distribution of your stuff call a different function if you want an counter that the counter and so on and we have support for complex protocol stacks there's a code generator that generates code prospects for example if you want to use that in IP in the explained in UDP in and out of the exiled in any standard that has been attacked in a not the explanatory lauded accuse you take number as a candidate and other picture notice of fact that and proposition value but you need nanosecond added positional accuracy then you and we have to use hardware but if you read the data sheet of a few commodity makes carefully you see that there are time-stamping features in there that are meant for at time synchronization you can kind of center at address does not very and then you can timestamp almost arbitrary packets and you get nanosecond of accuracy yeah so fast because I'm always about task but yes on if you think minimum-size packets then and you can easily get about 10 gigabits per 2nd pass at you call for comparison like your test Journal of whatever the legacy packet generator gets around 300 thousand packets-per-second maybe and the get 15 million in a 2nd pass at you call and this easy scaling we can begin skating would you do next would have to what would you do it you would choose 1 1 link and we have tested as respected rate about 500 years of what you give it makes it easy DD latency measurements at nanosecond and all of this why running custom user-defined code for everything single packet that is sent out in real time update to review and check it
out and it happened often thought MIT license and I think no 1 of us can that your code about the best thing to do would you
used to be the solutions losing team as high standards of those all you the so
their work on everybody I'm marks from Borland on a computer science student in system engineer and I want to talk about a little the cells project of mine water for the year and yes along this enormous also telegram support it's available on the on board and of the awful lot of continue menus the telegram is a messenger R.
light signal or water and in 2015 they introduced to embody API serves very easy to develop software for all of the framework of a problem because 1 day later released the 1st version of the book that was very wrong only 200
lines of Python code the rest of the time but it worked for 4 countries involved in and it
look like that you see me asking for many of them are countries in Poland and you're good results on this system crosses and you a lot of people like to 2 billion and so 3 years later and several cold iterations later that looks
more like this and again on the left side you see me asking for the same menu but you have a lot more information like this we need better food you know this need to have a business oral and additional information from the contains also it supports 55 continues today uh and it's very fast in the beginning of 5 to 10 seconds for an answer now on the 2nd and the on the right side you see a long list of canteens and you can scroll and select the 1 you want to know more about the university people to just be Holbrooke's uh and so I decided to give this talk about the internals of the Baltic um yeah from
200 lines of Python and round up to 5 . containers that you have the telegram API and every time a user sends a message to the boat I received a message from the guys in the front and application that so here at quite a similar Python's group the parables the message decide which continues requested and rich data can also ask for a menu soft tomorrow for example the annotation Loretta's database for the menu and response about the polyp allowed us to get the information into the rest of the race that words in them so the application server is a Python task you uh and the task you this tradeoff 2 parts you have some software that puts task into the queue and other software that's takes part tossed out of the q and thus work so we have the container leaders also part of salary just schedules regular task like from and my task are past websites or past PDF files so this is not a complicated container but it needs to be there to scan all websites of every few hours so the hard part happens in the worker container it's here the part that takes the task and executes them so for different continues left right different puzzles to extract all informations and then put the results into the red database I decided to go with a salary because were pretty well for a long running task so as soon as resources or a loop I will scan the next website with alt uh yeah overloading master uh and that's basically all you need to run the what I have an additional contain II colored housekeeping that does stuff like sending our messages to me you independent from the normal wraps up processing in case something happens with about and it always write some statistics about the use of musical not so much about the users but more about which countries are across the entire often so that's all you need for the what but to make my own life easier to build a few more containers
around it so it starts to look a little bit complicated and I'll same myself I over ingenue that a little bit of but yeah I learned a lot all I have a deployment savings to reduce my own SSH usage to on every time a tanker did have committed for a new release the ironic earlier the trails tests in drawing drawing drawing my oldest all some CI CD framework which runs undergo a and then automatically builds the new darker images of the test set pushes the images to talk about which is a lot faster than that the coupling the images as soon as you start up is to receive the images they trigger recording again to the country and most of the reports contained and that then all of the stops new deployment of the sort of the body so it replaces all containers in the gray box but if necessary so all all this all my time is up so I will form a lot and there are a few more continuous of all this website and called documentation the gear on the order of
merit market research thank you very much that construction which
was lost the rule of law and for the people below the image that was something that's maybe a bit difficult for these you can go to the let's look throughout the world because of lot of things that lead us a little the fundamental ideation phosphate melody of ignition and that the standard of feeding into the handle distinguish good from standard puzzled by the reduction items Aliaga located near the leg of the about as I the have not had the vote I will share this variability that you didn't matter that the fact that you have that non-falsifiable said this new mood retreats gathered on don't actually about the amount of by this the the more people who look like the use of it we will look like that we got about a biological from this revised and the out this
manifold like of way ecologically 48 for of other cytokine that the the the logarithm of that on the last item of woman and had the state of equally sized like that of the down on that article value not made so all of you thought I will finish any kind of famous that the meaning of old not muffler his idealization of the disease and in a famous modificada both of these don't look the nobles along um thank the muscles which manages among fault like the most that's enough a high and and and my sample mechanism you can lead a malaria comedies others got as those of others this fall for part of the of thinking on we got from Fremont on on this this is the fight is hidden in the mood of the the the the thing that means that the 2 of them move the guns and it follows from the world of initiated a unified is the state of the minimize held constant flow charts and pick the can fills the biggest and most of them extending its design and movies media use include optimal the last 1 I knew that despite the condition that the um past that would be efficient use our most by uh know the the idea that living not not stated in the teachers unions and how overloyal not it's covered in the letters I give you the the the the model slightly Mosley Accutane guys are highlighted by all of us happened in light of the need to if it you may not have about polity law and on the distance items on I stationing department likely noted that he highlighted in these itself on the cover of a spectrum between the whole solar set of like minded at tendencies of course we shall of course not all those layers of and now that this is going to also called figure out interlude of the site um does is heightened like it number of them I will lusciously could unfortunately model might confronted the opposite of what the was 1 that you really and like no more it had the little had was that this act the like showed up and had decided to drag not all and um making making sense travel and I also agree that is obtained by the trend of about noticeable
shot and got a model of the much more I'm a lot sizes all that his life my other editions he is known as when I can continue the Catoni's much love interest the least extremely harvesters have to closest possible that allow you to stop the bleeding because it was fairly lots of ways to monitor enforcement of interest but the blood Haitian state dealt with much died out of honor chapters my at least the the these young exact them shabbily stationary on the logic is the logical God allies analysts size glottal goddesses in the little shall we perform called now of honor Cajander was held in people's lives because you have also been out among the next reporting that dual income of our nature about the middle spots updates of the supplemental models we almost all of the bones of animals that are animals with respect to this month and a half the same exact color because it correlate with its part of the light will go on and we hope you look then at these kind dies finds the books is dealing with the mean of the world thinking on the behind all this have been helped in uh you have vanished but the place for it must that is all but not all the time intervals all government would know which is much you want an equal that is that I can get the get the momentum of the global mail model to make it was some guy you have thought have adapted to the network of the disease is that if you share on does little to ease the based is based on a similar course disposition of the syllable of of all of space that can be also as a moment my when dealing with so much that at the standard the velocity here is that the additional of gradient if it makes you can think of it if you get the of of this jump on and 20 kilometers over the centuries against reduce our you know yeah I was thinking in that of the theory of the
have kids on the is yeah close of
the size was for us in real life
Johan was topic admission managed to list on content at that mediate or and this league but also isn't the cortical but the price of the book of life of the President of the thing at all and
uh as that only in order get on all through corpus letter by legal Benoit on EDI so that wake them up and all and only the 1 you have pretty enterprise model as of this is the distribution and the that difference is known to be in the 15 apply that lobby cope with it I thought that was placed this in all and violence as people through the level flight during the cold war and that out but on the whole truth out of the habit state that you should all employment to a nite after being left on 3rd the fitting quick the candidates of their for using in that then go with them for you but the places where the the quick albeit in flight and have a fixed made dead in like this theme and on the left is the I have on the ultimate minimal education fully cases uh might my workshops could do parties movements the parties what like that on step on animal food that you resentment over land and that took the time to the subtitle the problematic of which that only because of the lag is in solution to a given class of things that I think that creating another vital for English could on some tired of stuff I had everything I had computer wants to put a proof that that's the most we met that uh in uh obviously miss understood that it is true that things had when this data and then the log in 1 of Canada as against 1 of them is that the person that in in the midst of public and that's the my duties that model from the that humans get the data compelled to build the 5 this happened octanoic not something that I thought it would just stand there but they don't even in time when the review on the that'll do it Shalom unsupported and only and you can get a patent and I thought that have to do this every than do that you'll get I thought them enough so that none of the lens in the chapter titled all and does a little quicker than we had to inflict animal food up wouldn't feel so that meant the as political habitat and that concurrent and that is consumer little food above all from validity mid-September the took on chiefly is usually owns heightened local NGOs Portland I notable food on this thing Mr. years because it's the and let the medium photographed and rely on outdated analyze the what Menachem off and they scanned especially at the catalytic in uh include that in times to the atom on pattern all and that is the significant that not an easy and as long as that used love and think that mimic the bullet lodged member confused that none moment in the mind of the another like of it all of that is this problem with the impression to a mailing list and the home page of the median on at that moment the kernel the time spent on the plan on the chemical gentlemen 2nd on then come at the at the break and even take from there and even the late phase to measure the ability and only that is this a cook parties what positrons Papua formerly enough that doesn't providing can women be puzzled than it was at a super pattern now on the left about that but come down by inflation-fighter places like inflation coffee so it'll be the
the that the forgotten and realize min-cut that most of them and get out the hidden the analytic and knowledge but the ones that they get the visible part of the government's phone has become at that follows that of them and then they would then multiple animal from all community given that there are there
a so this up this 1 creatures work
on yeah it all people this talk is not gonna be very easy to listen to it's not very easy to give but I believe this at this moment we as a community are going to need to be strong but however not everybody needs to be strong all the time and if this is the moment when you don't think that you can address this content I would ask you just to step out the door for a few minutes and I apologize for the inconvenience yeah so let me tell you where
I'm coming from here is my hobby is to try to make the world a little bit better than it was before and I find the 2 the types of problems that we face in the world 1 of the type that we don't really know how to fix stuff like water neoliberalism the terrible but when we try to solve them we end up in a game-theoretical quagmire and we don't really have an answer for then there the other issues the ones which we could probably fix if we could all just have the courage to sit down and talk about I'm not really qualified to give this talk it's not my area of expertise but I believe that the silence on this topic has only served to perpetuate patterns which are unacceptable so let's talk about something hard
rate has touched the lives of almost exactly 10 per cent of the American population including 3 per cent of men I'm using American statistics here because the more accessible but I'm not aware of any culture where this is not a problem of if we are to believe that the world up a number of fairly prominent community members something really awful has been happening here over and over again I don't wanna talk about the accusations or the people involved in in the center of them what I wanna talk about other reactions I've heard everything from all it was just 1 person saying there's that that was recanted even complex conspiracy theories to explain how the whole thing have been fabricated I've heard just about everything other than acceptance of the possibility that what happens in America every 98 seconds might be taking place here as well so I decided to begin compiling reports that I could show people that the
accusations were in fact coming from a large group of very credible sources and what I made still exists I don't intend to shame the person in this story it's not productive and really I don't know for a fact that he did anything at all but I do know that this happens all of the time and I intend to speak about the culture of disbelief apologies them and cover-up which allows these types of atrocities the floor at this is an issue which the
justice system is famously bad dealing with it's estimated that 54 per cent of rates are never reported to the police and of those which are reported only 2 . 2 per cent lead to felony convictions I often hear innocent until proven guilty as an argument which makes sense in a world where the guilty get put in a cage and cut off from the world for years of their lives but when innocent until proven guilty is used as an objective objection to community efforts to ensure people's safety what I hear is not my problem I don't care
now there's been some really important efforts made in the past years and I don't wanna be little what the participants of managed to do I want to thank the security team and the awareness team for their role in making this a safer conference to attend but this was just had it was disheartening to hear that someone would disclose drop the wall and it sickens me to imagine that the person who did it could have been involved in the D. escalating mediating and effectively covering up atrocities that committed by pattern repeat offenders yeah this is the creator of the method on
protocol why sadly side-project twice that we did not have to pay for the privilege of meeting here because this view is that the a community with such a cavalier attitude toward this topic is not a safe place to be and this is not the only person I'm aware of who is decided to stay home because of this culture for made the CCC is an extremely important institution not only is it a place for meeting of many different communities but it is currently critically creates a cultural answer to Silicon Valley toxic culture but if this culture does not insist that the we'd be protected from the strong what point do we have that we're any better than silicon valley in the 1st place so what can we do again I
want to apply the great efforts have been made by the awareness team and others you're you're on the side of angels keep fighting 1 thing that we can all do right now is not distract describing sexual assault as drawn up rate happens to 1 in 10 people I don't think I need anything more than statistics to say not only can it happen here it does happen here I don't need to believe in the stories finally I invite you to join me in demanding that the organization committee submitted independent observation of the state the process I want a well-known and well-regarded specialist in sexual violence prevention to have full access to all the meetings interviews and deliberations obviously these matters are very sensitive and proceedings must be kept strictly private but we can insist that an outside observer to certify that these matters are being taken seriously and handled appropriately this issue is not specific to the
CCC is present everywhere we're not the worst but we can be better let's do that thank you so I can shoot so then mixed
up this suit losses this old approach for building new to use from civil institutions the slope of I'm bestowed on 1 thing and have to but similar clauses so so especially universities so the problem is that
well please all known the only only like yeah sorry and we all know that some people really love to work for the military and and there are also others
that also strongly objected to killing people now if you're working I
think can choose your own employer that's not a problem but if you're in your education and so you work for a university or are from something similar than you might run into the problem that you cannot choose actually project you are working on and sometimes you didn't even know what the project is in the anything about so our that might cause some conflict theories for you and so that's why people came up with the idea of the clause so 2 sources for
this conflict some universities in Germany even some states in Germany came up with the idea of so called the resources used for good the major projects with these universities or the states of and the state of Roman roads 2005 at 15 entire education and that schools of higher education because you in research education and studies exclusively peaceful means the resource was provided by the state through the school decides to leave or in that follows these components in
and use the 19 fifties there are several institutions civil institutions and also on the state in which the data set of subsets of a clause and they're more coming up yeah now I am there's of course since all this war is peace saying uh so what I'm peaceful purposes some in this life act but what is it so the interpretation of the University of Applied Sciences and Breiman had their own implementation and the 1st thing they did was assigned a collaboration agreement with the German doing this the which is like the German army also they are offering a score so for a computer female computer sciences scientists for programming at the German army I now this of course
cost that some conflicts like for example that a student can't so they did this banner and hang about of the building with said so we educate to kill they had to remove the binary because the German army claimed at and this this this case copyright so how they nevertheless the conflict is still a long and of course there's still a clause is its dispute disputed thing but nevertheless we
say OK so it's good to have the support of the and we believe that it's good to have such a close to the because you actually have them the freedom to say no to the node to the military uses of your room and we'll think of a very important point because you're going to university you doing 2 studies you really don't have such and the loss it just give people the chance to fight for the rights to reject and it's not always possible not the hard find however where there's no going to use legislative in the columns and you really don't have and guarantee you that after you published a room of the of miscues yet nevertheless I think it's
we see at least think it's still ongoing struggle and solve with of course the question of you know what are we working for directly or indirectly and so we think it said that you brought on and we will be after the lightning talks yet the emergency exit doors for further discussions if you have questions for us all you can but this thank you so here are have the so when they stop
this so sample of hope I think that taking over the states that in the majority right now there are only 2 and all right let's go below 0 my god logically below I don't know where from hackers on planet Earth where an American Hacker Conference of before we talk about why should care about America hacker conference I'd like to say a few words about why you should care about the American Civil Liberties Organization namely the Electronic Frontier Foundation by these guys are fighting battles for all of us an excellent talk here I thought I could talk here yesterday about enforcing net neutrality enforcing that neutrality in the states were trying to destroy net neutrality and I guarantee if if the powers that be succeed in destroying the neutrality there and they will come here next and destroyed in Europe as well so the FF victories or are victories and please please before they leave today at 4 pm visit them over CCL opposite to the house and the only whatever you can't to keep them and keep them alive keep them going keep them flourishing target T-shirts we have ah hacker calendar over there as well donation for every every cell of that and we were just looking at the data actually and we notice that today but we have virtually every day of the year something happened in hacker history of but today December 30th nothing happen this an empty and empty day so please have something so that next year we can fill that things the how would be nice if maybe we could say on December 30th of of 2017 someone gave a bit going to EFF at at the CCC would not be amazing and I'd like to turn over 2 of my fellow hope but organizers here of about talk about the circle for next year amiche Mitch asetuksen this so this is going to be our 12th hackers and planet Earth conference is very much influenced by this conference and very much influenced by all that all of us have learned here and brought to you our fair country of that so poorly need this kind of energy with a fantastic mix of of organization German organization and and NOT German anarchy and we have this kind of thing going on at hope July 20 to 20 2nd in New York City it yeah for this yeah so this is a great excuse to visit the United States if you've been really eager to do so especially in last year's so yeah it's a lot of fun we've had a lot of really interesting of speakers over the years l'article project so we've looked villages we we've tried to model a lot of things we've been inspired by especially congress and try and recreate it so if you want help to spread the gospel Congress of content and so on and please come to hope and ensure the world and make everyone happy that I 0 I also reiterate the and the sentiment that the spirit of sharing and at times collaboration has inspired us to do quite a bit of things of in America and that hold of 1 of the things has been infrastructure we've been so inspired and and so on and really are thankful to use some of the great of ideas and things that come from events like 34 C 3 of available enable us to increase our bandwidth and do really exciting things with infrastructure right now I and as far as we know we can say we're an event that has the fastest of uplink of 4 conga at a conference in the US and and right now uh last 2 events we've had 10 Gigabit which is pretty fast for us and our work of planning and and looking forward to increasing that to a hundred this year so that's 1 of many things we've got projects workshops please submit some stuff of shared or just common experience it meets a new people and we need of of people from other parts of the world to share with Americans that might not be traveling that might not be exposed to other ideas and that's definitely where people like you come in and I could go on but that's that's really what I want to express to you what we know a lot of people are afraid to come to the United States we understand that but but the but the way you you um you fight injustice is to confront it just as the previous speaker said here I if you unhappy with something you don't turn your back you go right straight forward and and you are you confront the issue and you make it better and that's that's a case in the United States and I think that's the case in agriculture in general are when we see a problem we tackle it we don't run away from it so I hope to see people do that for a conference and for future conferences please visit us hope that in that we should be opening up speaker's submissions in the next couple weeks and take a registration is well thanks to you
the so the next up was most bridge I think there's some personal and yet have arrived there little only Middle School of slides the all right so
OK so we're all part of noise bridge of part of really the beginning of noise bridge and 1 of the co-founders and this is the set X and study and noise bridge is 1 of the early hackerspaces in United States super influenced by CCC based who makes light of or an anarchist
hackerspace with only 1 rule which is the excellent to each other highly influenced by the base and
this event of that had a talk about how to start your own hackerspace the hackerspace design patterns so that noise
bridge there's all kinds of there's a wide variety of things that go on no noise bridges had come with a lot of things similar to hope there's been aircraft and going on this panel hardware Hurricane Mitch was doing the Monday variety of CA hacking and so on and it's it's actually really difficult for a for me to say there's so many cool things that are going on there so yeah sure so this is
actually 1 of our 1st events in the space and 5 minutes of fame on which is
similar to uh lightning arguments fail events on and is something we've done throughout the history of space on the actually this is 1 of the appointments of family did that and we we thought the really cool to play at 3 D video and we have 3 D glasses for everyone and or from Rubin is also is rich Member took this really cool black and white photo and I also want to point out this was the of the current space 21 69 mission this was the inaugural event and I hosted that really privileged to have been able to do so so thank you to the noise which community and this event actually was in 3 D that we've got lots and lots of classes and workshops and all sorts of diverse things like these are just a few of the
things I threw together just to give some
representation of that as an early hackerspace in United States we've been an example for many many people all over the world inspiration the start hackerspaces and we wanna continue to do that of what we we just had our
10 year anniversary where we showed off some collaborative projects that are really big like this 1 which was way influence copied by the sea bass of crates of multiple models with RGB LED is and we call it a lot in passion and this is supposed to be a video of unfortunate it's not about stuff this is showing star wars in in a very very high Lorentz so if we had a star wars nite of we wanna keep presented a noise bridge I'm going for decades to come but we just experienced
our 10 year anniversary we had a big party with 4 days exhibition ball we call that a lot of people showed of cool things and we had some surprising guess like that person lower right yeah yeah but that that the community is the strongest spend in many years of both in terms of the participants but also financially we have 8 months of orbiting stresses in the bank and it's been going up a month of a month of which is really exciting but but we're facing an existential crisis that we are a landlord has chosen not to renew elites so and uh that we think they they haven't said this directly but we think that is because their speech by increased pressure from city inspectors out there are caused by 1 vindictive person on earth who has been using the city machinery to come after noise bridge on 1 yeah inference of code enforcement and so and zoning enforcement and so but we're we're facing in 2018 with the knowledge that we need to have significantly up a game and it's going to be a very transformative time for a community the we have to come up with ways that keep the spirit of noise visualize and increase our budget by 3 times so that the challenges facing but we face lots of big challenges before some super big challenges and we've overcome and every time it just brings people together and we get stronger as result as a result set somewhat similar perhaps you having to move to harm word from Berlin and increased from 3 thousand people to 12 thousand or now 15 thousand EUR and like this and it brings the community gathered together and make us stronger yeah and I'd say that we we faced existential crises in the past as a space of and and it's been nothing but a benefit to us and in bringing a community together and and the thing is causing our community invest more time and energy but also this time money you know so this is something that a lot of places are going to have to face as the cities are getting more and more expensive the gentrification and often of overpricing us out of the neighborhoods we can often help to create so on did you feel good about helping noise bridge and helping us help other people come talk to us and we look forward to playing with you all in the future and if anyone wants any noise predictors and so
you so that concludes our alignment of searching for this data and also for this Congress OBO degree Congress and that as much fun as we did with the session so please you of a talker's i and also of the of course all the agents involved along this year and I want to watch this on the side
of the right to we act but that I