34C3 - Lightning Talks Day 3

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34C3 - Lightning Talks Day 3
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Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!
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effect that a
without a if the group morning everyone groups that could of the soul of was here just before that just because they were tired of hearing of all would a growing well I don't know so that's in the order of 10 at least as nice OK so let's see what we have here today and we have the Lightning talks session on day 3 of which of these that my slides and so what we're going do is we'll have 20 talks each 5 minutes very fast paced session where everybody can pitch their own projects we and then what I would like to explain to other talkers today to make things run smoothly please sit in 1 of the from grows wants your talk comes up he quickly and at this stage and the United go before the microphone please stay close to the microphone because otherwise we can't hear you don't turn around both then we can view as well so you can see all slides down on the monotone I consumers slides right now I don't know what's wrong but we'll work it out some of his early in the morning so I could have been with us here OK you can see a slight all you have to do is they come delivery of talk or you can advance the slides using this clicker which remains here on the lectern so just pick it up the little you talk to drop it again and then get a plus and it could work that I used to have a profit joke there because but that doesn't really work with outside so mean what to save all of the audience stood for people in the audience are there there are finally I know I know what to say so I had this this this and yeah so how to listen to lightning talks for those of you in the audience there's simply be excellent to each other and watch the timekeeper which is this nifty device here unless we briefly explain what this is all about that I think you already know that you have seen a lot of Latin poets it just means it's green you and the 1st formant your talk and in the last minute of the talk last someone mentioned
as Turkey yesterday but OK in the last 6 2 segments so it will start to turn yellow light just vote now you still can
relate to if now about 45 seconds left and if it goes down to 2 these segments it becomes red and redder and more and more more red and in the last 5 seconds so it begins to flesh out to about 5 4 or creed drew 1 our better than its
thank you at that site again OK all were used to decide to do you want to try it again but I don't think we have time for
that so that's the that's just
continue alright so and that always works better in in in real life uh definitions available this talk will be translated as the German and French German tosses inserted into English uh please see the wiki you with the translations topic and it's also sees streaming don't see 3 0 . org for information on how to listen to the translated streams or simply watch the transmitted stream video we alright so let's begin leads to let's let's start with the 1st talk if someone leaves model is beyond the cut thanks we and
the we so let's start with open each
we the same this hello there with the development team of open age which is a really implementation of age of
empires such problem many of you know we refer the all regional assets and that with this mainly because of unlimited possibilities and writing off somewhat for the thing we base that on so many C + + and Python 3 for the user interface which chose Q t and this year we have uh the main advancements which use Web interface for continuous Integration systems the young configuration framework was my master's thesis and we have an event-based game mentioned concept for the simulation calculation OK so let's start with the continuous integration system of Neisseria there who will talk about it that is your just a quick update of you have snow actually endured of other nefarious it looks a lot like of on the right you can see the output of the real-time terminological than the left you can see the individual that steps this status and so on and can this or configuration system for the game behavior which is the plain text format it like a yellow adjacent which contains key value pairs that can update values through inheritance and where modifications are gone from patches and this is optimized for MOT
creation because patches can also can patch patches in order so that means you can modify everything in the game with a single systems the so in this case the generic notice specialized view of religion and the solution privileges and even more specialized villages so that when you evaluate the health point of 35 for the support of each the modifications of from patches in this example uh when you discover that and technology the villages of stronger and then have 35 HP but you can do much more because the lowest patch transaction and history and have not many more data types and a lot of what combinations of women's the the new game engine concept is take less and driven it will only recalculate the then Saudi future if necessary it will store the whole history and future of the game and the rendering is actually only doing a snapshot of the engine and then drawing to the screen there are different types of interpolations you can have a continuous line you can have discrete steps for arbitrary types you half of maps and cues that can be accessed over time than I for example the unit description in C + + is you have a discrete curve of the point in a continuous curve of a position in you insert a value at a specific time into this them curve and in the end you can access it at any volume in between and for example you can predict that the arrow will hit the lecture in roughly 5 seconds then they hit points will go down to 0 so the will address that and stops building the building is working on and that's an event that's going to be triggered on issues a recalculation of base M the events like that the building finished the men will be predicted into the future in of if then there's no Willetta working on it anymore it will be dropped and for example an event will be the building construction the building is getting damaged or a unit starts together and all the interaction in the game is described using these events and I am gets reduced set 1 to the buildings and onto the internal structures of the game like they're building 42 that triggers the event that its construction has finished at a certain time when it's finished we or next steps for the project on the integration of those 2 systems to implement actual game play features that most of you have been missing for a few years now and uh we also need pool pathfinder based on the flow fields and we also need a new under a because the current 1 is really copies of of a great guy already starting to work on that so thank you for listening and you can meet as a distortion of assembly and we hope to talk to some of our community contributors that we have a lot of them thank you for your attention Thank you fj the next up this entire region co-modal refer cups part of our problem that of commences have a 7 minute talks over tries to squeeze into 5 minutes so I have to take a few a shortcut all of them my motivation is purely just to entertain you back in the seventies of the 2 was the only hardware that was uh capable of displaying something so if you had something like again constant you need it come to pass uh the uh the modulator that modulates the to reduce occur to you at the massacre because there was no we during connected to pick them at the time the Atari 26 100 was created only 5 companies build such a
device known Bush need a set of ICT Atari and made exclusive contracts with each 1 of those so we was the only 1 who could get such a device background then but I was told all to 1 a communication there was then 1 guy bookkeeping and so a set what do we need 5 suppliers for 1 is enough failure the UBM graph of a crash of 19 80 to these 2 games are claimed to be responsible for it because the rest that I say these are responsible as well because they were so good because and these games were program by the 1st iPod again development company and a commission which was created by the by far guys from Atari who due to the best games and ask for it to a different deal for the payment compared to what music musicians had to get rid of from their 2 companies but they were declined very Rudy after that activation division was founded and there was a lot skewed against the part again development utterly lost soul new companies spread to and like mushrooms and booth games that were on all fully bent so they could think of it as summarize the the crash like this 1 is and you dont altered to get a good game in he comes back with a cheaper ones failure after the correction was a Japanese car company that approach Atari that's done uh view them system respec in Japan that went very well and they wanted to reuse it in the United States on the Atari Brent but at our declined saying something like we could do better on or only so is Japanese decided to sell the consul themselves that Council be fail let's which Commodore but the 264 series was originally developed as a successor to the victor anti and to uh marketing needed a successor to the sea 64 so they took the only thing they had and you don't sell a successor as an it's interferers system as a successor it this is what this feels looks like that they learn from it no the repeated the same mistake using the unneeded 600 this was originally developed as a low-end addition to the lineup it's just basically a stripped-down version of the army of 500 and what does make this really bad is that the true successor to the army of from the Gambia 1200 was released only half a year later so this is what we all do away to piss off your community the lovers get up to the most fun part of become a lot
has developed a machine for business case use and you can think of it as 1 of the 1st laptops them for business use because you had a modem building back in the mid eighties this is for the machine looks like and to the sport officially hadn't and I'm gonna tell you the unofficial storing the unofficial story is that the but as see responsible for the project or got is the 1st at present on the golf course the B with the CEO of tending and the guy from Tandy just said we did some market research there's no such thing as a market for this code to kind of a machine is a way to sell this 1 so half a year later 10 result that machine the looks pretty much at the same party audience so enough steel as well the so my conclusion is apparent Kyoto were killed by guys ensued something that they know business but don't know shit about assigning is designing hardware and or software of confidence notched just my opinion and my apologies to the demonstrators for speaking so fast thank you and thank you for it those who have some time left alone that never mind we're just continue with the next talk which just attribution generator
lessons notices for pictures from Wikimedia Commons and the pedia hello so there's actually a treasure trove of images on the Internet that you can use so
when you write a blog post all we want to publish something and there's probably some pretty picture that you can freely you reuse and it is available on on the media comments and on the key PDM on but the it's actually not that easy to uh probably reuse that and that's all that and the talk that was just before that sometimes you sees this stuff like source internet all this is a free image a toolkit for Mbeki kipedia and the Creative Commons license so explicitly specify that you have to
name the creator of the image and that you have to name the version and the name of the license and then you're golden then you can take from this in uh in this this great treasure trove of images to picture so and to make things easier for people who are not legal persons armed we build a tool and we want to simplify the reuse of images from from Mbeki PD on from Wikimedia Commons and give correct license into attribution because in this world will you give away stuff for free there's actually a digital currency and it's not Bitcoin it is respect and and we want to make it easier to give the the correct amount respect to with these uh creators who give away stuff for free we have uh English motion and the
German version that we really use that last year and quite a few people use this very simple web-based tool to create a correct attribution line for images that they find online
and it works so pretty easy you have a u l attribution minus generate adult or a of as a type 1 year or you can use the amazing German would need 10 seen by skin toward and and uh you just paste in the U L of the Vicki pedia page where you found the image value paste in the U L of the uh begin media comments page by you found the image and then you go through a
few questions and it asks you will you do you want to use it online or do you want to printed in the book or do you want to use it together with other works or do you want to crop and modify the image and then after that you will get a uh an attribution line in H T M L of a copy and pasting and what have you it's makes things very easy for those of us who don't speak he he's just use these terms just use this tool it is a lifesaver and so it would keep your model of all the nasty things like cease-and-desist letters up non along and and it's and makes the world a better place be course you will give credit where credit is due we would like you
to get involved so and we think it is a very simple tool with this out very simple case on but maybe we can improve it if you have ideas how to prove it just tell us on the best thing would be to write me an e-mail and also if you speak an interesting language that is not so good German English Spanish or Portuguese on contact us and we would like to translate the interface into your interesting language that's it that's all I have to thank you thank you few
makes of this database alleles if
I and 7 and I'm a database search and I like to say that uh designing databases is as hard as exciting as constructing rockets but I don't know how to construct rockets except for legal
rockets but uh let me introduce you to a database design and there's uh there many design decisions and I want to talk about a small design decisions and this is the data layout which means uh how you metadata to the memory and especially this talk is about a data notes for relational databases and here's an example of an table richest on relational databases and consists of a coupled so we have different roles and all these puppets have tributes parts of the 1st and last name and country for Parsons is cancer Europe a table data is to two-dimensional so we have grows and interviews and the issue is that a memory computers is usually a linear so one-dimensional and then you have to decide how to map two-dimensional data to one-dimensional address space and
basically you have to design decisions was a
simplified and what you can do is you can store data in rows store which means you store and data of a single couple together which is shown on the left side and the other possibility is that you choose encompassed uh raised to all the data of a single attribute together and 18 you may I ask how to reconstruct tablets but this is quite easy for example to get the start last name you have 2 unknowns so starting point of a vector for last names and then you jump to offsets we'll find window of
loss and then you might ask why does it matter and the answer is and it's not important how much data you axis why it is important but what is also important is and there exist patterns so if you do a sequential scan a memory it's way faster than random accesses and to show users I will present you to micro-benchmarks someone is inserts so we want to add data to our database and the other is a food operations so think about an SQL statements reduce select electrode from more presence table and food or by 1st name and the interesting
caching that's why it's important to my to micro-benchmarks so I think about design decisions and maybe you have a good idea and it turns out to and to basically and show that ideas to it is very hard on then the idea itself and then when you have the ments it's very hot up to our product arises and makes this excrement robust and so how
does it look like for instance so a forest or we can copy all data and in 1 place on for the column store we have to depend on the data to different attribute vectors so John's 2 different uh it was locations and as a
result of so here's Simplified measurement and we can see that uh support of memory is very high off for Warsaw Central Council and especially when you have a large number of columns so the small effect that comes stores that better Europe and the rows of for small and I'm of columns the reason for this is that we use MEM copy and men copy has a small overhead when copying a small data chunk so then it's better to do and variable assignment and but for large data copies copies it turns out it's
quite good and so this was a rogue operation so want and modem better and all look at the other way round so operations where we have excess pattern of its benefits or x is an attribute and uh you can see this year and this time for almost all we have to jump
in memory so if you want to access also stands for the most all we have to X is the 1st couple then jump to the next couple and there we have as memory regions and for the column store we can basically just to and skin and we do again and benchmark the difference to the keys and this time it turns
out that really the column store has a higher memory of centers and you can see again that also the number of columns
there has an important role and you can all explains these roots uh how caches and cache hierarchies uh grow up in
modern CPU's and basically you what I want to show this and this is just comparing the data anomaly in the database and you have to store and get intermediate results and then you don't want just no not only do the comparison but also have to write the position of the source the intermediate results and then it turns out to be a bit different what you are saying is that I hope you're excited and want to develop a database of by your own so have fun with it thank
you few minutes of this remarkable for remarkable it's not what I am not so then I decoded
appointed form so i'm talking today about a
remarkable templates as as you by my beautiful drawing on it that's the template graffitiing display where control and of all the advertising it was actually looking for the parts interesting which orders of the profits because that's what and stand so the thing is that the remarkable runs
anomaly anoxia full root existed and that makes interesting the time of that and to explore so this came of love love and industry and what does it do if you draw on a template busy you recall to complete thoughts and that's something that you might want a control so the thing is you can export the data you have on it and you can import data there for some of my PDF and PNG but until lead stored in a binary form and we really will understand because that's what we control the and and so I'm totally debts of unemployment the ads and but may be updated but anyway you wanna know what's going on there also you will have more features of a neutron something supports something when I have take certification you wanna see animations why you draw G will have more brushes whatever and so that's a short and then we have motivation for that to understand how something styles of survival text with some of this crap but achieves just fun to see what a finer for what looks like and I never did this before so the idea was just coded so remarkable there's some 5 for each node books so is a page to write on it and it's called lines file and you room just opened an empty filed like this so there's not much not much in there just the header and then some serious that's cool but now we want understand how all drawings get added into these files so what I did I took a pen into to the small and 2 2 small not that they can do wonder advisory looks like 1 pixels and then add justified change students so we see a radius of 1 of the there's something in exited comes in there and it seems to be a number 1 which could be the number of times I hit the surface so what they do next make it a little more complex so just try to add 1 more model to a page if we do that again we see there's another plot coming in there and 1 changed to to so what did we find already there's a fixed header cool there
seems to be a counter not touch the surface cool and and it's a important if you wanna continue coding it does seems to be no compression morphed because otherwise the 1st part will have changed I but in the 2nd part so long it
is a little more systematic but did road a rule a couple of lines of C + + cold and build up in metrics for what I did this I seek to a certain position the file and when I opened this I did this this tables here and every column has a different interpretation of the next fight next fights and I added offsets 2 lines of just in case they don't know what something as I just sit on and on and on others looking reality so let's
go to after they had have files so we can see interpretations of what could be annexed datatype full seems reasonable right afloat doesn't make sense that means next provides a crap makes sense because there's only next 1 could be 1 OK the the
zeros makes sense and go on and on and on the last 1 could be interesting so even in solids reasonable yeah but if look looks interesting could be at the pixel position because
inside resolution of the device if you continue like that's what you would get something like this so that I want instant interdependent fruit and from that's cool so if it was for full 1 point then we can start from the yard and try to understand what we got there so just crucible but I know that the devices pages inside the pages it has layers because visibility why inside the layers you can have lines and lines recruits adults because the can 4 lines right so when I just starting
to to modify the books that but otherwise you can just systematically explore and that you find out then is that actually gives me floats are coordinates the pressure changes if I put more or less the where pressure on that we have habitation of the depend and all of that is the include again to align aligned only has 1 brush and put this on on and donating 2 pages you just see what changes in 5 and static and meeting again get meaning from the 2 data types to will succeed in there
and of course next point has to be through word document all the magic numbers in apparatus in there so did that and this is interesting aspect of also in their succeeded ranges
of the can get in there so for example to devise reports two-year angle that you have to do more of the surface and in both directions which is interesting because it doesn't support Russia's which are not symmetric actually points and by the court so that's interesting that's what we learned so obvious the last step is implemented you render of its original and I just played of commas and all of this is now open source and you can find it on either beautiful and get up this things thank you thank mix of those
weapons patterns hello my name is Felix I'm working in the
intellectual Property Department and um privately I came across a the subject of weapons patterns found out that there's
very few work that most of the rest of weapons patterns and there's so I want to 0 to show to highlighted some risk associated to this weapons patterns I I will relay to Lebanese patterns to low crime and this is what constitutes 1 risk associated with 11 patterns so let's go I found some correlations um verse I want to correlate so the time when weapons patterns got it even more dangerous the end of the last century then they went online beforehand they where paperwork too difficult to access or behind paywalls but in October 1998 the European Patent Office had decided to the tour publish them online without any restriction the American Patent Office followed 6 months later in April 1999 if you are and to correlate this was a German terrorist organizations of organization Red our affection which of course is much travel and should who call too many people in the last century you found that there is this organization could not take profit from Rabin's patterns because it was too late but if you talk about OK that you will find that this this organization came to public that was in 1993 was the 1st attack on the World Trade Center at that time there was more possible means to Texas knowledge about the weapons patents by the means of the Internet laughter knew more than 2 years after all these patterns that went online say did this 2nd attention which was successful as you know this is only correlation more than the proof of whatsoever here I show 1 example of a weapons
patterns uh particularly out of this patent 1st of all it's published by the US Army it is uh told but so so this this recom on recall among 2 of 4 uncle conventional warfare activities this means which means there they are fighting and terrorism and it
if you have a local funds this structure rent it's a quieter descriptive gives a clear indication of how to build such a weapon which material which quantities and all those I the I would have liked that I know of would've liked to find any evidence that the the
crimes of the Due to destruction of the World Trade Center this related to weapons patterns I didn't find anything like this they're small evidence but what I find what I found when I study 2 official paperwork this event um so uh miss so National Institute for Standards and Technology which of them investigated and these crimes that did not even think about a possibility that terrorists that's used detectors didn't attack from the inside this
is what I marked in red to this event that assumes a professional people rent and so the buildings you may have gone into the buildings planted some explosives left the building and uh rendering the FAA the final attacks took place the possibility of Suzette eggs detectors in sizable Towards a lot to take into account and my conclusion
I think it's a good idea to all change uh oficial story telling which tells um tyrosine is about
agrarian become food to mankind and to be short the sacrifice all or on the sacrifice all of the things I want to
use mixed up the proposal heating method for coffee the I am and welcome to
a not so serious talk about the novel was coffee eating that's of some which is an application for i in C is the in situ use of resources office with their responsible use of modern manufacturing technologies so why do we 1 of the coffee well I'm I reckon science I code a lot and I can't forget about McCarthy coffee usual tends to get colder with time and gap is probably everyone knows cold coffee isn't very good coffee so we need a solution which utilizes the resources we have at office and yeah that's 1st for that we need some sources of thermal energy from well 1st I looked into humans because well the fumes at the office they produce as you can see in the chart around 100 watts the room
temperature when seated but that's yeah that's an energy that is at 36 degrees celsius it's some really hard to harvest because you don't want to vote put on the body suit or whatever to harvest energy so um another 1 would
be on electricity but they come on that's that's cheating because electricity is everywhere and they would need another an additional device so
um that the nite before I saw some loss and then I remember 1 quote and I think it was like this the target area is only 7 7 centimeters wide it's small thermal exhaust port right below the keyboard and the shaft leads directly to the main processor
they my computer has to OK now we found this source for thermal energy and how do we harvest that
I yeah it's you can see in the picture that's the end of a show of market which is what which is on the inside and what their gets blown from the around the coffee and went on the on the other side and now we need to get the need to build this so as I said I work in research we work with the metal for deep breathing
is so I got the printed in Aluminium yes
yeah it's yeah you need to do some really on that so as mark on the mill is also was a 1st for me and now the very important part of the need to verify the
solution OK I set up an arena with 3 temperature sensors which measures the temperature of of my mark of of a reference mark and the ambient temperature this data is sent to a computer in the toes of 1 seconds because thermal of processes are really slow and that's it so we should be sufficient as script visualizes that in real time and also laws that the thing and each day 520 not because you are sent to the data and I can process of adopt afterwards um yeah as I said I need I need a similar shape conventional mark for that for reference and then both mark both marks with the exact same amount of coffee using highly scientific methods end for that because we need is to be released the wheels edit milk 34 million milliliters of this to be precise I'm highly scientific methods look like
that and then you was edit
youjust with this range and then I
divide it up said about that the computer and started the testing so to generate sufficient thermal energy I ran
ran out some some some simulations and I got some results if I show you the child's so I know now that coffee with 60 degrees celsius is too hot for me definitely do you Brenda time and between 50 and 60 degrees celsius is super nice 1 coffee I like that 1 down to 40 still acceptable because had it's still drinkable but 30 feet 3 degrees celsius definitely the cold and yet and also thinking coffee with revised like in the markets ReLU years because it's everywhere and in a way and you don't want to that and it's suspicious especially with that mark is made from farm Aluminium the but yeah so that is the chart and you can see there right red line is my he did not with that which performed on yeah as is expected it it's so only Sancta in a higher temperature than room-temperature but that wasn't enough because you can see the regular market which we use in green of that of that after 40 minutes at their coffee in the regular might started to get colder than in my he did much the that's not really true so my conclusion to that of the proposed was did provide some of that did not to show the expected performance and because the aluminum outer shell x is in heat sink transferring the heat from the core to the outside so I need a new their eyes with less thermal conductivity and while maintaining initial few few minutes
Lopez intelligent hello my name is Ivan
Schwartz and I'm going to be talking to you about an open payment protocol called intelligent so today payments are broken this is roughly what
the payments based looks like it's super fragmented and there's tons of small regional networks that are all separate from 1 another
each of these works well within themselves like support in Germany ideal Netherlands them on the US each 1 of them works well but it's impossible to pay it from 1 to the other as a result you have just a
few really major global brands that basically dominate global
payments if you look at these a slogan everywhere you want to be there not saying we're the best we're the cheapest were the fastest they're saying we're the biggest too late payments is all about network effects and reach as a result no 1 can really compete device started a new payment at work today and said 0 come use my network your 1st question would be whom can I pay with it it's all about network effects the real
fundamental problem is that all of the payment networks are disconnected whether the banks walk chains mobile money networks etc. all them a disconnect and in many ways this resembles what information networks looked like before the internet so what we need is internet working for payment networks we need a system that makes it so you can
pay from any network to any other network so that it wouldn't matter if you and I are on the same payment the this is what
alleges into larger a protocol for rewind packets of money across many different payment networks just like the internet
protocol that's into into larger provides 3 main things which I'm just gonna go through very
briefly here if you're interested in more details come to the session later so 1st is a larger agnostic addressed so this is a way to say where you would like to be paid no matter what payment network you are the 2nd is a IP inspired packet format that super super simple and just communicates to the intermediaries how would basically the details of the payment the 3rd thing is multi-hop security because dropped packets when you're talking about money are a little bit more serious than drop packets when you're talking about I keep as a set more details if you come to the session later some key facts
about into larger project it's an open open project we work on it mostly under the aegis of a w 3 c community group 275 members that have a lot of different backgrounds ranging from banks
central banks payment companies blockchain companies etc. because and alleges meant to be a super generic payment method that can be used for lots of different applications so to talk a little bit about
implications of this this is a graph of what internet working did for data basically cost quality and volume explodes because as you add Internet working you add interoperability it makes it possible it makes it not matter which network on increases competition and the costs come down as the cost come down the gets so low that you can suddenly start sending information for marked for many more use cases than were possible for imagine doing some of the things we do over the internet over traditional male just impossible so this is basically what we expect to happen with payments with interoperability
so to leave you with 3 kind of pieces of food for thought of posed 3 questions to the 1st what could you build with free an instant global payments imagine you could pay or get paid by anyone in the world in any currency in any amount small or big that's question number 1 number to a lot of people have talked about the problem with the internet business model today today it's all based on advertising there's only a few companies like Spotify and such that can actually convince people to take out the credit card and to those details for security reasons user experience etc. ImageNet your browser could just pay for the services that you use in tiny little amounts and you could just control it with that kind of a dashboard with sliders that's the kind of thing that this could enable 3rd as a mention briefly intelligent height is heavily inspired by the Internet itself and there's an interesting interesting issues that come up around what what lessons should be drawn from the Internet what should we copy and what mistakes should we avoid very interested to hear people's perspectives on that cell session today at 6 30 pm in seminar room 14 15 if you're interested you can also find us online into larger . org and onto thanks he thank
you next up by con file with morning so I want to
presented how a small conference that we are organizing in Serbia analysis and and by doing melanin so what is Vulcan local is meant to be a small hurricane conference in South east of Europe bill bill we tried to build our community because of of the pollen students from that part of the agenda doesn't have so much money to drown them on this subject conferences you or some other places so they started to organize the 1st log on 3 thousand per day in
and next year and the hours 6 conference so I want you all to invite you to join us for the next month from the date of and dates for the next balconies for 14 15 16 September it's uh in I said in Serbia so it's in let's say one hour drive from Belgrade and you hear it can hear only want and then like but why not the sad and
why Serbia because in front of his ad may decide to make it conference then it that we are not playing in Serbian anymore but we wanted do will give
community there some feeling of the conflict and conferences from the Europe so you can see the pictures and I sat what came from which to begin promise to write what for what Jeep Wrangler drinks a lot about this and what the funds we also have a great speakers that
are coming every I don't want those down now the names but on our website you can see all the lists of the speakers that the was last 5 years might be so and as the upcoming bank because need it's not to become conference last year we have around 450 people it's familiar feeling then you'll have a good move the opportunity to speak with everybody so I think that's important and I want to all invite you to help us to build a community Serbia because there is not so much Hackett community we the hackerspace is below 1 not sad small and it's due years on the let's say now and money Belgrade more than 5 or 6 years I'm not so sure so we are trying to build a community there but we need people from abroad to show that people from speech Serbia how it's look like so that's the reason why the organizing the conference and he also can only about on a small KQ areas so we also have assemblies and we also want to invite Don assemblies to come the joint has to have fun at least 3 days so if you have any
questions how to reach the Serbia because it's maybe for some and it's not so easy there's a gene flights to Belgrade it's one hour drive needed in the past from the metadata water the nice had already him and had a question relating to accommodation organizing conferences feel free to contact us right as the man you want to see you all in Serbian I sat next year I think you have to
have next up Capricorn the and
the and and so
and earlier this year uh Benton we're spread out pretty much all over the globe according to the news um locally myself I was infected uh but I made a program uh which uh tries to detect what changes were made in your file system and today I'll tell you something about that and I all and with the goal for activities so 1st all the Sean table contents of what I'm going to present a 1st bit about myself when I uh that modest Capricorn uh and how does it work and how the join in which is the initial goal of my presentation so my my my name
is much against uh I go on an agreement you breath and I am in the 3rd year IT security and a bachelor amendments and light I'm interested in reverse engineering and analyzing more about it and and revenge molar for my intention and I plan on writing my
final thesis about the sum over because most severely interested in that uh which brings me to my program i Capricorn uh it's in and around somewhere on command line interface application and I think you need to build a graphical user interface and so it's it's still possible but it's called modular so it can be expanded rather easily um open source uh you can find that at the end of the presentation of integrated the proposed story and uh it's written in Java and supports both of Linux distributions and uh and Microsoft Windows and it uses local reports a bit more about that later on and a lot of the uh rule I use is to not require administrative or perfect privileges so how does it work uh I deployed when called uh folders with files and uh on the system in multiple locations and so on all of the user home folders are used so that would be your vessel folder documents your videos and you have these and the root of your file system itself uh is also use using Windows it's probably just you drive and if you're using Linux that's just a slash on your on your device um so then I still be on imports would files with a random extension I uh use my own hard drives the drivers a stripper reliable source of what extensions are used most and and gold roughly 700 extensions there uh and and I still go from files with words are based on the which language I um you some sites I and I found out what the uh allegedly most used words in the english language art to avoid detection systems on programs which use of similar needs as I do and they often have the words in them like this is a test for all do not removed and R. M. summer answering sperm could be able to hear that the uh to check that and I'm uh not could these files of uh since I want them to be encrypted 1st um that is my my goal so uh what do we do if there's a change in these files are simply should on a machine usually um that to uh suffer doesn't have a persistence mechanism because falls are encoded anyway so they wanted to pay so at the current state of ransomware uh so it's 1st
executed obviously scans the file system and the targets of set of of file extension so you have a dog that's amount whatever they want and and then starting 15 um and damage from the from the location it started using uh but it could be used for over the root of the hard drive and then eventually you get the message will please barriers were you never going to your files again and and um so for this this words uh at least 40 criminals sadly with the program also prevented uh tested it would be quite versions and also the world famous moment right uh would have been
installed at least in my test machines and so what I might foresee and possible changes in the summer is that they also includes and the header of the
file so that's when something has been working on lately to have the correct header for the correct file extension because otherwise it could be uh that uh um plain ASCII text in the file is uh and seen as a 1 bold and is state and if all the wonderful pulses did the program doesn't work anymore and so that brings me to my last slide um is how do I participate in some of the
aligned over over 4 rules you can contact me outside in the hallway you know on the other hand you have
the the located in let's continue with the next talk about in the last talk before the break right the friendly operating system for the O the yeah yeah hello
my name's spotting and as I am uh researcher at finally visited a also main contributor to the right operating system um so of maize most a few 1 might want
to know why do we need to set an operating system for the Internet of Things at all and why right so if you look at the Internet of Things today we see that most manufacturers just use their own solutions mostly proprietary sometimes standardized but almost always over some central cloud architecture and also using some proprietary software and basically no 1 knows what they're doing and our vision for the entity is that basically everything is built around free software and free uh and well than standard as political I I put some right was in this let's say but you can also can ot use of the open-source operating systems of course so that we basically if you want to connect all he did was a light switch
um but why do we need a dedicated I T O S as well that anyway why not just use Linux well if you lose uh look at the devices limits usually supports we
see that there is no big difference between out the devices right supports and so the devices uh for example in of support and so um our model is basically if you device Canada run Linux use rise right um that's what describing to mean some well we firstly we GPL license office so we have basically free software and support a variety of well known and uh well says that's that tools for our development process so we don't require you to install some uh eclipse environment or use some uh written a bit he to develop 4 right um and we also support a variety of platforms like the makers favorites and we know nuclear s that as the nuclear or uh the other thing feather but also educational platforms like the Calliope the many and its British counterparts in BBC Micro and so we also me you might have seen it on Hakodate that the sum of 1 of our contributors affects the killer like
will tried 3 and 4 right so you can write run riot on that snow and I'm here for the
ones who became a technically interested to um right basically has a real-time capable
country architecture uh a highly configurable model designed from the ground up has a party point Posix-compliant API a fully featured IP 6 network stick and also JavaScript support vise versa sums injuries script interpreter and also some other search party software which you can also include by is the ports like a catchment management and so
if I could spark your interest you can look at our website right arrested or uh look of of its row API documentation and API that right but uh minus the and uh look at our own uh get tutorials if you want to test a set out in the environment and also we have several mailing list most active 1 is the devil mailing lists uh where we discussed most of our topics but we also answer questions answers users mailing list and if you find anyone abilities in right you can confide with us that's the security meaning this security and try to estimate thank you thank you
thank you to lower the level of short break of 15 minutes or so we'll see you all data 45 is the small of the the OK you the break is about to be over so please switch to the slides again and then we can start with open source do deserve laptop and and thank OK hello and because and this is a quick answer to reform that my open-source to yourself laptop
why compare should be as simple to and the users should have all the power over it you should understand you should be able to completely understand repairs and there should be any culprits or government ensures that you don't want there some similar projects like the movie now this also based on dynamic 6 there's the prior the new 900 phone so this is my contribution to the overall open source of the movement In this status there's that 2 prototypes 1 is based around development boards and is quite a book box this is done and works but the 2nd prototype is currently in the works I have it here and this 2 case so I can later after the talk a space on a custom order much then and here are some 1st sketches is how it all started a by industry designer and enters and
we iterate on a lot of different status
an idea ideas how could look like and for the 1st version settle on a very simple
the blocky design this is the very very
1st version are made from the laser cuts
acrylic 3 D printed keycaps just to get a feeling of the proportions and so on and do and started to
print on key gaps in the form of tourism printer this is how they look freshly
baked um this is
completed 1st retired but inside so you can see there's a lot of cables and components floating so that's why it's a big
terms the and me using dead in Oaks on it and it can
show its own photo uh yeah some
more and as a showing how it could also
look like the and there's general
aspects it is based around then it's the I
Macc successor see it has 4 oncotic say 9 course at one-gigahertz for the right of the 3 rounds which is unusual for at least for an our system it has advantage of you and safe the lithium iron phosphate battery and is the open are no binary blobs in the system and in the GPU is completely open source has computable so strivers um a study based on a 10 X SOM but will move to the open-access and so it can also be replicated and yet has a bunch of i Ofori USB PCI Express satire gigabyte even Italy energy my the same time and this G T of 5 thousand such sonship and there's a few from GPI Osan SDI ties receive a for your own experiments the all the files are um our open uh has files that you can print your own and curious and parts the board was designed by me in key cat which is also the source all the components are easy to source and their input u as the keyword and check for our just is be license the and this
is sort of thing cat is my 1st fully airborne them in the years under
and dissolve looks like in real life In
IEEE was able to with a lot of the
patches to bring this part up it and runs some assignments is seated
almost fully populated use be popped and rework and and I was
able to test a lot of sovereign the last week's uh and they're in Linux runs fine it was the mainline kernel of Firefox blend RE MAX
I 0 . 3 and and play labor office all these works quite well yeah in and and now working on the border is number 2 which fixes amount of problems that occur more has and the cases number 2 and then we'll start at taking pre Orasan for a complete the work
it is just a preview of the thinner
the integer thank you and you can contact me here energy and a constant reform or talk to me here later I have all the parts with me some text the thank you thank
next up should let it the fan vote the this the the the good
morning good morning everyone I will talk about should lie at the defender of so because this year I had the feeling and you think about the only 1 that should very close to the fan all as a another torque your friend of very very nicely here we might not Goldberg director of utopia there might be some some detour uh and so I was of writing some code mainly Android apps to do with my fuels and sperm to basically make some digital umbrella uh because this thing is I
don't trust of the elected leaders we have currently and I just wanna have a back up so we will go up the pyramid of
needs of and I think it's not Wi-Fi at the bottom of it's actually food and shows uh moons so I was checking with all of this like how to make fire and stuff and there are some apps already on the Android or but none of them none left right which is really a problem for me only and I didn't like all is up so I was riding wants of based on the use of only a few you about computer demilitarized so if this the bold sold rose humans and everything else so it's based on a wiki and
this is basically the continent so you and
I added some of flights of apollo because of keep us back there's no power where a should was it in fair but there are solutions to that you find that in that section basically their own so there are ways around how to generate opponents of condoms so please that's 1 reason what's been Europe also at your continent it's a bit of Q and so that's gets compiled into there is also a lot of it is
called offline like so a menu to help overcome situations without Internet offline that doesn't mean like off flush it works offline sold the content is compiled into the so the next
thing I was the bold is IPF asteroid because I think that this 1 step ahead of the pyramidal always of Isaiah showed real food we have everything now we really want to chew content and 1 really nice way to get digital content is an achieved as content address of and that's basically you do you have an Android app to exercise that only it can resolve finality go edges as nodes that's compiled into the also aware that over whether did very well to have such a bit of binary problem there so please look up ideas as and at has taught another option might be swarms from the next thing I wanna
talk about is uh Wallace um that's like descriptor currency thing is not really word received about it's not all about money there other things you can do with that and also like banks might explodes after should hit the fan and and you still want me want some means to exchange stuff and strong go back to the overall bottom and and also 1 of 2 year apps 442
of roasted reformative before so I was starting the walls project as something as an organization of social of coddling coat or if you don't like java JavaScript you like Static typing languages from the interferer motif is present in is a JavaScript disarmament but that was of that stuff is already talking so now we are at the top of the pyramid basically
if you have some time uh on needs of soft some 1 game what we can muster schools like him of course was also really interesting room I for going on do and not only to you can also find that you hire from installation which 1st of all go on games with of that basically as a continuous
training all the acts you find them on Google Play for your convenience of but you can also compiled in yourself and in the middle of from a convenience also always all apps are available on the storage of your choice
so that's a no talk about this model of and glider that's only assault that the cannery watch of stopped basically because it's too much work correctly you to monitor cameras and I really like you like if you look for of money that
stuff but you can do like that as lot
project please look up UCI data 1 that's a new see to make calories so should solve all these problems that outlined in this
blog posts and yeah so a
follow-up work you find on itself from a contact PG PG and stuff on the you don't do you
own Konecny also like at this conference here just because the right look scary but user input from the sum and I say and the great conference thanks for and how highly
fireflooding talks someone the most so let's continue with the technical this is sovereignity volume 2 thank and so we so landmarks again as
in there I will actually talk about today the book not software and of course it has a digital version says that that is the printed out a bunch of them and then available in the United States and the Union wanted to annex to common and then the man this is
the book written actually I
should show you this and written by people living there and I got
a queen the samples covered a static alone in Catalunya disclosed colorful it's a kind of housing cooperative and and productive cooperative complexity and buying from the owner over 10 years and then
technological so itself started with this idea from and money to buy the 20 was saying that that consumption cooperatives did by
they're dead food from local farmers to get it and why not tell people to do the same media technology if so we found In via conventional peasant movement it is an international political movement of peasants and they had this nice definition of food so that painting and what he did was to adopt this idea and to technology so I really this quotation from the air conditioner and tried to we imagine what happens if you would replace would be so for so many T is the right of people to heresy and culturally appropriate food producers to ecologically sound and sustainable methods and they're like to define their own food and agriculture systems it puts those who produce distribute and consume food I heart of food systems and policies that I didn't then the demands of the market and corporations so for us to adopted this idea to technology was a way to go beyond and limitations of free software because he's of there was a very inspiring and powerful movement in existing the 19 nineties by now it has been become part and parcel of capitalism so we were looking for a more holistic in approach and do not add if technological trajectories and the
1st of these 2 years ago we produced a 1st volume and this is the 2nd 1 that came out now and it was supported by the original foundation from France I 2 associated to Italian by people from had level enabling him and we collaborated with a lot of other groups for example read their quality letters and transition collective Soul their 1st uh volume and 2 years ago we put out in French Spanish Catalan and now the Indian act States and you can actually find the new Italian translation of it and the 2nd William that it published now and they come out in in its own ideology in English and Spanish and available in their religion and if there is already a digital version in French and then cut the Italian then we come up so 1 of the reasons the king it is not just a distributable but also to ask people if they want to have the German translations on translations to any idea random and reject you with desire and speak and the published a book and was sold there is an original version so if you want you can get the digital and book and then you can have their origin of French articles in French and if somebody doting Spanish you can have the Spanish version so all together realities in 6 different formats inpainting HTML and PDF in my down and the multi and and something as the and so it's basically and 6 times 6 books that to be and made from the same material and they're all available energy to opposite during
so the EU is an acute I will
show you do so we have this to a chain based on their digital care library the me and that the used to test might down that makes it very easy easy for translators and collaborators to work on the book and just to give you a
taste of what is in the book and
the 1st volume and look like this and and how is it that some say
so updating their and In the
2nd book you find my full reminded of different adopting long and the uh the thank you thank you
was due to lose full of the frication for the win and and
that of I'm while texts and Michael consists of all revisions for the
we so it's all know that the the number of blocks your increases these lines of code and then we have a whole slew of cold around this a so embedded devices that were to happen all smart phones so castle and the latest release of where our and they have come in them and there's a lot of them and even in 2004 had 70 computers in them in the different epochs so and by now you can be sure that you drive a car but that does not work mechanically assume that when you press the so when the present again as I was there is the commands into computer speech grades the engine it's not mechanical Androscoggin between they actually boast about it the and still as with some stuff from the mundane like did these through the in them but 1 which is critical and the righteous standard surrounded the common on the right is how or from the box is supposed to have a maximum of and that it's really hard to death that block happens only once every 12 thousand years when you manufacture but in release something in the wild has millions of Joyce's consumers find blocks of the issue is that the process is the test for known issues and you generate don't know issues feature interest but so there are cases like the you'll that 1 the guy that did not stop when you the President of just did not because they must the concurrency and people did die and at that almost come come from this and what of injuries and they tried their best to keep it out of the courts so they set a lot of cases and also the up with Michael 1 the 1 3 so for interest in a slightly remixed between consists of unveiled at the code I love letters in the case of the sister of 25 of basically it's an X-ray machine which sometimes worked in will cancer 0 to and that it should have worked in the scan modes and also cute people and also because they must the concurrence with what else only the cases like I sometimes 1 Dreamliners AC system stops working because implementation issue something especially those used to me that I because implementation issues and also cry for messed up for they did not put a final between veins unconnected he dupe player and the current and because Easter account uh I can boss features units of individual but so far officially of about licensees relationship and the recommended to use and the drug depends
with with the system efficiently envision revision
to history issues volume concept the architecture protocol of
and innovation is about your code deterrence is a protocol and if we get an extension of types you used to and
then will give that you construct stuff with your pipes and the so so that the concept that fit in with high assurance and
this and you really fashion and stuff like space rockets i.e. you realize that your hardware and compiler compiler also of potentially uh not apparent suspect so we checked into immigrant not going to talk about
that for a few days have been used to great effect in a lot of cases for instance Amazon has used it to fix some box and their web services and also you that something they should make our and the static
analysis is using planes in the space station in basically every form every smart for now the and also in your CPU caches the provided they behave correctly of some interesting made mitigations but whether the space and things are getting harder and the basically if you don't want people to die you have to have really bad assurance process which make iteration slow to a crawl and if you want to get the space fast that we have to use formal education space exceeds current form revisions new ingenues right now the check out these materials that cool to thank you you know that you next up as small
modifications the the
I would like to share with you some things that I have found
mostly while walking around cities near the Pacific Ocean um and chronic carriers how you might relate to these from your perspective so here is that the tensions of the driveway in Seoul Korea and there's a small slope on this right and so says someone had cut have tires and fixed it to the concrete was screws so it doesn't slips and about
50 years ago I a guy called man and Dusty's said something like this what we need now I'm not to new technologies but new ways of living and I guess that's a question I often wonder when I look at these and things made by non-specialists using very primitive materials somehow they do
something they change something our experience of being alive so here is a photo taken by my friend Chris but also sin while he was living in Tokyo Japan and someone had added this time to the engines of the driveway which makes a difference
but the and I would just read out another quotes and by a guy called
George Kowloon time he said that life is improvization meaning acting as circumstances permit at 1 point a blade of stone is sufficient as a surgery to and sustain stainless steel was not sufficient yet we live like castaways so even though he had to use into different cities 1 and the picture on the
left is from Mexico City the 1 on the right is from Seoul Korea again people working in relationship to come as they make these modifications to have offer some kind of protection in the 1st example
and and this was found in the same camp marked where old posters has been appropriated for storage and I feel like
this same kind of caring could also be extended to other creatures so here's a bird feeder founding Tokyo and often
also when I think about boundaries like fences and borders it could be a site of separation but also a site of
exchange between people and offering something to your neighbors
and here is a soccer field made on a prominent Inkpen impend Cambodia and the blue Jews are they are ubiquitous in that's in the form of water and
yet the same in tiled ground has been kind of
proof reads it for anchoring this tend and this is something that I
did with a from my friends in New Zealand before I came to living humble glass still well we modified the existing furniture in the middle of the city so I could become more often open the home for strangers to meet and here we discovered that
fruits on the edges of a car
and I just read another quotes by an anthropologist whose name I have
forgotten is said to crafts not beautiful and convincing answer facts but evocative and open ended materials for further experimentation to creatively sets the scene for a distorted here and now and if you have any idea what this could be you are welcome to come and find me in the house
know the party for quality of life is needed OK so welcome for this
talk you might suspect it's because there's
a good party in the title it's something might go in support of your to party as especially as we are in hacker conference but I have to disappoint you it's about a political party but I tried to make this it includes an entertaining so I want to explain my point
using references to popular popular culture namely the famous Serious Game of Thrones who of you that's no this Serious Game of Thrones OK so I can keep the summary of 2 plot very short from my point of view it's kind of mixture between a soap opera and a fantasy story and the soap opera elements are that there are a lot of couples having discussions
and making much left each other and then of course there's gyrotron which is the symbol of power for the whole continent and then the distance this game who is to occupy the strong and game plates of cross by discussions and why discussions including Swartz and writing nights and even prior spitting dragons and from my point of view that the important thing office series is that this whole game who will finally occupied is thrown is more less pointless because in the Nov there is still a horrible nite keen and he has an army of hundreds of thousands of some we warriors trying to to them yeah all people and their extinct all life on of air so the whole series is about setting the wrong priorities and this is due relation
to the reality which I see because the priorities of actual politics are key words like economic
growth jobs and competitiveness and in recent time also national identity but the real challenges from my point of view of what the collapse of
the global ecosystem which is a crucial condition prior the existence of humanity and also the looming collapse of democracy or even said civilization I just want to give some buzz words like climate change biodiversity you might attract resistant bacteria or in in the 2nd part of the resilience against of drug perceived ability for aeration discourse declining and rob prevention if we ever had something like this is also in getting weaker so 1 solution our approach would be to change the optimization criteria um but there's a problem that's the attention for inconvenient truth outside of communities like this 1 here is nearly 0 and we have pre writing mental infrastructures which favor consume and she was Q and uh everything that is so the changing the optimization criterion is easy but nevertheless Our approach is to establish quality of life as a prolific the political concept and therefore uh we think they intend to found a new party which has overtures centered about this concept that might be a way to go because currently our society tries to optimize economic growth and the number of jobs but these can only be 2 means for reaching quality of life but not be there the goal itself so the quality of life and our understanding is just a mess compensable interpretation of sustainability for more precisely by establishing a lifestyle which will work on a global scale and on the long timescale and obviously our pure and lifestyle uh does not fulfill any of these 2 conditions and uh 1 very important key aspect is to deconstruct the dichromatic growth orientation so um yeah if you want to have more information you can ask me or just was direct sites which is a party of life quality of the solu P and Q . the thank you very much we do this is
for the of would they have to set this up in the proposal rule that obstacle everybody sees my book works so well let's go that should work
with the data I tried it on the
OK well welcome I'm 1 to tell some words about work that out of light came into existence because we made a 4 at all for the anti makeup software and no bigger than 0 and it was but not very well known but some people already discommoded then we are quite happy with it there come Tuesday comes to citation of some great guys that I found the Holy Grail of bag ops so it looks like he was quite happy with it and the top board came to life is of metric was little five-year-old project it it acquires Mies design and nice called but a problem was that the the development was going on rather slowly and still some parts left and the problem was that you could make a lot of people request but they did not get reviewed and not accepted so it was basically going slower or or even be stalled of and after some months I think of waiting reforested and all of that was two-and-a-half years ago and now it's quiet of false going and its smallest community project and progressed get merged and it's quite a lot of activity but the future said it's easy and fast to use as a command line tool of the dust content defined chunking more about this later on and the dusty d'application and not only based on a whole filed but on chunks of files it does compression because and in January I think I will reduce the next welshmen it you would even include those that stand out and does encryption it authenticates the encryption and terms of modified system key-value store and you can access it locally all by this stage so it's use the license documentation is quite nice but platforms appalled the use the Loris kind of stuff on the site we need even it's Python a little bit of size C 2 0 speed up the critical parts and we have a continuous integration system in quite a nice test coverage you can mount will take up repositories to you can just look inside and copy files with the father manager of somewhere topology d'application because compression and encryption you maybe can imagine how it that is on but it did application it is interesting because it does this junk based at application and for example if you have a little machine image and you just use our parsing with this hobbling treat faltered applications it off and copy the whole little machine image to your bike up this because the whole file has changed but authority the trunks and so you will notice that most of the chance of the fire did not change and would grow only a copy the changed once so you can also work on logical volumes snapshots defend the Doppler carried a direct read even if it was renamed because it does not care for the maybe only cares for the pieces of content that you have all of you will have maybe something that did case because you have some topic it's in your file system but it's not the main point in any case you will have the historical publication because every back up you may will be mostly signal to the bike made the day before so there's huge the d'application there and they can also d'application between different machines if they happen to run the same operating system all you if you have the same data on them so how is it made of it reads the file and then it applies the rolling hash algorithm all what was more we don't and it cuts the filing 2 pieces and the nice thing that world peace cutting is not that fixed offsets it's happened it happens of by content so if the contenders moving the cutting places also moving and then it starts to stuff into key-value store and that's basically it currently we have 1 . 0 release and so while 1 of 1 . 1 I mean 1 points here is the old 1 and year 1 . 2 while some crypto and parallelization enhancements this is the home page in all the graphs medium clearly you through this few
seniors is the use of to both the lifting of of news talk just enjoyment
yeah the I'm here to talk about insatiable desire
no this is a technical talk so there won't be any dirty pictures sorry this
is the dirtiest of guy I think many of us
actually little uncomfortable talking about desire including myself doesn't come up a lot
and what I love about our Congresses talking about the future and creating and solutions to problems in technology and I would like to contribute to an element that I feel
is underrepresented in that and so if we look
at ourselves we have this narrative narrator in the front of have that comes up with very reasonable explanations for our decisions but our decisions in many cases the inference by desires that not only in sexual desire but other things food money for a lot of friendship so good things on and things that are that that brain is in the driver's seat a lot of the time and that has implications for all societies
so a large part of our societies built around catering to our desires and setting us stuff and technology that is coming up with better ways of serving our desires every day and you might say
so that sounds pretty good what could possibly go wrong out well if you take any statement on you need food to live and take that statement to its logical extreme and it becomes absurd so if you need food to live why don't you eat yourself to death
and we are eating themselves to death because food has become so good that it's addictive we can't stop eating even if the Cove and more is usually better it's just that under the brain doesn't know when to stop and the same is true for other things so if I have 1 billion dollars a won't be happy and to have 2 billion or fake drugs ever
since the legalization of cannabis pot and industry is taken over for obvious reasons and uh there's been an
explosion in the variety and potency of products which sounds good but we have no
idea what that is doing to our brains am and I
think it's easy to blame capitalism and
consumerism for problems and but what if we have that the wrong way around but if they actually sentence what human
desire and their also just like we are because we engineered that way and societies both from the what are are the implications if you take
anything to its logical extreme it becomes absurd in our wildest built around fulfilling human desire and which is impossible because human desires and from the and so there might be some bad outcomes from that say climate change and thinking about the future depending on who you ask in the future
everything will be free to live in the collaborative comes or in the future we will try to become gods or super-intelligent machines will take over and murder everybody on but I feel like a missing something I think that human desire will actually favored large role in shaping that progress and determining our future and I see this going 1 of 3 ways potentially so 1 way is we can just
continue as is and enjoy the ride and it will be fun for us not so much for children but anyways up or we can find a way to limit or change human desire which could be good but could also be very scary or we can put our faith in technology to find a way to satisfy human desire without the external consequences of for instance build a virtual world this justice limitlessness are desire and then we can live there and and be happy without destroying the actual planet and process I don't know that there is also a good solutions I think that maybe there's some bad ideas of what I'm asking you next time you discuss some technical solutions think about insatiable desire thank you thank you
thank Mr. because used to be and you profiles and implementations yeah
you there yes and is anyone want to give this talk we've got the slides for the largest located
in severity talking about using the of and lots of computers that are connected to them the print also do you do want to use it for then we have had their way with those of you in this in them so you don't
work out that he didn't get an e-mail anything you didn't just show up in
yeah but I think it's it's sort of you just involved
world so that the slower you know it's related as have the the the soul those this because of all the bloggers was thought up thanks thank to and
the and and the and a it per child CRC but car at at at