Shot Detection (23.06.2011)

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Shot Detection (23.06.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features -Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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Throughout So as allways it's my led to welcome you Thursday morning the multimedia And we do we have a wonderful lectured Dave because we will look at it into the red this I would but I retrievals about the problems from the European come from and then we can make waiting for the end of the the and the sort of figure retrieval today is basically about how detection so we will have to see how we can stick meant the deals in the automatic of seeing the automatic weight such that those scenes all those while part of the video of that are concerned with some top it
We are sick mented from each other So that is the 1 thing that we want to do They work
The 1 thing that we want to do today and that we want to go into the area The 3rd held the shoppe depiction of we will than look into different ways of getting the special protection to look at Temple model of a child activities so different characteristics of talk that may help us to determine whether this is a different topical with this is that the same operate of what actually happened in the video of what what would cost of video is action movie or a romantic movie and the only thing we would be with today
Self found that 1st job but talk about traction for what they expect from basically means that we structure content as the video In to tempt rope and space for example The 2 big questions that he might posted to to video find all clips in which some Object for that What do where we have a certain event that happening in the video that shoulder media And we all feel the have something to the team in the video whether the trajectory The kind of pointing the for find the video where the cash is jumping over time And what we have to do best the Sherman in which we deal on And like Laurino from the image of a reprieve and then we have the trajectory of a cat jumping or something And this is the idea of the strike itself 1 point on 1 hand we have the Piaggi of of of modeling the media so we find out what happened in the video was shown in the video and somehow represented in the UK that on the other hand we have the problem of segmentation and and some so we wanted to find the possibility that he jumped although the update act for me and if you have some kind of movie and that it's time for some of the actors rose able women pulled down You don't want the home you want the peace of the movie where the ball for that Or you want peace of the move that led to jump that this would be dealing with todays cell in general
On the very lowest level the video consists of It was number of images of 2nd And if you play them quickly enough This movement 1 of the earlier ideas of fall to make a movie about cinema and of cause This is the same and it You don't have to be made just basically a chuckle trained And some of them may be more of than the kind of represent were stolen from a section of range of called the frames and basic you can Group These frames Into Shaw shock means that you take the camera the film something that he recalled from them There some point you turn of the camera or you of pan into a different directions or you would of but he stopped recording for your blending you you have cut lending into some of the top And this is what we would call a different shoppe A About the shops all well and of which also cost structure of drug true unit means that we have are certain certain well usual peeled and in and so for example a but take the camera and make a pan over the whole room I'm might Focus on the time on the details where people The structural unit And it turns further than only the furniture over their the Wolves different structure unit may be long to the same job so may be 1 big job that just moved the camera For me consists of several shops at take shot of you guys that 1 structure unit that turn off camera and take some of the furniture of the last summer all followed and about all of this so called storey and where they see the Ideal with a certain type And dealing with this topic may take several shoppe and of Kosovo structure unit We cover the of This the basic ideas from the basic frame the youthful representing the you playing abstract from several levels Up to the storey
And if you want example of wonderful examples of new brought so that might be a storey unit of boring here A The might be structural units With some kind of the introduction of the fighting around the city of the Loblaw bluff of and then we might have transmission but we see Scenes of Wallwork where we have some of the more it ought to directly from from back that telling us all for Italy is 0 0 1 And there were of a summary How did the Germans from the start of fundamental would have react to that of what stock mockups do well told the order prices because it's all the same storey because the old prices are affected by the war in the rock But it's different structural unit because of possibilities the and command the scenes of of the country the somebody telling me what of what's happening in the comfort country and commentary on what will what actually think has to do with what price Either go down again see the shops though for example and the and command studio sitting on the desk of 70 something like a half panic across the landscape and the bombing of the city by the pictures of refugees order that all different shops because of the of the refugees are not with the and command duty
Must become between and the and the of the frames of my on the loyalist basic level and use a European dented by by some key because if you if you see what the videos all about the need for example the ANC a man
Identity several shot of the game and I just want to see a pick less some use anchor sitting in the studio and the something happens tel It doesn't change much different for pictures like this where you can burning close or array of some of the Parliament of something but the used at just need 1 picture of to to get a point across to to see what it is all about it by this picture down here A will all waste no it has something to do with politics because this is a parliament of the German parliament actually and then discussing something that would discussed at and a what from the shoppe and on a walk from the fray And though this is basically what about and so this from this is the storey unit of war in the Would be well represented all abstracted this video stretching by just showing the couple break You basically know what happened in out like unanchored Mantel's me something so it and of 1 of the finest new was shows the commenced telling me something than ICI here Wolstein scenes in some the country what would be the some American soldiers and command telling me something again and the parliament discussed Without having seen anything without having read and said Like and draw some computer just from seeing this is the the video
But I'm not aggressive of calls well and Ohio to see that the single frames the individual frames Coconate a group them into shops is kind of the interesting questions and the and that will actually problem that but we were concerned about the what but sometimes when the said well and why should we do it automatically Emmy if somebody takes a chocolate some camera takes to shoppe and its turned off it Candace on 0 2 8 For duration of actually took the shock of somebody cutting the movie of cutting some of the music wide as he just and taking up like a big deal out This is exactly what happened in 1 of them out the standard that is that as and except the and accepted as a matter of standard but that just and rotates immediate that just annotates video and the correct the composition of the board and and in the manner and today we have a lot of cameras that actually geotag the images and the tale of how little was made it was are you know lends was used all what you may not like the fact parole would and and this kind of man that can be automatically arrived automatically off added to the to the actual media this where where this method stand in which it quite by used to it but that that only Ghosal Fault because we might know what chocolate We don't know yet what it show this semantic annotations exactly the same problem that we have been in the music all in image Adaptation of The hollowed we know it's a cash How do we know that some people Of the new set up at the time a shower Totally And so at even if you have very good annotated or automatically and a media data from use of from brought cost from moviemaker along the semantic and and by the way while by the amount of used her also considering use the term Have a lot of UKeU the of what in the with the with anybody and Now know And they can be bought me most of us use view to videos for for fund and the and the following day Some of them might be in for a lot of the baby the information the unrest and and the chip over the year and version was was transport to find the total you Cuban and different shall of these the social network You couldn't help but it became interesting is that the media And the and the more often than not today new shows Act which will give it a So we still have a problem that that is why want the was shot to get to the top of the job detection means that but there has to be compiled the sea and different and within easy see is is that the image of the long to some seemed to individuals seen up rather to system so it by see the and command of the new from the may move it all you may turn it had but that's about it it would be still the same visual impression
And this is this be the idea where state of well and taking a video on a frame based every range of the and 1 on the brain based Amanda this is simply not possible to just to a sombre useful because of some by can represent shops by a single framework to frame of the Ukraine and so Annotating which he Francis's perfect It the capture although semantic that so we will only focus on the fact
Of cost of the flight to find the keyframe because the camera doesn't say OK I'm my mum recording the sun recording with this is a key frame and the Maigold recalled on but but we have to decide for 40 the 1 that really matters the and command as a kind of static taking wrong but the meat of the matter the verdict camera here and and just handed around the room you know I'm might take 1 from the from the 2nd where you guys in the picture of so much nicer than the black as he for of the Sell if we have to find a key keyframe first half to detect the scene transition To recover the full and then decide for either regime in the sure to be of and if you've seen traditions that can be the hot of soft so hot transition caught out of something at the end command tells us something and The video was shown above the landscape of the camp easy see that this has to do with that of cause levels of soft transition of for example the blending the folding and the fading ghost black and come back and get a new new type of picked These are more difficult to fight off to find the transition for every area that makes the shops electorate with and the image and that he the randomly suffered for the and command of County which ones you take the big randomly all with free got the camera movement 50 camera movement maybe you should take 1 from the middle of the movement because he was stop little but often than pan over what you're interested in and the new and somewhere so probe take something from the middle of the movie is actually good for you take something with with the average correct eristic well used by the standards he really looks that like enough like the you find the law of yellow and ground and the images of Collins to brands and you take the 1 with the animal like Avrich colours of something like half a dialogue ways all of your estate to find find which is a very good
Best but 1st comes grouping of the planes into Schalk's grouping job and we have to recognise this Found We can do that either was uncompressed with all compressed Of costs by the uncompressed videos and but many of the features that we have an image And so we can do kind of like going to grant and so on that decompressing the video and looking at every frame this kind of very Difficult to do well and that means that if it's done automatically cells and divided by the time you've got the right not to to be that the computer run overnight and find the from some of the problems for some we can we can use compressed videos compressed Rodeos kind of interesting because only the Daddabbo changes compressing used the word but you that you stopped with the image and then you just The that the changes to the origin of images record changes to the ritual images and when playing the video You Calculate the changes into the image of blend the changes with the image of the view that not a 2nd not strictly speaking a set of images like like and the in the frame based uncompressed 1st but it's rather some images and from time to time he recalled the changes that happened you interpolate public image will look like when the changes are applied at some point you get a new picture to synchronize the video again this compresses quite what
Some for shot detection and other compressed videos that the most well prominent cases so called template had changed the way basically do if it takes a while And For each pixel image You look at the colour value all the bright and and comparing the colour values of brightness in the next Fred And if the change between 2 frames large enough Well But before then used to of it something that's not no longer the blue black around the background and the and command but now it's all yellow does There is a big change in the way of cost if we do it that way ahead only worthwhile transition of what about paid later in the day of the as the very little change between the fading because you do it very regular and there might be well below that of what we do It's interesting that the But after singer something out and what we have to do is basically a case we take the intensity of colour values from
A pixels ex wife at time tea And same pixels time he of 1 next rate of the And we some up All the Basically the change of different that gives us a the total different And allows us to recognise the differences and the must be that if we have something like this year they are likely to be Zach on a flight Stalin like we will have different changes of Brits of look at this area Same area has without the wing because the whose move In the area that will be used to be and free is now Cover by the winger sold some pixel change but a lot the image The not change for The a follow up at the time The problem the problem with really when when we use this template matching approach to the very pump Handelman technique in out like a sore a straight for looked at me and said that should the work but what is that if we have more ways we of all the movement of real change the camera and the lump pending and at some point there might be transition the the fact that there was depending on some of the differences from this actually led to a two year some of the of his 2 gram based methods for estate will make maybe we should not consider every pixel and kind of match pixels but we should consider the Palm the Beach histograms for for the game
And it by the end of the piece or like the kind of black and the background and orange and the whose moves little bit further This still with a number of moves pixels the same number of of of the sunset pixels of it doesn't matter where they execute are in the EU These 2 doesn't recalled the location it just recalled the number of pixels the density of the number of the of the disposable spread of 1 of the of the idea so if we have a range that contained identical for background element the brightness distribution will not change even if the or take on move in the image And bomb This of causes quite a good idea to do it that way so would basically do it is we the find the distance as necessary for detecting a cut by the histogram
Difference between a frame at a time tea and frame at a time of 1 of But there was a kind of might pre-defined wrestled and with the changes picking up the to be cut again this hot
So if we use it to Britain we are in very and toward workstations to light changes with some of the move around the image and the before clusiana is allowed so unify have and the like which is engaged and and and move it here and I don't see it any more part of the it time And the change we caught in the web of to delivered of clue of cost it If I'm the main made by 2 of the rich and some the duck away no and you don't see me more than the image of the Soviet different from what used to be and this is to grab different will take it up Where there was no But these are the good things in life that occlusions smaller occlusions Object translations are not noticed by the time but is to provide a slow camera movements and zooming also S is pending and 18 and all the salsa loose off but I'm not noticed the is took The funniest though it is less ascended to template matching but still not a lot of look perfect
The order which sold it to the best of it but to take the 1st 0 to lower the number of low cost without a small changes to the NYT already added But take of a high Elemis's Love of this kind of like the rest of a way of finding the right sort of cost it strongly depends on the type of the deal by music video for example like and it was a where high wrestled because they are very quickly at 5 like like to be animal pictures law fading panic The should consider rather more So the pendulum and usually you would staff to do some training with with your collection in the way and I'm Reproach Rural found with to suppress so such as you process possible all alive but not too many false 40 but of the voice is what he has to do with go with wrestling but the interesting thing is that you could for example time you the distribution function trade so when you do it you look at the distribution
Of the differences With a new And between cut so by take that says 100 videos and I'm manually segment And for every transition between images of the same kind I'm noting All week the differences work and how many times the distant differences So why would probably see that within The salt There are very many supple before Not too too much happening And it's quite That there are big differences with them This manual And then I'd do the same thing for the differences between job But look at the different Sendai will fall the find that their lot of Not changes between 2 of their current of little sort But as small changes which Of 10 Myr small and will use the can do about these 2 The into a shoppe This seminary the and the interest of disability a you you can see well off Where's dispute suites bought and just used it to be the and the error that I'm making is kind of like the error here and the way here and this is would have to to live with a case was kind of like how or you can't trading yoyo shot detected by to find find a good job
Again we now and Find all not cut where a really something changes were about things what about this for where images of landed in into to each other so between the 2 trains that not much different stepped the up because Amin set before while the cat and now it's kind of like a dog it was the and command and faded into the death of 2 of them in the UK will continue and that the idea so called when 1st holdings of way basically do is used not 1 but 2 of And the rest now behind it is kind of well icon of really take from frame to range that was must change but doing a couple of red air will find that there is very big change because it used to be the and command with the Blue background of some the and now it's said scene with the help so effective by taking a publicly It by kind of Gold beyond the blending although beyond the time and this the change should be should be very high and that is different from where just handing or something because even a by and all of the room he enough but the Brown cover for for the tables and chairs were the kind of thing covers for the colour of what in the end bluish colours of it and they changed But also that it might take to pictures from the set but now not far time They still very similar build the big may have to solve because moved over there but the Brown off the the table The flooring still there So many part of the image of the So it do we do we used to threshold 1 for the termination of half cuts and 1 of the dominant of soft and good work like that would do it is found A threshold setting up the threat That corresponds to the size of an intolerable change so we would mean that they once this stressed Is reached There is a catch But this is a transition between 2 images that can not be done by handing of by an uptick moving away of the and Then we would use a the 2nd threshold Possible orange moved from the city by seems to be something happens at of costs espresso too much lower Think of this is definitely a couple this much thought for the day while the might be something developing the from if we Detect a smooth transition for the beginning of a smooth transition some type That would keep this frame And stop kind of like looking at a different between 2 adjacent Frank But start looking at the difference between this frame that we have but we are seen as the origin of a possible move transition and compared to the following Kent and but that at some point we reach the higher the Then we can't see it has been So we kind of like not going on to compel and Jason frame But if we Assuming summit Point suspect there might be something developing because we have seen a change that is still not big enough to be account but it it gets its and usual Then we kind of stretch the distance between brains that we And this allows us to see the bigger picture beyond the blend of the fate this is kind of the idea dull all the different of the subsequent frames and the end of tea plus 1 you until the end of next and frame and not computed regarding the previous claimed that the frame at the beginning of the end of that time A Case of reference fragments of Nyse and the and the difference rises above the cost wrestled then we can say this has been move The rest of changed over time And if I'm not detect This smooth out within the and frame and just say Well for Salam that has not been smooth cut but the some sums somebody had abroad pull overall would ever you know likened the kind of state of the vessel it still the same group of the same from the order of the
So how do the work we have a smaller the soap The tells us how of that could be a soft power and we the are told the This is a half Sell These are the frames of the time these different ratings and difference between them for the 1st 3 D images of the 1st 3 frames just look at it Jason frames and is not much change though no shoppe and that some point The difference is huge A cost cuts and the need to recognise that because I'm young And and it goes on the more changes small changes small changes in the way that not find the move There might be something developing that might be a fading or whatever now was stops not looking at the at Jason friend and more like this L But now with start looking The At the restaurant right Because this is my reference Frank of and and see the differences there If the differences below that full of the Cup wrestled and this is OK In the most is that it's not well than at some point say OK Let's go back to looking at their white differences that will not can look at it and it goes wrong so all the different But of the Not find another want and again ago on from that That was comparisons with the comfort of reference fame uses of reference frame and what I see is a year But A surplus of the float so that must be Account of the of use But the and use of And look up at this basic help But for all this But
Good times as also some techniques some which are which are and brought based on the Web trying to do here is not just looking at the time of the day I'm his the and time image but rather looking at the average colour or his grant at at the Brooks of match And this is basically because the cameras usually focused on something 1st the background days rather similar so the books of the background should not changed but looks and and the focus they are prone to cheque and it by the even of the number of black and this can avoid of noise and different camera but the train was divided into into some some of them were brought and you calculated the correct restrict the However the 2 bution ever below what everyone which and then Comparing the corresponding And add up the differences in abrupt And this is the difference between the 2 in the same kind of by the time the advantages of cause that you can detect and the noise bring only part of the picture the something moves of something that has not changed but the book wife comparison and the rest of the picture stays at the top of the new examples of the on anchorman by his had the best justice changed in and in this brought of the and the rest of the and if enough of the images unaffected And it doesn't matter what happens in the singles draw might be that the and command turned red because of the noise adult whatever you know what to do because the lacking error would ever enough it doesn't matter because the rest of the state at the time that can be can be done very well with the ball based From behind number of books are the same in the 2nd of 2 consecutive is an occasion that they will Noche out of the frame The only change was brought to get more goods But we can also use a model based procedure because and how many types of how to we were in a hot car with salt aid and and that getting kind like a difficult thing to think of a more not and of what we do and this is the idea of of some of the of modeling the transition the kind of operation and then I take it that the pact that are caused by this From the book uses but it does not recognise condition but and and also referred to fight the seat this is fading this is sold in the UK and if you need that all if you just interested in the shops and the job boundaries But that would want to But of the 2 over the for example 1 type of model with the if you feel you the fate what happened If H to a total black and then go back to some of the The amount of lack of during the And then things that can obviously be seen in the company to promote bright system over time a change the black of the brightest and back to almost rather and this of the of the of the model Book It was to what happened to them promoted the if you paid out of the picture the chalk becomes Dhaka so the brightest Abramovich compressed in the air Histogram the here 0 2 5 and brightness and Basically what happens when you faded the black which means will road looks like that And then you go to some of all the image where you are of a woman who little The but the model the The bomb went fitting in the images becomes brightest latest again stretched and you can see that basically but it could be seen as mathematical operation on his to
The take place to prompt between between the from Frank Then you can detect whether the Super stretch below the place to to go to France And if you have a compression followed by stretching In a set time intervals and this month The fate of British So that's kind kind of the idea that you can do all of them are most of on the condition of assaulting 2 so I'm like took here that the 1st part of the traders earlier this difficult 20 century-fox of some pictures and and if we look at the the at the Istabraq and
Rather like and whites are missing still a document that kind of and having some distribution of different bright Sam and that if a child if a child and we can see that the his suppress is comprised of its going into the job and at some point with really black over here Well At some point were really black that only black And the and the title producer because of the kind of fey today in and we see that this to brand branches OK Mathematical operation to The point where it's black the if but cut this sort of such a case
Yet and now go into the compressed videos and see what we can do that OK so we seen some approaches for uncompressed the deals but this is not quite feasible for for 2 days a situation where you don't have out of the deal continent by their saying they have huge amounts of the drug the hold such daytime and I'm compressed where is most version and the side have met or exceeded the trust made their the work again uncompress your no way so we somehow have to deal with compressed media and then bullying shot picture on a uncompressed legal which would decompress from compressed video again his huge computational costs just imagine ahead of today's full in the device is their capable of such a Xenusion and Ian uncompressed you would about 3 bits of data for and his without the board you just just the the deal this means of out of Computational Powys needed just 1 your to transmitted through the quality of the game and then British protection so why not try to do something more prevalent like so detection and compressed the media and the idea hideous of cost when you have compressed figure was you have lost some of the information from the origin of the and eat this might influenced the shoppe detection
So you have a trade off between the and the performance of how fast the showed that fiction as before and how would fund the salt detected by their has moved from the city this is actually a way of would fable so of the show depiction for Forest quite where in compressed and the approaches we are going to discuss based on the cost seems quite efficient sold if you remember which in where we spoken about compression 18 EMI Jews who spoken about the cost in transformation 40 paid for example wavelet formation where we have had only the 1st 2 3 4 where patients with most of the information in the beach and with the rest of us some information but in which was still quite so best causing transformation and the 2nd approach the motion victory information information which is available in the comparison the your in stand like and paid for several times but the events that discussing the but about Gennaro compression so in the end compressed Indios we have different types of trains based on their on of the most important part of fame is the I've written for The Independent and The Independent fame is just 1 each day paid for example can be considered an independent state in the area he is competition is used in side the 3 sawnwood of their own wavelet transformation applied to get in each and her equations with precision hold keep people to the 1st where stations and other Sompong pressing the immediate banned by heavy the frames which followed this Ifrane
And for the CBI frames I'd a steamy took 1 of the stream based on some of the veterans of the for example of the previous 5 3 more but the views Street before you may do not for example what is starting with solo use of Newscaster animal under so we were stabbed a group and the and the and the reinstating invested your and that could be a knife free and then he starts moving him sees had that would be for example of the free with some moving back paucity quarantine these regions year old head has moved in the state rich and with the sudden should the death that the 3 the predicted for but only quotes the changes between now and the previous so everything right debate on is not by the unabated way that is as the previous 3 is so the fame will have only a small amount of the time it this more the compression method for the predicted and then have the the frames which the direct and also on the previous and also on the next day Yehudi's for making them the smooth kind of needing declaration this is what you're doing but with the before so they are just and operations Tool Calculate the this said this motion motion across more smoothly OK so we now just pull to sort it out but I would have the independent James images where this predicted once predicted from the I've aims and ahead of the frames point for each helping the both shabby diction based on its well what uses a shot is a sequence saw of such frames so and some kind of secret of independence frame the direction of predicted the sauna and modern Omidyar song taking right 10 seconds and compared with the 0 9 months off in the 2nd you might have 130 all such such straight in the eye transmuted 0 certain order on the networks
And then in the published on the pitch and earned the sequences risible with so with said this week both full of brought use 1 is discrete Kwiecien or Efficiency which we get In the campaign and aged 160 from the way I've frames caught so I've trains Thursday pigs and quoted on the basics of broke so afraid by 8 weeks or so in which is speaking by BigSim and for each of these books of this Staples Center formation is applied in each as a sequence of 4 such fish the idea enough in a in the standoff a depiction based on the Ifrane used to keep 42 of this Brokes only the 1st where fish to show that the secret and week each basic efficient for example is 1 he is 1 is 1 here and so on for being via the frame of the at the sea Well this is loss of cost but these would be now So there for all I've frames 1 could be cited the sea freight and the and the sea sequence of the movie
Just from the eye fades And I'm not going to to be caught anything and just getting these the sequel officials from the discrete closing transformation and between them the Roques sequences and sickness is a fresh and the and the idea was from whom on and open 1990 8 to the city's of generalised traces from the sequences which actually means for each these wage of these I frame PPL Calculate features like the histogram ripeness and so on and then set look upgraded the defence between his histograms served with the pressure of established where the the difference is high so within the Serbia and the Treasury poll to be swayed the same changing dictionaries before we both the quality anything again there so basement but only on the 5 for the cost in transformation idea The advantage is that I've written being independently included a don't have to be caught in a sting excess directly from a from from the past seemed to be the sequence warrants and have a quiet would could based on the in order to reach a but has been you so usually you have an idea for 18 after each 15 or sold the and the So we have these discretisation of the movie with a step off 15 per on 15 trains gathered in the UK is to use the motion motion that this is a sad day expressed 1 of the fate of the move and the next thing with road how much song and these are expressed in the in the sold the idea that is on pace in 1992 he was a bit there in the number of motion back boss in the end the trains and with the assumption that in shoppe this number of motion victory is quite constant see when the number of of jobs
So I'm going to to film something is the sort this quite Dynamic those it proved keep in its dynamic movement for the end of the shoppe and the south the something happens and and changing their number of moving the the victims For most of the close to end there will be my car
This was near the end of cost based on these idea the number of he bid approaches have been also been her some would be using the discrete was transformation 40 I've frames and sound and in some using number on the motion across the sun discovered in 1990 trees to use full length of the information for the impact and
I've tried this with the food the its called various you if you want to download it something just nanowire IRA provide you with between have traded for the AVX out the through to see how these these works for for 4 authority of the of cost of selected for the Classical approach is the wise and various on global histogram broke based on motion based depictions of them can be applied to the 1st tee at applied for the I've frames and the last 1 is applied for the board and the and the trades on 14 at the initial doesn't have pulled with these he breathe solutions to apply to all of them though eye and the and the fans but the this is enough to to make the point that the Taylor 1st 2 Yet
The hay
The PP P at a should hand up to say Suhail I Sulston out said there some pulse cost types to the way some gamers say belting deemed the yet yet would where the wooden yet shade of a bull Skype kuttab ball some Walsall but it's a chase of low subtext Shime that off but in the end the in house half of we
Casal posted the and you see a lot about how some about of changes to seems and some of cost this is a trailer so we see also of local shops case so far ahead that results with their for the poll to smoke rather Syria
Motion based is what we have here for the 1st 1 The difference is that own 1 or 1 can 1 can may be seized here to promote his own ground there are some frames with which actually have been kind of paucity depicted as I've seen by those that quite quite seeming to each other she of mobile phone shops have been detected and this is because of the action beauty of these once yet have also been quickly detected by its 11 motion based have been correctly detected and that the an example
You can exude actually see what happens here
Produced a shorter last tasted the
I'd like to do it with the rope based histogram this number 3 The visit of the day and now it's the turn of the divide the images dive frames and the walks and then a comparatively histogram I've fame broke based in each and based on the potential of the new book by the water so they stand using the find don't say but based on the threshold stayed Maneesh to detect The shops are OK so Nesbo from the beginning
So the 1st shot is added
This is the 1st shopping each new see here for the next Tuesday's 1 Another here and here and what there was wondering about these days when she this is not discovered by the 1st Beaumont so by My emotions based and BigSim level that there is not is not discovered and actually is a scenes think is because of the bad news on the of both published so the celebrities not able to see the histogram Based Approach actually use is backed by
The rest told the showed that white simulator for all of the approaches to the Kuiper where legal status here load of action of shops
And they it did so only approaches would actually quite brilliant in practise and I've tested but also for some that the deal was not trailers because traders cited selected so they have got so they impressed this is the idea of trade but the regularly in like 3 3 4 minutes of senior something that drinking so not like you can get a one off 56 cuts that such an so the SBI's the zoo approaches work would quite well
OK system Jeanneret amateur gap and that brings us back to the idea of well we had of were able to a 2 0 to detect the child but what about
Detecting the storey in the sure what about detecting what changes in which was semantics And this is the idea of using Statistical structural model of so kind of like we want to be compiled the video in semantic unit of and Warriewood doing just now with the shot detection was kind of like who were using the graphical primitive bright colours and just looking at them The board would want to do now is kind of look at perception of Visual structure of the video and then see of if the structure changes from time and this might be different shoppe that might be different storey so for example time look at a movie Moment The might be some scenes at full back to the lines all coffee Chase signal some the You might be some scenes where people just all romantic hitting each other those seems could be more different from that the ship This actually what was happening and and that of the early certain stylistic of called more more talk of a move 30 of the attempt road temporal structure of certain editing that make sure But not the whole movie is 1 exiting off each other but that blend in some scenes of romantic just to make the storey of the the rise of the makes scenes of actually seen in To make it 4 more pronounced that something that to the house And this is the type of of Mumtaz is kind of like the of the from the re behind it a way of and life spatial structure scene relighting the camera that which very typical for some So for example if you have actually you would usually used The chalk because you want to see things moving on to the seat of flying around the no use doing an explosion in 0 with a close up of the new go and that the help you but you pan out and only poet load this act to what looked movie direct is due and this was cut quite deliberately if they do it deliberate we can find the structure Because we know that must be there so the idea is we want to be model of stylistic elements
And that allows us to extract semantic features of director at the age of application of structure And of cause this can also provide a backdrop information for than using the owner of beautiful The couple off of some editor for example the 1 after that For the very very popular And very famous for the way he and his movie usually not and the storey of the stories are about what this year cycle but the storey of Psycho and and we call it in How will words They would ever see the movie Not are at last well basically somebody drives to a hotel and a young couple and then mergers a man hotel manager was living with his mother and in the the end you will find out from other possible way I'm a long time ago are actually heat is kind of in his mind that the part of the of brandy and he's playing a part of his mother in a way and he's killing the people that staying at the hotel not to express if the of the storey the extrude good do of the Because of the N only because of the editor and probably even if you have seen the movie from the note of the the sea With a goal with a knife but he died he had that exactly what the most famous scenes in the film history and we can't let that we can take because those this movies are built along with the lines and footage of 1 of the direct as a kind of put up the ball for later movies and you can still take the basic happened and that he had been Many of all of modern movies sell on what what would or indeed here is we took a couple of movies and and lost my Rhapsody of the type that would Giro book could be more different
And then we just looked at the average chocolate land But basically goes down to long-time them editing for disturbing people for transport actually for transport activities like you do in modern music videos your very sure You very sure cuts and and virtual chalk Which will make the video seem had So if you go go to to to see the psychoses together the enough but it's a saint over the wicket Very sure How would out of Africa the was sure chapter of the show Tolerable for the of this is that it doesn't work it each time United from time to develop romantic care so this seems to be be longer and also yet to be cheap During the show of said To be different and if we have to die hard something Bruce Willis walking on the pavement to boring But on the other hand pretty woman of something like that to be a orbits right or wrong to the tail of a you would want to be on a shopping spree that if we take this to the FA take the if we take the time
Voicing if we take the stop you regime not the right to show the rest and shot activity We can see that the sort of assault the higher is the action of the an action movies to shoulder because they don't tell long stories that of his long they just want to get through an explosion of take long and boring to look at an explosion offered has happened and I want the extra load about something to get shorter time And if we make up some basic for for movies for the film comedy lost movies that we can cost code into the 2 categories degree of action by the motion Bektas of and shoppe length ever chocolate of movie And if we do that for a can see you In But that actual down here high activity shorter land
The Romans movies are you The this long sought very actually mean Titanic thing about the the I along with a standing and and the front of the ship and time you had to see that load something happening time and that the quality is somewhere in between the medium for length needed to the end of called the some something that are for example the revolt wild is an action movie that features rather long chocolate and rather low shot activities Adam and Eve and River 1 of them would have seen us seems to be boring but it this that up all that the end and that they also some some romances Django so something happening where obviously a means that and usually the eyes of the judge dread away and the and and really but the compose in movies from the editing of the structure editing by you can you can't see A fixed Well and we can explain the stresses fulfilled during this for the next time
All ways we can say the emotions of the area activity has a very bad thing Because it duties on not a Universe most you would have a close up of a face somebody crying screaming of the and come top some time to take it because you have to see what happens somebody and changing from being happy to to be sent off the her some of the time to see that this X Ekstract what would you would do in the long close bomb also the development of the character for you to bomb was the takes time so that it explained long shot And on top of 1 said tragedies close up comedy long child So it by 1 2 0 to have something dramatic to see the face If you have something that should be comic can take the full picture United people running around the bleak funding to and the and like the cake flying and stuff like that in the light of can that from 1 4 This from the idea from Blacks are suspense we very often have rhythmic had this is the famous psychoses with a knife on the show on the Food and repeat repeat diarrhoea and also if you have cost cuts you will computer
The Libya and of cost you that deliver So you won't want to get a mixed up to make nervous 2 2 0 2 2 to keep up at the kind of suspended And the same goes for long dialogue and if you have to to develop character in each of the need to do to transport helpers field of the 1st things or what makes the 1st do something that's something somebody of pubs all of the Wales who were running costs Speeding you don't need time to understand what he's doing saving life at all 3 of began to the very quickly and we saw that the idea would be to bomb If you semantics structure
You can only take the shoppe but you can also annotate and told The the base of the ferry owner of Temple collection with this is to be shut and this at a time bomb of calls if you have a high-level struck the patent to get more cemented will be to sell statistically if you have several the colour of something the image of the tech on the Web for example will be looking for skin below But he so some some of the simple rules Burberry well on and also the romantic with you will usually have long Not blues and the green But reds and banks Orange He walked to the romantic see of finding some of these issues and the and really help semantically and take automatic and a quick chat both costs While anyway The law the video instructed the most semantic information gets
And that was actually while some of the time the 1st approaches automatically deal for the city of all with them with a new programme because had such a wonderful structure at the end command you could be the tech what was the studio you could easily take when changing to something else intellect and and I can't recommend time the most of the user generated content this is rather unstructured and quite possible to be a fragment of cost this much of the continent and the old UKeU count for a Really a lot of a UJT number of any of At the SEC and the US to have to find find out what he would do with it So what some as a man of movie direct as a with social duration we or or early said that and
The classical amount of meals and activities Within scenes in and the explosion of a speeding car are all kinds of notions of running an emotional something like that but very off from the SEC committees collated to violence and and movie that it gives the time of the accident is not far away I usually get like other would be would make sense for the act of direct to show the kind of thing happening but but also you can very often also capture the mood of the brightest of the colour of its depressed rest Starick and Blue which killed other than that the have a ghostly mood and again like with a fine example of this really for beating Houliston in the dock of the of the of the House of the hotel manager and this month and and and he just by the colour of the mood of transport Some If you look at the temporal structure of the the deal you have the shell shocked boundaries and basically the shoppe boundaries
Make the movie and eye can say things about the movie but just looking at the 2nd of 4 of the basic the it each sought boundaries which each out is and event And he a 2nd of the band And if you if you want to investigate segment of what looked statistically model that victims of the event you usually go to during the day which is not like the arrival of the 1st you in the long you know when he will stand at the back of you and you know what you walk away from to become showed that you the of arriving and stuff like that this to typically model by by us all of the time The number of events about what's happening as a kind of give by cost of distribution and the tempo distance between 2 successive event is exponentially so very little shoulder arrival of very very many shoulder rivals very little long term very red and and in the usual queuing situation and animal McDonald counter of the ticket offers of the bus stations for whatever is not at all for long time nobody come people were right rather constantly over and over very rather over long time but the problem is that if you use this exponentially to bution also in movie also and and tell me that you will have many Scholte but very few long shot
This is the type music videos that are like such as some sort approach of such a move may be 1 of the from of something that is a lot of this is not really what we want to see and moment videos of the movie the 2nd problem is that the expansion distribution and basically has no memory that means the probability that within the next time you need shoppe change will happen in the end you you allways kind of like the conjecture with the same probability with a child or not but if you see it as a global feature of the movie longer shoppe running The more of a should become that there should be an end For this kind of like it said it had not really dynamic and and what we can do it is we can say well that's not stick with Walsall processes that not stick with the during the array of but rather consider alternative most where we not use the exponentially distribution of shut fiction but rather use of the dispute and typically some the airline distribution of why book distribution
And estimated the model parameters from some training collection which he of what went before boundaries actually are and how long the child's are and and then you get a might maximum like the estimated that will help you to discover shoppe on the eve of the ability of a grid in New of Indian under the at which they will make sure rate than go into the city by the
Self after we seen some some real would from editing yet found that get backed up temperate the complexity of the cell all wanted to basically is that we went to the shoppe duration bigger growing distributed and the length of fixed child has a probability density that dependent on to parameters are and and and Lambert and if we set are them 1 and this is exactly the exponentially though of this basically just a generalisation offered exponential distribution and the expected values occupied land which is the average for
Duration at the time so we have kind of head of the independent random variables depending on the offer time and if we have are independent random variable exponentially distributed with the them And the sums is far longer than Just calculation of of the to worry about this too buisness such but as it looked like it are the ones that this is just you Momo that exponentially if you you are a higher values you will find that it is rather like that of salt distribution United has ahead of the long tail and depending on how high are the had which case
And with this you can you Gambill of distribution very useful and and during the cell found
Basically this is a possible prose during the week since exactly ones What exactly the opposite the discounted And if you At are to them basically the structure the context of the whole event And use only in on the subject For this is a typical Direct idea of what he could do and it would be covered by an early distribution and to be to take out Sri and this is very off and emotion the development of by some action and followed by the result of this and the Tree shops basically the 1st on the spot long Then comes 1 by the public for what the action and the fate of the result of it So different different numbers of different from the images of the distribution can be at tribute to different ways of movie and but he had before the and if you then take the car time like a function of single and Distributed variable European and you can build lock likely that functions basically just take you get on the potential pop out of it and if you choose the Optimo parameters are Slumdog also samples of independent identically to the the of the book
And depending on what you find the best matching parameters most like the parameters You can't at tribute the parameters to the scene before W could find That are as 2 matches the Distribution very well the assembled very well and you might find out that this is a shoppe that has a certain well top level and the new film on the life reuse some motion of you you can basically find the while the best ways of Estimating the most likely parameters by knowing the parameters you will know what kind of job that it can sell the basic the have not isation problem all the discrete variable and continues very well it is the the same as the original exponentially to bution and to the retells bodies rather more fell like between 1 and 10 and so what what we could do it but just to prove and to all the different hours from a computer or mobile Lamda and then we have the air of parameters Lamda maximises all of the Malaysian problem
And knowing what maximised L of them as a sort problem we know which parameters this kind of response a book for this chopped duration and then we know what it means because every of this parameters is this kind of tied to some kind of well Montante of to some kind of movie theoretical editor up and this is the basic ideas we do it that way and if we know in advance what would be are is than the determination and simplified because the and just put in the right on and if we take this expressing and
The Use the review to to find fundamentally use the review to with respect to the land and said at the close of the Rolex with its and like finding Maximo possible maximum in and function period 1st derivative is 0 2nd derivative Monday clothes 0 enough then we just and basic the look at this But this equation over here and Estimated permit from some kind of action so we do it is a we take training collections greenstuff over here and re called the The the number of Scenes with certain that And and then we get the distribution And we And Erlang model over by falling off from my they should public order from the value of are The different values are can be limited down 2 1 to tend because the before you eat does not come to the public and the law of different possibilities of all things off of housing the combined that he of all is 10 basically tend actions that combined together to for hold 1 stylistic adamant and will But quite a lot So much so that the true that the more shops and and and the combined to 4 1 But we can't just just twice The buses which it The best matching following distribution And This basically 4th of 1st problem we now know the distribution of each operations and no 1 is more 1 less trouble and longer shot take the more improbable it is that
Occurred All 2nd problem remains sold the brewing distribution does have a memory but the underlying random variable Are still exponentially distribute so they don't have the same at every point in the throes of every point in the movie the shoppe will go on And we can change to a different distribution to solve also the so called distribution in this is generalisation of exponential distribution looks a little bit different and and what we have to do is kind of like we have time about the wanted to 11 divisional will be told that it can sell the of the idea found that we can use the activity with a 1 shot and again we can do that on a load of a features sell either is to be differences full
We can't have the nice statistical model although fully activity with the help of the 2 Bramblewood with the motion the victory 1st of the for what every week we just want to know how old probability is that the shoppe had more action or more And again and still Fiorini but we can use
The rule that all direct know about old usually used it which is kind of continuity and that so what what he would do do is kind of like and You don't do that If you don't change in This just no point in showing a certain picture account and showing the same pictures But Because people should noticed something happened Something is developed So we can all was assuming But if there is a shot than but something has changed So we can we can build based on child activity also model and the cystic model for determining the shoppe boundaries Where we segmenta video in regular Frank full of claims with in the shoppe And the sort boundaries which other framed between 2 show and and we will just wreckage state for that so I for regular state state 0 shot goes on And at some point and the boundaries changes 1 shot is over of new shot of the 2 would just the distinguish between 2 kinds of of of of Shop 1 as the Framework that much of the other range between 2 shoppe And what I can do now is kind of benefiting classified each frame as regular frame for the job of great And if we know which frames other shoppe boundaries the subject sections of the city by the sea So much Training that a full shot back to the activity Off peak for approximately 3 very well but if we use and of the 2 of them deviation think that we will worry can do if we can't use different this should distribution component in just the I'm OK If the activity in the south This time we are probably within a shock because nobody will and the shot with very high activity Not in the middle of the explosion on about in the middle But it will kind of like Take a dive and you will change which so you can use different from what would I do it again is you take the activity within chalk you It is the rim of the egg and you derive a Model sophistical model in this case that a mixture of the 2 and 3 0 in Distributed 1 unit Distributed model doesn't matter and all like that the mixture of the model is just for touring for exactly what that means for the moment though it that that the that activity is not even the distributed of all the shocked but usually at the beginning of the show that test electorate than it stops and stop the and and it and and and struck out the and so you need a mixture of different not a single 1 of them but that doesn't that doesn't mean and Excel basically with it to make so it as a single function doesn't mean anything what we are interested in basically the her and some if we see the activity between chopped transitions will find that it looks totally different So between chopped condition As aloft of distance and the activity press With within job He the Ritz acting for not back the best not much change A Case Want Not much change you within the shy quite not of change Between 2 This is where actors and black the last seen and that was among the worst something happened of some of the landscapes and that the cost running land of the between 2 scenes when when when scenes of changing it would love the to be teaching If you have 1 seemed that parallel to the sea change in the OECD or but it I usually states A pity All of the cell we can we can again use some statistics yourself the 5 2 frames
And to have to hypotheses less than 0 pulses they both belonged to the same job this no cut between them for their as and and said If between the 2 shoppe There is no job on And activity between them The If there is a bond with between them and the activity between them Different Of the again This overlapping that this was the 1 for the job that was a wonderful between chop self it by activity in this book It could either be With a new move But what and you or I could be in the high up clubbability between 2 shoppe Still could be booked a print This a basic So how do we compared the real likelihood of probabilities between them what we do a reply the ratio test and if the probability That their while the boundaries Given the to Frank is higher than the ability to no cut them we would aside for this book and Or we could just say to the Of ability for their the cut divided by the team has no cut out the There were some and the public to music of than we will just assuming that there is no cut up at Well I'm likelier to race test them using it uses no knowledge of what the typical the but what do we do it is to use the opera or a distribution of the book from training centre which can get parameters to distributed to determine of function between child for with and that means we don't know it for the very video we where we are trying to stick meant but we know what his usual
And this basically means we can you Asian of the stakes To test the hypothesis time and basically just a way of doing it for so long through to get to Beijing set up
We need to get some patient done so we duration of each frame We have that Boundaries of the state for the job boundaries 0 0 has not 1 but there 1 for a certain time interlope Time team 2 time she of Delta we have the the distance between the frame at tea and successors to keep the delta and 2 we have Vectra off the state Basically shows me I'm when the duration so hugely 0 up and then it goes to 1 when the the shoppe boundaries and then go back to the area and we have to make through with the components of the distance between what may be the activity Cover changes would of The 1st type of disease that there is a shoppe change is well
The probability But in certain into How to talk to the plate Is 1 state 1 means the chocolate of you At the distance Starting from Within a shock but it from a not boundaries Takes a certain value OK So I'm measure If this my movie in time That sometimes told I'm within the shoppe this exactly the meaning of testees 0 So this frame But this time it is within the shoppe and the Masai if I'd go to Tulle club Delta book A pent And between the 2 shops There is a distance Whatever may be Between the time the ground between the 2 but the motion make but ever this is this the power the distance may be fined of If there is based systems And ice not within the shot For Kent And the probability That this frame belonged to a new shot It basically was a shock boundaries between the towel And how of Delta some of these points Oh well top of the hill Boca The basic idea The rest of the If that's not than the probability Starting at the same point within shot having the same distance but there was no job on in between and that is bigger than we will say there is a shot change of the wife who will stay with still the same Or Well this exactly equivalent to 1 is bigger than the other meaning to by divide them together and the use of the care of of luck Stop But if they want to cut it sometimes tea and non in the interval T T time than the probably the probability of a rate cut
In the interval Between Tea towels and T just how the downturn Sell We have a shot at a time team If 1 Move for some time He talked nothing happened As for all with the road Of the And the new She told filtered The Once a probability But as is 1 or 0 in the This is basically the idea of 3 under This fate before with all the other The move from by the book The payment on the ratio between Within the so within shell and the length between shoppe I'm more of this is that the shoppe is going to happen Shoppe owner of Kent The long of this Blue stretch here in the Mall probably is That there will be a shock Boundaries in the next Is the basic ideas itself the probability just rephrasing were a set of 4 Beattie The these the shoppe boundaries from how to tell the time Given that it was nobody but we still in the sort of time tall and have experienced some different It is simply the probability just after the probability that this difference happened giving That we have a shot change Times the probability But we had a shoppe change Given But we were in the shops before It IS the probability That a shorter happened after some time that this is the last part of here And if this shot happened the probability that it is showing By certain different high of the different The more probable it is that it actually happened The longer the intimate with not shoppe boundaries before The higher the probability that a child is going to happen On the of the end of cocaine and of cause we have to put together With multiplied because The higher the interval without the shot detection below the different has to be So that ICI it this of this has to be some of the end of the shot And why Suez by very little smaller shops and it takes a lot of difference to detect a shoppe yet A yes So some basically the told this year So basically eye start from time to you and that was the last shoppe and then I'd go Tall 2nd up and but I'm here And then I'd go Another Delta seconds then I'm teachers A pen In touch And the longer Intel It was no shock Kent This is basically given you move and the higher the different this as part of a new high in the order of the mould Paul the book is the high point of this that actually a shot on the half A print As said don't care about the guy Montgomery's just 4 for mobilising the stuff And can exacted do exactly the same for the high point of his that there was no trump boundaries of the sort is going on still If it was a shock before me before this difference basically The difference is dependent on the child and the shock bills on the ABC Justice same thing Taking it into of perspective building the ratio be between and this is just well by to forget about a helmet but but the to see if we take the
If we take the ratio between them many of the pot but just even out the and we will basically and the expression and this expression and and I'm seems difficult but if you if you consider what it is it's a basically the length of the shops duration before the interval that current looking at And it's the difference between the motion victory at the current into a bowl and The higher the difference between the motion the 1st from all over The longer the interval before My into a with a no show the more Open Huge So what happens basically is get this part of the UK which is to be paid of conditional abilities for duty
Sell What is the correct the necessary different between Most letters of histogram given That that was a shock bombed And what is the same Different Given that we know of caustic and learn that from from training examples the and they will this this difference that I'm measured really sufficient well in a lot of pace and it was in a lot of cases of small based on the training and so once the said that the 2nd half but the 2nd part basically is the behaviour of the probability of a self help from the book is that it had burst When it did not occur before Wurz's how far will it That cut did not occur that it still belonged to the same job And teeth of stuff So also that can be an estimated from training collection because that is basically how long can the shoppe on Without the entire And of cause become less of a book with side of the interval The longer the interval The less well but it is still lunch These are the both part of the of the of the creation of the Red some and of cost have up to this 1 and that of point here Is that if the lovers movie about and the the board of the low over the sea Globalisation This part of the here is A bomb This part of that It 0 is nothing happened saying chalk below And this is the ability Different her but there is no of boundaries Again no shock boundaries and the whole thing Page 1 is there is a shoppe boundaries and The different but there is a shoppe boundaries and there is a shoppe boundaries off the And into vote where the worst of it is of a different part of the that Of the so I'm the intuitive interpretation that was trying to get across is that the left side this part of India uses the information about the the mould frame distant with in Seoul
Between chopped transitions there should be Hyypia differences between within shops that below Of the was 2nd part use the Regarding the distribution of the shoppe duration The British what has gone on for for a long time They've boundaries read the The shoppe has gone on for all the time But to the boundaries of the game a pet Those 2 are of of all the at the weekend define basically time and interval starting
From lost count And we look at it is that well The of Cup T As of 1 you book and which an into and to be told With no cut S will 0 all the time And now we looking at the time of Delta Some want to know what as this year Of these the depends on the length of time Longer told the more probable of a book that will be a cut Of these the dependent on the distance between the motion of the distance between the eyes to put The high and the distance from all over that it would take Piazza led by distribution density of the left time then we can say that the law cost area of the ratio is the Probability given a certain distant in this Interborough PM Under the assumption that world that we are between 2 shows The same distance on the assumption that no cut with still with the same job And this basically Qaeda for for for the distribution of the collapsed time So the longer the shelf goes on More probably become so I'm looking at How to top down to And I'm looking from top of Delta 1 How probe it is that this chocolate go on it It is off Right exactly The same before just before taste who could could up That sell and when we had the that the basic approach and and in the beginning with decide whether there is a shops and this at some point that time until 1 not using a certain trestle destination is the last patch took time tasty and we now all dessert
The different of the site Then there are the new powers If this time Is bigger than this But If the different It is big enough To justify the cut given what time left Rye The more time I let Less different by me To know there is a cab because becomes more of a book was laughing The shorter of the time I lapsed The more different there should be To detect pick up because the shops have certain And very public the very sure So these are the both players and the kind of and even out at some point and this is the spot where they epitomised but Yes So what happens basically is it by introduces the offer free or a probability and I'm very fication of the hypothesis doesn't depend on the state that the rest soap is going down over time
The longer my shoppe The last difference to any need to say this is a child The Law of the ruffled and all but 3 of the 4 for use in the difficult like can save book but but it does depend on the difference between frames ride But it does not depend at the same time in the movie On a fixed price of its not that has to be like we did with the wrestling of the Prince of early and there has to be some some notable different and then that shoppe but would we can say now is that the time shalt last already In true truancy Hull big Told needs to be It a shot of 30 shalt do if not not only you then we'd a high from of hide But the longer the shelf life Lower the for the lowest of this is the basic ideally where they die Nomade the changing 1st P That load with the times and the and the density by 1 of those below the her can be Berlingos to beauty Wibaux distribution we don't care about like a mean we can we can computer Just estimated the parameters of all of you distribution from you training collection don't care about that we just want the and the again So what happens basically is have the right and distribution of the you can and village you can transfer Ahmad into a specified function way said the threshold
Depending on the point in time where you are in Is basically given But this bunch of the But some did a good time distribution of wrestles is kind of like it stops high And the long of the shoppe last that this is the time lower the stress of And as to why as a period after some time that different So I'm going through the videos frame by frame And recording the differences between the fresh Kent And I'm not only recording the difference between a faint but I'm recording the different Between frame given the tie That's a shoppe last Some noting Truck bomb review And look at the the differences with rising time And at some point where they are located The 3 day of the three time limit Street free time units of cost since the last shows that would look up at the time limit you will face the Delta and that will find out how high my 1st will have to be To justify the shot from edge and the longer it takes on the order of the day And so on Lower But bristled It has to be a Derby Initially the 1st of highly unlikely
And kept are only accepted the frame different of the house and the stress of prop stuff dropping stop struck you and cut site said he was last change 1 of the problems is And that the system used in the post from close boys are positive So what happens is that they look like that in the light of day never crossing the road bought for this or ways of ability to stop go on And this is kind of like it it converges to appalled to value if it doesn't it doesn't cross the row at any point and that means that it has come Consolo before contacted of some point which they of this this year after take the positive about it Must be a soft touch that stop with a high wrestled again just Of cataphora mounted bomb For all the airline 1st so we can we can see that as time goes on to what has been achieved so the race his and there is a boundaries line press
So there is such a political but the converted to and but it just could be that we can detect something and the in the tale of the distribution a and Yet they are the notion as basically of the Bible distribution or the Allen distribution is based on the on the X Men should be at the mention of vision never across a CIA of its boys of Yes 4 But and that at some point there should be a cap otherwise the whole movie would be 1 child It which is extremely unlikely that since since that this convergence and that not like it does not become any more unlikely with with was but since a converges like the uproar ability that the shock of on stage is the same as that with something that we do not and that can be again the about by using not the and distribution which simple but of the more complicated by boat distributing That's just for the record the Soham this interestingly this has also been excrementally very finds so that this is the model and the cost of sales of the month
Tested it with with the with a collection of animals and so that they were using some for of training and the with damaging to pick a length of stops and 2 because of the difference between between between frames within shops and outside of stops and of between shops and then they segment new trade for the of will be Lancman and of the world
And But The But Now
The row followed The before the 1 that got all the people who are not from the pitch but it will be good for all of the world through the eyes of the group
Part of this game we want to launch
30 from the same time
And if we look at what was happening
All shops and in the trail of a band
We can use simple Collins to ramp distances for determining the activity and Based on the 1 on the collection of the 4 that it something that would raise interest as showed you before We have to distribution 1 as within The shoppe and won it Between the shoppe So with a like an all ways do is kind of like reckoned that can get a fixed threshold as well this seems to be the speech what I'm making very little of mistakes here and there you mistakes here But if you choose this fixed stress told And you can of costs The kind of sick meant the video based on how we did it before with the best of them You suspect that told you look at the differences and the public is to grant and then you just segment And some If we do that and if we use the PM method before where the vessels change over time without dynamically a sign of the times that we can see that with the fix bestseller began a lot of me
Load of the of the ball but the of So we see the peaks and the differences of with of the differences and this is basically time And we say to see some of the cuts that the about this takes Reffell so is that they will and for example here is a prop and here is a prop but he a and see them missed The year is over Wrong and so on How does look like the use of dynamic are basically we don't have a fixed wrestled any longer But what we do have is kind of like a pleasing So whenever there was a cup of the movie It stops high and freezes according to function but we just computer of the And when that is not a account But stop high again and stuffed with APEC is to be a way of finding a way find its The we don't miss To many so we we don't over 6 meant the video that we use that of all we miss the couple of Before was fixed Bethell we had a lot of points but we actually Indicated cuts that there were no Over and now we are kind of missing some cut The we don't see But we are hardly ever Indicating cut without But this is different And it with samples here and the direct comparison the conceded with a fixed that told of for example the to cut it off wrongly Detected and with a viable stress told This Is this mountain kind of like building up here but that belongs to the the same For the same job It is not detected wrongly because of the small dynamically things and that the correct cut is teeth enter Can happen this cut O'Hea that correctly testified that the world is missed only here because of the discount to start again very highly and the wheel rather prone to missing cut them to predict the wrong But the dynamic that will but after all The number of cuts that we wrongly critic This much A Case is of yes But
Not the distance Regiment was the same old pot The Where that well yet basically this not because the distance changes but because the reference
Over that time The bigger that the about 1 is basically between a taste Break And the 1 below his building up but in the timing But So we look at the total number of error was some we we which he found that the basis for the 6th straight off less than the misses for the level of the island of the dynamic
Less But on the other hand the 4th positive The new post Fault positive all the fixed is much higher The collapse of the And in total we can see her Gained Book and Beds That was basically would today is over Considering chalk detection shoppe detection of area for 2 for of the traction where 1 2 6 men videos into well 1st stop structure of the Rams storey units and to get this this semantics across we need a good detection on what is seen and and there are some basic shut detection method of vessel based
If we consider Hot and self that twin press folding Britain will be the best thing and keep the reference claimed the with talk about 2 tistical structure Moët's see some called the changes off of all changes and and the use to classify images of Scholte cuts in action movie longer and Roman and movies of comedy The of that shows something I'm and then eye showed his some some statistical model were could deal with the time that his shoppe actually running time and how the 1st old and dynamic the the adapted to get the job of A pent Back sector will talk about the signature and the idea is to help to determine whether to videos on similar or not
What do we do about them image by and image What the idea It's not so easy was much easier with the images of the order of this the temporal perspective video And of British This what we will do that Thankfully the and