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Ember Testing with Chemistry Dog

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and and and and and and and so in this talk as much about what I know and it's more about what I don't know i and it is called in protesting in this chemistry that binds all and I will only been missing code for about a year and yeah and I we can really surveillance program any serious way last summer when I attended the plant schools from a set of web development program
on if you don't know what that's about it's a three-month program where at the time in in metallic Ruby on Rails immediately a week of JavaScript if you're lucky but now I think they actually teach emperor useful I'm honestly another status they're alighted learn I found pretty confusing and after the program was over I started interviewing for jobs and 1 of the places I interviewed was simple reach on during my interview I literally was like I don't know that and this is the don't have jobs and adults who fits the I mean I know little or no and try to get better and better than so luckily they take a chance on me and I've been working there quite happily for the performance of an analog of you probably most of you have been developers for a while and you may have forgotten what it's like to be so new at this on so tasty forgotten what that feeling is like a lot of the 1st mother to at work I felt much like our friend chemistry all of this I actually know
a lot of my like text to my friends and I presented the doves like this just that's that's has worked at chemistry down on it and then when I told my friends from but then you also new developers on the reworking in amber they're like why Amber it's so hard to learn the documentation is terrible at low we do and do it was like well 1st of all so to me and I think that of the this is I got starting embarass ongoing number societies on inside the answers are really cute that
although think yeah the yeah this is so anyway as the working as a bridge and I never and everything's going great on an acid working on application that we're Margaret man migrating from Australia you Emerald the reals API and I quickly developed a love of testing on test right here I
am a new developer navigating this massive application with a bunch of moving parts that have no idea what to do with all of them but they were 10 of arsenic tests on real size-selected use those to help me figure it out and that was great it is easier for me to write those tests are analyzed by creating a want understand on so the real side has result on however once I started working on the newly developed embers side I was like it was also tests on how we write those on a test test there or even none of those things the not really
I mean we just you know had this migrated over so I did not exist and unlike 1 of them being the real side I didn't really have any at an example so look at within the and hour and I was very excited when migrated to embarass and I noticed that when I generate my miles outside about these 3 little unit automatically generated and I was like cool this is like this maybe this will help
knowledge centrally thoroughly health and and this trend so yeah so I started to feel a little bit more of like this just of
you so anyway if it did I have I want that philosophic really excited about NCI has covered these signal number of i and so my coordinate who taught me of everything I know about and basically I was like then you really look at how about you and the test
and and teach all of us and this is from like we go so yeah just so you have some you can use the phone so if I don't
world you can I wish I had just like this little book and so I think the emperor and the empress CLI documentation and just like who going the hell out of anything I could find on the topic of
testing a number but there's a lot of there but I found very little was approachable for someone like me and who has been growing very long but on a number of our documentation testing specifically like kind of confusing array tested in even run little and pass or fail even I felt like I was following the guides on I wrote tests that shouldn't have did I think this is used by all of just like these guys
so they think that the use seasoned Amber developers that there always asking what can we do to
make this more approachable for beginners and I mean you're doing a pretty good job for the most part I feel pretty well planned out and you really friendly but if a trial
about testing specifically like I am sometimes it can feel a little more like an afterthought on so my thoughts are 1st of all of the talk
yesterday on testing was amazing and I can't wait to go home and watch it 10 times on several have thank you for I
have thing name right foreign so yeah so that was great and thinking that eventually I would love to be able to contribute to the community and I would love to help
make that argumentation more approachable for beginners is the way that I would like to have a look to create useful to to a tutorials for others all agreed stuff but I have to run it 1st on
so it would be great if there are more the data from the resources on testing was similar to you like that to do this tutorial in regards but with flight testing included something of
medicine like best practices somewhere so I know what I'm doing of a in the environment and the beginning you going as much as I can and then hopefully next year
and come back to you and I'm
feeling a little more like regulation and that
you again I will be the weekly
I actually resources on testing ever-present hesitate to treat them and also some gracious hiring you find any of these 4 people in the picture and what factors that operates with the active set up and say that they do that and will come and go in the the
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Titel Ember Testing with Chemistry Dog
Serientitel Ember Conf 2015
Autor Baillie, Liz
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DOI 10.5446/34731
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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