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the I think I and I and I my score
of my job so I'm I'm up front you're hedge served and I am a maintainer of member twiddle and all-round open-source contributor I would I have actually had slide prepared like a couple weeks ago but so much has happened in amber twiddle since the decided not to bother with those slides the so this is whatever twirl now
looks like 1 of the major differences between this and last week is that what you we are no longer using pod structure by default we are now using of the standard structure by default this was done because they're hard to no longer apparently the future I don't know why but they aren't so we are also the it's a little easier for newcomers who have 1st got into Embraer have no idea what pods are they can put dive right in more easily but a lot of your existing twiddles are in part so what are we going to do about that if you look in there's is a file called twiddle but Jason in every single twiddle that you create 1 of the things that it nicely does is of Persian tell you what version of twiddle was created in so that all we can ensure that your twills will remain compatible for ever of the options although there is no use pots when you and if you were to switch back to true it will cost stop creating new files in you in pods structure or rather than in the institutional structure just like a generator would and you would if you're already have a Twitter l'impôt structure you may just 1 set this text true in that little so that you can the that continue we left off but you don't have to you can mix and match the umbra resolver understands that just by so the next thing I'd like to point out is of the view of have worked with ever twiddle in the past you might have noticed that you have to copy and paste from just to find year-old twiddles you no longer have to do that we have a saved twiddles of page which brings up all your twiddle to conceal might will forever I have too many of them the and you can just click on 1 of the 1 of the twiddles and just bring you right
back up and and back to just where I was a 2nd ago it's great and the next thing I'd like to point out is we've really been working on tests very hard in amber twiddle no this was a long effort but we've managed to make it possible for you to actually run your automated right an automated test number twiddle this is great if you wanna show the core team that had a why is this test not working the cold works which happens a lot and so it used to be and I'll actually had a whole presentation on how to write a test because it was so difficult you have to bring in blueprints and create files and all that stuff are you no longer have to do that you can use to a file and go down to this new tests bar and if I can get it to stay there you can see that all you get your what what lose call it the In the stages of acceptance or something like that we the anyway and you just OK this is this is not fun and I believe I hope you can see the screen in front of me you the that now another wonderful the thing we've done is on you always happy to have to do when you creating a new test is on make sure that your file name is correct for the test you wanna create you click OK and it does everything in the create all the blueprints you need for tests Ron and constant you twiddle and of course the test fields because the so the rout that I just are testing doesn't exist but that can be fixed anyway and then move on the if you go back to 1 of things you can now do is actually open an earlier review revision of the just the and when I opened a new chapter and is the proper only thing with this is
the the the the the you wise
and therefore yet but we're working on that but in the meantime you just pick any just you happen I have to go to the revisions tab pick the revision you want to open go up to the URL bar
grab the passion this is going be fun a hash of the just and the Hessian of the revision I just copy and pasted back to a yeah twiddle
when the you about that and I can see if that's right but so 1 of the new features we also happened have is that when you happen to have changed anything you twiddle and you probably have done this you over and actually navigated away from the page from you will find that the you lost your data but now we actually have a confirmation dialog this will hopefully save a lot of people out of time the problem so where is the extra letter i for the right there like that that perfect it but
that and once again we have the the the revision of the just that we had at the beginning but thanks a lot for listening others play more going on ever Twitter land so we are looking for help help wanted tags in the beginning of my name is of more of 0 on it helps and the
I'm world 9 5 that means
that on twitter . com please feel free to contact me and help us out I radar
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Titel MiniTalk
Serientitel Ember Conf 2016
Autor Munjal, Gaurav
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/34712
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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