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MiniTalk: The Learning Team

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the lower 1 you might have seen me around that were reader of what I also go by my you Ricardo and I am part of the recently announced the learning thing which is what I'm going to be a thing about
but it is at the base so the learning mission is to improve the amber GS experience and what does this rather vague a sentence mean it means that we want to improve both the life of yeah amber users so guys documentation etc. as well as anyone that wants to contribute and I'll explain how we're trained to do that it the
1st uh let's take a look back at the last year the last year it was an interesting year so we started and improving the guides and then a documentation team was informally forms uh which then turned into the learning we did a lot in the guides um with the embassy alive rewrites thinking 1 . 13 uh so it uses yes 6 modules and all of that we did uh a small the rights when closure actions landed so all of the guides use closure actions which are the way forward and the recommended ways and that's 1 of the goals of the guides these 2 In parts what are the optimal ways of building in memberOf or what we called the happy path that there was also a number of data uh rewrites of that section of the guides when the 1 . 13 stable Ember data got released we did a redesign that was the started a long ago by some friends of pop lots we also started having editorial which isn't isn't finished but I'll get there and we also at as a a quick start it the did I would like to
do is to give out a special thanks to uh uh track who was the driving force of all of the documentation and the guides um Michael who was what will be 1 of the 1st members along myself interest of the of the documentation team but right now he is in part of it uh and to Brandon for his work on the amber data rewrite for the stable 1 . 13 release but it was believed in it
the OK so you've probably seen uh this blog posts by Matthew or the Masonic depends on how you know and about being the bark and in this analogy essentially Amber is growing as a community it has to cover more use cases uh there's a lot of diversity in the people using its and what's important right now is the projects surrounding Amber because we have a pretty stable core with a lot of functionality and the core team is continuing to improve the API so cute you can uh release new features like amber engines um and fast food at has add-ons which is an impressive and that that also ties in into the learning team philosophy so we have a couple of projects uh in the works who was started translating the guides a we have a new welcome page for our embassy life uh applications we're all working on and finally it is solving that your problem for the guides we we are very very aware of the problem uh of Google ranking and we're still trying to solve it because it's not an easy the topic we're also working on a living style guide this is for the amber resources themselves like the amber website the guides the and paragraph the like the practice in the family like imbecile a member and also eventually for the amber the add-on developers so they can have a template for documentation pages and etc. the where's also started working on uh docs footing amber so which means that we're writing a guides and an API you were in amber itself and where like halfway maybe uh will need help with that as well uh I mostly focused focusing on the guides viewer and Stanley is focusing on the API fewer uh we're also going to improve the bills page on the web sites to feature uh features that part so people will have an easier way to figure out which features are coming down the pipeline and what they can expect and then there's 0 but also a lot of community related projects so quickly about translations all foreign the 1st version we decided that the core languages are going to be in English and that's the source language portuguese because I'm portuguese so I can help a proofread and translate and then Japanese because uh there was a a big Japanese group that came to us asking to a to help out with that and then for the 2nd version we already have French and Spanish and translators and you can suggest your language if you're interested it
this is a screenshot of the new uh Amber welcome page uh you can find more about this later
this is also um the projects that I'm trying to organize its member her and it's basically an embassy elide you we so it makes it easier for our new developers to use and perhaps and to generate and maintain an etc. and so the community
aspects we're trying to bring more focused into the a satellite projects like amber observer ambit will early we're working on a way to survey the text editor plug-ins and improve the situation and try to help out the maintainers of the projects so everyone can have a nice editing experience and then uh also tried to cheat during its ends make it more discoverable uh the community content so in need of videos block posts a book screencasts all that sort of thing that that's
it thank you and we hope to hear from you youths and the
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Titel MiniTalk: The Learning Team
Serientitel Ember Conf 2016
Autor Mendes, Ricardo
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DOI 10.5446/34710
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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