Basic concepts, Evaluation procedures (07.04.11)

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Basic concepts, Evaluation procedures (07.04.11)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features -Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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So wrong and the welcome to my Alexis serious this year about a multimedia databases and the fund semester it will be because the covering a lot of ground in with respect talk and the media will images we will do do all year with the new video so everything that the kind of media and that we will show you how to start up to retreated and what to do in terms of general and was general Applications sell off at the start the capture of the with a number of preliminary so of the lecture will be 3 hours to plus 1 and we will have the exercises integrated into lecture you probably no if you've attended and the and lectures and Michaels's found the concept of the 2 so deep to is usually some some part of the lecture weakened just sit back and relax and will tell you something about applications of how to use it all up what what industry does was suspected for we a telling you really get more practical impression of what this is all about why he should know about this all why should should should learn the and that we also have exercises and exercises so that will be the she available on on the Web page on the cost film page and and the other a rigorous you to do the exercises
But they are not mandatory Usually they are well just for you to understand what going on in a like what how the other than back to work and to get that feeling off of what happened in the retreat to the area and and if you do them consistently the and a what they preparing for the exams number but feel it you don't limbs you might experience of Fulham all run and sometimes issues but at the end of December the when the exams in those behind the exams and that is what will also in this case and the Monster and muscles calls and and it will take about how not to do something like that you in a way which might pick out with from the standing of the of the contents of the cost of long and has said that they had the exercises and will be ready protagonist for for the Lexus of that to be a big point and depending on Monday examination rules that you belong to this will be a full 5 credit pointed cost of the fuel in 1 of the new rules like the dispose of studies of the New must call closest and 5 credit for the old must calls for credit still make sure in what of what examination roads applying to use that as they in terms of a recommended literature and highest selected a couple of books that 2 German books in which makes said instead of promoting media about the Bank of members but by recent book that she is a good Overview over the top biggest Bashley with respect to the retrieval paradigms as the less was respectfully to the actual algorithms offer the actual algorithms Steinmetz of multimedia technology 1 giant component of the game and is also a very good book to see some of the algorithms to to find out about it of course this has taught English since is also part of an internationally Mossadeq also we have some English books he and a fellow mid sponsored custody back on the image databases wily and very nice bloke and 1 of the last 6 as the multimedia and imaging databases qualify for Baker and this is 1 of the books that recommend for costs which will also cover loss from that we had to have most of the others will be discussing some and do not operate in this way in any of the the books so we will also rely on the origin a papers especially when comes to simulate he said and how celebrities to find a flat on the odds of papers are will be provided on a web page so you can look them up and you would with the excess and all the university network to the a standard library at the height of the needed though you can get the papers at No Child and convenient
But of course that's a quest webpage the at the FA's teaching them and the beach and then you see the ghost which found across webpage contains almost like it also contains a recording of the Review of each lecture so if you want to do that but of the learning or if you miss a lecture no problem you can see it and you can see the recall of words and the author of the lights or the paintings do well the audio track on the the only thing you can not yet see is needed because we on the camera and the rumour that fully will change have timing as much as might aggravate you to not see me up and we found that more than for the sea slides the audio check
As soon as that any questions just brought by a long way and the 2nd for bomb that descended from April of male no problem and we will handle the same just spontaneously but when the something to draw on the same applied for lecture It's something that I'm Caelia from questions on the needs of level just off this is interactive style and I'm produce to take part in the lecture and and the fact that something that is on players something that is by being used somehow just tell about it and we can discuss the public questions delay until the end of the lecture also while the talk about 2 separate moment takes along the usual stuff can be done right when the problem across that a questions about the sad but we ought to do today that today's lectures not to some of the most refined lecture of the world as the introduction to the sea in all of you off what multimedia databases action or
So what will become and but 1 of the interesting topics interested and and equipped with a break of this I've it at that Some saw the interesting topics although the application is what can we do without and how do I find out whether we have a good multimedia that they felt good for tree were or whether we have bad for these are the 3 things that will cover today but I'd do would have to leave a little bit early today so I'm will be a problem for me you to take the rest of collective because of some of application for a 3rd of the going to be a new professor of the time and very very interesting so at the end I wanted to feel like it directly after the lecture there will be an application talk of one off and the and there will be more a case for the professes over the cost of the day so I was interested to distribute systems My He left us and now we looking for new ones It interested please Brookline by but So want to do today is basically finding out what might immediate that advice on what to bigger applications are useful multimedia databases old went and maybe of health and how to evaluate the quality of a multimedia that this might be found the same thing
A year ago so the 1st question is was the multimedia database and it's easy but to database plus multimedia at and simple and we have to Keywords here we have the classical better this everybody knows that
And that is about the great concept now of that they have relations they tables and usually them of different of something like that and I wouldn't relations we can't told that usually the standards and the full Wolf numbers strings What happens now If the debt no wrong in the Falmouth strings All numbers but in the film with movie that all audiophile the images for tax The she becomes a little bit more difficult for because and there is a 1 possibilities stall such things in that base which is the brawl by and we love of jet at that time but that doesn't help you And can storage but the ways to retrieve that are very something to say the least So that this is are good technology multimedia is kind of what is actually a way need some kind of pan of the definition of and
Multimedia basically contains term media that is we have full kinds of digital media time images audio and video we have images that audio and we've never time diamond that that are not so hot Wealth to handle such a we do it dollars we do with players we can put them into the system but which of very difficult to handle systematically So how do you know how Phyliss called how the No 1 of the deal shows that if you just have to find might be a sensible find all might be exploited that 500 night which doesn't hint at the Continental Other possibilities to know a little bit more about the media looking usually a media Object can be complex all more complete American 10 text recounted images which are referred to by the tax as you can see on a figure brought in all the number of mobile Bigos down to buy a book of the year connexion between the 2 from media Or you might have audio Explaining some office like where doing here in the lecture They are connected because that a certain part of the audio Street a certain slight is shown on the block for a pinch of white for So that they are somehow interconnect Which means that integrated into a single document To sell the collection and some media is totally not understandable without the rest of the document And they just can't be very nice but if you don't know what they sell all white should look at Forget how to understand what the intention of the also lost and the offer offering a multimedia document Has some more intentions That is given by any of the media Texas usually the most helpful but as we all know that the images and save more than thousand work And so for traditional purposes or commentaries and terms of audio would and other interesting The basic media types off text image special kind of image that directly audio and video of the text and the image that it for the audience the video into time Dynamic the changing over time that did takes document is just Momo text that could also be spreadsheets for a complex felt that could be emails so communication could be anything the text not we will not cover this is basically the area of information retriever and as some of you know there is a wonderful lecture parallel to this long which said is specifically concerned with information retrieval and Web search and sold as a think up Wednesday when says morning yesterday but the
If you want to know more about the I'm man handling of text and basis this is the place to go this is where its interest real world cover the image audio video part in this lecture and for the images you do have photos typically of the maps of some compressed for months a year vector graphics built very Baker libraries of see computer aided designed the for example Fault climbed when the model a new car The real part of it might actually not pitch at some point they will build a model of physical model yet to do all that and the other this fall when Channel and stuff like that but still Most of the line follows is done computer aided and has to to be stopped some and a lot of dead debuted at so yes speech and music recording Which can cover either a popular music full can cover speeches as done and volume and in public places are very much of the palm A kind of cultural aridity and should be preserved preserving means storage and storage means at some point that of And as also annotations like we are doing here of slides under the common law of different woman Soloway files less MediaFile and that this kind of music for island and the Tree Phyllys's of the most popular of all much for full of compressed music and of course we have enough quality of the video filed which is basically what dynamical image records of breaking 2nd the self image of time demands and also in a note of different woman like the and take all the half beating
Bond When we were talking about documents we want to know what what it actually is and 1 of the in the earliest definition of information retrieve is that documents out logically into dependent digitally encoded text as they are posted to be wouldn't think about pictures and the and and audio streams commenting on the text of something like that It was not yet the time for that but they just focused on taxes that but it has to be St logically coherent somehow something that contains different words that have nothing to do with each other is not a document not a sensible communication but there should be a certain grandma it should be about this topic that should be a certain intention of telling somebody something that is important for a document and found what actually during the Eighties 92 came TV the idea that takes probably is a little bit to show that does not go far enough we we have to address any other media tight are the 1st broke images because the mean in in most documents you do have some images either shops showing something that might be understandable if you don't have out of the text that goes with it but on the other hand the text might like the exact inflammation of the children and in the graphs and but also Ofqual's illustrative images that are just nice to look at some of those about to bigger part of the text and when it became clear that also of things like like like recording of lectures and a lot of other things multimedia could be and that it in documents for example graphic animations of some showing rose by the most with the most that could be rotated or something Then it became clear that the document thought as logic in the deep and did to the and code tax definition Does jumped to Seoul but we need to other media types to be integrated in all those document and still they logically into deep and the some called refer to the same talks to Sampras's to Inc topic for the same intentional telling somebody Important point That also set the stage for what would we need to do so the document types of are basically
He the compound help you so media objects although document which are only 0 1 time in the match is a mediocre The text is a mediocre some video Zamudio to become Ponch multimedia document all multimedia to allow any combination of the different types of media And the data that is transferred to the intention of the document topic of the document that it was transferred to the users for which they multimedia document that comes humour is through the use of the media now we of next the media was a medium a medium is a carrier of information from a cabaret of information in
Communication connexions are want to tell you something Chinedu says all any to write a letter of the mix of the old and the to show you my flight is the 1st of communication and the Kerry of information is basically just the means of Wollondilly that could be the sound of my voice could be the optical signalled that you get from the flight It has no influence whatsoever of what is on the line was the semantics of what a load of almost a the and the and the of players like an all this change the medium during the information transfer so like and talk to you about something akin sure you something other than being a different kind of perception of my bike and likened let you hand the videos and
But and the summit to be going some before medium is a book was a book about what as the impulse part of it but it's a communication Between the author and the read the also want to tell a storey or make some point he would O'Connor book and and the read all want to know about that is excited all the storey will end what the flow of the storey you want to know about something so to tackle the or that kind of stuff the basic book is just paper that is printed somehow and but between to cover so it's too early independent from the content of the book doesn't matter whether it's a fairy tale of the most in Poland information and the world are still bits of the book Nothing more found it hierarchy the bills of text and images of beauty book context but very often it also contains images not only for the small children but also books for fully grown ups are illustrated the their Death to illustrate the point for beauty to carry some information like statistics usually very nicely shown and very concise officials in some from graph that you might see some The give you book As a media you can read it that is a long way off but you mean of verbal eye read to you That is another way of computing the book for you the medium change from The Briton book for audio and for way off transform transfer the information we of communication has changed The book still is unchanged for Kent that as the basic idea of medium
You can classified media usually by the receive a type of this or KDIC old media Which was prominent example is the book that could also be a slight them That plastic medium cell that kind of life she is set to music as my rhythm my spoke at Or because the media that have medium where you can affect use you does census to to get some information and examples of this But with Now it too Yes by the love of writing for the blind and the and the body of a female The of the the pages of the book the kind of show shows some specific pattern of points and by feeling the point you can find out what let it should be and you can read about the found that tactic of medium AHL factory medium was published to find an example here or factory mediums is the information that his transport by smell found a hat and then the moment of know that stretch and smell books were very very popular during the island 7 to 8 use of something like that the basically the idea was that he scratch at some point of the book and you get a smell because the loss of some of some some chemical substance smelling like pineapple automated was noted the evidence illustration of what it was about but still under the and are a factory medium could also be a burning find a kind of sense the excitement to be ready to flee something like that sales some of the old instinct that we have are still build on all factory media something smell funny but and last of these that the gustatory medium away transport information by taste but as part of the world that he had no sensible example of came to my mind with the 1 because of the very red indeed Imeem usually if you take something of a little bit of something you want to find out whether whether it's a poisonous all not stuff like that could be used on but it's not too from of a soap these 2 up all the what we need all the World with the other 1 and The coming in at some point fund based on the time If you have a time away at the time dimensional not depend with and media the medium can be static autonomy a picture does not change over time the video audiophile does until you do with the time
Now we know what multimedia is and how we transport the information by what are still Why do we need databases so what what is the the database part of the problem is that most of the media that we use and a new life Is immediately comes human and the Bulls But we don't have a convert accommodation you get some information from me But after that you have to remember that you can never prove it took place at a time for a good time but it up on the other hand you could use a transcript all recording of the call of conversation to show that it on a flight that took place for to re New you knowledge of what was actually talked about the life explain some kind of algorithm to you And we do recording the of lecturer at a later point in time the book How that this algorithm were away to a tree for the 2nd of the video where he claimed the And what to see it again listen to it again and them understand how the A print This is the basic ideas of the storey and the Tree the storage means we keep The transcript of all matches for eternity The retrieval means we get from those thought that because actually what we want Ineffective and the fish were to what we want and now What now for the cost And this is what we will be dealing with most of the time but for the selection of the very interested in what happens can't tell how do we retrieve data how can we index that so it sits and ready for a tree the held which storey that the rather simple But the retrieval popular will be left for the rest of the goods I'm happy for the storage of media that and we need a way of persistent the storey text documents to graphics he the images audio-video this 2 can be stalled 3 efficiently For these it's kind of more difficult because they tend to be rather large and compressing them only works to some degree compressing text compressing that directly Not too difficult and and we don't go into that too far during the cause of the lecture whose really interested in how to compressed stuff but we do have a lecture on the amount on digital libraries where many compression techniques like that are presented this is not all main focus of the of the select here are made focus is on contemplate the tree So we need to get the information order of the day debate about the need your and that means about what information Was presented in the media what was communicated in the media The and that needs to be efficient of also mean we we all need to have some of both real time most probably algorithms and needs a little bit of standardisation so we know what would get to get to know some of them to become a standard and except in the impact 21 for the next media but most of the rooms that we will get to know full of directly on the media of the use of metal manner that as 1 of the major terms he met that is the information about nation's on a medal level describing was in the media what of transport to the media And said that will show a some Metadata that techniques that usually we will have to do without that because indexing update its by the tedious tough on and many Labour not to handling the information flood reproducing currently in terms of media any more and went to the you cupola something we would and and 1 of the following the assessing code grows and all the and all not index and no nobody has any idea what works in the media might be helpful to have some automatic techniques he cell that they succeed to move ideas when dealing with multimedia dead and 1 as the classical standalone file system idea wago OK but as put it into the file system and and and the file system structure shows me what his where so these are the videos from my last fication and these are the video from the press conference iGate last week and these other videos from lectures all 1 of the island the you could have a typical database model
Worse they are care I'd like I'd only deal was where what the excess off actually is I'd just want to put it into the base and 1 fine needed eye get it back from the database management system and that is management system is actually well prepared The deal was that will might question and a Michaelson's means have a decorative fuelling which means that essay want not where it is supposed to be of which should be in the fall with a with lectures all know her may be within the along that a woman think about the state of want to say well lecture from 7 of April and want this lectures On me that this is also offer an all Foggo combination of figure functionality further during member couple things about the things maybe the date when the video was recalled that maybe the title of lecture was giving may be 1 of the icons these 2 together all 3 of full 5 clues in a single day that of a statement from so where cloth and contains a lot of multiple and conditions that just combined with all and the and the and the bullion And it worked out that the public is the term of period to misation and the next are for actually dressing that and so some period are more difficult to build an all those invited to have a way of automatically optimizing Petrino times will benefit single for the next trucked divide with leather indexing scheme The trio with the benefit of an idea the but the usual goodies and action management recover reselected multi-user working on the lawn of the media that the basis of 1 Smiles's to NGOs dawn although the by half goes pay 1 0 1 building burned down or something like that and you have recovered techniques automatically controlled by the date of the system and have to care for setting up a database with lots kind of The advantage of database and this is why we want to do stuff like that
Before the Timeline found The storey of multimedia documents or media document such stop at basically 96 but in the 19th Sixties the main focus for the text of the of the golden age of information retrieval But people start to about were context for the 1st time and that all the interesting elbows and sell for example the 1 on which the space model fall for tax from the area and was invented in the Sixties the of From the 19th 70 saw the advent of related databases of a whole new paradigm and destructive fewer language decorative which way don't care about where something is located but you located by some not Tickell restrictions on the Continent that on the tide of the that looking for and the computer that time Where basic the filling and tyrants like this 1 They couldn't do do more than your laptop today Interest in the cell The people at that time were not really thinking about images of videos of stuff like the during the Eighties when the personal computer became available it was clear that also Purslow information like of the case and videos of evocation Were off importance And it digitised version of the Had to be managed some and especially with the growth of both storage devices on the ice to remember that the Times way at 64 Kate and you dispose of in terms of Maine memory on not memory ranges and in the gigabytes I and the 2nd a storage ranges in the area of care obliged to but not a problem for Over 2 you can stop the information and and that the kind of like a estimation of of MySpace and that the whole life of human with all the commands the he O'Shea produced about although photos and Suffolk that could be stalled in as little as 3 100 tell by your life and who is Some eluded like from 1 of the and so we had be an increasing presence of multimedia object at last beginning of the 19th when when the computer outwardness state to handle update people became Concurrent with Hull to stall them how to retrieve them and and and the basic when they stop working on on multimedia database so 1990 5 was part of the standard isation Heskey of 92 in the standards for the 1st time introduced binary large objects not some all continent address stock index told of the deaths you could start videos in the database of images and the and the and the dress them by some handled added was usually the of all there is to it but 1990 5 1990 8 in the 1st multimedia fell by now we have like India's of 15 year multimedia that and had been an interesting research part 1 and but also interesting applications from the side of industry was possible today with show of some of the possibilities that are that they are in place today and probably every 1 of you use 1 while also social services like because they would do a bit of because the that on a useful communicating multimedia of the Isles of used for storing multimedia that will be interesting about it will be interesting to see how far the salt and set up and the 1st commercial systems used up above the brought that what type broker is Schoffel minority replot object and it is really on interpreted that just take takes the image data and stole the somewhere it's Sheila part of the database yet that it is recovered it has excess control about not block all the goodies but still it's just the dress through matter
Just say when it was stalled who did storage What the file name are other any tags on it away from you can not the dress the continent of the stock was not in the nature of by memories of the and bomb The 1st database and the 1st multimedia extend for alleged that this is usually refer to object creation extending because people with union like but it is not about the relation of that are really good at it but also bought storing objects like like an image which is a very complex of the 100 or so were trieval functionality walls and high and the idealism semantics so you want to advance what in the video what what what does the pictures show what type of pictures that was more important than the findings And the big databases Ibn TV to Oracle and of the build extenders cockroaches 0 0 0 and the aim to found an integrated into the global Relational Colonel of the possibility of handling those objects by user-defined functions find time stall procedures based basically routine That could run algorithms on the object and those Algorithms for more left convenient or more efficient but they all know that the aim of getting down to the semantics Of the 2 doubles the interesting point
And crested Lakis was both while the 1st 2 think about what multimedia databases actually you have to offer and that he was kind of like the and the requirements bt that is still not there today but public which were worked on very successful in part of which can actually be sure I'd said about 1st On the classical database function of our of doing that longer calories wanted actions no discussion about now don't care for by hand manually along the database system to take care of Then I'll need the maintenance of on for much of that which is kind of the 1st glimpse of the of the bloke idea but on for much of and have to be handled some all idon't care all that money special storage rises because those tend to be rather began to file used Olympic affect the usage and of cost presentation devices Highwood were presented the video to the user From the database database does not have you some of their biggest interact with such devices with the graphical using the face devices to show the results want interesting problem Hull to show what looks going on that we will also dressed and the lecture out how the operas and video results so the you can choose what video is actually the 1 but the she liked it so easy
I'm To comply with the basic requirements We need to consider the self-locking Techdirt is that something talking novel Or can we somehow be loaded into the existing database of is just an extension which identify the objects We need to identify the cause of tens of the media What the the video by who this the pictures showed will sapete to taken their very interesting things And if anybody shows you a picture sometimes seem to have a distinct idea that was taken the for example to see a picture of comments by was taken Mexico but the quick that are my a the yes but the type of person that will actually show you where was taken and the job of the bridge And then the problem is prefered wants Performance is 1 of the major Hindrances of effective Multimedia's because you count count stop searching through videos William abide of them when the last of what went over videos where there was kept in the amended start taking the videos on look for a new and it doesn't work that way in the 2 pre index that you need to dress the information and extracting information Procrit The user interface Hollywood intact with the system the estate your career someone had for a while and picture that looks like like this The example or you drawl something out of the tournament picture and the and the and the palm trees Under the terms And a the Campbell P The for And with a house move female at each other regardless of you that you see the problem A nice Voices Now some human about what you need to extract information From The pictures This is Thurrock moved a care And now and everybody else knows what should be published should father the Campbell far more difficult to identify them the tournament and information extract and then you need storage to ice with very large storage capacity Redundancy control and compression possibilities for you have to stop everything in the highest resolution and cost you have a you have to do that the Foreign information retrieval that means you you need the semantics Church Apec is the basic requirements of in the next term that all want to introduce and the or a use couple times world retrieval but does retrieval me well retrieval is what your answer to free
Basically it choose between that object based on the select condition to accept matching the picture of finding blood bluff that that defined simulator connexions of want everything that looks like this The study different because it's not the 1 picture it may be a couple of weeks of the new Wallace less and my and that introduces a ranking On the picture an or array of the results that Tony different from what I have been classical that found retrieval may also cover the delivery of the results of the user because the user has to has to have a possibilities to seek or get an impression of what the the real to apply 1 of the interesting part of all
And if you take a closer look at the the search functionality outlawed the stated that has to be semantics publicists interactive part of the video those 3 minutes long or something like that But as it the video that shows the Campbell its the video that shows on the City of London it's a video that shows that And somehow we have to recognise that some of cause it might be some are connected with the video still view When he was in London and it connect to semantic things that it could command connect to structure things eye to see how video that their house is the look 20 ago island video are taken off the real 20 year that is not semantic any more that based on method at the end demand the combination but still has to be found on said Some Such should never directly except the media of because the 1 you want to stop filling around the media During retrieval time you don't to phase with take 5 You have to treat the next some If to extract all the foetus and United for that you need for a full full for later retriever again So that the preparation step some prepared and a mediocre and then that retriever time just work was the index's just work with the man information and last publicly you mean you need to meaningful simpler to distance So what is Simmer something and why In state that 2 people look similar Crawley of an idea a wide looks and What it occurred as the The main thing tackles and below the eyes still What is it exactly that makes them from Not so If you want a measure you need a solid recommendations And you need mathematical function that goes like a case of liberty is ballpoint on all point to a lack the The laws cover
Get 100 examples is kind of retrieve only images showing some said And then you get this result and say how good without that results But Put Most people would agree it rather nice But why do we see that all these images of some What makes of believe there of some A lot of The coloured batting point aspect More BP BP that Nyse and clubs and a close ally of the US and that the interesting thing is not this images shows some said It is also on the rise of the direct of the camera that pointed East would nice through the system rawboned which the eye Probably nobody notices which Cimex could take about media using Media a can pull off things but she showing a pictures But it And electoral do that most of the pictures were indeed sunsets your in no position to on view So the more dead meant that we have The But at times we of of educating will want but sometimes we don't need the axe that demand But The semantic that is close enough For immediate doesn't really matter if the some of some of rises We get use them as either And nobody will be the wise Was sometimes timidity is a good thing
But Some childhood schematic new we use you have to to make steps in working with the multimedia that this 1 is creating the databank digitised you images of during a videos Zola maybe you analyze and extract feature Whatever they may be they could because I'm a big could be clout shaped for was that could be the calm wrangle 1 of everything that you extract do you put it into the image the can If you create your best after digitise because you need the same representation of the body or a and B also need to analyze and and will feature extraction and not you compel The features of a match against you of database and you end up with of searches of the basic ideas of that and if we look at it more details which 1 1 and the tree And at some point we get the results But before that we can do that a lot of things have to be done we have to have the basic multimedia and some Relational better for example the creator of the object of all right of all whatever it may be that we entered into the database We extract the feature you and not if we do the same for free we are ready to Blue competitors Once we have considered some of the good results from so we computer set simulator the and that some of imagination tricks and he walked out weekend propel the results for showing how level we do that for images of that resistively the usual small picked on on news out page for video it's really to hot because what I do just 1 picture all do you can't play the witty 0 kind of below the storey bowled well away detailed in the video the Samarai that some of the from possibilities but it has to be done and the and the result is finely given to the user and that the use would have kept this basic the house works
If we didn't even know agitated view value of things that have to be done so for example the multimedia Object company simply put into a database has to be some kind of the processes of to the compost complex documents to analyse the images Gifton although like them some of the size of the image matter from the is just all like every pictures of the same size so you can you can compel colours and in a good way of to stick meant that videos and so we have to find out what was in the video of chemicals in the video off the suit you within the video 1 of the very interesting and has to be done some most of the other was the used he will cover during the lecture you and to the work of index and so you recognise features to you expect the features index the features everything that should be You must inability to Miller to computation needs to be pre computer You can not addressed the medial LPGA doing during retrieval to pre computer which means you have to to anticipate everything the user might want their difficult and pop singles poetry And then it just compared the future values to the future but he is thought that the sound easy well yes optimizing these cruises not easy building a good index almighty dominant that are not where the couple also part of the It s a lot more on the way out to the world Sometimes sometimes so if you if you look at my own camera for example that they will immediately at law man of the ditch images and that some of the smell that standardised as for example in the Amex demand that 21 standard will of also part of that in the lecture and some of it is basically free text and if you look at at social pointless like figure for example that people can't as sign text to images also this might be a sauce of the inspiration for this on way of extracting features directly from the media update there is another way off just taking the man that the as an easy to use you will after and allies that the object and then extracted Yes After be algorithms in the database that actually do at the time a new kind of of component that you should be using the relation of and does not It's still not offered and and most of the State of the State of the evening with the TV to and Oracle the into media coverage and the baby to audio images video extended and they offer a very limited functionality that does not go far beyond the world of what colour in the picture Said is not will see some of that to come out here and I do created processes You get the results you transfer but somehow and presented some and then it goes to the user and now the you might anxious that not as W while wanted all this debate not want which is called rather than the residency that can be used to human either simulators function that include exclude some of the features for comparison and don't want to come information the shape information it does not matter what the colour of the camera For of and said the number of the view that a when the party failed to the new distinctly green that and that brings us for to 1st the to and will handed over to him and the few for today looking so that some applications of these multimedia databases fuel already mentioned the social media and the ways to find a multi media content in such social media of costly Facebook MySpace high 5 and some of the social networks and the Auld also allow updating and applauding before the end usually when you upload such photos you are also allowed to Baghdad the Boston's but the kind in the 4th that the made that they were talking about and this is actually the state of the game such as such Systems when you want to work on retabled this a iLike that would like to see all the full close containing the friend of mine who gave the name or the name or what they want and the system so to use the full HBOS which have attached them at the top with best that this is what is best for example and you have some smot the systems 1 example cherries because the tries to blow automatically called nation of facing so it allows only to stop the begging them at the data in order and that it tries to boost some automatic recognition received the and then we have of Vitosha you to make the Dome the fate of both Systems loads of the goes you can upload your videos also thank them and say OK here I'm doing something along the lines or a few just film Bookara something what their
The problem with such Systems is when you blue it you book Racine's pretty well into what is an important part in believes will be to the same meant that they time searching for although the Beatles where was in London or if you have only need your eye 1 4 see the specific by but then made its way the certain part on this is difficult and usually today you have to search buyers who have closed called for the new and see OK have with hit them in the middle of band that was willing to put its called back authority as them he played this thousand doesn't work and you don't need to do the same wanted to deal with all the time about worrying and songs and it's not the available the only thing you can trust is method and this is not a great because meant that it can be can have nannying saw it can I actually like it and if it must be there for the quality of pretty will suffer saucer and the new collections
Due to the the scandal of searches grid example where by said the ball plunder on bail were a writing the while will in the newspapers that they have around half a million camera in the centre of whom they wanted to prevent the Hewitt is just an example of how they prevent for or how they rise the seaside situations and then they say OK this is the book search for the word and which saw the case but you have to imagine that on the other side such guys seeking No 1 and a half of the money pubs and they have to look for such a change this is not that easy right to have a handful of anti Boris and then you have bowled Xu million and get back to my mind this thousand wonder way they would need to have a system that recognises potential that were made to the police the diabetes and seats is OK I'm doing physical nation no dispersant here is another call an all this person she here she was condemned for burglary so I've whose XL meaning and state owned his boss and for a while and this should the system go automatic but this is not possible without would databases that actually able with their algorithms political nice what happens for that Boston used on a tradition of databases from the police with a knee Jews with physical mission of and so on
So then Hollywood movies A simple example is because of 1 an example that their prepared for today some while overall pick launch was presenting because it as 1 of the 1st of systems that brings facial recalled Grecian before locals and deception it works have tested it myself and actually do it migrating to its cost
When I joined the head she collection of seedy 54 close it could be that that the law is not yet any more he is and what of the before those And on out of the current tournament unnamed on the slowest but thinking some for what because he says it will be zooms on the Football Stapleton as the skin colour and sex or Kiev's owned I've got a new some places Boston's and then Iseo came
This 1 is futile
Is a new boss
OK he Arabian recalled nice to oppose 1 the entry either in which 2 of the 1st
By the end he shows other for was and an icy OK but this 1 is fuelled and the and the correction already grossed 0 8 Particle-Mesh other 4 balls in which he will also opiates but these 1 these ones are in classes so I'd take 1 for the with dresses and Hugh goldeneyes is 3 others in simulator was each found the simulated Search we were talking the while ago fuel was was virtually new is what happens here
The automatically eyeballed needs to be addressed And if I'd it further dancing in would the most here so to respond
It's and Boston
They just want both got 5 Christophe see the simulated
And then another priest of
Christophe with dresses
11 4 and this is how it works but this not and pretty quote Abacos broke the photos look something like this
Found so is not just that the smaller the face but the log on Blue
Let's come back to the picture
So bandwidth with book about this with book about learning phase lets the with the simplest in area so the because use offer or such databases police investigations and by just 0 0 Shenhua drive operation Arabian a book and it was a book about multimedia databases where the database actually played defining world and in such operations usually have the deal sold some surveillance audio that the recording supposing for why they were speaking about something in the juice for programme that will have been taken during during this investigation ahead some Structured Relational data something like the kind of these were Lewis what happened what money transfers had been non-money laundry something babies everything is in relation of database which is connected board multimedia but that will not be media and then off personable have also graphic information this was not that important in this system
The you forget
But how would that quitting look for something like this Howlwadag a imaginable to perform retabled won't such an database Easy classical would he would hoping that I'd have made in my of a multi media database denied by would just like to see the peaches where Tony Soprano assuming that they have a system like because some Under where I've just that my in my mind the gentler of library ordered my multimedia than hiding get with such a great elected to believe in which is from the library where Tony Soprano because they can get those the meetings with the disease I'd just like and the mid cap other possibilities will be that the police officer comes with the same each year Shifted under the skin the scans the region can you please give me all the immediate where the Spurs and she Poppea's this is a bit more difficult this is what because on conveys the nation now physical region point based victory of the sums and here is that if I'd been achieved the those where the Boston appeals for 21 or the photos of these while the with would be played by someone has with this person being 20 Soprano and this is how we define now that from this picture of a find output at Boston ease OK so we seem freebie Keywords then we've seen greedy by the need example mother the case quite difficult another case now where she the victim
And the head of the criminal as in most of the cases the criminal has amassed you and identified him but it headed on the deal because some should all the police officers where the killer must have known that the danger must've interactive in that would be a big game in the box sold white not just ask how a database to find will be duo statements from the last week where the victim of St The and then I'd get these concede that actually disco here without the mass but that was not that nice storey and this saying that she created trouble for the slow pace as a possible candidate for 2 Capt This is how they would such databases
This this was a possibility of winning the other would be to use the Hebrew hybrid the information so this means that unwilling not only to use he with eye can also use of of goals of the new rules in the UK and said OK ironical behind early indeed the Jewish they have been for a programme to get there With 1 per cent so why want to find these days here under the conditions that they have been convicted of a band of modern so I'm connecting began correlational database and that have recently had their Tony money transfer from some operations such but there are genius babies are also possible if you have a multimedia database working for you
We've seen some some great is where they are and what the that the sticks of multi media databases what do we really need to know about multimedia databases when we we have such Greece where it depends on the day down so we can have a starting behaviour is actually means that we have local free of queries and study the And that the daytime doesn't seem more defined by imagined are collection beaches paintings something this on the other side we have Dynamic data later that day off when it is still be updated A Mikkola Jacobo is is a very with examples for that saw satellite images of regions of the something like and button on the way If you can imagine or something like a half game in the identifiability of dynamic information We can have a acted for passage punch nudity of the date of its Web as this need this means that the database and in the case of an active French needed database doesn't really wait for the user pulled foreign retrieval The database proactive says when my the that changes In a certain way Then I'd activate certain function You can see the sea as well as players for example triggered a sensible procedures if Heathrow 0 customer accustomed with with with such a make unease Sudan for example of have of but triggered when the difference between 2 I need use is being then activate trigger something debate the function that data and the function for example of multimedia data since means that it will But to only response was from outside sold symbol readable Poisson's from outside the and based on the table processes and that it too will technology we have found that the group is answer only based on the made that this is what happens with Persico Web search engines winner broking work for the regions You know 1 good bones being the pool allows you to search for teenagers just this which from where it made an say want all the features we saw containing the what what actually happened is that the role of the search engine's look down on the beach or in the back of the stand at the ECB and the looks for hands for simulating between the what so it but its classic information will based on the actions that this is the stand out and then the content based debugger from which would have actually but it's a whole because of the for for basic for example you it's not the made by the the search any more and not looking for fuel by name I've been put the face and he's performing simulating match is OK this picture here is imminent to this 1 and this 1 is is Conference
OK let's see some example so far of a mixed but that is takes sold this 1 funeral 4 9 per historical use is a passage spectacle committee will what this actually means is that the the The they down but database doesn't triggered anything and though it's also study goes so that the meat is don't really change over by the European cities is a classic example where to go with smile Where's in the public might not want he to summer in the office where you go just not poignant in museum and the stunt photographing beaches and you see this 1 into 1 that is not my dad guide the found and you have a benign database old database with firms such beaches board and you both from an example based the said and done a football and they want to know who these guys this guy is what would happen actually is that you don't get this guy but you get such symbols Road for a historic 3rd use you made you may know that families which families finest families had so called legs or symbols symbol and
This is actually a very good very very open for activities that you can perform simulated search also such symbol saw a demands from the EMI in each sold Journal Blinky care only the physical mission by so for example in the case what was recalled that was such a symbol compared with another firm a lamenting the multimedia database where such and on the those was the work as a result an example of active dynamical if the will is an open the wording system for where the imagined you can imagine yourself that such information changes to allow the quickly so ahead of he this moment 1 in which and 5 10 seconds to a day at the way that it was to have another team which sold this kind of change changes dynamically the timing generalizability shorter and but since its an early warning system database his global something about the way he recalled Nice is the plausibility over for for 4 when he took over as that
Now it knows houses holiday from looks like and then he just has to compared the evolution of the data with the about for 4th Now the database is able to and to win the Triple denies is a match For example 80 per cent simulator bought by for then it This is a typhoon this is the dynamic of the poet But bbc
OK so we fully Deruyver where they put the about the best under the to order he needs said exactly what happened here adjusting for the Poisson name and look this doesn't have anything to leave to they it semantically with what they searched for of was the 1st on the 1st match was pulled This was based Is it can see on the back but it has nothing to do do with the point that if wants for 0 retrieved the Boston this for example is the tree to
Though on the table sold to say what we willing to discuss the and in these selected is what because sexually does point based achievable where it actually is able to recall the nice faces for example
OK with book up about retriever where it also we did the foot but following a body that quite to retreat We will book for the also up about about how 1 can prevent retrieval but the deciding point here used to be able to evaluate the and they're BlueBay's eco of methods or over collectivistic tool to keep in mind the 1 1 is probably for in the system that efficiency sold Powell would Road is is the system able to perform the task in terms of the speed of or cities Asian Hollywood I'll fast is that is the system when the database is really be and we have read the database Well a gathered around the world Evaluation of mapping is that it is effectively the effective officials the quality of their out so what the Diary of 1 of the system but the and how does it feel to include the decreed that they ask for Of course this is all very well with the question of the trade but but this morning for is a 1 in order to build a system that efficient what effect the you can always have a countries have bought so it actually depends on the application time for was single nasty standard repeat the tree Treves a high with high quality that the IRA would expect that the great for example takes longer for that the every needled of high who book over for the efficiency Now it's a trade off between the for them
The Efficiency can of course be measured in the sort for of thing that is each against the whole much memory my system might database uses when needs queries and Distributed time 0 home much might see is loaded so over time on manual operations have read operation and the cost in terms of the response time The clothing is so it is that the response is efficient and this means that I'd get the and created is out in a small boy in a small enough time when I'm We had a wee bit banque and say OK but system is efficient enough we actually not going to could be worth about the efficiency right now we are going to talk about the next isn't Holkham made by the media databases efficient but not in terms of technical stuff when it comes to to picking a ghost up the new can and other matches played Distributed databases where to talk about technology 1 of these databases can actually be spread on different technologies and different machines and steel before the last
OK what the about the effect the new said the effectivity Scholes the quality of Tories out and of course this is more difficult because it depends on the grid so it's a pretty dependent on measures and we need something that its O objective for measures the quality of the effect the this has also told The Independent from the Queen in the face so why don't get actually what and both interfaces use between the Kredi on the database and also don't care about the outlawed that these used before phone for example the physical nation I'd only just 1 a massive would is the result compared to the Queen this is the only thing that they want when they measures the and their wanted very effectively and when speaking about the effect the team
As I've said about the need to evaluate is that the failure of the system so of the system returns with respect for the given creating these can be performed by amazing the right level so every day but the can measured can be measured regarding explicit creating based on the real On the other side effect the firm may also consider some implicit information needs things like how we use for is the result of the use of the NYT user-friendliness of the system but we really want concentrate on base in his and what we are interested in is the available so that spoke a bit about the 11th this is the measure for about information the tree and the of Australia so
It can be measured world as it is created and and and it can be measured the when you can classified the data but you have to go over the top collection is being I've array of under for Iterative 1 regarding the sudden pretty he meant your searching for a person and you have a when each database to have been images from this then I just 5 of the person you are searching for your searching for a step down this means that 5 of the images will be classified by human expat almost as carrier tournament 5 as the rate on from the thinking each Quaritch their and you will quitting the system underlying these database for this Boston annual comparabilities out for this Worsened the 6 board has that has a month and has indeed so what they explode stake is so called and stunned That is the perfect is out and you compared what Systems the system returns again space for victories of this is told Ravens functions
Rome OK so this is how it looks like India 19 inches 22 erection and then you have something You have a pretty and based on the screen the experts classified the information is being not trailer want everything which is with he and as member and It is being this spot here On the other side you have the system and the system it dawns this party What actually is to be measured is that will be resolved Now found they the section between what the system the and what they explosive is also Orlev under and the bad party what the system written but actually is not the correct is out we know this because the explodes said the shouldn't be interested in what which would be interested in these spot kick It
OK Under these conditions we can talk about postposed did those of the Radio 1 ball and Which have been classified as they were and by the Systems the focal of both sides Imeem this year These are the fault of the problem with this for the Lions is that the increase the results at fault for both the results should have been This party is not going down the results at the end of the case was unfortunately these party so I've got the will of the Red river and the These can be easily used by easy eliminated by the user on see the for example and searching for Owen information and bloggers and there you get that they would 100 Bookham and and you can see that the 1st 1 might be interested the 2nd 1 might interest but that the both 1 doesn't really have the ball we want during interest that is what happened this is a false alarms and you is used in the world as it density off the Iowa 3 because it doesn't really matter for me escaped the before of the 5th and so on These are the for was I on the other side you have the fullest negative
They are really dangerous because they country be detected by the use of the false of dismissals so called for this of these 1 c What happens is that the system doesn't return from the book command and question is built on anti the human explodes are important for me but they don't get to see them because the system doesn't than slide on noise their there what the usually bowl in such cases is which is the key word searching will go on sale or came maybe eye was and that he had yet to be defined my search led me to ride the surgeon another way and hope that I'd get more of the results I did their had boundaries in all so this is why this is a bit more difficult to detect it's not that easy as in the case of the false was tips
But then we have the remaining said the positives and correct negatives and the quarry was thieves and this once he the ones that had he been defined as quoted by experts and that had already been returned by the system and then we have the quarry negatives although of PokÃmon states that have not been made and the also by the system and if they are also available Now sold the rule of this 1 she That was the 11th for the system and for the explode users will also and for some it up as well as the magic of this information that by a further provided you with can be summarised in a confusion of the confusion medics basically compared to see what the experts say is available is a month and get on with what the systems is 11th annually and she would have the already selected and the quake belongs
And we have the greatest dismissals And the whole here is that These numbers are big And then we have the full of these measles the local that will enable the sea but the explodes said Ireland these of the worst kind of false salons we have All 4 of these missiles and then we have the full Salam's the book woman's we or the system include In the result but the island actually very for us These numbers here Should be smaller When numbers are small and the correct delight and is big then hour system provides
OK the interpretation of look something like this would have the right launch the 11th results that we have been hand picked by experts on the 1st this measles solo the stuff that has been recognised by the system although it was a cold night as they were and by the experts the correct the lumps of the system recognised and Isabel amount and was also available in the summer of this is the point results and then we have the retrieved is about what the system has returned is being the some again on the intersection of the court great plus the post
The Although as medics we have broken the precision which of the shows that are on the ratio of of Great Britain blow commands realise the book was written by a man squad this actually made measures Is this divided by the Cold found are much including the Whitehaven my reside is that money is being local simply the compared to the 1 young and this is a measure between 0 and 1 in 4 exemplify have been Bookham and I've 5 which are from Shia and via which are from she Then I'd have a 50 per cent precision if I'm afraid that only 1 local man and the 1 look woman is cheaper than a of 100 per cent precision You can already imagined that this is actually not that have fought by itself because they can always either the mumbo command and and hold but they have a 100 per cent decision so this has to be combined with another mesh this easily quote justice he actually home a needle commands and calling from the start men's are also also available
And the measures that fence this works as follows sober recalled is a arriccio that on Paris the retrieved commence again hours Aussie compared to the cost of river and the sea is not the correct allowances more competitive publicity plus if the then I'd have small of recalled sold the hope here is that I'd get the quite bombs so that the equal would be the sole interest precision increase the quote is what I'm aiming for
The for his purpose we have will precision and I quote a nice says And this can be expressed in terms of the loan Gaffikin representations whether this is just the computational for the said right now
Bacon be expressed in a critical representation as precision cocoa of this is actually a standard best Mate became Computing during the world systems and for example to have she precision over 100 100 per cent for 10 per cent sequel then precision jobs Dumbo 80 per cent for 20 per cent tree-code and of costs that idea is when you XpanD during South to get also got to put the car into the precision brought down Now but with more about the during X your search and you get also more 11 PokÃmon says that this is the part of the system and be a 100 per cent it will be perfect To have something that looks like a 100 per cent precision Nogami begins a 100 per cent legal But this is only the idea of dozens OK with the end of this nature would also punchily in these long would be used for some of the pictures in the for order of of the sauce and the views stolen next led to a book about 32 will be images by quote histograms introduction in public spaces and meeting in images