System, state of a system and GIBBS phase rule - How to express chemistry in numbers

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System, state of a system and GIBBS phase rule - How to express chemistry in numbers
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this gentleman mode-locked work mutual cost to the chemistry 101 my name is stopped at all but 1st lesson is what the
heck is physical chemistry number hard to express chemistry in well
exactly what physical chemistry is about expressing chemistry molecule that that from national staple final state in numbers and physics of the concept of a mass Paul and is widely used the object whose motion is that it is compressed to what when it was motion is described this upon and can who is not the wild and no option but it is a lot of time on splines molecules of items that area of the chemical reaction
and is not useful to describe each pawns in the year what it's much better way to summarize all the mass horns were interested in to community college system the system this is part of answer user many many particles the task of the chemistry is to describe this system in numbers it out of the system is the surrounded between the system and
the surroundings it with system of writing the real or
imaginary depending on whether these boundaries are opposed to energy bonus with bigger open system Greenough's systems and to very it's accommodation by this universally ABC the 1 in this container this included quality is closed system although can change energy and with the surroundings each and wrote neutrino mass and the the contents of a of is not latent its change of energy and matter by excluded every old vessel as low as well so that the system binary being an imaginary 1 we describe a system about America the complete we need more 1st determine that the system is homogeneous although the interim reasons fixed so the 1st number to turn a describe a system is a number of phrases in this system we have the Dennis faith what holiday good faith and the last for the gas elicit 2 phase of this the single face of just a guess another
example for 2 faces don't makes a number of phases with the number of components the number of components indicates how many types of particles are an analysis also we have 2 phases in this example as only 1 component namely the white part of in the example we have 2 phases at 2 components in this lesson we have only 1 it should monograms this is also a one-component system but is a mixture of nitrogen oxygen that is that the 2 components components and faith the number of components and the the
ping-pong variabilities crisis but there's still not sufficient to describe clearly and complicated in fact we all areas more on numbers to describe a system but an expert in the road be perfect I'll these additional variables usually provided units on properties of physical properties of this is that is mad lot many of these variables you know the data their characteristics that we associate with the the masses construct thing which has to do with the way each was the only director the which quantifies the standard these the variables that called to make sense because again quantitatively characterize the system of and then measure these are the only resistance we impose on state area mass and volume beaks Kansas State area a doubling of the system this without a multivariate density and on the other hand the the enhances the area a doubling of the system
density remains bondage the mother substance very commonly used in chemistry it makes Kansas State area in the motive fraction in the form 1 component systems is an intensive state area a property indicating concentration further very important and then the state variables on temperature and pressure Deligne at the main branch of physical chemist need you to invent new state area because the state variables useful because it is possible to describe certain natural off easily disease new variant well the state variable in the end of the error rate to H yeah that's being it is added rockets you of of the system as the mass so what you it is saying with this model of death as God and the the other thing can be measured and is useful because it is a measure of the amount of energy in it is an extensive state variables that of the system identity the I can make any kind of state variable intensive 1 as the divided by the mass or among themselves they got corresponding
specific or age divided by
M for example the specific and only if Jews what kind of graph the the state variable that's very important nominees is this free energy G Jean is a measure of
a system's instant it is infects the ability is an important issue and grammar all the questions that following around the house speed as the system the paragraph physical process to make it more of the the gene justice system Mr. Rivest said possible probably already had it written and the point of maximum stability but it's the pre and you provide the answers to all of these points gene is on extensive quantity the corresponding
intended 1 the partial molar give energy in the cell named it's called chemical potential at rated using all of the state variables to describe a system and similar systems to the very few of them so far it states has how many variables Gates was 1 of the greatest common and lists of all times and he followed at the end of the 19th century the ruling in there having a system and
it will with the components and P. phases I at the intended state variables these practices and it's also called agrees of you a conjugated Futenma's
container where 1 component systems with 1 face with conjugate the system has to more degrees of freedom and I freely choose to brought where some attention and smaller ones all other variables of defined pick to under the container with liquid water and water vapor in the group so I have 1 components and then the 2 phases according to get the system has only 1 degree of freedom this I can only take someone brought free for example average 1 of state variables of power the she's and numerical by what
happened the density of a liquid the density of the gas phase the specific apathy and go on and so on are completely is best 1 degree of freedom watch from use is up to me if I choose temperature and
pressure and on other parameters of I alternatively reduced pressure but the temperatures I can choose specific 1 and only 1 variable of the large normal-state variance that's a summary of today's lecture
the chemistry at time of writing many bonuses porters version we need the number of components a number of places and define number of state variables which can be credited as from gives thanks for watching to see you next time


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