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Welcome & Opening Remarks (Day 3) - Keynotes

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I would tell you a little story of about 1 of our presenters from yesterday so is everyone remember the rest from Alaska Airlines and what can 1 of you talk to me about that that specific keynote last nite but I view as I don't have these here in the audience and open discussion story about many how Ahmad school cause were not livestreaming Mr. anything you'll never know and so there were backstage right before he's about to go on and he came over to me and he said something Nathan it devil hops what what does it mean what do people talk about when they say did of OPS what is the meaning of this and any pause for a minute and he said 0 no no I have it In means you are p yeah the Dev Ops is your said yes US that's exactly right that would do give a great talk so that the so that guy is on the the the attitude the personality he should you on stage it's the same backstage I actually I said that I would come work for him but I don't think it ever work with someone who's so sarcastic I would not know like I did 1 on one's could be really awkward has been thinking but when we went to a break out yesterday there were some amazing breakouts in fact we had standing room only for a bunch of the breakout so I have some good news on at least 3 of those breakouts of that I'll share with you in a minute I counted up I think I gave 827 hogs yesterday we have a which means that there is still some of you left so that's right so if you haven't got new is yet please come find me on did you have a great meal last nite you know who had barbecue book in a base so Kansas City Carolina Texas what's the right barbecue shouted out yeah I agree yeah it's all of them there all the lysis barbecues and they all have their own little special thing I we did this thing this year called dinner with strangers as some of you participated in that arm in what we did was we made reservations at a bunch of restaurants around town and let you just go and meet up with some folks here from chef golf I myself went to eat dinners with strangers last nite so that was pretty amazing some cool as social media stuff that you might have noticed on if you answer Snapchat's so we have some special chef comp filters for step chat and if you're not like you should get on Sept at and start throwing on the shelf comp filters and if you're like me you would it hopefully you have a child that you can say he's on 100 use Snapchat's but there's been amazing tweets is of course with the hashtag chef comfort with the hashtag chef friends on and I also have to say that this JW Marriott and the staff here has been absolutely incredible thanks to the services through even over the top and I them yesterday if they would drain the pool you seen the full the see so the pool when you come to the JW Marriott has been tile on the bottom of the pool the outline of Texas of which is awesome but this is all summer idea
of when you think so when you go up to the pool today make sure you yourself a picture in the pool with the chef logo because how often is that yeah that's how we roll chef community what's up Derek carriers morning because yeah so I would love to remind you this is Derek I dared was only deal with you and I think the organism taxes that Derek and his team at well 1st of course by providing this amazing music but Derek and his team have been on site in Austin basically for the past year finding us all of the best local talent finding us all the best local restaurants in great things for us to do here so 1 of the things you probably size as you get your T-shirt design we had for local artists that we put together a great designs for us and Derek your talk a little bit about any of these artists from each 1 hour by a locally based a part of the graphic because graphics scene in Austin at the 2 phenomenal work all over the place we
gave him some limited direction about shut the culture and knowing who you guys are knowing Nathan specifically this is designed that came up with but if they can also I think I've done a lot of these is the budgets of overseas these are amazing search so there we were looking at it from a we not only do we do these T-shirts but we also did posters so did everybody get a
poster yeah I alright I think that we may have some left in if we don't then sorry about that but we were doing some some math and that's right we all
have the charts but there were it would do is interesting which was the most popular T-shirts Derek has so far it's the 1 I'm wearing when you're in so far on that like everybody at the Derek it's this 1 here by J. J. Campbell that's the most popular T-shirts so far that accompanied with taxes to be a very popular with X and have the poster which 1 was the 1 with the most commonly used those skull with the younger with the like people get Carlos Hernandez so we had this theory that are we all love skulls but we don't put human skulls on
ourselves we want for them are walls that this thing yes yes that's right yeah yeah so out pretty awesome if you haven't got sure yet definitely go check those out on the line feels long but it takes about 5 or 6 minutes to move through that 1 now the fine so in general earning power really awesome and it's pretty cool that they're on-site here yeah Elvis thank you again Derek for helping with all new Austin stuff is
gratefully conference on you there are a lot of
remind you again to keep your mobile apps of installed and keep it nearby because of 1 of the things you might have noticed yesterday all 3 habitat talks were completely fall on in maybe you couldn't even get into the room I was talking to Josh with remain he's like yeah I think my talk went really well it was a full room and no 1 left and I said Joshua that's because no 1 could get out of that in this like yeah true true
so on but we like we hear you we know you wanna hear more about habitat in so we've convinced the
speakers to do represe of each 1 of the talks soaring to do all 3 habitat talks again the 101 talk at 1 o'clock 201 at 2 o'clock and 301 I guess what I'm that's gonna be at any guesses yes right for o'clock because there is no 3 year right now it will be at 3 o'clock it's going to be in Seoul on 1 which is just over here it's a larger room so if you didn't catch the habitat talks yesterday be sure to check those out of course the habitat area will be going on as well I'd also like to just give a huge shout out to our sponsors that really helped come together to make that a event hall downstairs really a fun place for us to go and of course to for their sponsorship to make sure that this event happens so we just give a quick round of applause responses
alright so let's walk through today's scandal we start off this morning with Adam Jacobs who's going to give us a great keynote of course and they are all very excited here Adam the following that will take a short break and then we'll come back we'll hear from Liberty Mutual 1 of our customers and were actually hear from some of our key partners will have them come up and talk about the OS and things that they're doing with Shaphan with their communities speaking of communities at the end of this afternoon at 4 30 back down into Griffin Hall and ruined have are awesome community shuffle words so each year we ask you the community to nominate folks with in the community that you think OS and that it really helped you out so you want to be there to find out who's won the Austin shuffle words this year and then this evening we have a community celebration over the emperor control room Derechos playing the and I we get a purple who are amazing Otis to destroy the a special guest that was just just came up which is going to blow your minds I'll be deejaying and that chicken George also but the whole experience it needs to be fully fully taken in because it's true Austin that places amazing so it's music what else we have own over there we get food by Sultan time arm and we've got to and bespoke up while Popsicles like old ones to better at the game steering yeah all you have done here on we have we've taken on gamers to a whole other level we have a special room with that about 360 video display because special furniture you it's beyond anything that I've seen so we get ready for that that's going to be that it's going to be really amazing and then tomorrow we have a hack day that's going on so if you still in town tomorrow we'd love to have you join us for that day that's can be from 10 to 3 again check your mobile app in your pocket on your hand right now I hope you're looking at me nodding your mobile app because better on so that's tomorrow afternoon from 10 to 3 I now without any further ado I would like to welcome the CTO of staff and my good friend Adam Jacobs the stage
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Titel Welcome & Opening Remarks (Day 3) - Keynotes
Serientitel ChefConf 2016
Autor Harvey, Nathen
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DOI 10.5446/34655
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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