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Alaska Airlines - Keynote

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on alaska airlines on the 1st 2 calls him on a so right out of the gates
letters deal with the awkwardness of a white elephant in the room how many of you guys got on a plane to be here today harmony of you guys that getting on a plane to go
back up yeah how many of you guys are getting on in the last Ireland's principles and so here's the awkwardness of for you guys that are going on in Alaska plane at the end of this presentation even like he has for the rest of you getting like of
shit and but I worry for you guys and we have your back we talk about as being the hometown airline for Seattle and for those of you that are not from Seattle wondering when are you guys gonna become our hometown airline so I have some good news for you guys and we recently announced an
acquisition and um With the Virgin America acquisition which fully focused on becoming the nation's airline which we focused on becoming the hometown airline for every single 1 of the cities that you operated now the airline industry is interesting we find the
84 year old 6 billion dollar start-up company but think about all customs the customer expectations on on airline here traffic and air travel is incredible nothing about what we do for a 2nd close right picture imagine the seeds that you sitting on right now that picture the very same c raised up to 30 thousand feet and the line across the world at 500 miles an hour that's what we do people yeah but the guide 28 AOF is bridging that we charge include about these this is that many put this in
perspective for you we we charge
you 350 bucks to get on a piece of equipment that cost 100 million dollars which are detailed 50 bucks to get on this thing we fly you at 30 thousand feet at 500 miles an hour from the east coast the west coast of the United States the the the and you get to your destination you pay a hundred dollars to get into a filthy dirty 4 thousand or we can have to get to your destination to stay in a hotel room that's a 5 by 5 square things and you love it and you complain about why silently yeah
so you can appreciate for a company like Alaska Airlines we have challenges in order to meet this customer paradigm are discussed in the shift even with the acquisition of word in America we
only about of 4 to 5 % market players in this industry so with a large company but in context with this winky dinky little this competing with the likes of American Airlines in doubt tons on British Airways and Emirates and the type of problems we solve the 4 of that exact same problems that they solving for he has the different the 10 x i was size between the x size they have the depth and breadth of resources to solve the problems that we don't necessarily have so when 1 of the big guys solves a problem did they 400 million dollars at solving the problem when we look at them when we let that I guess that's how they would solve it I'm a little find 100 thousand dollars at solving the same problem and when they look at me they need to be able to say how did those solutions to that we
have to operate like a method that we have to operate fundamentally differently we have to break the paradigm of what everyone thinks it imagines air travel is about so
would that as a company we focused on 2 key things the 1st thing we focused on
is running an efficient operation absolutely running an efficient operation we pride ourselves by being the number 1 on time-aligned 7 years in a row number 1 on time time-aligned in North America no thank
when we talk about continues delivery and dad Bob's in Agilent all these interesting words and each call or we talking about velocity we talking about speed you know in the 19 eighties when we all getting certified in project management I have my P and P this on book cost scope the schedule this triple constraint and we were talking about that you can only have 2 which to require the triple constraint and with that cute about it in the 2 thousands and said that's not about classical scope schedule anymore it's a lot faster better cheaper something to and we've I should be into the air right now with people it's all about time everything is measured around time it's about faster faster faster that's the only dimension that matters right now we thinking about that and Alaska Airlines so much so that I believe we should tagline 0 airline is being the 62nd airline because we wanna measure things every single facet of all program in 60 second increments if not less and that's where we where we're going to at a time and you don't get to be the number 1 on time airline by chance
it comes from working together it comes from
constant improvement it comes from looking at
all stages of the process and making it added the
theft and Alaska
that we like to say to manage the inputs
closely and the results of violence against
the aircraft Europe 60 seconds started
well before the aircraft arrives at the with
people and equipment in place and ready to go to the are of of
was assessed by the way we work with what success with the the point where after working out more than a checklist items need to happen and we need to happen in the right way in the right order and at the right time
time a and
so on and
on and on
and on and on
and on and on
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on and on the other hand I think that's the way it's natural to get married just 1 example of
how fast airlines provide the world with
customer service modalities have damned
talk what's the velocity we the
only on line on the planet that open that front I wonder or in 60 seconds and watch the guys are going on in Alaska jet to model evidence that the timeliness of but that's 60 seconds is meaningful why 60 seconds fund 0 1 2 0 it's the best of both worlds imagine a passenger when that unless you want get off this aluminum term that that you want and when you see that fungi I want all open you see people getting what display it and the asks from an online operation perspective allows us to the plane that aircraft and turn it around in 20 minutes or less what that translates to us on an annualized basis basis used tool Boeing 7 3 7 with the aircraft savings on an annualized basis phenomena but you can see in the software that
trust me that entire back and these engineered about myself right knowing where everything he's staging the environment knowing when the aircraft and land making sure all of the closing phase the level of sensors telemetry all of this information that's coming off the aircraft off the ground and everything in between is phenomenal right and in if
our systems are able to operate at high efficiency with speed and loss so we need this in no way we can do and 60 seconds so it's a high degree of performance and velocity when we talk about on time on-time performance and give you an example for a 2nd this example flight from Seattle to Las Vegas you get measured on what is called blocked time runtimes time that you purchase from the FAA Alaska purchases to me 2 hours and 8 minutes before the flight so we get a benchmark and measured on 2 hours and 8 minutes our nearest competitor for that same led by 2 hours and 30 minutes they get measured on 2 hours and 30 minutes In spite of us buying narrowest was blocked time with the number 1 on time and so think about it you can being an on-time elected by 3 hours for the same flight cost millions and millions of dollars but you could be on time we by the narrows narrows the margins and yet with the number 1 longtime airline and it's because of all relentless focus on speed velocity and agility that savings alone in block time for us as the company translates into tool Boeing 7 3 7 is where the savings on an annualized basis are why did we able to come back into the hands of all employees in the form of bonuses and into the hands of all customers in the form of a better on product experience in the power yeah entertainment streaming to a device of your choice better food these are things that we want invest in the company because that's what's more important to customers and passages and that's what we relentlessly focused on so where we going with this we we were the 1st airline to to have a website and sell tickets on the website we will 1st Allen to put chaos in the airport we were the 1st airline and to do online check-in 1st
airline to allow you to do at home Baghdad held on a be the 1st airline for us to take your style of the airport and to make that entire experience can be and to think about your entire travel experience not only from Coke to gates or on the aircraft but from the moment you think about thinking about traveling to expect booking a ticket and experiencing your entire journey and coming back and telling 500 of your best friends about it that's the entire travel experience that we're looking at and anything and everything in between and we're
looking at transforming them but 0 1 singular focus is around this 1 dimension of time so 1 of the things we launched 2 years ago we were the 1st element on the planet to launch this thing called a 20 minute that guarantee from the time the pilot puts the brake on that and on on that front will to the time the flows bag hits the carousel 20 minutes financially backed guarantee the it's crazy in some of the airports frequent fliers erasing us the carousel where are we gonna be tempted some really thinking maybe we should create an app for that lives in the fact the the on 20 minutes right most of you airports by the time you detection 120 most walk for the K to the baggage carousel when we landed in in Austin by the time we walked to the carousel the set of bags will really coming up but again highly efficient operation Customer Experience phenomenologist literally walk of the pain grab your bag fantastic now we're looking at transforming the front end of that airport experience so that was the back and what we wanna do is what we're referring to as the 62nd
backdrop so from the moment you walk into the airport I want you to be able to check in your bag and get to the TSA line in 60 seconds or less fundamentally transforming the front end of the
lobby experience we're looking at a series of technologies at play here we're looking at mobile we're looking at a digital smart Baghdad and that biometrics is part of this
entire digital component to deliver on this promise but for us to be able to do this we need to experiment we need to write code and we need to release this cold quickly and we need to test and we need to respond to where the market is going and right now we've had at least 3 iterations of its right where we wanna move towards a 60 62nd backdrop cannot be be alive uh of light example of this and I apologize but for the video quality was literally me sitting in my hotel room 1 1 of my trips recording this for you guys the so literally I mean
motel room where I think this was and traveling from San Diego to Seattle sigh launch over five-star star mobile app and of course speaks by gender OK flying to Seattle I'm checking in for my flight
that and at this point also some back and crazy things are happening is connecting 2 different systems to pull out my piano record it finds it says OK what he wanted to take my seat
so I pick my seat on the backs Walliczek I wanna check 1 bag and says he do you wanna use your electronic digital bacteria said yes and if you notice in the background my bad business interesting and Digital bad tag that's stink that's electronic ink that's a candle on steroids and so you turn it on what's that there well and so that there is no completely and
and so that there is configured my next step I show up to the airport and go to my customer service agent we want it of podiums wanna get rid of US won't get little those cultures that that agent stand behind create the lobby experience in a lobby feel so literally walk up and an
agent comes up to me Scott identically scans that thing
and welcome back check them done sets so I need to check on that the the we're looking at really looking at you know having moving
conveyor belt so that we can walk in and out bad not this notion of continuous delivery and cordon quickly so called the reason we wanna do some of this is to think about the next evolution of this why should I even tell the apple wanna check in just automatically check me and why should I tell you to consider that it should be smart enough to just configure bad why should I go to the agent have even do that it to just send signal that and then adjusts little that's really wanna go to it right and then we wanna extend that rule biometric this is me literally checking in at the
gate he the only airline yeah in North America that's approved by the FAA to test this physical back they test Biometrika 1 warrant they might not the lazy in this industry is benefit for Alaska Airlines to remain a highly independent allied for us to be a maverick brand because we push this industry to witness to the and using it by
1 singular measure and that this time every single thing we do we focus on this dimension of time the
throughout this conference you you're a number of people talking about de box and what is that faults and what are we trying to accomplish with GAV opsin and this new agile way of working I don't care whether you call it Dev Ops I don't care whether you call it edge-on lean agile and all sorts of held or whatever you wanna call this thing when it's all said and
done what we talking about doing is getting have true genius co-located teams and putting them together to deliver outcomes speed fundamental what we're talking about is delivering code at speed because delivering encoded speed is what enables an experience like that is what enables us to transform the online experience it's allows us to bring back the magic of air travel it allows you to the next time you sit on your seat that and think about holy crap these guys if taken the seeds and raise it up
at 30 thousand feet and and moving across the planet 500 miles an hour and a giving satellites streaming while I'm at how hot summers that's a promise that we're looking to to do live on and up we continuing to expand as an airline we in growth mode right now I we expect Virgin America deal to close and sometime elusive September October frame and think about the work associated with into the came to have its think about the plumbing and engineering that that's going to go into that and again we wanted to this thing it's the best thing we can do for all customers used to integrate these 2 airlines as quickly as possible airline integration integrations are notoriously multi multi multi years yeah we if I could only do in 60 seconds have but we added to this thing fast so we can continue to so this you guys in an amazing amazing that's might that time things very nicely
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