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Talk Show: Harvey and Sita

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I've read Alaska Airlines before many of our audience of written 1 scale and before you talk about this business you talk about becoming an efficient and moving fast is really feels to me though that your business is really about service it's about the customer experience he talks about home in the 1st reading in the opening video and of course the love that ended with a hard tell me a little bit about that yeah you know for many years people talk
about you know the to be businesses and B. to C. businesses and the talk about companies like Alaskan starbucks you know these are amazing because they be to see companies and you get to connect with the consumer or the customer every day and that is the world is involved we fundamentally about you know you crazy words people using a human-to-human interaction among why do we would say that it's about people-to-people interaction and that's where we are at right now and and Alaska we're thinking about it is how it's called that that have it's fundamentally about connecting people and know we do it in the most physical way possible we move people across the planet to meet their loved ones to go on vacation time to to visit the sick aren't or whatever that experiences we are allowing people to connect with 1 another that's what all mission is nice and so when you talk
about will let's let's have a little scenario here let's say that I I decide to come work for you tomorrow let's do it world everyone that you and I know but also know what's my 1st week on the job and must be shipping code because that's way how we prove that I'm moving faster ship code by 1st week it's in production is that right I do not
expect that of you and and that the optical but look there's a few things we do the 1st thing you'd get your your your IT division you should kind know that their friend so that you know because we're safety with a safety culture should to safety goggles with instructions on rules of engagement excellent and followed by you know before we get to the touch a keyboard alright any called the 1st thing we're gonna do is put to a tool they orientation and emotion program a new literally get out to the airport to get to walk on our aircraft you get to engage with all maintenance and engineering folks you get to meet chief pilots to get to meet every single 1 of all frontline all operations was after you've written code of others however write some code yeah I bet you do have a it's
a really it's about context right writing
code caps context is meaningless understanding why you're writing this that in fact the said uh uh that's what we focused on its it's providing context for what you trying to accomplish so when you're writing that cold you instantly know the impact that that when you push that button to production he is the impact that that's directed gonna have on the operation that's incredible itself like I an engineer but you're trying to turn into a
person that cares about the business he added been nice they you they're having good fit then with Arabs the it's it's so you know it's 1 of the
reasons I joined the last that's a company that cares it's a company that cares about the people that works that's a company that cares about its community it's a company that cares about its customers and yes we need to have this the interpersonal relationship of caring for 1 another before we even write code interesting so you're in the business of distributing people around the
world I wanna talk to you a little bit about powers your experience with distributed IT teams power power you distributing the software developers around the world is that something that you're doing indeed something we doing it
so it's a bit of a learning experiment in women 84 your company headquartered in Seattle so like most additional companies even have a score score Centre of Excellence and but we experimented with different distributed models that you know a year and a half ago we had our will lead and network principal architect for a large airline headquartered of Seattle working of Scotland and and we are and we the columns and some good yeah and then we literally had a robot in the office cruising around that he was controlling from Scotland where was participating in meetings and engaging with people and we have a product team that we just set up in Argentina we have some teams that we have in in in India and even just in Seattle Weaver in where vocal engineering sitting in an office just south of the airport but but yet we have product teams that are trying out some new space like in the we works facility and and unique to learning from this distributed edge-on type environment and and the initial results of really positive because we are able to fully tap into a diverse global talent pool it's really
cool so Alaska's and it's it's not my home airline when you go to fix that i in I just announced that today look that
you get when you get when you are right that have occurred in the city it takes time it's a capital-intensive business and you know we we want to be the hometown airline for many core cities in the United States and regardless for every single passenger whether we'll home online and unmarked whenever you cut to engage with all brand in any way shape or form we want it to be an amazing experience so in in our
world we collaborate across different companies right we have many different companies here that are all using shaft or all automating the infrastructure the applications and were here talking with 1 another sharing ideas helping each other out promises that happen in the airline industry a lot of you know today is
the airlines sort of aviation bodies and in 1 if you just think about online safety and security of cybersecurity there's a lot of sharing and from that perspective that but in terms of technology leveled sharing and that it certainly hasn't come to this industry yet area 1 school hunkering down in and holding on to their own and trade secrets out but what we're doing is we're starting to look outside of the airline industry for best practices in new we trying to describe this industry and sometimes you gotta look outside to bring in some industry-leading pork meat is best practices to come in and and describe this industry so I would say you know this this makes sharing sharing is around safety and more so than it these around technology mn were about the on like in many airports and you go
to a kiosk but I see 8 different airlines who's running that yeah there's a there's a
concept of a multi-user environments and and then for common use in the new common no useful and look and so you know a large part of that infrastructures he the run by the airport to themselves or some outsourced body is typically not by the airline and I'm here to be transparent hit that mark in so effects we are we have deployed engineers to different airports to understand the customer problems and as I said earlier I wanna get kiosks out of the airport and I want you to interact with us 3 molar Donald them all that it suffice them all at the top so of that's great
so I'll 1 last question for you 60 airline can we get the 62nd yesterday
hard TX a pencil we partnering with the TSA we're running a number of pilots with them in terms of how we get people to be a TSA lines more securely biometric I think is a key component to it and we tried a number of biometric components we've partnered with an entity called clear that exists in a number of airports that we bring clear to see text within the next few months and that was starting to think about you know how we get people moving through this thing you know I mean to thinking about this is what he's the airline equivalent of Amazon Prime right imagine you had in Alaska phi membership and what what came of that was you know rapid you know back check and you right line 60 seconds to T and an amazing 1 more experience with really thinking about changing that paradigm we get the number 1 thing . 4 air travel as is statistic yeah so you're clearly going through an incredible transformation you providing great value to
your customers of think you are you that rate is referred you know about that research
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Titel Talk Show: Harvey and Sita
Serientitel ChefConf 2016
Autor Harvey, Nathen
Sita, Veresh
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DOI 10.5446/34650
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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