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Talk Show: Harvey and Kirby

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up for he as a pet I need to hear a little bit more about that and he had been I guess you just have to stay away from so the shop and they have higher
as well my mom did tell me that often when it was walking to get food they would like accidentally bump into the kitchen table and then attacked the table they could also we would like to see like the table and also on the I guess as long as you didn't and I had to was good
that's good stuff so I thought your on your talk is very interesting arm and there were actually some echoes of some of the things that Adams said 1 of the things that Adam said in his presentation as he was talking about when to I am I am because you are yes of how well wonderful idea I actually only recently discovered that myself even though it's some you know sort of an african uh legend and African idea
so I think it's from the you know the eastern nor the northeastern part of what's of Africa and the continent and but I discovered that recently we have uh actually in inside of our company name 2 project off that idea and
many many large companies I think I need to you know figure out how we can embrace more effectively everybody working together a lot of us so work in environments where we're looking at mostly for ourselves and and you know I am thrilled to be part of your community where and you're investing in you know what really takes to be together together on things and I think it's a tremendous idea awesome I in the talked also about leadership new artifact a leader so I'd love to hear maybe you have some advice for some some thoughts on leadership for audience and now I think it's a super important for us as engineers and technologists to and you help this world that you know help our companies help us societies have our communities and I think and companies can also benefit from and you know what people do in their communities and and people can benefit in their communities from what people do at work as a means to sort of talk a little bit more about
that and if you have the opportunity at work to be challenged you haven't talked about things were really hard and if you can you know overcome those things and and you can solve problems and then you can take that leadership back into your communities and we can make better societies because you feel good about what you accomplished at work and and you can go into your communities and demonstrate leadership and and viceversa you know if you're and helping out with the soccer club or or volunteering in your communities than those experiences you can
bring them to work because they'll give you confidence right to be a leader at work and so I think and it's important for companies to uh you know unlocked leadership and everybody because it makes our societies better I think is important in our In a for people volunteer in our societies because it makes our companies that yeah that's so that's very interesting so the the 2 sort of feed off of each other and what we send
community for just another minute on talk to me about how you're building a community leader is a community of of learners with in Liberty Mutual we have
and you know the number of uh in of projects where where needing to do that because we don't have the answers you know our business has been successful for many years but uh we all know about the self driving cars and and the technology that's going into reducing risk uh which is a wonderful thing uh for people
and for society that's less wonderful thing uh for insurance companies but but you know it means that we have to and we have to discover new products and we have to discover new opportunities for ourselves and
so we're both you know talking about it uh helping out teams understand the importance of it working hard to unlock it and that you know building projects with concepts like DevOps and you know with concepts like you know I mean an agile and and a management system that embraces continue learning and continued improvement and so that is not only a new and exciting thing to do for our people it's imperative for us to be successful in the future and know about I'm working with folks outside of Liberty Mutual do do you encourage that participation sort of within the broader tactical community what it what are some of the things that are finding their yeah we're Minister beginning you know that journey I think we've in technology-specific the realize the importance of of open source seen the success of you know things like Linux and other projects and how powerful those can be personally I know my philosophy is that open
systems will will eventually win but simply because of the sheer amount of human creativity right and human capital that can be invested as those communities become strong and so you know we recognize that we're working to the mean of the brain that opportunities for us to participate with other companies of it is of a variety
things in our history in terms of legal agreements must have things to sort out but uh encouraging out acknowledges to participate and certainly I think that the collaboration broader than our own environments and networking in communities like this conference is very important for our people because you gotta run into ideas you see what I'm doing and you share so and I think it has to be us participating in that awesome so I have it on good authority that we're ready
now to sorry about my Chittagong market is indeed syllable to genic people that a force on the
big screens we so is important as you said I had to learn that plot the 2 tubes to fail and and to learn that what you did was wrong and so in this this picture is trying to sort out some why the chicken wouldn't eat the egg if you have any advice on the value of the picture there following the fact maybe cannibalism them at the same thing that so I don't let's let's stay with the animals for a moment your mother held the porcupine in that picture how was that the way I doesn't have close on the underside of this got his in its advisers
sitting on your lap and you struck in the right direction excellent excellent will career your message of of continual learning is so important be ready to experiment be ready to fail and it's great thanks very much thank you and thank you everybody
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Titel Talk Show: Harvey and Kirby
Serientitel ChefConf 2016
Autor Harvey, Nathen
Kirby, Mark
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/34647
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Mark Kirby, SVP & CTO of Information Technology, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, with Nathen Harvey, VP Community Development, Chef

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